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1 Kirby's Return to Dream Land

I'm here because of the new Kirby game that Nintendo announced. It's probably going to be a lot like Kirby's Return To Dream Land, with the massive scope. We finally get a true 3D open-world Kirby game, with all the inspirations from other game and movie franchises coming to life. Such as Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Toy Story (that one alien-themed level reminded me of Pizza Planet.) and of course, Super Mario (New Donk City, but it's based off Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami.). We really needed a breath of fresh air for the Kirby franchise, and a new Kirby title after HAL taking a break, and it's one that proves that it's going to be equally good as RTDL.

(SPOILERS) Before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out. I personally don't like this one. This perhaps may be one of my least favorite Kirby games. It's too standard and surprisingly too difficult. And Magalor becoming the villain in the end means you did all of that for nothing. In the end, I want to FEEL something, like accomplishment. Instead, I feel bad because of the hours of my time that were wasted.

Third Best game of all time, best Kirby ever. Kirby 64, the second best Kirby game in my opinion doesn't even come close to the awesomeness of this game. I remember this is the first game I ever waited for to come out. I sold half of my game at Game Stop to get it, and still had to team up with my sister to get it. Lets hope for many more Kirby games to come.

Best platformer. Ever. (in my opinion). This game is just absolutely epic. I usually play platformers just for the fun and gameplay, but Kirby's Return to Dreamland was different. THOSE HUGE PLOT TWISTS, you think you're finished but no, another final boss. And another, and yet another! I played it when I was 10 years old and... It kinda shocked me you know, I was constantly thinking about the twist because I just couldn't accept it was a real thing, like no. This was the first Kirby game I played and loved it since world 1.

2 Kirby Super Star Ultra

This game is a masterpiece to the DS version, way better than the SNES version. Why this game is better, although the game is the same thing but many things are added to this version. Sub Games, they're really fun minigames you can play, my favorite is Snack Tracks where the 4 Kirbys eat regular foods, not worms, not bombs, or not even boulders. Its fun how you tap to remove worms and boulders and tapping bombs will be flung to the another Kirby's Track. Not much to the remake but after you completed Milky Way Wishes, you unlock Harder Copies to the games like Revenge of the King is the harder copy to Spring Breeze. Even there is a game where you play as Meta Knight. There is an Arena Mode that you can play as the Helpers that's Kirby summons, but Kirby isn't playable in that Arena Mode, there is also a third Arena which has harder enemies and the 4 final bosses to the Harder Games. Not much but Kirby Super Star Ultra is the best game of my life!

Always the best. I loved the SNES version a lot. The only thing I like the SNES version more is the End Credits song from Milky Way Wishes. I mean the DS version is great, but the remix of the credits music just didn't feel like I remembered as a kid. The older version of the music is more emotional.

It's a great game! I think that this is the most accurate and interesting Kirby game that I have played before. It has every feature that Kirby has including the world where Kirby lives which is a very important feature especially to make the game more precise

As much as I love the Super Nintendo, I find this version better than the original. The original is great too, but this one has a few more games, including ones that use the Touch Screen. Probably my favorite DS game.

3 Kirby: Planet Robobot

This was such a fresh new idea for HAL and Nintendo. I loved every bit of this game. When this game was introduced, I thought, "This is gonna be similar to the Sonic or Mega Man series." and it turns out I was wrong. The Robobot Armor was such a great feature and gimmick, as well as a story that is really unique to the Kirby franchise. Planet Popstar is now mechanized, and it's up to Kirby to stop the rampant invasion of new technology, while making most robots your friends. Plus, new copy abilities also appear, such as Doctor and Poison. I love this game to bits, and I still play it to this day. There, I said it.

It's phenomenal! A perfect game, one of my favorites of all time, for the fantastic Kirby series, and all games ever made. It's got so much content, all of which a blast to play, and the robobot armor is a great new gimmick. It has a great, well developed, story with likable characters and several twists and turns, as well as a rather dark side if you choose to explore it.There's also great music and all around astounding level design. It appeals to series fans with fresh, but still Kirby like enough, game play, and also attracts newcomers to the series. I wasn't a Kirby fan until I saw the reveal trailer at a Nintendo Direct, then my mouth dropped and I got it on release day. After I achieved 100%, I wanted more Kirby to play, and started playing the rest of the series from there. I highly recommend Kirby: Planet Robobot to any 3ds owner, as well as any other person who doesn't own a 3ds, in which case you should get one so you can play this game!

