Best Iron Maiden Songs

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Hallowed Be Thy Name
This is the trademark of iron maiden
amazing song with great lyrics and guitar performance is extremely good
Hallowed be Thy Name is not simply an Iron Maiden's or a metal song, it is something more, like a perfect harmony of music, lyrics, progressive evolution and the rise of the climax during the song itself. I think Steve Harris has written his masterpiece with this song, which is really beyond any genre and time style!
Awesome. Enough said. If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, this would be it. Up the Irons!
[Newest]This is literally the perfect song for anything.
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2The Trooper
Honestly, I'm surprised Run to the Hills and Number of the Beast are below this, but maybe rightly so. This is maybe the greatest song ever (just listen to the intro, it explains everything).
its just so good
and especially live after dead version is best
then guitars and bass wow what a song
and perfect drums its just so good song
Words can't describe the epicness of this incredible song.
[Newest]This song is on my top 10 list of songs ever! That rift is awesome! Especially live

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3Fear of the Dark
great song. when I listen to it, the hair of my hands stands up
Every time I hear this song, I'm kinda sing along to the rhythm on the intro
yeah what can I say... picking the best of maiden is always hard but I think this one is the best.
[Newest]I have a phobia that someone's watching me...
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4The Number of the Beast
Metal in pure state. Simply one of the best of Iron Maiden. I also can't believe it isn't in the top three songs. Just vote up!.
This song has done in four minutes and fifty-one seconds what countless other songs have failed to do. From the dark and unnerving passage from Revelations, to the heart-racing guitar riff, to the evil and awe-inspiring lyrics, the rapid head-banging drumbeat and the mind-numbing, spine-chilling, lightning fast electrifying guitar solo, this song is an anthem of Iron Maiden and of all Heavy Metal. It is the epitamy of Metal, the icon of everything it stands for, and it will never be conquered. Listen to this song as I am now, see that all I've said is true, and hear with it all of the triumph and glory of Heavy Metal. !
The song is based on the book of revelations and the number 666 is the number of the anti-christ aka the devil. However the metal part is total EPIC!
[Newest]Usually I thy to shy away from more hardcore, more evil-revolved things, but this song is a masterpiece. Some of the best guitar work ever, and some of Bruce's best works.
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5Run to the Hills
I think that this song rules the earth well, after god!
the solo is one of the best solos from them!


Loving it!
Awesome drums! Superb musicians!
Don't know why so far from the first place!
[Newest]This song is absolutely awesome. I feel like I mentally run a race every time I hear it. Should be #1, hands down.

6Dance of Death
The story telled in this song should be written down in a book. And the music is just perfect. Because of this song most of the fans will like to say their last goodbye, drink and say a pray for it...
This song represent what Iron Maiden is. The composition of this song in all the aspects is very incredible, the guitar and drums composition(do not forget Steve Harris), and the lyrics of the song make you think about the meaning of death to all the people, of an incredible way, also this song brings you unexplainable feelings. This song should be on top 3.
Awesome guitar playing.. It should be in top 3..1-trooper,2-fear of the dark,3-dance of the death.. This song touches my soul.
[Newest]It's must be on number 1!
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7Aces High
definetely the best. others are good but this is epic. Solo is the one of the best solos that ─▒ have ever listened.
I really like this song, not comparable! I have been on the laste Friday on the Sonysphere in Basel, but they didn't play this song. Sad Sad! But the concert was top! Cheers to all Iron Maiden fans, hallowed by thy name, number of the best are great as well. Roger
Epic song and definitely the best. The solo is a beast!


[Newest]Bruce's vocal in this song is outstanding!

8Rime of the Ancient Mariner
This is the most epic adventurous song of all time in my opinion! Wonderful lyrics, beautiful notes on brilliant instruments, this is Maiden at it's best! From a huge Belgian fan who saw them live at Pukkelpop in 2010, best Pukkelpop concert in it's history! LOVE
It is basically epic. The lyrics the story it tells its rhyme
Can't believe this isn't in the top three... Vote for it people
Deep, It gets you in, long strong and full of Iron maiden core courage.
[Newest]The most fun guitar solo to play in the history of guitar solos. Song ain't bad either

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9Phantom of the Opera
I just love the bass and guitar harmonies in the middle of the song AND THE SOLOS ARE EFFIN' AWSOME AND THOSE RIFFS HAVE GOT SOME ENERGY WHICH IS JUST SICK!
Based on guitar, this song probably has the best base of the century... And of course it's other instruments are also too good...
All the tunes are just superb! The solos in the between just carry them with you, there is not one part where you can get bored, the vocals are just awesome! One of the best songs I've ever heard!
[Newest]Unbelievable how the drive is made. The guitar harmonies are awesome

102 Minutes to Midnight
first song I learnt all the way through to play on guitar!


Excellent intro and outstanding lyrics. One of the most relevant song about the cold war and nuclear weapons. Surprising that its not in top 10.
I'm surprised this isn't in the top 10. This song is by far the most energetic and memorable for me out of the entirety of Iron Maiden's collections. I mean the entire Powerslave album is legendary as it is. This song is my favorite though out of them all.
[Newest]This song should be in top 5! Another masterpiece from Iron Maiden...

