Most Annoying Celebrities

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Justin Bieber
I've finally convinced my 11 year old sister to stop liking him, the house is quiet once more
He really cannot sing that well, he's full of himself, and he is a complete moron... looks like ANYONE can be famous D:<
Cocky little kid that looks like he's 12 and is about 4 feet tall
(squeaky voice) "I'm justin beiber, lots of girls like me even though up so up myself and ugly"
[Newest]I don't like him because he worshiped the devil
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2Paris Hilton
No discernible talent, about as smart as a well trained hound, not particularly attractive and extremely obnoxious to boot. It doesn't say much about out society that a person like this can become so popular.
Paris is a disgusting display of what an idiotic rich spoiled brat is.
! I'm so glad people agree with me! The only reason shes got a "singing career" is because someone in her family owns those hotels. If she had 2 start out on her own she would not have made it.. And House Of Wax... Good shot with the pole through her head
[Newest]She's just a joke.

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3Miley Cyrus
So So annoying

She can't sing or act

Her teeth are really annoying

Only famous because or her dad who nobody had heard of until she came along

I watched hannah montana and got so bored that after like 2 minutes I turned it over and watched a program about volcanoes which was so much more interesting

Her songs are good. But guess what she didn't write them and her singing on them is terrible

The best thing about her show is when it ends

Every single comment I've seen here so far is actually incredibly disgusting. How would you feel if you saw someone say that about you? I know there's something humane deep down in there. Just show it. And don't say people can't sing or act, because someone who doesn't show immense hate for that person will surely disagree with you. She can sing, otherwise she wouldn't be on VEVO. So be quiet about that, because I honestly think all these actors are physically attractive in their own way. They may not always be appealing, which makes me understand very easily how they ended up on this list, but don't categorize them all as pigs, because do they look or sound like pigs? No. So please don't use such useless and disgraceful vocabulary.
She is the sleaziest new singer to just prostitute herself for fame. Nothing but a pig!
Both britney and Miley are annoying!


[Newest]It is sad to see the depths that some people will go in attempt to find fame.

4Kim Kardashian
Plastic surgery junkie! I hate that she pretends she's all natural if you look at pictures of her they all look different. Look at her sisters noses and then look at hers. She does not deserve to be a celebrity. She is the oppose of talented.
She should be number 1 on this list!
Fake ass family they say they are so close but all of a sudden they don't know about eachother lives smh
Kim Kardashian thinks the whole WORLD evolves around her big fake ass. Kim, WE KNOW IT IS FAKE. Even though she done that X-ray of her ass on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She probably has Butt injections or something, or perhaps she does have a fake plastic ass like Nicki Minaj and faked the X ray with some bozo X-ray set up for the show. It's even more funny now because she's bringing out her own "work out" gym DVD to teach people how to do a work out and "Squat" to make your ass as big as hers lol. She tried singing that was a Fail, Catwalk modelling that was A fail because they said she was too short + plump, now it's time for her to become A personal fitness trainer LOL. Please Give me A Break. She has done nothing to deserve the fame and attention she gets she has literally No talent whatsoever she's not an athlete, or singer, dancer, actress or an Artist. She hasn't had to work hard to get where she is, Like most other celebrities who have spent YEARS in acting school, or dedicated hours on end of vocal training to become a great singer. She just made a sex tape then boom there you go, She is A nobody.
[Newest]She is only famous because of her looks and not even that is real
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5Oprah Winfrey
My wife was unfortunate enough to be on an airline flight with this arrogant, loudmouthed, abysmally obnoxious mound of manure a couple years back. Before takeoff, she stood in front of the cabin door and said all the white people on the plane should be moved to the rear and all the black people moved to the front. People were shocked, the black passengers visibly embarassed, as the attendants persuaded her to just sit down and shut up.
Which is what all of America should do to this blatantly racist, empty-headed, imbecilic, bullying parasite on popular culture,
Fake, Fake, and overrated. Where did the nasal-ly voice come from that she would often use on the show and why would she sometimes extend her bottom lip to show her bottom teeth and gums? Uggh. Thank goodness for her hair and makeup people because that face... Smh. So glad she's not on everyday anymore. I rarely watched anyway. I can't tolerate fakeness. She would kill me when she would call more than one person or thing her "favorite" instead of "one of her favorites". Fake.
Over rated and so annoying, She just doesn't deserve the fame she has. There are people with a lot more knowledge that we should be listening to. Not an opinionated person that just wants to hear the sound of her own voice.
[Newest]Each year she seems to grow (in more ways than one) annoying, self-centered and obnoxious.

6Tom Cruise
"The Oprah Winfrey Appearance. "
This is a transcribed copy of the conversation Cruise and his publicist/sister had backstage right before Tom went on Oprah and acted like a lunatic.