Despite 2016 being considered one of the worst years of all time, Nintendo used this as an opportunity to expand it's gaming community, with two of its biggest franchises getting new main series games: this and Pokemon Sun and Moon. I have never played a Kirby game prior, but now, it's one of my favorite games ever. While giving everyone's favorite pink puffball a giant mech suit may sound like a stupid idea, The Robobot armor is surprisingly fun to use. Heck, it even has the copy ability itself. Every boss is fun, memorable, and replayable (except maybe the 2nd boss) and I love the villains. You should buy this game, as well as Sun and/or Moon, This should be higher! P.S, the Final Boss (Man, Kirby has had lots of awesome final battles lately, first Magalor, then Queen Sectonia, now this?! What will they do next?

Kirby's brand new adventure through a mechanized Dream Land. This game looks and plays almost exactly like Triple Deluxe, but with a robotic look to it. This game brings back old abilities like Mirror and Jet and adds new ones like ESP and Poison abilities. The two minigames Kirby 3D Rumble is Kirby in 3D, and Kirby Team Clash is a fun game where you and your friends can take on bosses from previous Kirby titles like Whispy Woods and Landia. Oh yeah, there are also cool super fighting robots. Enough said.

4 Kirby Triple Deluxe

Before I start, let me say that this is Not my favorite Kirby game. However, on a list of the "best Kirby games" thus should certainly be higher. I bought this thinking that it was just a mere attempt to recapture the greatness of Return to Dreamland; but to my surprise, it took everything great about return to dreamland and improved it? I never thought HAL could top their console releases, but I am very wrong. Triple Deluxe is Visually the best of any other Kirby game and has very fun bosses. I could go on forever about how great this game is but instead, I will just say that this is my 2nd favorite 3ds game and is a must have for any 3ds owner. Kirby fan or not, this game delivers.

Ladies and gents, the game that made me a true Kirby fan. Return To Dream Land was just the beginning. This game is a 3DS essential, bar none. It has everything you want in a Kirby game. Addictive gameplay, some amounts of challenge, awesome new villain (no Elmo voice here.), it retains the massive scope that RTDL had, and the Hypernova ability is just fun to use. Just sucking up a large amount of objects is just satisfying. I once took this game on a camping trip in WV, and it pretty much made me calm, as I thought of the Fine Fields music playing as I sat underneath the trees at night, making for a therapeutic experience. And I loved it... and I still have the game to this day, by the way.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is one of the hardest Kirby games out there. Sectonia, Masked Dedede's Revenge, and Dark Meta Knight's Revenge. And worst of all, Soul of Sectonia. I thought I beat her when she suddenly went into phase 2 with max health, and if I didn't have my Maxin Tomato, I would've been "Done For". Great game, and Kirby Fighter's is just awesome.

Best Kirby game best plattformer and best game of all time. Despite having less game modes than super star ultra Kirby Triple Deluxe is still 10 times better and is the definitive version of Kirby if you don't have a 3ds go get one right now with your copy of the game. This is the best game ever.

5 Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards

This Game had an amazing soundtrack followed with a very interesting story line and wonderful powers and combos. I Thought I had beaten the game when I was 10 then a few years later I started playing again and realized it wasn't over. Just the fact that there is a hidden level that you unlock after you collect all the crystal shards is what tops this as the best Kirby game ever.

My favorite Kirby games are Kirby's Dreamland 2, 3 and 64. They're slighty different from the regular Kirby games, Kirby hasn't hats and the abilities works in a different way. Kirby 64 is the only one from the Dark Matter series in this list so I voted for it, but my favorite is Kirby's Dreamland 3.

I'm sorry but this is one of my lease favorites. I don't know if its one of the boss fights or the fact that the graphics look kind of bad, I just don't like it as much as triple deluxe or star allies

Absolutely excellent. Mix abilities, funny storyline, creative gameplay, hidden Shards, fun Mini-games, and the segments where you play as King Dedede. Enough said!