The Contenders

11Wasted Years
This song is total gold! I mean, the intro is totally mind-blowing, one of maidens best, along with run to the hills and trooper, but the rhythm in this one; as a whole song, is something unique! Ecstasy! And the lyrics speak to me, deeply...
Still, I am surprised some legendary classics are so low on this list. Charlotte the harlotte is right now 97, for example? Prisoner? Revelations? Powerslave? To mention a few... Also check out infinite dreams, the intro sets my mind into a calm state... anyway, this is just proof that iron maiden is the best band in the world! Right now hallowed be thy name is leading this list solidly, I was a little bit surprised to not see one of the other classics as number 1, but when I think about it, I think it's defining for other songs, and a masterpiece composed brilliantly. I love these old songs the most, but I got into maiden through brave new world, definitely an epic album, has progressive songs that makes me fall into trance... wait, all the good songs they have make me do that!
Anyway, also the new stuff is good, El dorado is real rock, I love that album, because I want to say if you don't think the new stuff is good... rainmaker could be on the top five album list, I think!
Mindblowing intro! How the hell is this down here? The message this song holds is also very deep.
Definitely one of their most beautiful songs, simply yet amazing. Can bring someone to tears in the right scenario. Should be top 5, but its hard to pick Iron Maiden's best.
[Newest]Alongside The Trooper this is probably the best Maiden riff, just too bad they didn┬'t stretch for some more bars Harris's harmonies on top of it in the prelude to the solos. As for the solos, I really have no other word than perfect.

The instrumental part in Powerslave is is exceptional, and the vocals are amazing as always. Listening to Bruce sing "I'll strike from the graavvee" is just EPIC!
Especially the Live After Death version.


My favorite Iron Maiden song ever. The first time I listened to it my spine shivered! It has the unknown from ancient Egypt and the mystifying sound of Iron Maiden's lyrics, riffs, licks, leads, and solo.
[Newest]Best song in my opinion because it has great instrumentation and unique vocals. The solo and main riff are fantastic. Also it is one of the band's heaviest tracks.

13Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
A underrated masterpiece off the brilliant concept album of the same name.

A criminally underrated song by plenty of Maiden fans, which utilizes synthesizer in a brilliant way to create an atmospheric piece of musical brilliance.

This is a song that proves Iron Maiden are the greatest/most talented band ever.


Now this masterpiece... gives me the goosebumps.. every time I listen to it..


Best Iron Maiden song ever. It is just amazing. The song has one of the best instrumental pieces in it out of every Iron Maiden song ever made. Why is it not number 1?
[Newest]Such an epic track at no. 16!

14Blood Brothers
When you think that we've used all our chances
And the chance to make everything right
Keep on making the same old mistakes
Makes untipping the balance so easy
When we're living our lives on the edge
Say a prayer on the book of the dead

This song is so...
You can't say it in words...
... perfect
This song is just so masterpiece! I love the solo after the silent part and it's so great
This song is so perfect! never gets boring and it's so diverse! one of the most beautiful pieces of music, I've ever heard! Janic's solo kills me!
[Newest]Amazing song.. Melts my heart every time I hear it. best of Iron Maiden
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15When the Wild Wind Blows
This song is proof that music still exists. Iron Maiden has never flopped in any album, especially not The Final Frontier. This song is amazing as heck and I believe goes up in the epic tier with songs like Hallowed Be Thy Name and Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Good lyrics, unique sound, great song progression, an absolutely epic gem. I would certainly place it around numbers 8-10. It's current position on the list doesn't do this song justice.
Wonderful intro-outro and solo. I think the most beautiful song of Iron Ma─▒den. This song should definitely be in the top 3.
[Newest]This is a 12-13 minutes song. It never gets boring! Best song ever!

16The Evil That Men Do
Do the math this is the best song fron seventh son of a seventh son and seventh son of a seventh son is the best album of iron maiden so the evil that men do is the best song of iron maiden. It's very beautiful song with perfect guitar work on the part of the razor's edge, great solo and catchy.
I am indonesian. I love this song, just hear the bass. You will find that it must in ten rated song for iron. So far, the song reflects about us, about how evil we are.. The human
Seventh son is my favourite Maiden studio album which is saying a lot considering the iconic status of Number of the beast and Powerslave in particular. I could listen to Evil that men do over and over. So many great riffs, the gallop out in force and a solo that is truly epic.
[Newest]This song deserves to be in the top 10

My all-time favourite Iron Maiden song, and without a doubt one of their most epic. Paschendale is an unbiased uncensored look at one of the First World War's most blood-drenched and futile battles, and the musical work is absolutely as perfect as it can get.

