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The Top Ten

World of Warcraft
I play world of warcraft for years and I will never stop playing I have 4 level,85 now and they own, world of warcraft can't be stopped cause no game would be better than this game! You need to eat drink repair dungeons quests armor mounts 1 big world love it
This game lacks the overall story offered by FFXI but finishes on top by having far better gameplay and combat variety, many games lack this, combat is what you will be doing for 90% of you time on any level based game. WoW also does not offer one way to level up as it is the case with most of the MMORPS out there.
FFXI is okay. It has a top rating on this site only because the WoW fans are too busy playing. I have been diehard as far as a FF fan but for this day and age, the games graphics look horrible compared to WoW. I uninstalled it. I could have improved it visually but that involved messing with the registry. And No one should have to go through all that. They need to stop making expansions and just launch a completely new one. Until then, WoW is better.
[Newest]WoW is obviously number 1. It was even on South Park!
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2Entropia Universe
Great 3D Cryengine 2 Graphics, breathtaking scenery, loads of untapped potential, many great people from all over the world and from all demographics. The Entropia Universe is in constant expansion.
A real cash economy. What more could you ask for to keep the weenies out! After over 2 years playing hard EU still rocks the competition. Other games seem pointless when a RCE allows you to actually gain real life value for your gaming.
Great for people who seek nice graphics, excitement and a lot less 14 year olds running around calling each other nub and other more unfriendly names
[Newest]Game of all games!
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I personally love playing Runescape! My neighbor made my account for me when I was 8 and I've been playing for 5 years and I enjoy it!
Runescape is awesome! You can do quests, train levels, talk to other players. Not so great graphics though. It's really fun! Try it.
The best game I ever played its free and fun I played from 2003 and I still love it played with 5m players lots of skills lots of monsters and lots of fun quests minigames events rewards more then 100 servers try runescape!
[Newest]Runescape was my awesome experience and loved playing it for more than 5 year, they have made lots of changes which makes it hard to coupe up.
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4Dream Of Mirror Online
A game based on relationships, player interaction, and overall community play. Dream Of Mirror Online is the best game for anyone that decides to play with friends, lovers, or even make new friends.

The publisher and company is very interactive with their players, the GMs are extremely active. They don't stay hidden from the players and do background work. All problems and reports are solved quickly and bugs and glitches are addressed in the best possible way.

The community is also mature and literate, not typing in 1337 and 'net speek. There's a few bad people here and there, but they're eventually reported by the Game Sages, local volunteer "Game Masters" with no powers except being able to directly talk to a Game Master. Game Sages are legit, they're like any normal player, just with more trust with Aeria and their employees.

The graphics are cute and perfect for anime fans, with cel-shading and glow effects.

The gameplay is amazing. Class system is based on sub-jobbing classes to create your own "hybrid" class. Build your own class the way you want it. The system is still balanced out, as you can only get a "category" of skills, versus plucking on skill out and here and there.
There are also many quests in Dream Of Mirror Online. Many of them are Mirror Quests, or Plot Quests. They help teach players with the "Mirror World" and also reward a variety of items and passes to go to a restricted area.

Dream Of Mirror Online is the best choice if you're looking for a casual game. It will also suit the needs of hardcore gamers, being able to (in the future) fight in Arenas, guild sieges, and many more.

Hope to see you in Dream of Mirror Online!


DOMO is by far the best MMORPG game. There are tons of fun stuff to do besides leveling. The players are great; they're active, nice, and just plain awesome. This is the ONLY MMO I have been able to stick to. I have been playing for a little more than 2 years, and I'm still leveling all the time. The job system is awesome. You can be any job you want, and change jobs any time you want. And, you can have subs from two other jobs on the one you're currently on. For example, you could be on Doctor, and have Wizard or Musician subs. The system has endless options. You really can't run out of things to do when it comes to DOMO, it's great. c:


The company and its employees, Game Masters and Moderators, actually interact with their players, rather than hide and do background work. Problems are quickly solved, and issues, such as bugs, glitches, and hackers, are reported and fixed.

Gameplay is relaxing, it's not a constant grind like any other online game. Many quests await you as you log into the game.

It's community and relationship-based, so find your friends, lovers, and family, and bring them into the Mirror World!


[Newest]It has the acronym DOMO

5Guild Wars
Despite the game being 6 years old, Guild Wars is definitely the best online game in my books, especially for serious players and deserves a number 1 spot. It's balanced and well thought out and unlike some games, you will never see things being sold by GW for real money that would advantages one player over another.

The first thing I look for in a game is the storyline, it has to be interesting and immersing, to keep me wanting more. Guild Wars certainly offers you that. A very rich main story to follow, interesting and often difficult missions bonuses to complete and lots of optional side quests. The game has a nice clear direction to follow which makes it fairly easy to get started.

All your characters are able to explore the beautifully detailed vast world of 3 campaigns (each very different, yet connected) as well as an expansion pack so there's is lots to do if you get them all. I've been playing almost every day for 2 years and still have a bit left to do. So yeah, the game offers you a huge content and great challenges to achieve both in normal and hard modes and elite areas that are mind-blowing as well as a great choice of PvP options. The 7-hero system or henchies, allows you to play solo with them or form parties with other players and now, you can buy a "Mercenary Hero" pack that allows you up to 7 of your existing characters as heroes to play with. You can dress them in your best gear, or put a costumes on them and that's how they will appear alongside you. I got all mine set up they look totally awesome!

I love the Guild War's gameplay, the monsters are realistic, not cartoon-like and though not a massive choice in character selection as in some games, it is simple and what's there is very nice especially for females characters. Some of the hairstyles are simply gorgeous.

The other thing I like, is that lots of things are account-based, so if for eg: you join a guild, all of your characters automatically belong to it and same goes with your friends list. I started playing Runes of Magic recently and got very frustrated from the start. I was invited to a guild which I joined, only to find that my next character I created didn't belong to it. Same deal with my friends' list. It's very annoying.

Some of the titles in GW are account based too, which means only one characters needs to gain the title for all your other ones to get it as well, but understandably, these titles are hardest to get. In fact, most of the titles in GW are not easy to achieve, but when you do, you feel like you've really accomplished something.

The interface is nice and simple to use. I also like the fact that the storage chest/bank is available to all you characters so you can share items quickly and easily.

So if after all this you still aren't convinced and don't wanna try the game... Well its your loss.
It's the best MMORPG ever created. It has amazing graphics and not a high requirement for a G card. No subscription absolutely puts it in this list and the gameplay although not so free as you may find at other MMOs but its different and at least try it! Thanks!
I have the game for 4 years and I still playing! Is amazing, you are not a Online playing if you not try Guild wars at least one time
[Newest]This is the best MMORPG of all time, no arguing it, if you have ever truly played this game you would agree.
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6Guild Wars 2
Great gameplay, excellent graphics. Very friendly social environment. So much to do and keep you busy. I love the puzzle jumpers and events. The Gem Store is fun or convenience items only, not gameplay updates to give people with money advantages. I love the Trait system. Large numbers of the same class can all have different builds based on their style of play. WoW is very cookie cutter which I disliked.I. E There is only one way to be effective at your choice role and it made it very restrictive gameplay.
It is a revolution in playing of RPG. No more tanks, healer and DPS needed. After 6 years in World of Warcraft I can compare it. In GW2 is smart quest system (there is no necessary take quest from quest giver, hand in quest, get another one in the same location and again and again), game is very social with a lot of puzzles, activities, separate PvP and WvW worlds. Personal bank system for all characters is also well done.
I think I will stay in the Guild Wars world for a lot of years if anything got wrong. World of Warcraft was perfect game 10-5 years ago but nowadays it is ancient game with ancient play system, destroyed story with nonsense kung-fu pandas, with strange tamagotchi pet improvement, not balanced leveling system where the highest level player is able run and finish Burning Crusade or WotLK dungeon alone...
Guild Wars 2 is a new way how to do top MMORPG
This game is amazing! There is always something new to do because they always add new content with the living story... It has the friendliest playing environment ever... And the story line is awesome.
[Newest]I paid for it once, and it never shook me down for my money again. I can explore at my heart's content with no pressure to "get my money's worth" by playing a ton like I would experience with an ongoing subscription.