Publicist: "Ok Tom. Most married men are happy when they get married because they find women attractive. So you need to pretend your happy because... Tom! Stop looking at that guy and pay attention! Now, you need to act happy because everyone thinks you just got married ok? "

Tom Cruise: "Ew! But I NOT happy! She's icky! Where's my greased up travel-partner Pablo?! "

P: "Tom! You need to concentrate! Millions of people who watch your movies think you just got married, get it? You need to act happy! We paid Katie a lot of money to act like your wife and if this doesn't work people people may question your "friendship" with Pablo, Clay Aiken and Kevin Federline. And then they do that, then they may not watch your movies and you won't have enough money to pay Pablo to be your cabana-boy anymore.. "

T.C. - "OH NO! REALLY?! " "Oh Geez!... OK! I'll pretend to be happy, and when I'm done everyone will love me and they'll all go see me do my actor job and I'll be able to hire Pablo's brother Juan! "

P: "No. We talked about that. You can't hire Juan until he's 18. Now get out there and be the happiest Tom you can be! "


Nothing like people with too much time and too much money trying to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives.
An overrated actor who was maybe hot in the 80's (I don't get it but I get that people think he was) but he is long past his best and is now just some out of touch idiot who jumps on couches...
[Newest]I think Tom is a great actor and I like how he is opinionated but he seems like a very difficult person to be around for some reason.

7Taylor Swift
A brief description of her music; pining for boys, walking in the rain, kissing in the rain, crying drops of tears on her guitar, driving in trucks with cool boys, wanting boys she can't have, more rain, more letter-writing, more stalking, more broken hearts, breathing problems as a side-effect of broken hearts, fairytale princess this, white horse that, more pining at the window, more psuedo-stalking, more incomplete hearts yearning for your touch, and one song that misinterprets Shakespeare and The Scarlet Letter so criminally I'm certain she's never read either.
I hate Taylor Swift because she always wins every award and when she goes up to get her award, she always looks shocked. She thinks that she's country, but she's pop. She always writes about boys and bad things that happens to her. She looks old, she looks like an alien (an alien is prettier than her), and she has no personality, Also she can't act.
She is so overrated. She is 23 years old and acts 13. Most of her songs are sung in the same monotone. She disses her exs in her songs, but she gets her feelings hurt when someone says something bad about her. Can't wait for her young fans to grow up, then she would become a has been.
[Newest]A goodie goodie who everyone loves for being annoying
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8George W. Bush
A monkey with a speech impediment could address the American public more effectively
He is a shame to his own people, country, or even to the world by his stupid policy. No child left behind policy is an epic fail, he screwed the American education system. Two wars for nothing but failure, everybody hates Americans just because of him :-(
He and his father should rot in HELL for what they did to Americans in the 9/11 incident and so much more.. They are oil mongrouls.. And they suck.. no easy way to put it when it comes to a traitor, liar and a thief and a treasonous pile of crap that he is and was in office all for money, greed, power and oil, drugs. They staged the lies of 9/11 and I am sure daddy Bush was right behind him the whole time the bushes are horrible people. God rest the many many souls that were sacrificed for there greed and stupidity. The truth prevails always.
[Newest]Oh, this guy... What a bastard!

9Nicki Minaj
I hate her and her music, overrated, started out as a female version of LiL Wayne and now all she does is practically POP music. Anybody can copy her annoying auto-tuned voice, and have a fake body in every terms possible, and smell like a sweaty hobo. She doesn't have one good song since they're all trash, have no meaning and make no sense, they have no flow, the beat's terrible (its basically her making noises in some of her songs, and others its pop while she's trying to rap) at least have the dignity to say that you're not a rapper Nicki, you're just a wannabe with no talent who thinks they're the best at what they do. Do yourself a favour and stop pretending to be a rapper, you overrated snob who also pretends to be a black barbie. No body likes you except kids and people that don't even know good music if it hit them in the face, preferring YMCMB over Eminem or Tupac and the rest of those great legendary rappers.
She is a wanna be.
She's such a hoe
[Newest]She's in almost every song and it's annoying

10Rebecca Black
It's Friday. Really? Is that all she could think of to think about?! Oh, wait, I forgot, Katy Perry sings last Friday night... But the difference is, is that she's not an annoying little bratt and she's got a good voice!
She's annoying, spoiled, and she CAN"T SING!
I never knew it was friday until she told us.. Like seriously? What shes singing doesn't even make any sense I think I'd know if it's Friday or NOT
[Newest]Her voice might be annoying, but she's a good person and she makes fun YouTube videos where she's just being herself.

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11Robin Thicke
"Blurred lines" is like the retinal anthem for rapist!
Female vocals coming from a man's body? Hmm. Something isn't right here...
He's extremely sexist and can't sing.
[Newest]He sound like an alarm clock.

12Britney Spears
What a bitch, she's not talented at all, the only thing that she cares about is fame, she's only famous cause of the stupid things she does, she makes stupid things so the press, won't get bored, she doesn't care about music, or dance, and oh, this bitch, hires people to say nice stuff about her, but hey, don't let them fool, you, Britney, is a loser, no one likes her, almost every one hates her, shes not a legend at all, when she dies, no one will care, actually. When she dies, she will make the World a better place, and on the other hand, Michael Jackson, made the World a better place because of his talent, not because of the stupid things we all hear about, Britney can't be compared to Michael, if we're going to compare, it will be like this (Michael Jackson... Britney spears) and oh, the only reason, Michael, let her perform with him, is because shes nothing, he didn't want to bring Madonna or something, but still, she totally, ruined the song umm I guess this is one of Michael Jackson's stupid things, but hey, Michael is dancing is a legend, so making stupid things won't make him, a loser, but Britney, her stupid things makes her a loser cause she's not talented in every way, I can't find anything, I could remember her by, she's just like Justin, or this stupid pop singers, Michael is a star, his music will live on forever, (RIP) Michael, we all always remember you!
I know she started out being popular for dancing but she couldn't even do that, so what's the point at all