6 Kirby and The Amazing Mirror

All five games above this are definitely "better" in terms of what makes a game good. Despite that, Amazing Mirror is simply my favorite. It is the portable platformer of my childhood. I was already a huge Kirby fan when this came out who claimed that Kirby's adventure 2 is the best. When I sat down and played the multiplayer with my friends, I was wrong. THIS was the best GBA game I have ever owned. This installment in the Kirby franchise was so amazing to me, I had two copies of the game and played them almost every day for 2 years. And that is why I voted for this game although the series seems to improve with each later release.

Kirby is my fourth favorite video game franchise and my second favorite Nintendo franchise. With that said, I can admit that 4 of the 5 games listed above this one are by all means better. However, Amazing Mirror is my personal favorite for many game related and nostalgic reasons. This is the portable game of my childhood. My friends at school had it too and we would do the multiplayer which was amazing for its time. I loved the concept of exploration and that you could call in other Kirbys on your phone. All the little extras were new to me as well like the spray paint and other cool treasures to collect. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that although this is nowhere near the best, it is my 5th favorite video game of all time and if you were there as it released and shared my excitement you might understand. Otherwise all I can say is that nostalgia played a large role in my vote.

This is by far the best Kirby game for Metroid fans; the open maze platform style is fantastic. The multiplayer is absolutely fantastic, but even the solo campaign alone is enough to put this in my number one slot. As I said, hardcore Metroid fans are likely to have a blast, and other players will enjoy it as well.

This is the best Gameboy Advance Kirby games. It's how Kirby got his other 3 puffball pals! There are so many secrets, and unlike other games, this one will take you 3 days or more to complete, while others you can finish in less than a day.

7 Kirby's Epic Yarn

It's kind of weird how there was such a long time gap between console and handheld Kirby games, as throughout the 2000s HAL Laboratory mainly did Kirby games for handhelds starting with 2002's Nightmare in Dream Land and ending with 2008's Super Star Ultra. Kirby Air Ride was mainly a forgotten console title, and there was a cancelled Kirby project for the GameCube that was reworked into Return to Dream Land. However, HAL announced their return to console Kirby games with a bang with a lighthearted Kirby adventure. Kirby's Epic Yarn is cute with a capital C. It has extremely colorful graphics, an amazing soundtrack ("Dusk Dunes" gives me severe "Fox and The Hound" vibes due to its country/gospel flavor.) and a whole cast of new characters. Also, "This grass feels funny." thought Kirby. "It feels like... pants!"

Has an incredible amount of charm and its soundtrack is by far the best of the bunch! It's unique and so much fun! I also love the textured graphics! Calling it too easy is not an excuse to miss this gem, as every Kirby game has been designed to be accessible. In my opinion it's the most memorable and entertaining Kirby game of all time!

This is a really fun platformer with new and fresh ideas. Some are so fun that you wonder why not every game have them.
The music is fantastic and bosses are fun. There is many fun transformations to become. I could go on forever on how great this game is but I will just say that you should buy it. Especially if you have a friend to play with

Saying the game was too easy is no excuse as *every* Kirby game is too easy. For me, a game with a lot of charm goes a long way and this game has a TON of charm. It boggles my mind how this isn't even in the top 5. I find this game is the most fun and memorable game in the series.

8 Kirby Squeak Squad

2006 was... a weird year for Nintendo. First, you had the days leading up to the hype of the Wii being released, with its launch in November being one of my most exciting moments of my childhood. The DS Lite was also released, as well. A massive flood of anticipated DS games also swept the markets, such as this forgotten gem of the Kirby franchise and possibly the DS library. Squeak Squad is... how do I put it... it's a Kirby game. I don't know why Kirby decided to go on a murderous rampage over cake in this game, but it's just another Kirby experience, ignoring the story. It's also kind of funny how Daroach, the villain of this game became forgotten until a certain Star Allies update. For me, it's an easygoing Kirby experience, while I wouldn't call it bad, it's just a good Kirby game.