7Final Fantasy XI
best game simply for the community. cooperative, not destructive. I'm so tired of "newb/noob/n00b/nub got pwn'd/owned/pawned" my eyes want to bleed

i have played wow for 3 years. 85 on almost all jobs. stopped when it took my last toon 3 play days to get to 85. dailies and dungeons... and newbs/noobs/n00bs... nubs.

rift was ok but it got old fast. community was to start but slowly getting to the wow thing... nub

i won't even discuss the utter disappointed that it ffxiv. so much potential. the ball dropped and shattered.

i began ffxi at na pc release and played until our ls leader left for wow. I had about half the classes at 75 or 80 then. the best game ever.

much better graphics than wow. look at the procedurals on the models. ffxi's character model are MADE for each model. wow procedurals stretch to fit each model. makes it pixely. wow does have glowy effects to distract you from bad texturing.

ffxi does have a slower battle system, but then again it requires you to think and react. how many times did I cast dispel as an rdm in ffxi? countless. how many times as priest in wow? not even on my action bar. lots of wasted spells in wow

story in ffxi is great and has continuity... there was a storyline in wow?

ffxi had actual achievements... artifact armor, limit break quests... Ohat... omg crafting... fishing. wow had spam skill til level. seriously.

ffxi had no addons. you had to think. I guess that's the attraction for newer players.

i still have friends from ffxi and I still remember the ass*****. I remember people that left. I remember my achievements and struggles. I never had so much fun in a game and I've never had so many memories.

play wow if you want a game. play ffxi if you want an experience.
I played FFXI for 6 years and I still miss it. It has the best and most expansive story of any MMO that I've ever played, and the music is awe-inspiring. The interface is odd and unique, since it was designed for multiple systems, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and fun. This game takes a lot of time though, as nothing in this world is simply given to you. Everything is hard work, but it also makes you feel like you've really accomplished your goals and completed something. You feel like you've earned your just rewards. I love this game!
FFXI was the first MMORPG I ever played. I fell in love with it from day one. I thought that MMO's were the greatest thing since sliced bread and that they were all created equal at this point. So I started playing a free trial of WoW that came in a magazine. In a week I had hit level 30 and had pretty much explored the whole continent because the higher level NPC's would only chase me for a hundred meters or so. I even got a bird to fly on in the first week which made it even easier to travel. I felt like I had experienced practically the whole game in week one.

FFXI on the other hand took me months to get to level 30 including sub-job, chocobo and an airship pass. When I was level 12 in La Theine a stranger around the same level asked me if I would accompany/escort him to Bastok for safety purposes. Up to this point I had spent most of my time chopping wood and learning the game in Ronfaure with little knowledge of anything outside of there. We loaded up and headed off. I never felt so weak and vulnerable in my life, I had butterflies in my stomach the whole trip and at times was downright terrified. We finally arrived safely to Bastok after an hour or so. I had no maps of that area and had no idea how to get back home. So I ended up living in Bastok for awhile and becoming an Alchemist.

This was just one of a thousand great memories. It was the little things that made this game great.

FFXI had more awesomeness in it's pinky finger than WoW or any other MMO could ever imagine.
[Newest]This game is lost in time and a master piece for its time.
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8Lineage 2
Very addictive but highly competitive PvP and PvE wise.

Open world PvP, fair karma system, exciting PvP with clan wars and mass sieges on castles, but allot of GRIND (level and gear) to be able to compete.

Suggesting to people who like grind and have competitive natures. Not suggesting to people who like to get all easy and get upset at getting killed.
I quit this game, and after looking at others, always return to lineage 2, hope they make L3 soon...
There are no comments to be made, it is pure and simple the best mmorpg. 90% from every mmorpg that came on market are some sort of cheap copies.
Thanks and NCSoft we wait for L3
[Newest]Really nice game but it's full of donators so if you want to play you must give some money..
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9League Of Legends
I love this game, it requires skill, but after a fews games you will actually learn to play and enjoy it. YOu get different types of champions and there are no money benefits, that's why I love it
BEST GAME EVER, there are over millions of people playing this game( doesn't mean everything) they won a lot of awards and they are the best pc game IN THE WORLD( my opinion)
I adore this game! The community though is really bad this game would be a lot better if people would leave other people alone. I do love the game play, the characters, the lore, and the skins I have probably spent a lot on this game laugh out loud but totally worth it! I hope it gets higher up on the list because at least the creators do a lot for their players even taking skin ideas from fan arts! I love League and if anyone wants to pla Dacsgoddess is my name
[Newest]This is the best game on this list plus this and and number one are the only games on the list I've played
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This game rocks, you will love it. It is a game that will make you feel happy relax, and just plain have fun
Great game! Don't judge it just for the graphics. It's simple but that's what make you enjoy it!
this game can be troublesome for the system requirements but once played and you can't get rid of it from your mind
[Newest]This game is have a lot of classes and really fun to play.
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The Contenders

11Star Wars: The Old Republic
I've tried other MMORPGS with varying degrees of interest. However, none of them ever stood out as much as The Old Republic. I'm not wild about Star Wars but I loved both KOTOR 1 & 2. While this isn't exactly the same thing it's still incredibly fun and the fact that it's free to play helps. It just felt very story driven and the multiplayer was more of an added bonus than an essential part of the game.
The best ever.. Good graphic... Gameplay crazy good... Storylines the best ever see... Must too have when you like to play MMORPG... What to hell do this game on position 100 up... Crazy vote for this great game
You get to wield a lightsaber.
You get to wield two lightsabers.
You get to wield a double-bladed lightsaber.
You get to fire a blaster-rifle.
You get to wield a blaster-pistol.
You get to wield two blaster-pistols.
You get to cast lightning.

That's the more Star Wars-like MMORPG I know.
I just love it.
[Newest]This game is amazing

Gotta be one of the best FREE MMORPG games out there. The graphics and effects are nice, very nice story line, awesome quests. Plus, the Foundry. It virtually has infinite amount of quests so you'll never get tired of it. PvP is awesome, the guild system works amazing. I really don't know how this game is free, but I'm glad it is and that's why I think it deserves to be in, at least, the top three.
Neverwinter is the best I find this game's combat amazing but the storyline can get repetitive
The whole arc game system is awesome and this game is awesome.
[Newest]Not sure what to say besides I love playing

13Dungeons & Dragons Online
Dungeons and Dragons Online takes the modern idea that an mmorpg should be an easy experience that you can hop in real quick and get half the game over with, and slaps it in the face with a disembodied orc arm. It has many different aspects that can appeal to people, but also some that can scare people off. As a word of caution every positive can be a negative to you.

First is the questing system and how it's different. The only "free" area is in the city of stormreach really, it's one of the few places that you can move around and interact with all the other players freely. Every quest is instanced. Each quest also has difficulty settings: Casual (for a lenient experience), Normal (the intended play), Hard (everything is +1 level above what it's suppose to be, on a scale of 20 that a lot. ), and Elite (+2 above, or the hardest mode). Personally I do every quest on elite, have not played any quest lower then elite for last year or two of playing. The casual play can easily be done alone, but it's not that fun. Normal is what most people would expect from it. Elite is where the real fun comes in. Elite is for when you want to try out how strong can your character go, with doing quests elite ranging from "That wasn't so hard" to "Okay, so who ISN'T dead? " (no one). All loot in the game is handled on a per person basis, so a dead monster will never drop any useable loot, it's all handled in chests, which more then make up for it. Experience for characters is increased as the difficulty goes up, but is much different then most people are use too. No experience is awarded for killing monsters, and as such the fear of kill stealing is eliminated completely. All experience is counted from monster kills, objects broken, traps, etc... and then distributed as the same amount to all players who participated in the dungeon.

Customization wise it's the best mmorpg I've ever seen. Appearance wise they have quite a few options so that you can construct a unique image. The big difference in customization is in the characters skills however. With 13 (current) classes to pick from, it's still rare to see anyone that's a carbon copy of someone else (sorry WoW, but this is you). You pick your Feats (what your character can do), your weapons and armor, and the spells you like to use if you have them. Each character also have skills to up, want to jump two stories? Up your jump skill. want to do back flips away from enemies? Upgrade tumble. Want to be a fighter who can bring down an arcane hell? Up your use magic device skill.

There's a lot more as well but I'm kind of a lazy typer, so that's all for now folks.
This game is amazing best game I ever seen so far if you compare it to ANY of the other games I think this game deserves a number one it have the BEST player vs player system and the best part is the classes JUST PLAY THIS GAME ITS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL
Best PvE experience out there. If your looking for PvP look elsewhere. This is a team based game with loads of customization and regular updates. My favorite part is that there is very little grind and the journey to end game is just as good as the end game. Just don't go to the forums there all a bunch of whiners :P
[Newest]Even though it was released to the public in 2005, it still manages to hold up today, even with some problems like outdated textures and glitches.

14EVE Online
Eve is a must for anyone who likes a challenge, tech geeks, science geeks, and anyone who is tech savvy. Its not for the your average players who don't like to think, since it has the highest leaning curve then any other MMOG game out, period.

PVP is insane in this game, anybody with leadership skills will love this game. Graphics are the best then any MMOG out. Anybody interested in learning the game look up Skull Lord.
Eve Online has a truly engaging universe, where the actions of players are the only real driving force behind the game world. This game is defined by player action- from resource acquisition and manufacturing all the way up to galaxy-spanning wars. And it's not just superficial, either- everything on the market, with the exception of skill books, is player-made.