How in the world is she not number one she dances drunk and naked on stage for the world to see flashes phortagraphers attacks one loses her kids to K. Fed going to have another kids so that makse it three kids with three different men!
[Newest]She cheated on Justin timberlake. Need I say more

13Kanye West
Dear lord, when this jackass went up there and interrupted Taylor Swift, I felt so bad for her, even though I'm hardly a fan! In all of Kanye's interviews, he brags and brags about how he is like Michael Jackson in terms of creative genius. He even compares himself to Jesus. One thing's for certain, he has got no talent and too much douchebaggery.
Could anyone say reverse-racist here? Ill call this guy out, wish I could break his jaw.
He is one of the biggest cowards! One of the biggest illuminati puppets of time next to Jay Z.
[Newest]"Hey! I'm Kanye! I'm the BEST! " why does he exist

14Lady Ga Ga
Trendsetter? What a JOKE! I dressed up kooky when I was 10! Stupid songs, singing is nothing special. She's like a kid that just can't get enough attention. And what is with the name "Lady Gaga" anyway? "Little Girl Ugh Ugh" is more like it.
That type of crappy commercial music makes me wanna puke!


Why did you cut up a bunch of animals just to make a dress out of them..? I wonder why so many people are starving.
[Newest]Pork and paper dresses... what

Get over yourself! You're a good singer, decent dancer, yet ZERO originality & creativity! Plus, you can't talk worth s*! Go back to school, carbon copy.
Just think she can't sing at all, never understood all the hype about her and how great she is. She is not talented.


She's consistently annoying and so full of herself. There's a different between confidence and being tacky and arrogant. Maybe her fans like arrogance - when you're the only one who has to lip sync at an inauguration, you are a Princess in your own mind, not an unbeateable talent. Sorry. Not original in the slightest, but so wants to be at a Michael Jackson level... Sorry ain't gonna happen, unless you take the weave off, get real, show us you can sing and be original. Otherwise, you're a marketing product. That's all.
[Newest]I don't blame HER. I blame those who are ready to turn over-paid snobs into Queen this King that. She needs to get over herself. Annoying annoying annoying.

This guy is an idiot. If you are from Ireland then you will realise that we are in a bad recession, this guy doesn't keep his mouth shut and then you here he has been escaping tax by moving his assets or something to holland. How can you preach without practicing?
Why when you go to his gig does he make you watch starving kids for half the show and say he wants to help them when he charges you £75 for the ticket just to line his pocket! If you wanna help africa send some of the money from the ticket to them!
Glad to see I'm not the only one he annoys...


[Newest]This a s s s should be number 1

I don't get it. Why they saying that I'm a bh, you think that cursing is cool, you can't sing, you're thinking that you're beautiful. Oh and almost forgot: No we're NOT jealous. We just don't get it that someone like you is in the charts. Please stop reporting of her. By the way there are really beautiful people with talent out there, but you don't belong to them. Is everyone getting a record contract today? And why are they always saying that we are jealous. I have favourite singers, too. Some of them look good. By the way again (sorry) it doesn't matter the way you look it's about talent and a little bit behavour.
Shes a trashy slut who thinks she all that... I hate her voice.. She sounds like a rat that got ran over... I convinced my brother to stop saying she hot.. Now my brother says "She is an ugly woman who just want sex"
Her poses depict her as a slut and I think she is one quite frankly. She's so annoying because she thinks shes better than everyone else, which in reality she's one of the worst people on the planet.


[Newest]Her disgusting behaviour and words keep getting worse and worse. If she was my daughter, she would get one hard slap from me.

18Lil Wayne
He gained his street creed by shooting himself in the chest on accident. Also have you seen him play guitar?
He talks about rap and every gangsta words and all gangsta is very annoying


talks about ''hood life' but he's signed to one of the biggest labels
and he sucks


[Newest]I literally laugh every time I hear one of his songs... literally, I'm not joking.

19Jessica Simpson
She thinks she so sexy and hot news flash sista nobody is gonna make it in Hollywood with that attitude so you can take your fake huge boobs and give up
Tuna=chicken of the sea
What a dork.
Nick was way too clever for the girl
She isn't talented! Her music is annoying! Her movie bombed! She's lame and not very attractive with that big jaw of hers!

20Dr. Phil
Yes, he's annoying with his God-centered-home, aw-shucks, I'm-just-a-good-'ol-Texas-boy crap. Yet, annoying as he can be, contrary to what another poster said, he IS a real doctor. No, not a medical doctor. But he earned a real PhD in Clinical Psychology from University of North Texas in Denton - a good university despite the fact that it is in Texas. Like him or not, that PhD gives him the legitimate right to put "Doctor" in front of his name. Like him or not, agree with him or not, he is no quack.


Thinks he knows everything but is really really really stupid and annoys the crap out of me!
Nothing but pure self promotion.
[Newest]Overrated, condescending ass who says the stupidest things. He also gets very childish and defensive when people call him out on his BS.

21Don Rickles
What? You must be kidding. Don Rickles is a National Treasure. His unmasked cynical affrontry and his unending hatred for pretension, he is easily one of the most intriguing comedic characters around, period. Long live Rickles!
Very one dimensional... Always has been that way... And the dimension that he does promulgate..I.E. insult material generally is weak and often not all that funny.. Never understood his appeal or success
Rickles is hilarious. Are you serious?