Kirby Squeak Squad is kind of like the underdog of the main series Kirby games. For instance, it has a weak story and it's shorter than most Kirby games. But I give this one a pass. Its gameplay is fun and addicting, the Animal powerup is one of the best Kirby powerups and the soundtrack has its highlights, like Here Comes The Squeaks, a jazzy tune fit for Daroach. If you look up the song on YouTube, you would get tons of Chicago-style jazz rock versions of the theme. It's an underrated gem of the DS, and it's a massive shame it doesn't get any recognition.

Best music,best boss battles, best story :P, some of the best ability's. While not my favorite ( that would be epic yarn and nightmare in dreamland ) its still one of the best 2D platforms not just on the ds but ever.

I loved the game, but my problem is that the first 2 bosses required no effort, and the final boss was WAY underwhelming. Other than that, great game.

9 Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land

This is the first Kirby game I played so it's one of my favorites, although it's not so long (I finished it in 3 hours, 100% Normal Mode and another 6 hours for 100% Extra Mode). But Meta Knightmare sub-game is cool.

Just picked this up a couple days ago. Fairly short, but a nice challenge. Really enjoyed it.

I like meta knight

10 Kirby's Adventure

That's my first kirby game and one the best 2D games I played. I'm surprise he's not on this lost.

This should be at least top 2. Ah, the 90s...

Seriously, this game has super awesome graphics!

This game was quite revolutionary. Easygoing, but that's usually how I like my Kirby.

This is the best Kirby game of all time.

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? Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
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11 Kirby's Dream Land 3

Yes this was the best of the original 3.

This is my favorite

It's so underrated

My first game..

12 Kirby Super Star

Why is this not number one? It is easily the best Kirby game of all time, and people deserve to know that. Nobody wants to scroll down all the way to number 14 to see how good this game is. This deserves to be number one.

Even though Marx Soul has the hardest boss I've ever faced, it's still a fun game to play with your friends. I'd give it 7.2 out of 10.

Although Kirby Super Star Ultra is better, Kirby Super Star still deserves some credit for the original concept.

OMG! This is so good! The introduction to Marx, helper, Bandana Dee, and so much more.

13 Kirby Mass Attack

There are already plenty of comments discussing how great this game is, and I'm in full agreement with them. This game is classic, and it's one I find myself coming back to whenever I have nothing else to do.

By far the most underrated Kirby game. Truly a fantastic game, one that showcased the DS's touch screen perfectly! Soundtrack was catchy and memorable, gameplay was ridiculously fun. It's just a really great game that did not get the attention it deserved.

Excellent game. Not Kirby's best, but it's very fun and has plenty of material. Not to mention they finally brought Marx back as a cameo!

My first kirby game

14 Kirby's Dreamland 2

If I got to make a remake any game, it would be this one. that's right, its over Metroid II, Majora's Mask and Kirby 64. It's so good... I think a Wii you release would be perfect.

Why is this game not in the top 5s?! This game is a good old game.

It is really fun to play

15 Kirby Air Ride

Kirby Air Ride is an incredibly easy to get-into-and-play experience that is loads of fun, especially with friends. City Trial in particular, and the race to assemble one of the two Legendary Machines,occupied me and my friends for days, whether it was playing alone or playing together.

This is my favorite kirby game ever! It has awesome graphics and really cool race tracks and so many things to do! I highly reccomend this game to people who like racing games and Kirby games!

Dyna blade is pretty awesome in this game, this game just makes me want a real 3D Kirby. However this game is quite groovy and the first Kirby game I played... 12/14.26

This game is very underrated, critics call it the worst Kirby game of all time, but honestly its one of the best!

16 Kirby Star Allies

I think one of the main highlights of the game for me is probably the autumn stages later in the game. You know that warm feeling you get when it's October or November and the oak trees and birches change color, with soft crunching sounds beneath your feet and birds singing? Well, I got that exact feeling from playing the autumn countryside/forest levels in this game. I felt that it was a nice surprise to introduce a new area like that and the Switch's graphics really do point out the homespun, folksy and quaint aspects of these levels. And yes, I actually like The Forgotten Land more than this game, but this game does serve as a nice experience from start to finish.