The wars aren't between the major empires of Eve (well, that's not true- there's faction warfare too, but it's more for newer players), but between player created, run, and populated alliances, made up of smaller (also for player by player) corporations that can also declare war on each other. And then, of course, there's the fact that the galaxy is all a pvp zone- it can happen at any time, any place, although in high sec it's a lot less likely.

Eve Online is a phenomenal game that achieves things that no other MMO is even close to. Is it for everyone? No, it's not. But for anyone who truly wants a sandbox experience, where you can set out to do anything you want, then Eve is the only logical choice.
I have been playing EvE Online for 6 months now, and it has become the only, and possibly the last game MMORPG, I will play. It's that immersive. In that time, I have earned the skill to proficiently experience maybe 25 of the game and 15 of the universe, New Eden. It's huge. If you are impatient and require instant gratification this game is not for you. EvE requires skill planning and treating your characters like real career pilots; from industrial business-types, care bear role-players, political hacks, corporate thieves, and cold-killers, to scientist-engineers and prospectors, EvE has them all and a niche for everyone with the gumption to be aware of there surroundings at all times. You are never safe unless you are docked and logged off.
[Newest]I put in a few years into Eve and I agree that it is rewarding if you enjoy a long and deep content, complex player interaction with other player and the world.

It's simply a masterpiece that keeps on adding on to it self.

If you have endless time on your hands then this is your game.
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15Diablo 2
This game Changed my life in so many ways, to truly feel immersed in it is to forget your own reality, from the online gameplay mechanics to the stylish art that accompanies it, this game embodies the meaning of legendary, best game of all time for me period!
It was the very best since the release of the 1.10 version which totally ruined the game.. This game had the ability to make you forget your problems and live in a legendary online world!
This game is the best game ever I have played this game since it came out and always will even though diablo 3 is out now I still prefer this game over that... its 2014 and this is still my favorite game ever
[Newest]:< No spiders. But still, it's a Blizzard game. Already awesome.

16Silkroad Online
It's an awesome free game.
My favorite of all free games.
Nice graphics, character details and the skills are nice animated!

The only MMORPG that keeps me coming back. Only real issue is the bots. Otherwise, it's a great game.
The bots are no issue anymore, now you can log on anytime, before there was a problem with the bots because it was always crowded in the servers.

But now, its no problem at all, love this game!
[Newest]The best game in the world I really love it!
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17Aion: The Tower of Eternity
This is my second MMORPG game and it is one of the best because a lot of things you can do in a very cool: the story dynamic graphics and some very good atmosphere in the house playing

And this is only the beginning of the forthcoming new version 4.0 (on EU servers) under the new title of dark betrayal, and if you see what will be new then you simply have to agree with me that this is one of the best MMORPG game that should be among the top 5 in my opinion
This game is really good, is amazing, I could not believe its current position in this ranking. I think it should be in top ten, because it is a very complex and well-built game, and the OSTs are fantastic.
I've played AION since the release of version 2.7.
It is clearly an excellent game which fits your desires and has an epic storyline that just keeps you coming. With the new updates coming it, you always have something to do! Can't wait till August for version 4.0!
[Newest]It looks like wow so nice

18Lord Of The Rings: Shadows Of Angmar
I am an expert dedicated and proud hard core gamer throughout the MANY years, of all types and any types of games. I have played far and wide, from pc, to Nintendo64, coin-machines, ps3, to portable hand-held games, and everything in-between. And for someone of my expertise and experience to tell you a game is GOOD! Takes a lot, not even good, AMAZINGLY MIND-BLOWING! So mash that the MMORPG Wow, has been compared to it!, and not the other way around. In term of its advanced graphics, Combat system, community, quest, massive content, and over-all experience, it stands above and alone, and beyond! So mush, that it has won numerous awards of all the deranged types, throughout its five year life span which is pretty incredible, and that is not even scratching the very top of the barrel. This LOTR Mmorpg holds the most massive World ever developed, so much that there still expanding, and not even half way done, yet! And NOW has become A FULL FREE TO PLAY GAME! Instead of purchasing it! It would be like the WoW developers giving away their whole entire product for FREE, Even though you can subscribe and get 500 turbine points per month, I don™t see why you would, considering you can earn it on YOUR OWN! This game is simply the best MMORPG game ever created, and common, if you™re gonna role-play, what not a better franchise then THE LORD OF THE RINGS!
Been playing this game since release. Played nearly every game on this list, and I can say, this game has the most dedicated staff out there. The amount of content that they put into this game is astounding. They do not stop, and are no where close to finishing their goals. Great support, great fan base. The game itself keeps driving you on to do more, very much like Everquest did. Great visuals, and story to satisfy the best of Tolkien fans. If you haven't played it, please give it a try. You won't be disappointed in what is there. For those that have left the game, I play a ton of games, and in so doing, have left for months at a time, but always end up coming back, and playing like an Evercrack addict.
LOTRO is a mix between beautifull images perfectly crafted and a a story that is simply unbeliveable, diferents ways to fight and even be in the light side or be in the dark side
[Newest]This game deserves more attention, a true gem
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19EverQuest 2
Played EQ1 for years and EQ2 for even more years, EQ line of games is about Guilds and People that make up the guilds. This is a very deep game that takes order and strategy to get even close to the top. EQ2 has more high end content than any game I have evern seen or played or know friends have played. This game is not for the "in and out" player it takes work, and I think thats why it never makes it close to #1 on this kinda poles. Easy games usualy make the top of these poles. Great economy! Great game play! Great PvP action(you only get it when you want it)! Great game UI!
GUILD WARS? REALLY? I CANNOT believe Guild Wars made the cut to top ten. Does playing for free make it a better game? I have tried the free 10 hour demo, removed that junk from my hard drive after only 2 and went back to EQ2. WoW is for 8 year olds and IQs below 80. -Bloodflow- Vox Server, EQ2
Played too many online RPG games. Free ones to subscription. I have played EQ1 from release and now EQ2 from release. Still have not found a game that rivals EQ1 at the time and now EQ2. I've really tried to find something that even came close. EQ2 cannot be beat.
[Newest]Everquest 2 is a great game with gameplay and interaction with friends guilds and more not only that but the graphics are great and soon this year of 2014 everquest next is coming out be sure to check it out you might find it awesomely great!

20Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok Online is probably the best game I've ever played. It's quite possible that it will never be topped. What's even better is that it even competes with all games that are made today. I've played WoW and diablo 2. Those are 2 very addicting games but they're only addicting for about a week or so. I've always ALWAYS managed to come back to RO and I've been playing for about 3 years. Without a doubt there is something about the community, competition, and the cuteness about this game that is very attractive and is very enticing. And on top of that it's SUPER SUPER SUPER fun with a group. Solo play is fun but if you have a group it becomes 10x better. Deserves #1 on the list
Nothing yet has managed to top raganrok online, I think the main reason is that this game is plain perfect for team playing...
I've been playing this from the start among lots of other online games and its still far better then any other I know... It has been updated constantly and it still gets updates.

If you consider that this is so high on the list event though its pretty much ancient, it deserves number 1...
I love the level of customization that the game has. Many items and classes. It's a game that's managed to keep me interested for years. Don't let the graphics fool you, give it a try!
[Newest]The perfect MMORPG. Not recommended for casual players, it takes time to get in love.
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21Star Wars Galaxies
Was the best game ever until the entire combat system was changed into a more easier kid-like system. Obtaining the jedi class was one of the biggest and hardest goals, and once achieved you felt like you had more power than the majority of players. You could make your own city and become mayor of it with other players under you. Amazing game for rp. But like I said the game is not what it use to be thanks to certain people.
Even thought a lot of people hated the Combat upgrade, I still liked the game very much as it existed, before the dark times, before Lucas has become greedy and closed it for the new game... Even after reaching your maximum level, the game has just started if you reached it, the collection system, the City battles for Faction control and points, the special Events all of this made this game better then A LOT of other MMORPGs where after reaching maximum level you just don't got anything to do. RIP SWG, and I hope Lucas knows what he did to all of his biggest fans with closing THIS game... !
There is just something about this game that keep's people coming back. unlike most MMO's where the entire economy/game/pvp is always the same and super easy to master, swg is always changing and once you master one thing, you see that there is so much more to be discoverd, I'm not sure if there is one person in that game that would honestly know it all
[Newest]Opening the jedi class destroyed the game for me. 2 years living like a junky only to have it crash and burn. At least it made me get out from behind the screen and remarry :). Book