22Victoria Justice
She's, on the show she stared on "Victorious" why didn't they pick Elisabeth or Ariana to be the talented one, because she would make a good idiot or overly obsessed girlfriend...
Victoria is talented and by the way shes a good actress. You guys are just jealous!
First of all, she is a terrible actress. Anyways from I've
Seen she is nice, but I've heard she's been really mean. I don't really know though... But I honestly think she looks between ugly and average... She's no Candice Swanepoel... But I guess I'm neutral about her.

23Selena Gomez
No meaning in her songs: "I love you like a love song baby (100(well, It's none of my business)", "you've been riding this horse a long time (well? What's the problem? Is she ugly? )", "who says you can't be in movies? (I say, because I couldn't till now.. )", "I get dizzy going round & round (well me 2! No need to SING it! )", "bang bang bang (starts with moaning but it doesn't turn me on. Because rubbish is more sexy than her)(well, are you killing somebody? )" & I'll write again, If this is at top 100

[If somebody remove this, I'll find out that he is Selena's Tail]
Selena Gomez looks like a freak. She has such a porky child like face it is sickening to see on someone her age. Yes it is cute, -on a baby! And she just looks a wanna be tramp these days. She just can't do sexy and her songs are so retarded. They sound so amateur.
Why isn't she on here yet? I seriously dislike her, and by that I mean I hate her! COME ON EVERYONE VOTE!
[Newest]Come on, people, stop hating on Selena. She is cool.

24Jennifer Aniston
She walks around expecting everybody to feel sorry for her. Who cares, your annoying, and your movies suck!
Good God I cannot stand her any more. She was funny in Friends (nothing else) but the number of times we see her mug in magazines etc. makes me want to vomit. At some stage, I could not take her seriously in Friends either. She is all about men, holidays, her hair etc. Does she give a damn about what else goes on in the world? If she does, she has a funny way of showing it. Go away Jennifer.
One look at her and it is obvious why Brad would go for Angelina. On top of that she is boring and appearing of Friends should just about punch her ticket to hell.

25Flava Flav
No talent, gold discusting teeth, skinny, greasy and speech, ugly and a speech problem.
This guy should be on the most disliked candy list cause he looks like a rotten tootsie roll
By all means dislike someone's choices or desicions, but don't hate on things they have no control over. That's not cool.

26David Cameron
Since he became prime minister, the government have destroyed a career I worked hard to achieve. I did something important and beneficial for society. I know now that your rights and opinions only matter if you are wealthy. A decent education or a strong work ethic means nothing. Ok, I'm going to go away now and return to being a mindless drone at my boring, low paid job, whilst I continue the never ending search for something better. Hope I can afford food and electric this month. Probably not though.
Another politician... Enough said.
David Cameron is a legend, has done so much for the UK, employment is on an up and so if the economy, the only people who call him an idiot are retards who don't know what their talking about.

27Megan Fox
Stupid statement, cannot acting to save her life, weird thumb, overrated, angelina jolie wannabe, fake, trashy, trampy
Thinks she's so sexy, but she's not.
She is the queen of trash. If she wasn't famous, and have seen her on the street I would thought she was a hooker.
[Newest]Can she stop thinking she's all that you are the worst celebrity in earth

28Khloe Kardashian
The Worst Kardashian Ever
UGH, No intelect. What a joke her being a host on American Idol or whatever show it was. I never watched the show again for the entire series.
She was even a worse host than that british guy on xfactor usa
[Newest]She doesn't have any talent. Justin beiber may be annoying but at least he can kind of sing.

29Piers Morgan
Kick his old ass back across the pond. Thinks he's always the smartest guy in the room... True if he's in a bathroom stall... Alone.
Deport him via B52 bombay, please.
Sly eyed, vile, slimy, egotistical and a total all round ignorant idiot

30Rosie O'Donnell
Matt7140, I have to agree with you 100 PERCENT!! Her picture should appear in the dictionary under the word Annoying! Come together everyone, and keep voting for her to knock her WAY up on this list to #1 where she belongs!!!


All she was ever good at was attacking someone. I'm pretty sure she's the reason that a LOT of people are against homosexuality. The parent's who trust her with their kids are insane! I mean if she doesn't eat them, she'll put them though indoctrination of hateful thoughts about conservatives or a feel sorry for me type thing.
NC No Class. She's got no appealing features about her self. I personally think that she is obnoxious and does not deserve to be famous when there are celebrities that are much better than her.
[Newest]NO TALENT -- just a big obnoxious mouth and NO CLASS WHATSOEVER - it is unfathomable to me how she ever made it to any sort of celebrity status -- doesn't say a lot about the American people to put this worthless untalented, not too bright individual on the "celebrity pedestal"

31Katie Holmes
On dawson's creek, they always make her something shes is not, like shes the most beautiful or something, shes supposed to be smart on that show, but actually, she is not the most beautiful, or smart, so that's so annoying, why would you bring some one like her, to a great show like dawson's creek? I always skip her scenes, megan fox definitely beats her in the looks, so why make her out to be something bigger than she is, she doesn't deserve that.
Boring and incredibly annoying little brat, who would ever cast her in any movie she doesn't deserve any roles, she isn't that pretty, no sex appeal, no talent I mean seriously?
Talk about incest, notice she and Tom even look like brother and sister. No wonder their poor daughter looks a bit 'slow'.
[Newest]Destroyed Batman for me!

