Im Yoona


I love yoona so much! She is the most beautiful girl in the world! She is the SNSD's center forever!


Yoona is the face of So Nyuh Shi Dae because she is the most beautiful of the group. She's an accomplished actress, variety show performer and MC. Quite possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Epitome of true beauty, beautiful inside and out! The fact that she remains the same honest, dorky, fun and humble self despite having obtained the level of fame that she has makes her shine even brighter.

Her beautiful face, her laugh, her tender gaze, her personalities... She's a beautiful person inside and outside. With so many celebrities choose her as their ideal woman, with so many CFs she's doing, with so many money she's making, never did we see her being cocky about those things. A true beauty!

She's beautiful inside and out. That's why she's beautiful to me.

Without make up, she is beautiful yoongie {} <3 her. Yoona is the hottest woman in the world!

I honestly say from all the celebrities I've ever seen, she's one of the most honest celebrity show the real side of her personality (from expression to behavior shameful disgrace with her ​​beautiful face) without having to keep her image, even though many people would praise her but she's never feel beautiful and that's her humility that touched many male idols..
In the younger age has been given a huge responsibility as the 'Image of Girls' Generation (SNSD)' and I think it's not an easy task, and even that is a very tough task.. Through an event one of its members said that SNSD could be know all people it's all thanks to the efforts and hard work Yoona.. Among its members, Yoona has a lot of anti fans.. Anti Fans Yoona never seen this side of her personality and never understood the position of Yoona, they can only use weapons to attack her lack of vocal Yoona.. If you know, Yoona as 'Image SNSD', you certainly must know their duties and the heavy burden of responsibility should she do? It is always make she must be spotlight and highlight a variety of media to maintain an aura of SNSD still shines through a variety of CF and drama, which SNSD to bel helped to keep the name familiar to everyone through her.. She did business and hard work as the 'Image SNSD', if the Anti Fans criticized by demanding a focus on vocal ability, she can be fainted because we as humans have limited and we know her to do various activities and even asked her if she would come over when he will get hurt.. Look at the members, they never complained about Yoona vocal ability, it's because of what? Because they know clearly the duty and burden Yoona.. I hope people can understand it a little more.. If you can understand one of the members of the Soshi why you always need to close your eyes to see a bit of personality Yoona..

I think yoona is the most beautiful girl in the world!

Go ahead, google her. You know you're gonna. C:
Trust me, she is one of the prettiest girls in the world. While you're at it, you should check out her 8 other sister from Girls' Generation who are also drop dead gorgeous.

She is one of the beautiful girl in Korea. She's like a treasurer that Korean have been proud of. She's not just pretty outside but inside as well.

Best beautiful korean girl with an innocent face and unforgetable smile. She also got talent

Yoona have some sexiness that it doesn't require to have big boobs and big ass to be sexy.. She is hot without even trying ~ <3 Bulgarian Sone

She 's my goddes and the dream of my life, I will be her fan forever.

I'm Yoon Ah is not a perfect woman but she's already making my day perfect

Beautiful face is not the only thing this girl shows for all people out there
She look like goddess walking in real world.

So sweet... I don't Know why but I'm Yoon Ah! Is so Pretty, I always Admire her Beauty.

Beautiful face is not the only thing this girl shows for all people out there

Word is not enough to describe how wonderful she is!

Damn this girl, How could such Goddess exist? Come on guys, when it comes to beauty, sexiness, character, personality inside and out. Nobody's better than this girl. I know I'm not the only who knew this. Her beauty deserves the best. She truly has a natural beauty (100% beautiful with/without make- up) and the simplicity in her makes her standout more. Even how simple she is, oh my gosh, her beauty still glows. "What a GODDESS". She's even a choice of many men such as celebrities and netizens as their ideal woman/girl. She's the center of one of the top girl group in Korea (Girls Generation) because her beauty standouts. As what everybody says, Its not easy to be the center of a group. That just prove how Pretty this girl is.

The GODDESS of all GODDESSES? No other than
i'm YOON AH known as YOONA

Firstly, if you don't know who YoonA is, Google her right away, you won't regret it!

She is known for her beautiful image with or without makeup, but she needs to recognised more for her hotness. I have seen her dance in dance battles, and she can defiantly turn anyone on, I should know cause it turns me on, and I am a girl!

When she debuted just before she turned 17, she had a very pretty, innocent look, which made her the centre image of the girl group SNSD. But now 5 years on, she has turned into an amazing women, who has an amazing personality, contagious laugh, sexy, stunning body, and has a beautiful way about her!

I still don't think I have made her justice, as there aren't enough words to describe how amazing she is.

She is purely I'm YoonA!

Sometimes I even think God is not that fair, you can see everything beautiful in her, I can't imagine such a pretty girl also has great personality and hardworking attitude

She so wonderful, perfect, cute, sexy and beautiful... - soneyunie

Beauty inside and outside... Pretty face with good and charming personality, talented, rich, famous and humble.. I'm YOONA FOR YOU.

Beautiful, the perfect girl you can every imagine. Both beautiful inside and outside. There are truly no words that exists to explain such a person like her.