22Age of Conan
Free game, fantastic graphics, great fun...
I really like the way I can control my character's development in skills and feats (and looks) and make him unike. Not to forget the variety of choices regarding tactics and movement in combat. Success in combat depends on the gamers choices in all matters mentioned.
But the game is very addictive, so for me it won't be free for much longer. I want it all.
Not for the kiddies, this mature themed game will give you countless hours of quality entertainment. Great for pro's and casual, group and solo players alike. All quests up to level 22 or so, are voiced adding quality to the game with hopefully more to come. Unlike so many other free to play games, this one is fun to play for all, subscribers just get more inventory space, bank space, class creation options and so on.
Incredibly undermined game. It's very intellectual and actually has a compelling story. Graphics are amongst the best. Dedicated community, just a shame so few people give it a try.
[Newest]This game is really amazing I love it a lot

23DC Universe Online
I have no idea how this game hasn't been added to the list yet! To be fair this forum is purely wiki, in the sense that the users are the ones who make the list, but surely some of you have played DCUO! It is an amazing MMORPG and the console controls are smooth as butter! Too many people these days are dwelling in the overrated games of today's era. World of Warcraft is nowhere near better than Star Wars: The Old Republic, yet WoW is ranked 1st and SWTOR is 151st. Despicable.
Brilliant game and truly unique! I wanted to try something different and this is it. You really should give it a go. Flying around Metropolis & Gotham is great fun in and of itself and the powers are great. Free to play too!
Like reading comics? How about being yourself a superhero of comic stories. Not being batman or superman. Create your own superhero and feel like you are saving the world with your hands. Man... That just awesome. And the only MMORPG that offers you that is DC Universe Online. Enjoy!
[Newest]It's a great game, I played it.

Don't understand why this game isn't in top ten. It pretty much defined the mmorpgs and was the top one in late 90's and early 2000's. Main problem with game is its constant change that happens. Leave for 6 months come back and the game does not even looks the same. The game today doesn't even look like the original game. Definitely more challenging then wow though. Hated losing exp, got in a lot of fights on game for people getting you killed. Losing hours of exp and having to beg clerics for rezz sucked.
I recently quit playing Everquest after nearly a decade. Back from the beginning EverQuest had a HUGE following, and the numbers have definitely faltered, but if you guys don't give EverQuest the respect that it deserves, you all deserve to rot in hell for taking the new games for granted. Without this ground-breaker (plus Dark Age of Camelot, and Eve-Online *which recently broke into year 11*) a lot of the games you have now like WoW and other huge MMO's wouldn't be what they are.
I can't believe Everquest is not on top 10, it is the MOTHER of all these MMORPGS you see. It was the first mmorpg with 3D and immersive world! I remember the first time I entered Oasis the excitement and the astonishing visuals. On another note, every other mmorpg that came out including wow, daoc or wtv all originate from EQ with modifications to make them better.
[Newest]Everquest is for the hardened, dedicated, strategic minded gamer. If that isn't you, go to WoW.

25Cabal Online
This game is awesome! The subtitle its revolution of action and they really mean it! It just rock, great fight system. Combo mode what make's game faster and get a kick ass with it. It has spectacular skills, I think the best looking of all online games. I really recommend this game! Just play it and see
Excellent Game. Although it's free and easy to play
Powered by MrHelper The best games online play too free 4EVER
[Newest]Nice skill, unlike the other MMORPG..this is a lot better

It's an addictive game when you've first started.
I can't even stop playing when in school.
I love to play this game... There are many 4 wonderful jobs like magician, arche, thief and warrior... Each of the are divided into 2 other jobs... This game can make new friends and can be married... The clothes are just so cute and the skills in the game are do awesome! If you want to know more go ahead and play the game... I know you won't regret it!
Vote for Dragonica people! #1
I play this game a lot and it's so cool, graphics and all, even the characters are cute! And it was the first mmorpg I played

WHAT? lol 73? wow you guys suck, I have played this game for a little over 7 years, almost 2 months after the game was realeased :D to all your other games can suck it, exept maybe WoW cause that game is pretty fun too.
This game is FREAKING AWESOME. I have played it for about 6 months and I am hooked! This amazing game should at least be in the top 5 if not number one! I would reccomend this to any age group. It's very family friendly with fun characters too!
This game is the most well rounded game on this list HANDS DOWN. It starts simple enough for kids to play. My kid was able to play before he could even read. It evolves into a very complicated proceediing that will challenge the most seasoned hard core gamers. Especially if you PvP. And if THAT'S not enough for you, step out onto the Pet Derby race track. This part of the game involves breeding pets, training them to gain racing skills, and then racing other pets. It's VERY fast. As fast as any racing game out there. Like I said, something for everyone. It really does.
[Newest]This game is awesome I would recommend to any age group
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28City of Heroes/Villians
I've played this game and I have to say it has impressed and inspired mme to try other MMORPGs, although its loosing a lot of players to newer games. I still believe this game should rank in #1 though, but thats just me. Plus you'll hardly ever find bots. I played for 3 months and quit. Then I started a 14 free trial made a new character and got to lvl 17 within 2 weeks. After that I still want more I'm trying to get back on this game as we speak. Well what I was getting at is that I have NEVER had more than 2 bots talk to me in my whole entire life. Now RuneScape is swarming with them.. and yet it ranked #4. I use to play Runescape and I had a lvl 97 and lvl 76. I quit though because Jagex ruined Runescape. Their billions of bot, no wild, no PvP, bad graphics, Boring quest, too many beggers, and its just plain boring. I have never had any problems with CoH/V and I think it should be ranked #1.
CoH/V has tremendous options for players of all ilk, be you like player-vs-player, following a storyline, crafting items, hunting for badges, leveling, character creation variety, action, or just roleplay, this game has got it. Better still, it can be played obsessively or occasionally and still be fun. The only downside has been a drop in the number of players on some servers. Be sure to check which ones are the most active before you create your character on the wrong one. While soloing is okay, teaming is best in this game, so active servers are best.
The Character customization is amazing, along with the powers. Everything is fluid, and the powers are well made and animated. All it needs s a little bit more pvp
[Newest]Great customization, responsive support team, all in all, I'd have to say that the piece de resistance has got to be the sheer enormity of work they put into making the players feel like they are impacting the game world.

29Dark Age of Camelot
Dark Age of Camelot is the best MMO I have ever played, It has aged very well through the years and still has the absolute best PvP hands down. The population dropped due to WoW and its better updated gfx for the time then saw a return after a few months time. I do not play MMO's as much as I used to due to the fact that most games today "Feel like clones of one another" but DAOC needs new content to try and "Refresh" its gameplay, I miss the server population. Took down Dragon on Alb/Merl years ago Kimber, Bloodworks, Shirlie, and Meleefreak. Only time I've ever heard of a 4 man group taking down the dragon. Long live the <Elder Spirits>. Miss all the old Guildies Dahk, Lady Di, Care, Simoen, and so many more.R.I.P. dahk. As far as new players go I would definitely recommend this game to anyone.

Good Hunting,
Meleefreak, Harkel
I played this game for 2+ years, very well done, it's a shame they sold out to a huge conglomerate. I do not know if they will still be competative as they move on through the corprate world and try to make games while also cutting jobs to satisfy some CEO.
I only stopped playing due to real life matters, this is one of the greatest if not the greatest MMORPGs of all time, never to be forgotten
Dark Age of Camelot is to this day, the game that has provided me with the best gaming experience overall. It had excellent PvP, decent PvE and maintained a healthy competitive atmosphere between the three realms. If they would develop Dark Age of Camelot - The Sequel (no, I don't consider Warhammer Online a sequel to DAoC), I would buy it without even hesitating.

Best game ever.
[Newest]How is this not number 1?
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30Knight Online World
This game is truly amazing. The best part of the PvP is that there is a weekly war between the two sides where hundreds of players crash on a battle field and the winner then teleports to the enemy homeland to invade. Be warned though, this is the most hardcore MMO I've played. You could make 10 level 80s on WoW before maxing one character on KO. I left because the time investment required was too much for me. Even though I've left, I had a great time with KO. Try it.
This game rocks, it is one of the best online game ever. This game is awesome if you didn't play this game you are losing don't wait and play the game you are gonna be
This game will entrance you like never before, best PvP in all of the online games i've ever played. Learn to combo, upgrade, and destroy the other nation.