32Tea Leoni
She is so annoying. She can't act. She is not funny. She talks about her husband like a broken record. Is her claim to fame only marrying a former has been on a television show and then told her said husband to move the show to Los Angeles. BTW, she had her manager arranged for her to marry that guy.


My ears are hurt. She doesn't promote her movies! She only promotes her stupid marriage and doesn't respect intimacy.
She is so full of herself. I can't believe that she can even find work in Hollywood.
[Newest]Something about her... Can't put my finger on it... Seems conceited with a air of superiority! Her "acting" is sub-par.

33Zac Efron
Can a magazine please put someone else on the cover of their magazine. Yah, he's cute and whatever but its so annoying seeing him like everywhere.
Saw him on Graham Norton - very full of himself and not interested in anything anyone else had to say
I think he is amazing so you can shut up

How is she not number 1? She is so annoying, especially in Snooki & JWoww. My sister makes me watch that show and I want to crack my skull, she needs to be number 1, come on guys!
If I get an insanely orange fake tan and complain about everything can I be make tons of money too?
Snooki is a cow. She had no talent and is fanous for nothing
[Newest]She's so obnoxious she learned to be Italian in South America

35Hillary Duff
The lines in her songs repeat themselves a gazillion times... Annoying... Plus she's the worst actress
I have to say she annoys me but at least she's done a good job of keeping her image clean.
She is so fake acting like a goody two-shoes she is so not and the show lizzie mcguire is stupid Boring!
[Newest]Um HELLO! So agreed, she should be number one on this list

36Lionel Messi
Messi is AMAZING you dope
He killed the Palestinian people by donating his money to Israel, just if he knows what those Jewish has done to Palestinian.

Sometime people only know how it hurts, when it comes to himself, hope god always has a plan, Karma always walking around.
He's snob and arrogant!

All auto tuned music, I can't start to tell you how much I hate hearing her 'voice'.
Um she named her song Cannibal
She is such an annoying person, I hate her music and her videoclips are awful.
[Newest]What a cannibal see what I did there

38Taylor Lautner
He has a weird looking nose also

39Andy Dick
Doesn't even attempt to make jokes he just acts like a crude selfish jackass. For gods sake he flashed his audience twice to attempt to be revolutionary but instead got arrested for public indecency.
Dick Sucks Like Raining Dicks


40Barbara Streisand
It doesn't get worse than streisand. South park put her in her place


Barbara Streisand, I feel, outranks Barbara Walters.
Have to admit that she does have talent; but she is so totally obnoxious & ignorant of anything going on in the real world

41Jessica Alba
She is rude, obnoxious, thinks she farts perfume and her dumps not ONLY smell like freshly baked cinnamon rolls, but are actually scoops of solid gold ice cream, with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires as to say to all of us, "hey, all you fat, poor, fugly nobodies, I am BETTER THAN YOU! Basically, SHE is the fugly, FAT, rude little racist, uneducated little pile of soiled tampons. Oh yeah, and she has no talent, did I mention that?
Don't worry Jessica. I think the vast majority of Latinas would not want to be associated with a woman who is trying to be someone she is not anyway. I have no time for anyone how is ashamed of their roots. Pathetic. PLUS, I heard that she is really arrogant which I believe and I think, her acting is terrible. She ruined "The Eye". One miserable-looking woman who thinks she has it all.
Shes not real, she got no soul, no personality, shes not funny, shes not that good of an actress, shes not that beautiful, so who says shes one of the most beautiful women, is crazy or fake, jessica hired him, so shes definitely annoying in all ways!


[Newest]I think she probably does fart perfume & don't care about the rest.

He thinks he is so better than all the rappers because he has boring repetitive songs

The worst and the most painful rapper in the whole history of Mc's. 'i'm in the club, partying up' that's all he ever says. Pitbull an expert, or should I say experv.
Ugh. all he sings about is getting money and he has like 10 girls in every single one of his videos. and why is he bald? That doesn't make him very "sexy". it makes him look like caillou.

44Lindsay Lohan
what does she bring to us?


She's just a struggling youth... Not! I think she just got into the wrong line of profession, she should've been a street whore.
After I read about her lawsuit over a super-bowl commercial featuring a baby named "Lindsay" and the word "milkaholic" I started to despise this horrible excuse of human garbage. This no-talent, out of work, attention seeking "actress" has had her problems in the past (who hasn't? ) but she refuses to learn from her mistakes. I guess her cocaine and alcohol addictions need to be funded somehow... You only get the first gram free... Then they charge ya. So hey lets sue someone because of a milkaholic lindsay... Last time I checked Lindsay Lohan is a "cocaine/alcohol/meth -aholic"
[Newest]Did somebody club me in the head with a baseball bat or did Lindsay Lohan just walk by?

45Kerry Katona
I hate her for divorcing former Westlife member Brian McFadden.