Listening to the song, you can see the actual battle happening, almost like a narrative telling the story of a single soldier on the western front:
As the song picks up at the one minute mark, you can picture an allied trench being bombarded constantly by artillery leaving dozens of troops dead, wounded or shell-shocked.
When the chorus first kicks in at the two-minute point you can imagine a German bayonet charge.
A minute later, you can imagine the attack floundering and the Germans retreating and a "calm before the storm" taking place.
At the 3:40 mark, you can picture allied guns returning fire before a counter-attack before the troops go over the top of the trench.
At 4:40 you can imagine the troops crossing No-Man's-Land as they begin to come under fire. The guitar solo at this part is perfect and you can see the soldiers being cut down by rifles and machineguns.
At the 6 minute mark you can picture the attack beginning to fail. At 6:40 you can see the main character being cut down by a machine gun, and as the chorus kicks in for the last two times I can imagine the attack continuing, with the allied troops attempting in vain to capture the enemy trench by push of bayonets before being ultimately pushed back, leaving hundreds of fallen comrades behind.

Paschendale is a harsh, gory account of one of history's bloodiest battles and it's spot-on in all its gruesome details. The 1917 Battle of Paschendaele was a bloodbath that killed and maimed half a million people in three months. The torrential rain that persisted over the course of the battle turned the once-verdant Belgian field into a morass of mud and corpses, the likes of which had only been seen in Verdun. Soldiers, weighed down by the mud in their clothing and by the weight of their equipment, would drown if they fell into the craters that were filled with water. Their flesh was constantly wet, and their skin would begin to rot. They were walking corpses. The dead were everywhere, and it was as if the whole battlefield was in a state of decomposition. So many shells were fired during that battle that the town of Passchendaele itself had ceased to exist.

And in the end, capturing Passchendaele, a feat which required a monumental effort on the part of the commonwealth troops, had no strategic use.
And the worst part?
Less than six months later, the Germans retook all the ground gained by the Allies during the battle in only three days.

Hands down, Paschendale is Iron Maiden's best-written, best-performed song.
This is the best song ever. The transitions, the music, the solos, the singing. All is perfect. WTF. It's place 0ne.!
This should be way higher on the list. It closes out a great album. It is composed beautifully with a great solo and fantastic vocals and melody.
[Newest]The only song EVER that I've enjoyed from youth to adulthood in such a poignant but rocking way! Great music befitting of the tragedy it portrays. This is what metal is about! There is no other way on this planet to describe such a horrible event in song, period. Long live metal and up the irons!

18Flight of Icarus
This song shows that Bruce is the best metal singer there ever was, it's my favorite Iron Maiden song after Hallowed be thy name, and since Hallowed is first, this songs deserves the vote. The guitar solo is amazing, the lyrics are a reference to the Greek story of Icarus, and as I mentioned, the vocals are Dickinson's best.
this is my second favorite maden song right after hallowed be thy name, this song shows that bruce dickinson is the greatest singer that ever lived.


Awesome song... Great story telling... Magical! Along with HALLOWED BE THEY NAME, this is my favorite Maiden tune.
[Newest]In the name of God, my father, I fly! Enough said

19Alexander the Great
Underrated song - one of the best of smith & murray's guitar solos, a really catchy and epic song


His name struck fear into hearts of men. This is definitely one of the truly great Maiden songs and there are so many.

It's hard to even get started ranking Maiden's many masterpieces. I haven't even heard mention to:

The sign of the Cross
The Prophecy
Children Of the Damned
Total Eclipse
Caught Somewhere in Time
The Loneliness of the Long distance Runner
Mother Russia
Mother of Mercy
Coming Home
Etc. Etc. Etc...
Educatational, enjoyable, epic.

Sublime Maiden song with a typicaly catch chorus.


[Newest]This is Iron Maiden's most underrated song. It has a killer guitar solo, great vocal with a story no less, fantastic drums and just one of the best metal songs ever.

The live version of this song from "Live After Death" is unbelievable, I mean Bruce has the most amazing live voice I've ever heard in Metal! This song has everything, melodies, slow and fast sections, solos and more! Definitely Top 5 in my opinion.
This is such a classic song. Great guitar work. Not the best vocal, but its still awesome. The mix of soft and loud, and acoustic and electric guitar really make this a fantastic song. Classic.
The live version from "Live After Death" is absolutley epic. I always chug a beer during the solo after bruce says GO! Top 5 song for sure.
[Newest]Simply fantastic

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