This game is one of my top favorite games. I'm max level and have the most op class in the game. If you wanted a simple not so laggy mmorpg game to play this is the game that is just for you.
It would be better if would be like in 15 or 14 because its simple and kinda hard to get things too
Play this hope you like it
[Newest]Not only the best MMORPG game but also the best game


32Dragon Nest (SEA)
Simply awesome on all levels! Great graphics, really interesting storyline which is fun to follow along as well as lots of free choice in the game from own combos to your armor. In no time you will be loving the game. Also it includes duels, awesome bosses and some amusing character designs. Overall the game is enjoyable on all levels and not to hard to keep up with exempt for the storyline.
The best you ever had! It will make you crazy over it! The designs are of high quality and you couldn't miss it! You can customize your own combos with different skills and the PvP is most amazing! You can use your own skill build, enhance your own weapon and armors and etc...
The best MMORPG ever. It has stunning graphics, breath-taking skills, wide-variety of class, different dungeons, and also, life-stealing combos!
[Newest]You had the most seals

33The Sims Online

34Habbo Hotel
This game is swell... You can become a business.. Or a worker.. Talk and make friends.. And be creative... Only the price is a bit high for the junk...
I don't think habbo is not fun. I am not sad because I spent so much time on it. Maybe to much IRL money, but it is also fun if you don't buy anything
Meet Up With Friends, Build Hotel Rooms, Collect Rares And Play!

35WarHammer Online
The focus on rvr in this game where everything you do lends to your factions war effort is simply revolutionary.. that along with lots of different classes, keep sieges and capital city sieges are going to be something to behold.

I believe this game will surpass WOW as the dominant mmorpg on the planet!
i'm surprised WarHammer isn't number 1 on the list!


its only in closed beta but IT OWNS EVERYTHING!!!!!
[Newest]It s the best

36Dota 2
Dota 2 is the best


ARGUABLY better than laugh out loud

37Perfect World
Perfect world is simply the most beautiful online game to date. The character customisation system let's you create a perfect copy of anyone and if that perfect someone doesn't exist, you can let your imagination go wild thanks to the unlimited posibilities. It is much more complex than sims 2.
Perfect world invites players to explore and interact with each other. The combat system will not impress from the start, but it is most challenging thanks to the combos and acrobatics that can be used to help later on.
The most stunning thing about the game is the graphics. A perfect world needs perfect graphics and this game has that. It captivates in such a way that you will be itching to explore.
If that isn't enough, there is also the option to fly, which is very usefull to cover distances and even for combat purposses.
You have to see it to believe it. Perfect world is the best game since wow and it's so beautiful, it'll bring tears to your eyes.
The graphics of this game are amazing. It is also really interesting in that during the first 30 levels or so there are many quests and things you can do. Thus you hardly spend any time grinding compared to in other games like Runescape. I have played RS for a long time but only recently started playing PW and has so far really enjoyed playing it.
I play this game everyday, and it give us a real fantasy world to play, unique skills very excyting, custumizations for characters, BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE, and more and more things that you can excecute here.
[Newest]I love this game! Is amazing! Strategy, fun, very good graphics!
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38Dragon Ball Online
Who don't like dragonball? Losers that's who!
Awesome! I mean, it's a MMORPG of Dragon Ball!


Dragonball Online is awesome if you like Dragonball and Dragonball Z. GT isn't in it, also you can play it if you follow this website DBOCOM.cOM they have guides on there and anyone can use the language patch its pretty easy.

In the game you can create your own character and become either a Human (They have a tiny percentage of saiyan blood so you can eventually get super saiyan), Namek (Who can turn into a Giant namek) and A majin character who can turn into Kid buu when transforming.

If you like dragonball z then this is the game for you.

True; graphics sucks, but look at the role playing and pvp. There are 4 classes..
1. Knight
2. Paladin
3. Sorcerer
4. Druid

There are constant updates.

There is also a new project made by "Cipsoft" (the company which created tibia) about a 3D game.
What this game lacks in Graphics it makes up for in mythology. The game itself contains more myths than you will ever be able to explore. With no level cap, and many different quests (Some still haven't been discovered! ) This game takes the checkered flag for me. Sorcerer's will always rule!
Probably the best Community, and pvp based game out there. It's got old graphics, but that's because is was the first mmorpg to ever come out. It actually revolves around players skill, not just the game story. It's an open game where you can literally do ANYTHING! You can own your own house, and go kill someone that knocks on your door.
[Newest]Brings back memories... What an awesome game with an awesome community. I couldn't stand the penalties for dying and losing all those hours worked.

so much to learn, so much to see ,this game will take time to get a high level but well worth being the best of the best ,raise eggs to full adult status and make other players green with envy ,upgrade weapons to the peak and make lots of new friends plus no annoying gm constantly hassling you
Kal Online is best game ever;)nice story and gameplay.I play this game 1year and i want more and more!!


This game is very good, I would recommanded you guys to play it.
Its been very very long I have been played it, and its enjoy able.
So remember that.
[Newest]Its pretty working :D and very cool game

41Free Realms
You could be anythong you wanted to be! Adventurer, chef, ninja, cart racer, and so much more!
Free realms is one of the best 3d free mmorpg with a huge world to explore and jobs to do iam surprised to find it in 183 position. I thought it would be in top 50 positions

42Diablo 3
This game ist the best
With RoS really nice

I Used to play this game... A lot! I was hooked, I loved this game, it was colourful, funny, fun and so addictive. You'll find yourself on this game for hours. The only thing I disliked about this game was the fact you couldn't type your own messages to players, I understand it's a kids game (which is why I stopped playing) but they should be allowed to talk to other players freely and not be forced to use quick chat. Honestly this game is worth the money every month. (there is a free to play version)
Really fun game to play. If you like Wizard 101 you will like this. Graphics are pretty good but not amazing. This is a Disney Game and is mainly for kids. But some adults play on too. I recommend playing this game.
I've been playing since I was six! Arguably the best RPG I have ever played. It never ends, and is very fun, although you're internet connections to it's servers might screw up
[Newest]Great game! Check out toontown rewritten to continue playing this fantastic MMORPG. Made for all ages, many can say it made their childhood. Highly recommended.

44Forsaken MU
Brilliant online multiplayer but a good story line. This is a better version of mu-online which was rubbish.

45Digimon Masters Online
This is by far the best MMORPG iv'e EVER played it has great graphics, you can pick your own tamer, hatch your favorite digimon! I'll leave the rest for you to decide!

Flyff is a pretty amazing game, its free and has great graphics. The gameplay is like a 7/10 and pvp is like a 4/10 but if you need a game to occupy you for a little while choose Flyff, sure you'll get bored and quit after a while but in the mean time its pretty fun
In all honesty, after playing WoW, Aion, Maplestory, and many more, FlyFF will always be my favorite game of all time. If you have the opportunity, I'd suggest you try the game. Getting your friends to play with you makes it even better!
Flyff has the best community of all mmorpgs I have ever seen. Graphics are not ever important. And there are so much things to do, its only fun!
[Newest]Nice graphic less violence best game play..

47The Elder Scrolls Online
Tons of content. Tons of customization. Fun action combat full of strategy. Great graphics and immersion for an mmo. New significant content added every month or two. People are very critical of it because the sub and early bugs. Bugs are fairly fleshed out but you sill run into them occasionally. Some work still needs to be done with balancing. Some content lacks re-playability. I don't like questing being the primary grind. Future announced patches/content address most issues as the development team listen closely to players.

Should be ranked higher.
It's fresh. I tested beta too. As a WoW player I can say it's amazing. Is it better than WoW? Not sure...
I will treat this game like my son. Of it doesn't get top 3 I will be so disappointed
[Newest]Can't wait until this come out

Mabinogi is the best free MMO out there, and probably the best MMO I've ever played. I couldn't get into WOW, I grew out of Runescape, Guild Wars got tedious, and it was hard for me to slog through the total mess that is Maple Story.

The core mechanics are extremely fun and easy to pick up, there are a large volume of activities to undertake, and the graphics are very good for a free game, with finely drawn portraits. It's also just a joy to play, and the grinding is nearly non-existant, though some of the fetch quests are irritating.

Some people say, " COMPLICATED, " after playing Mabinogi for like 3 minutes, but it's actually a very simple game. The point and click interface is pristine and it never feels cluttered. The variety of skills that you can learn range from just combat mastery to various life skills, which are all VERY, VERY FUN to use. And with Generation 1 and the cash shops, tons of new possibilities have opened up.

There are so many aspects of Mabinogi that I can mention, but you should find out yourself. Go to Nexon's (w. Nexon. Net) website and click on Mabinogi if you are reading this. You'll never go back to your WOWs, your Runescapes, and your steaming piles that you call Maple Stories. Just go play it. I'll look forward to seeing you!


I haven't played a lot of MMOs, but of the ones I've played, Mabinogi is a very nice game-- Unique graphic style, great music, HUGE amount of content, enjoyable characters and interesting storyline. The only problems I have are that having to move around a lot can get tedious (especially since there's time constraint on your rides), the dungeons can get pretty tough and the character creation could be better. But overall, I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a game to play just for fun.
What I love about this game:

1. No pointless grinding quests unless I want to!
2. No level limit~ No cap means the sky is the limit.
3. Deep variety of classes with the ability to hybridize yourself between several of the classes.
4. Its not dungeons upon dungeons. There are many things you can do and not be bored. If I don't feel like just mindless killing I can go fishing, or trading, or even cook!
5. The art style is adorable.