46Kristen Stewart
She is a horrible actress She can't act and when I she her I feel sick. When she smile my friends and I always says "Why people happy when that stewart smile at him/her oh god damn its a fake smile". She smile at the red carpet check her smile 3 times you think she is happy look to her eyes and her eyes says "Oh, someone get me out of here, I don't want to be here, always"
She is a horrible actress!
She can't act!
She always complain about her fame!
She always attempt to be pretty always fail!
She always attempt to be a fashionista always fail!
She always attempt to be a best actress always fail!
she always attempt to be a good role model always fail!
Stewart girl never give up one word Kristen Stewart never learn always fail!
To all magazine and all clothing line please banned kristen stewart to be your cover girl and stop saying she's a it girl... She never been a BEAUTIFUL She never been a FASHIONISTA She will never be a GOOD BETTER EVEN BEST ACTRESS IN HOLLYWOOD and She will never be a GOOD ROLE MODEL for all girls... You know why robert pattinson girlfriend kristen stewart because stewart girl act like a whore.
[Newest]She ruined my family name

47David Letterman
Letterman is not funny at all, he more like a retarded diet coke version of Jay Leno. Here's a memo to David ; Stop popping the Viagra like tic tacs, and retire before the crypt keeper come to bitch slap you for stealing his thunder!
I agree!

Waayy over rated. I can't think of a single intelligent thing he's ever said that didn't involved taking the piss out of someone.

And he's become so regulating. His guests are not allowed to be themselves anymore, having to watch every p and F. Come on, surely we can relax... It's 2012 for heaven's sake!
Has ALWAYS been so overrated, and he's not only all that funny, but he's mean spirited and extremely biased with his political opinions, which he doesn't hesitate to blab about on his show; definitely time for him to be off the air

48Gillian Anderson
I can tell that the same person who added Gillian Anderson here was the same person who commented 3 of these negative comments, get a life dude
Bitch, bitch; You deserve the kind of fan you have, all obsessed and lunatic.

GA is having babies from different boyfriends and doing small roles on T.V. British BBC- Arrogance, your name is Gillian Anderson.
She whines constantly especially about the X-Files when it was on the air. She is arrogant and greed and a really bad mother. She has been talking bad things about America and her ex-co star. She is one of the worst person and actress in the world.

Sorry for saying the truth.

49Avril Lavigne
Never liked her, but when I heard "Keep Holding On", I started to hate her like hell. This song is one of the most impudent plagiaries I've ever heard. In some places it sounds exactly like "Welcome To The Black Parade", just played with different instruments! I'm a Killjoy, so it especially hurts me.
She's a poser. She's the "anti-Britney", and years later she's just like her. I don't why people like her and describes her as "punk", even though she's not. Her music is more pop, then punk. I hate her so much.


She's like 30 and can't get over the fact she's not a teenager anymore. She's a fake rocker with no talent.


[Newest]She only has 3 good songs and yet she thinks she is somehow the princess of pop/rock.

50Jonas Brothers
They have those stupid accents and can't sing. They star in Disney Channel Movies but they are meant to be a serious boy band. How can we take them seriously when they are in those crappy movies?
A Disney-made product, targetted little girls without any sense of music.

51Charlie Sheen
self promoting womanizer - loose cannon


Honestly like what? The world doesn't revolve around you dude.


Big Richard Cranium. Out of touch with reality (but made a couple good movies)

52Tyra Banks
I used to like her, but now I think she's annoying. Her show bores and irritates me.
I've seen sexier masses in my toilet.
Her modeling career wasn't that great and in her show America's Next Top Model, she never lets the best model win because she's so jealous.
[Newest]Dam you got a big head!

53Richard Simmons
ugly and stupid how has no one said anything maybe I'm the only one with real guts

54Justin Timberlake
A white kid that grew up on the Mickey Mouse show trying to act Ghetto? He couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. And he's ugly.
If he had his own celebrity fragrance the only appropriate name would be DOUCHE. He has no respect for any of his former band mates and screwed every dumb celebrity girl he could get his hands on until he married, and his wife's parents hate him.
He has the stupidest songs in the world my dog can do better then him.
[Newest]He is grown up Justin Bieber.

She's amazing and not at all fat. She's sexy curvy and talented. Stfu haters
I like Adele, Why is she even on here? She has a beautiful voice and seems A decent person. Mind you, that song "Someone like you" was over played on the radio abit too much, and did become quite annoying but that's not Adele's fault her song was played day in day out.
Lovely voice. Nice person.
[Newest]Her voice makes you feel like touched by an angel

56Kathy Griffin
She has no talent is a loud mouth annoying and extremely uncouth individual who obviously only appeals to the lowest common denominator.
At what point does stringing nonsensical culture references in a shrill voice become funny?
I used to like her but then she made some stupid statements about Demi Lovato and I stopped liking her.

57Tom Green
You suck tom green

58Vanessa Hudgens
Hate her with a passion, she has an annoying laugh, she seems so stuck up and arrogant and very very clingy towards Zac who I might add deserves better than Vanessa


Gives actual hippies a bad name
She sings through her nose. She's SO clingy with Zac. She has an annoying laugh and voice. Really, Zac? You can do so much better!
[Newest]And I'm a serious hippie :(

I really didn't care for drake but since he's been getting into fights with douche bags like Chris brown and fugly Pdidiy I give him props now please next time you see Kanye and Kardashisn please just shoot them, Then the entire word will love you.