This list is quite frustrating. Star Allies isn't any more easy than any other game on this list, every single kirby game is easy (and that's not a bad thing). Challenge is always introduced in alternate modes and I like it that way. Star allies is nostalgia from beginning to end and the love hal has for this series has never been more evident and on front display. The fact that epic yarn is rated as better on this list is insanity. We all have differing opinions, I get that, but Star Allies is the best thing to happen to Kirby in many many years. Id put epic yarn in last place. I do not hate it, but its close.

Kirby: Star Allies may be the easiest Kirby game, but that's the point. Kirby games aren't supposed to be hard (although it would be nice to get like a difficulty bar to change the difficulty), instead they're suppose to be a fun game with an interesting story. And Star Allies is the funnest game out of the series, and while it's doesn't have the greatest story (that goes to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards), it's still entertaining.
Really, I believe Star Allies is HAL's way of showing us how far they've come over the years. From Kirby's Dream Land on the GameBoy, to Star Allies on the Switch, the Kirby series has grown in it's 26 years of lifetime, with tons of iconic characters, and it shows no sign of stopping.
And gaining the ability to play as the many characters of the series even ups the fun.
So yeah, it's really easy, but it's still a fun game to play over and over again, and it the Kirby series in a whole will get even better in years to come.

It's a good game with amazing graphics. I don't actually have the game but I've played through(most of) it with my friends on multiplayer. I recommend it. Let's not forget everyone who's screaming " MORPHO KNIGHT" I'm over here saying "YES my helpers are BACK! "
Plus Marx is too, and I know most people in this fandom have wanted that so much...

17 Kirby's Dream Land

This is definitely the first game you should play if you think you want to get into the series. This is my first Kirby game and I absolutely loved it!

Aged badly in my opinion. It wasn't bad, it was just too easy. I mean, I understand since it's meant to be for beginners, but it took two seconds..

The first kirby game, simple, but great, there is a configuration mode and a hard mode, good for any player!

It's too easy, short and simplistic compared to later games, but it's still fun.

18 Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Its awesome. A full on 3D kirby game. How is this place #18. Like really, how is this so underrated. It even has morpho knight and you can play as him. Though it does take 1-20 hours at least... but theres also the secret final boss, Species Born Of Chaos, Chaos Elfilis. Plus it has so many easter eggs. I really enjoyed it too. Like really, how is this so underrated. So please, play this game for HAL.

This game is amazing probably the best game in the series it was fun throughout the whole game. And has one of the best kirby soundtracks as well

So, do you want me to put this on the list? Well, prepare to be amazed!

19 Kirby's Dream Collection

I don't qualify this for one of the best games, since it's a collection rather than a main game. Regardless, this gets credit for giving me access to excellent games like the Dream Land Trilogy, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby 64, and Super Star. Also liked the challenge stages.

This game deserves to be at least top 5.

20 Kirby Canvas Curse

All I have to say is, epic levels, epic items and epic music & epic bosses. Also, Giygas makes a return when you defeated him on Earthbound. That's the only thing I don't like on the game. Giygas making a return. Everything else is excellent. I'd give it 9 out of 10.

What's wrong with KCC? Maybe this Kirby game isn't usual, but it was a decent idea how Kirby had to roll like a ball throughout his whole adventure, collecting Medals and stuff. Why is it so low on this list? Whatever.

21 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Absolutely love this game, can't believe it's so low. Great story, unique gameplay, fantastic graphics, enticing collectibles, and best of all, an utterly amazing soundtrack.

This game hasn't even been released yet! (At the time of this comment) Why are people voting for it?

Bes kirby game for music by far. Also best final boss theme in Mario and kirby put together!

Its still going to be REALLY good. (Well, from the looks of the trailer. )

22 Kirby's Dream Course

It is a great golf kirby game, if you like golf and kirby, you will like this too!

This game needs a sequel.

A great old game

23 Super Kirby Clash
24 Kirby Tilt N' Tumble

This game is ridiculously fun to play and everyone how have a Gameboy Colour should buy it.

25 Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

I personally think this is one of the best kirby games ever made but that's just my opinion I mean The world is more open than any other kirby game which I really enjoyed the change in style. The bosses are great and the game isn't to easy nor to hard which allows players from all ages to play and have a fun experience but that's just my opinion :3 you can always leave yours as well.

Uh...I think this is already on the list...

This game was already on the list...

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