... And there's so much more that you just have to see for yourself.
[Newest]I am totally addicted to this game, I love it! So much variety.

49The Secret World
Best game ever, the real world engine it uses and the storyline makes this a great game

50Supreme Destiny
Supreme destiny is a very nice game... so try it.. and play hard
Supreme Destiny is one of the best multiplayer games India has ever seen.

51Need for Speed: World

This game is epic! 9 Clans 4 Roles, lots of players, lightfoot!
It's kinda simple, but really addicting. I always come back to play it after other games, It's different from other games.
Nice graphics, runs well on my 1.66ghz laptop. It's based heavily on Chinese history/mythology so the only race selection is human. You can duel but only one map has true pvp so you can quest in safety for the most part. So far I've had at least one quest per level which breaks up the grind very nicely.
9 dragons is the best martial arts game:-D. I play that game 1 yer
[Newest]One of the best games EVER! Simply my favorite Martial arts MMORPG I have every played, brings you back no matter what and is VERY addicting! You can never have enough of this game, worth a shot!

Very simple compared to other space based online games!
Love it but very challenging
This Game Is AMAZING. I'm seriously picky when it comes to games but the content in this is awesome, it's the thrill of playing in clans, groups and pvp'ing with so many events, all in the futuristic style, plus its 2D so technically everything can be controlled with the mouse, but If you what to do well, you'll finally find out you'll need the keyboard.

The game play is top-notch and always interesting
Even if SOMEHOW you get bored there's awesome people on chat


-Penfwasaurus (look on YouTube)
Purdy' cool game, been playing since day 1. top 10 on 13 servers.

54R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud

55Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Addicting... Fun... nice graphics and super awesome
although people get bored at making money
It is very exiting upgrading weapons and fun level up your guy. And its cool if you have a lot of money
Nice game and I think it's one of the games that will NEVER die.

But it has a lot of donators so if you want to be good you must give some money..
[Newest]Too much Pay2Win...

Truth must be said

57Mu Online
Very cool game.Low xp with real Mu-online ..U can get more fun with pravete mu servers ..It's looks very much at Diablo 2 ..but diablo2 fun on the beginning. so play it graphics not very good but it's good enough
very good game play, cool graphics,
not boring because there are so many things to do. It is currently in season 2 and more season and patches to come.

I'm talking 'bout MU Philippines.
Its the best MMORPG of all the times!


[Newest]I like cows also

58Conquer Online
Conquer at 31 place that is so impossible conquer online has made a great job conquer online have the most players that play on this game it's nice first the one will be week but play it and you will be gd then strong then stronger then a great killer this game has the most strongest and the smartest players that play on it this game has many classes like ninja'monk'water-fire tooist'warrior'trojan'archer and pirate, This game gave so many nice skills to use it and so many nice quest and maps and adventures and so many nice weapon from level 5 tell level 140 and we have a kind of weapon normal' refined' unique' Elite' super + we have a stones that we can compose is to our items and we have in this game a dragon souls for each class p1' p3 ' phase4' p6 dragon souls and you will have so many friends there and when you be strong you can make your on guild and fight the other guilds or you can make any guild an ales with your guild or an enemy play this game you will have allot of fun there you will be week at the first then you will be strong and I played the boring game rune escape I am level 120 there it's not nice it was a nice game but when I know conquer online I see it better than rune escape for 100000000000000 time first the hit is too slow at rune escape buy conquer it's fast and in rune escape we can't run so much and conquer ho will win in a guild war or weekley pk he will win a price but rune escape they don't have any kind of contest conquer is better from rune escape at weapon conquer have so much weapons and they have so much skills conquer online is the best online game that ever I seen every body come to this nice game
I vote!... This is the best compared to all online games ever... Compared to all online games I've played, conquer online seems to be the perfect. I love the graphics, characters, weapons, gears, quest, etc. For me it's the number one online game. I will not further explain 'WHY' in detail... There's a lot of players all over the world that are crazy of this powerful game. I know, they know and all conquer players know how cool this game is compared to other games.. I've played all online games.. So far, in this game, I a'm challenge.. The name itself, "conquer" defines the game very well. To those who haven't experienced conquer online, come and join us.. See the difference of excitement of the game. No matter what server you gonna log in, surely, you will be challenged and enjoy. I doubt if you can't think of your characters every second and play it again after trying to understand the game. Simply you will seek for it. Furthermore, all online games is easy for me to play and easy to become strong but not conquer. That's all I can say. JOIN NOW.
Conquer Online should be the 5th or something Conquer Online got the Best Game Play Ever and need some additions in Graphics and it will be perfect Also Conquer is getting more popular By time sO.. Conquer to be the 30 that sucks in my opinion :O
[Newest]The best game ever

59Risk Your Life
Its is the best mmorpg I ever play maybe... Nice graphic... Item.. And class system. And you have full control of your character and anything is possible. The Best mmorpg I ever ply
Amazing control system! You'll know what I mean if you played it before.
Its the bet mmorpg that is way better than ffxi, WoW, and for the most part, its free to play forever

60Torn City

61Anarchy Online
Greatest game I've ever played hands down. The in depth storyline, massive world that you'll never see every inch of, is without a doubt an inspiration to any game designer. I challenge anyone to create a game like this. The only downside is the graphics engine. The game was launched in 2001, and the only way to get some decent graphics is to play in shadowlands. The original game area is sub dated. When Funcom launches the revamped graphics, I'll be back in a heart beat.
A huge and complex game but with more flexibility and variety than most other MMOs. It's one of those games that though you make take a break from it sometimes you always find yourself going back eventually. I've played on an off since the Beta days (mid 2001) and I still enjoy it to this day.
With the new engine this will surely rock the world. Best free mmorpg ever. Or maybe this will beat the p2p mmorpgs out there

[Newest]Nice game with many opportunities. Just come and play and enjoy it!

All of Artix Entertainment games- battleon, AQworlds, mechquest, epicduel are beast and have maybe over a million users online. AQworlds in fact MADE A CARD GAME IN TOYS ARE US NOW! THAT IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH A MASSIVE GAME.
This game is so addicting!. I played this for 2 years I think. It is so addicting that last time I stopped playing then months later I played just one time and I'm being addicted on this game! It's character designs are very good because the characters some people don't like it but it's design is good for me and also the design is also good for young children playing the game. While the weapon designs are so good too! BATTLE ON!
I really love this game the graphics arent very good but overall a good game.
[Newest]I played this game for nearly five years and I never got bored

Best Game Ever! You can do everything in this Awesome game, you can eat food and drink, you can level super high like a level 199, you can have 5 characters to make, and there is 12 different classes to choose from, like a Archer who shoots arrows, a character that fights with bombs and summons them, a Summoner, which summons a tofu, a gobball, and more to protect you! Also another class is a Sacrier, which gets a lot more health points than other classes which gives you an advantage to fighting, You can create and join guilds Place a percptator, anyways, there is No doubt a lot more things to do in the game and ill leave you to figuring that out. You will most likely be a fan of this game if you played, I've already become addicted and I'm a TRUE FAN. I hope you will vote for this game to be the top ten, because I know this game REALLY deserves it!
Oh my gosh! I can not EXPLAIN how wonderful this game is. Adorable graphics, amazing scenery, adventurous map, EVERYTHING! I don't know what this doesn't have.. the ability to eat and drink.. ? Just kidding, you can do that too! AND it's free for a limited amount of space, but you could still get to a pretty high level, and subscribing is ALWAYS worth it. You can also have professions where you can bake bread, make your armor, anything you need. You'll never forget this game if you try it, the monsters and characters are so original, it's so much fun to try out all the different classes.

It's a must play. No doubt about it. And I'll always be a true fan.
I played it 4 years, I'm quitting now because much homework I had much fun and its a good game with sometimes a update for new stuff

There are much servers and for every Language.
You meet new friends and you get fast money.
But one downside is if you are not a subscriber that you have only a small piece of land.

[Newest]Very good game I was playing it for last 3 years every winter... (i always get hacked I stopped... ) but still it is a very good game!

64Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Best game out right now!
One of the best MMORPGs I have ever played
Truly should be in at least 8th place this game is very very good I would agree best mmo out right now.

Evony is a relatively new online game, created June 2009. What is so great about this game, is that it is free, has a ranking system so that you can see where you rank in the game, different servers so you can try different tactics and ideas, alliances so you can band together and fight alongside friends, and it's a browser game, so there is no hassle of downloading the game. Evony is more of a strategic online game, forcing the player to build up cities and vanquish foes from the map.