60Tim Robbins

The worlds masses are too dumb you could just put a 3 second video of a computer then hack it to 124 million views then in a day it becomes mainstream
He made gangnam style! How can you not love this guy?
No talent, cheated his way to YouTube, the masses are stupid, Has no motivation to entertain people. He probbably signed with something to make the peice of crap we know as Gangnam Style

62Bill Maher
Plain awful needs to live rest of life in israwl

63Chris Rock
How on earth did this douche bag get famous?! He's not funny and he's a racist. He should fight Kane west to the death and hopefully it's a draw.
Annoying? I don't know. But I definitely do not find him funny.

64Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato is seriously nothing special, she tells younger kids to "stay strong" and "accept yourself", "your all beautiful".. etc. But how come she wears pounds of makeup? , how come she allows herself to be on magazines where people get computerized, so all their flaws are removed?. I understand that she's very talented, but the fact that she hasn't accepted herself enough yet, states that she shouldn't be giving any advice what so ever... I'm not trying to hate on her, I really don't want to but there are little kids out there that obviously want to look like her and looking like her means being unnatural and fake.
I think demi shouldn't even be on this list
I HATE Demi. She should be on the list. She is overrated. She is totally obnoxious. She is Much like a bastard and we should over punch on her face. Exactly untalented. She has no good songs except for La La Land because it's a good song. I hate you demi. You are a jerk and a bastard. You should go away.

65Honey Boo Boo
Jesus do I really gotta explain?
She acts like she is all that when she is like what 7? Her parents teach her wrong. She shouldn't even be a "modal".
She is a spoiled brat. I wonder how she would be when she turns 18.

66Joan Rivers
Her face looks like a piece of plastic refuse that washed up on Coney Island. Her daughter is hotter than hell, though.
Well barbies grandma just insults never once you found her horrible jokes funny her face is so fake just matching her personality.
Rude and obnoxious! Needs to start criticizing herself for a change! A female Don Rickles.

67Dick Vitale
Just shut up already!

68Mitt Romney
He's such an imp

69Erin Andrews
Arguably the most annoying voice on the planet. Please, Fox. Dump her. Her interviews must be terribly embarrasing for your network. Her "chalk on a blackboard" nasal whine forces channel changing all over the nation. She makes viewers feel violently nauseous with her first half sentence. No wonder "Dancing With The Stars" has lost ratings by the boatload.

70Rob Schneider

71Sarah Michelle Gellar
Still living on her past glory


After "Buffy" she didn't do anything good, maybe she didn't have the opportunity but she really is talented, she just needs the right concept and role.
She seems so full of herself.

72Chris Brown
I can't believe he is rated so low while Rihanna is in the top ten?! He beat up his girlfriend and published naked picture of her on the internet.
The only reason why people hate on him is because of the Rihanna incident, all of you know he's very talented, he knows how to dance, sing, write songs, and rap. Or at least one of those things. Besides if you guys are talking about naked photos, Rihanna does enough of that by herself, have you seen her album cover of "Good girl gone bad" or worst of all "Unapologetic"? Or eww her magazine cover of "Lui".. The point is you guys should really stop continuously putting them in the same category over and over again, they both made mistakes but last time I checked they are still friends and not enemies.
He's abusive and doesn't deserve fame...horrible rapper
[Newest]A man that beats his girlfriend doesn't deserve to be called a "man", let alone an "artist".

73Scarlett Johansson
Oh shes trying so hard tobe one of the sexiest women alive, I mean come on, some guys are stupid, when she talks like that and pose like that, they fall in love with her, shes not that hot, or that sexy, no, what she does is sexy, so wake up people, shes fake, not because she knows what could turn you on, then it means her face turns you on, no shes not that beautiful, charlize theron or angelina jolie is million times hotter than her, shes like any English actress, so I wont let her live a lie, scarlett, your not that hot, or that beautiful, take it from me and accept it, cause you'll never change a wide known fact like that!
she should be a porn star, not a movie star, shes not a good actress, shes just knows what could turn me on, so shes in the wrong place dude, I hope she realizes that soon, cause shes only good at porn, and nothing else. bottom line, shes fake, empty and her movies sucks, she got some borring stories, the only reason she gets these roles, is beacause of what she does, cause she knows what could turn you on, shes annoying in all ways.


She pretends her fame is actually about her talent and she wants to create this image that she's smart and humble but she isn't any of those things. She is famous for her boobs and for her rear and pretty blond hair and overall very generically beautiful. She feeds into being a sex symbol with all the pictures and roles she takes but tries to pass them off as actual "talent. " She seems very self involved and kind of whorish with her antics.
[Newest]Way over-rated and annoying.

74Bridgit Mendler
Sweet girl has a unique voice, and is still working on getting better.. Why is she on this list seriously. -_-
And I thought her acting skills were bad! She cannot sing what so ever, her voice is ratchet.
Can't sing... Can't act...

75Ellen Pompeo
I cannot stand her lisp. I know she wasn't born with it because it wasn't there in the first couple of seasons ( Grey's anatomy) and I want to stop watching the show immediately when she comes on.
The first time I wanted the main character to be killed off.

76Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters may have paved the way for females in broadcasting and news but she is nothing more than an ego centric cry baby always seeking attention. If you have ever watched her show "The View" (which cannot be watched when she is on), you will see exactly what I am talking about. She boasts about her work, who she knows, how each important guest is "a dear friend" of hers, she cuts people off, and asks the dumbest questions. She should be off the air. She is not influential and she does not know how to interact with people.
Can't wait until she is off the View. She is always crying that it is her turn to talk. She is so annoying. She acts like a spoiled brat. Someone else will be saying something interesting and then she cuts them off and says it's her time to talk. So tired of it!
What an idiot! Who is she kidding with that fake crap that she acts so interested in. Get a job Walters. You phoney worthless piece of human waste.
[Newest]Barbara Walters is to broadcasting as Wayne Newton is to entertainment.