Great! It is an extremely good strategy game... Players get to build towns and train trops and attack enemies!

66Ragnarok Online 2
This game will change the meaning of mmorpg

67Asheron's Call
Once a great game; still one of the greatest every made as history goes, but if you don't already have an account with a "higher" level character the grind to "near-end-game" content is unbearable even for hardcore gamers. Graphics are poor (now that is) but remember this did release in 99! If you are a "one game, one character forever!" type of gamer, this still is a great one but don't expect to be up there in levels for perhaps a year. Lack of server merger possibilites makes this game totally dead to me as there aren't enough folks online to even give an mmo feel in the least. If the whole game as it is were to be graphically updated, merged to just a couple servers, and everyone started over at level 1 - would still hang as a GREAT if not THE GREATEST game out!!
AC is now 13 years old and still has a strong following. It may not be huge but we are a dedicated bunch. There as many reasons for loving this game as there are players. These days it is not difficult to level up to max within a couple months. Always seeing old players coming back, even after being away several years and the theme for coming back is because AC still has the best community and gameplay ever. Here is to another 10 years AC, maybe people will having there grandkids playing this game in the future!
This was the greatest MMORPG ever. The game had serious PVP action, and there were penalties to being killed. One had to being very skilled to kill an opponent in battle. This game was not for small children for it was far too difficult to master. One could join the real warriors on a PVP server to get the real experience. One always wonders why there was never another release of this game. Everyone who played knows Asheron's call 2 was a total flop, but that is what happens when one fixes what is not broken.

68Tales of Pirates Online
BEST FREE 3D GAME EVER!!! Deadly combination of great graphics and outstanding gameplay ( GvG PvP Quest Ships Forging Buy-n-Sell Hunting ) Awesome cartoonish theme/style will just blew your mind away. It's something different and absolutely a lot of fun. What can be better than being a Pirate!! ARrRR....
Low graphics, great character builds, amazing PvP, GvG. The game is easy to master and server lag is definitely no worries. Played this game since 2006 (when it got released) and I still love playing it today, the game gets lots of more fun past lv 40.
I played this game for 2 years and never got bored, the animation is good and the skills look awesome go and play and see for yourself!
[Newest]This is the best online game ever... And I make no apologies laugh out loud

69Rising Force Online
RF is a very unique mmorpg because of its sci-fi theme. Fantasy game are every common and we have to try something new.This is the only game that can give you both fantasy and sci-fi action. Choose from the Cybernetic Accretians, Mech raider Bellatos and the Mystical Coras. Try this game it will blow you! JUST TRY IT!
...i think this game is not very famous because of being expensive and rare. This is not a global MMORPG as well that made it unknown...try to play the game and you'll discover what's the true meaning of MMORPG. RF ROCKS!!!
This is the best MMORPG I've ever played
Do you know why? Because, this MMORPG offers us, Players, what the other games don't have, such as a constant war, each 8 hours, and the political system, the archon, sub, and their teams, and also nukes, which is very useful to steal the win, and nukers musn't be newbie, cause the timing has to be perfect to cast, and the dropping time. It needs skill and precision, even you got nice gears, you still can't be the " king " of this game, except you donate for over powered equipments
[Newest]Best game I ever loved!

70Rappelz - Siege for glory
Great game played it for a while, but to many players on it and if you go into some of the trading rooms its so confusing its so packed. Maybe I haven't been playing long enough, but you would definitely enjoy it. Also I you and the game isn't necessarily free if you have a load of money to spend on it then you could be the number one player in a week laugh out loud
Now this game I enjoy and if we all could get blessed with more free games like this online. Everyone would be happy and a lot more satisfied. I like the fact that you can level up with JP that is gained every time you kill a monster. Although it would have been great to still incorporate the norm living with that, and more armor and weapons. Instead of 20 to 50 with nothing in between, don't worry you can upgrade these infinite times though...

I give it a solid 8 out of 10
Real nice game been playing it for about 2 years now its real fun, would be amazing if Gptato actually cared about this game a little bit more it would be epic, but just the way it is it is good..
You should try it!
[Newest]Best game of listed here. Many characters available and etc.

This game is tthe best you can make your partyies and share your exp and i cant believe it runescape in the top 10 im lvl 150 and is the worst game i have ever played even runescape 2 and 3 you should play 2moons because its the best top 10 in the real game awards and it came 3rd you should play it now!!!!!!!
One of the best Mmorpg games out there for free! Amazing pvp system and loads of quest to complete. Staff are always providing great events and updating. Effects of skills are epic and dungeons provide intense boss battles and great story lines. Not a game for people who don't take gaming and leveling seriously. If you haven't tried it... You're missing out.
I play 2Moons, the name of this game now its dekaron, its a amazing game with PVE/PVP/PK sistem.

recomended fure sure.
[Newest]Really, people should try this game, its better than a lot of the top ten...

72RAN Online
Ran Online is the only mmorpg game which have a very advanced technology in the game (party, duel, chat, set, and style). I wonder why this is not in the top 1. Please try this game then you can inderstand why a lot of people loved this and will never stop loving this game.


I love this game! :) this is so fun.. :D the more you play the more you get involved in many happy events and gathering more friends!
This is a stunning game. The graphic is indeed fascinating. However, the players are getting less due to the age of this game, since 2004. Because of this, this game had been purchased by some bad quality gaming companies in some nations for examples, in Malaysia (Myrosso), etc. Making this game slightly unbalance in almost every aspect. I guess that are some reasons why ranonline is not able to rank number 1.

73Club Penguin
WHY do people like this game? Sure, I liked this game WHEN I WAS 7. It is just Disney's cash cow which takes no effort to make. The games got repetitive really fast, and the items are HIDEOUS now. You need to pay for membership in order to actually have fun on the game. It isn't even fun though. It's not worth your money either. I can't believe that they closed down Toontown for THIS. Toontown was fun even if you didn't have membership. It was more fun when you had membership. You could have a GREAT time. Also, you could still make friends even if you didn't have membership. However, on Club Penguin, if you didn't have membership, everyone would make fun of you because you couldn't do ANYTHING. Overall, Club Penguin is just a cash cow for Disney made for little kids.
This game rocks! I am 13 and I have been playing for 7 years. It is very addictive. It's for both boys and girls and a cool, fun place to chat on. You may also play mini games to earn coins which you use to buy clothes and furniture for your very own igloo. You also can adopt pets called "puffles" which can also be quite fun. Most puffles can be utilized in mini games, too - which may result in your coins doubling. Not to mention stamps and pins... But I won't tell you about that, you'll have to find out more! You might even see some ninja's there! Hopefully you have what it takes to become one. P.S. this game should be at least 2nd best!
The best MMORG ever! Kid-friendly, but still great for teens and adults too! It's a fun place to chat and has great events. Best of all it is FREE, but you can pay to be a member which gives you incredible benefits. The best MMORG and deserves to be in the Top 20! w00tinator!

I Have been playing for 5 years and its awesome I'd say.. Love Ourworld. Its Rocks. There are 100 levels which you can play. There will be different challenges from a person on each place. You can buy everything fantastic. There are some limited items that too come up every month. It's the best MMO game for me
This is the best game ever its so cheap
No. The world is MINE.

75Last Chaos
like you can do loads of stuff on it like slay monsters make armor and weapons mine cast spells even own your own pet whitch you can ride on why isent it number1! you cant even put it on spot nuber 2. can you please!
bob0718, Hatzring server
Shantimay GA 9x/1xx
One of the best ever free-to-play PvP based MMORPG's Ive played. Better than WoW in my opinion


this is a really cool mmorgp that is just like Wow it has cool graphics and awesome characters like rouges, sorcers, warriors, Titans, healers and more so come check it out!!


[Newest]Awesome game I like the pets takes a while to level them up but once you finally do its really cool. I'm a level 26 titan I have tried all of them but I think the titan is the best.

76Allods Online
I have been playing MMORPGs for some years and after getting tired of how similar all of them seemed I came across Allods Online. I came to like it immediately. it's worth playing because Allods is different and special. it's a mmorpg with new ideas and details implemented in it which I am grateful for.
Very similar to wow but better storyline, textures and monster models
Allods online is a very well made game, it has much more interesting locations and mechanics than most other MMOs. It is also the only MMO I've seen to have a well thought out naval warfare mechanic that fits seamlessly into normal MMORPG gameplay. If you haven't tried it already, I recommend you give it a go.

77Shaiya Online
PVP sucks now, don't play. You cannot compete with cash players
After trying to find something after WoW, I kept getting disappointed. However, after playing Shaiya, I can't stop! It is a great game!
It lacks classes, but still a very fun game full of amazing graphics and game play. Come join in on the fun!
NOt very perfect but it offers good game. Don't go to borderland if you do not have real cash. That's where the ugly face of shaiya coms in. Otherwise perfect game and could be played from from low graphics computers too gt really nnice quests


78SkyBlade: The Sword of Heavens
Voted best in graphics many times - a game for the moneyed young adults...

Great game for the retro gamers out there and for those interested in expanding their horizons. It's like a multi-player version of the games I used to play as a kid, only better and a lot more fun.



81Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Vanguard is, simply put, stunning. The world it massive and immersive. You get a real sense of community with this game. The game had a horrible launch under its first owner, but since it was acquired by its new owner, the game has become very playable and even more enjoyable and people are flocking back to it in droves.
Vanguard is the game that most other MMO games should aspire to. A huge, beautiful world, many races and classes, lots of quests and enough challenges to test the courage of many adventurers! It's a Must Play!
I beta tested The Realm, UO, EQ and then Vanguard. Vanguard has brilliant graphics, balanced (and solo-able) classes, great quest/story line that avoids the exp grind thing, and offers great crafting and diplomacy play in addition to the classic hack and slash.
[Newest]I WOW fan. But this is a great game.

82Hero Online
Best free mmorpg ever. Can have pets like wolf, reindeer, bears, lions, tigers, etc. Awesome graphics, awesome quests, awesome weapons, awesome everything if u don't believe me check it out urself.
too bad I am having difficulty trying to play it from linux. Else, it would be my top pick.

Graphic and Sound are perfect. But gameplay is something that will make you very very happy. You can have mount (horse, rhino, lion) and even weapons for mount. You can PvP solo or you can fight with your guild against another. Download client and try you will not be disappointed
Wht the hell are u guys talking bout if ur really looking for a long term MMORPG than archlord is the best its better than WoW without a doubt ! ! !
I havent played yet, Supposedly better than WoW.

84Gunz The Duel Online
...Incredibly fast action 3rd person shooter. Even though you have guns -people decide to get upclose and personal with the adrenaline that builds up inside you. Equip awesome things from slick Longcoats to beachwear to battle armor and your favorite type of weapons. There are 7 different types of guns and 3 types of swords. Theres also multiple accessories: such as frag smoke and flash grenades, medpacks, rings etc. Omg the cool part is the element swords and hats!

You should not play this game if you are pregnant, old, or have a weak heart.
adding to the "incredibly fast action 3rd person shooter.."
there's many amazing "styles" including.. one of the most known and popular style: k-style (korean style) armed with a sword with double shotguns. once you mastered this technique you're basically an unstoppable killing machine, easily able to reach 50-10 score against those "nubby sprayers" =]
A game worthy of praise, This game is full of action and surprises. Theres no hours of exploring to make a cent, or waiting in one spot for someone to kill, the lobby sysetem in this game is definetly something that should be appreciated! 9/10!
[Newest]when you play this game, you feel something you haven't felt in a long time

85Trickster Online
This game is an awesome and gives you a profit of addiction and pure stress releasing. The way you play it is exactly like Lineage. You press a button (a skill) then click on the monster then you will be attacking it. The graphics is like the combination of MapleStory and Rakion, anime-like and cute monsters. This is a game that just makes you sit back, relax and play! It's a game worth living to play!


omg! runescape in the top ten =0 >< RUNESCAPE IS THE WORST GAME EVER!

BTW-Trickster rocks. You won't find a better free MMORPG (2D or 3D for that matters). Best party system, great graphics, great gameplay, great job system, it's been the best MMO I could find in a 3 years span. Online cons:
-NTREEV of America=bug all over the game

-The name creeps me out (and not only me... ) ><
I have played this game to but better suggest not going solo in this game cause its pretty fun if you go with some of your friends cause it gets boring pretty fast if you go solo but there are plenty of people playing so idk

86A3 India
A3 which is Art , Alive , Attraction.This is the ultimate MMORPG game which i hav experienced till now. Have played all the above MMORPG's but will say A3 rocks.
it has the best music ever, graphix are cool..
i play's really nice!!!

Its Waddling Around And A Hole Lot f Fun! You can go on qeusts dressup be a ninja warrior and SO MUCH MORE! I personally LOVE it!


89Fiesta Online
I can't believe Fiesta was rated this low! I have played for 5 years. True, the questing is quite repetitive, but the skills and enemies are cool and awe-inspiring. The graphics may not be top quality, but the vibrant colors and themes make up for it. Group quests with up to 30 people and massive bosses to kill are always tons of fun. The music is very interesting and has a very "fun" feel to it, almost like music you would hear in a cheesy movie with a beach party scene. This is a great 3D MMORPG for people who want a happy-feeling, relaxed game. Low graphics card requirements make it compatible for most computers. I rate this game 8/10 and recommend it to anyone who enjoys simple RPGs.
Fiesta is way better than dragon nest it just needs more attention its not very good graphics but not very bad either it just needs people to join it and give it a try at least till level 60, and I'm sure no one will leave after that
Great games, attractive and nice people, I love the full colour-theme

Please everyone, this game rocks, you will have to use your all skills, you don't need to buy lots of items to beat the others you know.
its a game of skills u'll need lots of skills to compete wth other players especially the players who dont do anything but play ^_^
It is the most enjoyable game you will ever play on PC, no doubt the best computer game ever made.

91Dark Throne

92Second Life
SL is WAY UNDER RATED HERE... I am shocked to see that it I at number 64? Wow. I was thinking to find it at number 1 or number 2. I can only assume that many of the reviewers are underage & possibly looking for a game just to waste time with... Well, if you APPLY yourself & your imagination to it, it can offer unlimited possibilities. Some old school & beta members who are still around may argue that SL is FAR BEYOND a game & is in a class of it's own. I doubt that any of these games listed here are able to make statements like "80,000 Live People on Now", or "Over 95Million Dollars in revenue went to its players in the last year! "... Now, if you have to pick a game... If you picked anything OTHER than Second Life, you are wasting your time. No, I do not work for them, but we ALL WORK TOGETHER to create our own environment & our own economy. Rosedale is a genius... He has just started to see what his determination has created... Be and do ANYTHING in Second Life... The worlds Best & LARGEST Free Roam MMORPG Online. SL >> Secondlife.Com
Second life is the best game ever created. You can explore unlimited beautiful world, make new friends, make money, have your own house and the most important thing that you will have much fun. Second life deserve its name!
Unbelievable that Second Life is at #72. Of course, it is not really a game at all but an astonishing Virtual World, created entirely by inhabitants. But only interesting to creative imaginative types.

This game is awesome! You don't have to be logged in and play live, but it's really fun because you can play offline too!

94Puzzle Pirates
If ye like puzzles, being competitive or team based, Fantastic game, not seen another like it!
if ye like puzzle games me hearty, yer gonna love it.
Puzzle Pirates ROCKS!! Best MMORPG I've ever played!

95Sword of the New World
This game is brilliant. You can carry 3 characters thus allow you to perform strategies to fight through dungeons. With such you can experience a group-organised gameplay while playing on your own! Graphics is definitely good, challenging battles and relative ease to level up because you can choose stances [defensive, offensive etc] where characters fight on their own at a certain parameter.
The atmosphere is unique and fun. You are European type colonists just entering the New World (think America in the 15th and 16th century). It's also free, very nice graphics.
It's unique great and fun you can carry 3 characters every time and you can recruit RNPC it is just unique and it is worth playing for.

96ROSE Online
this is the most awesomest rpg ever, but you get a short chance to play it :(.Its a 3d rpg, and the highest level you can get before your free trial is over is about 22
Amazing grapics, but not recommended for more 'mature' players. Huge 'cute' factor. Try Shaiya for a more adult experience
totally! It's only down here because it hasn't hit English version! RAGNAROK REVAMPED

97Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK)
This is by far the best MMO I ever played in my life, I was so sad when they closed it. Though, some idiot tabloid writer made up a retarded, unbelievable rumor that said it was opening back up in October or some crap like that. Either way, this has my vote. BY FAR.


it is great for all ages. your a character in a disney park.u make friends and do quests. Make money and play games. furnish a room u buy. great for all Disney lovers!
This Game rocks!!!! if you dont like it there is something wrong with u !! it is for teen and some little kids.
[Newest]I miss vmk eventually, it has been a long time since it closed, but I still remember like it was yesterday.


99Drift City
Fun racing game. Consistent graphics style, the ability to add your own music and cars modeled after actual cars. I spent ages playing this game.
i love this game too!
the graphics are cool, the keys are not that easy to master.
when you say easy.. think again.

100Twelve Sky
Twelve Sky is just the best game ever. Too bad it's no longer online. They made a sequel, but it is just not that good. The pvp has changed a lot a I think it is less fun this way. Would give anything if that would make TS return <3.
ninja samurai mmo, pretty cool made by aeria

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