77Michelle Obama
Wife of Barack Obama the most useless president of them all.. most simplest reason for her to be on this list.. Especially the fact that she doesn't try to convince him to save those innocent children and people out there, but to bomb and start wars. :) GOOD DAY TO ALL OF YOU.
Use of the terms "monkeys" and "baboon" shows the quality of the minds behind them. Unfortunately, in a democracy you have to let the morons rave.
I have a daughter who attends school. With Michelles lunch requirements my daughter says that her lunches don't have any taste and the only thing sweet on the plate is fruit. Parents are the only people who should control the nutrition of their children because they have been for thousands of years. Michelle should stay out of the scool lunch programs!
[Newest]She's just a demon pretending to be angel

78David Duchovny
That self-serving cable show that's a extension of his real life sex addiction-TOTALLY ANNOYING
WHAT. David Duchonvy is Fox Mulder from The X-files.
I'm most certain Fox is not annoying. D:

79Juliette Binoche

80Tom Kenny
He's good, he created the voice of SpongeBob.

81Nicole Scherzinger
No way! She is sassy, funny, and honest. she should not even be in this list!

82Martha Stewart
I hate her shes so annoying and definitely needs to go back to jail

What a criminal
Frankly, she should've been taken to a psychiatric hospital and not to jail, she's obsessed with food.
That lady, she is really cold!

83Lisa Rinna

84George Clooney
Me depression needs to live out his years in Jordan
Du bebe
• 2 minutes ago

I read this on another website and we discussing the hollywoodie actorvists phonies. Someone tell me why I should care what any of these people think.

Bmg says:

January 2, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I worked with a guy who told me a
Story about how his daughter was living in Hollywood and was working as a
Server at a catered event where George Clooney was a guest. George began
Flirting with this guy's 19 year-old daughter and within a short period of
Time, he TOLD her she should leave with him for a fling. She was not interested
And told him she had a boyfriend. George got upset and told her that she must
Be crazy not to want to sleep with him and stomped off after insulting her
Low-life status compared to his high-level status. So, at least someone has
Told this spoiled man-child no in his lifetime. He's a pathetic narcissist
Trying to find as many people who will constantly reassure him that he is
Great. The guy ended the story by telling me that his daughter said George was
Really boring and only talked about himself. She had to offer courtesy laughs
Because he was not funny either.
I feel bad for your daughter. Thank God she had the courage to tell him no.

85Kelly Ripa
She is totally unwatchable now... Can't think of any segment of the show she could host and not totally make it ALL ABOUT HER. And if I see her do the
Charlie's Angels rendition of, "Freeze, or I'll shoot", as she whips her head around, tousling her hair in the breeze (aka studio fan) as she conjures up
Farrah, or Cheryl (Ladd) Gag me!
That show was only good because of Regis. Phony Ripa has nothing to do with the success of that show. I know she's gonna push to get that boring husband of hers on... Regardless, when Regis leaves I turn the channel. ABC let it die... There is no show without Regis. NOBODY wants to see Kelly. Wake up ABC and put something new on.
Kelly is so annoying. She talks over everyone about herself and her life. Yes, that Charlies angels rendition is sickening. When Regis left I turned the channel to lifetime and am watching Will and Grace reruns. Sad isn't it?
[Newest]Annoying and phony. What ever show she is on. I turn the channel, and her commercial for toothpaste. Who ever told her that her haircut was amazing lied.

86Kate Hudson
Honestly, I hated her only because of she had Matthew. Now I hate because she have Matthew and because I've seen films with her. Terrible. She's famous only because of her parents.!
She is so stupid and the only reason she is famous is cause her daddy
What is so special about her? NOTHING!


[Newest]Her movies are terrible! Can't believe people actually like her acting, and the movies she's in!

87Soulja Boy
He is maybe THE worst rapper of all-time, I wouldn't even class him as a rapper.


Just another "one hit wonder". It's kinda funny because we have'nt heard from this guy in 8 or 9 years now.

88Jennifer Lawrence

89Kevin Federline
publicity seeking oaf, tying to be the next big thing in rap music... he'll never be more than brit's ex... and her baby's daddy


Hes a low life with no future and when I found out that brttany dumped him over a text message the fist thing that went through my mind was this "OH SNAP THAT HURTS ALL THE WAY OVER HERE".


him and britt were a good couple because both stupid and ugly both need re-hab

90Hillary Clinton
I just hope people aren't stupid enough to vote her in as president. I think we will be in big trouble if that happens.
Should drop out of the race. !


Where do I really start she is dumb If she was our president we all should just go suicidal Maybe God is ending the world that's why she is running for president.
[Newest]Has she ever done anything honest in her life?

91Kiera Knightly
She's a crap actress and a skinny skeleton, and she's really up her own butt too!


She's awful, not to mention UGLY AS HELL


92Julia Roberts
Her movies are boring! She should stop acting! Give us fresh looking actresses!
Pretty woman, pretty annoying that bass mouth needs a hook in it
It is amazing how the worst and most talentless and worst actresses always seem to have the most PR and the most Publicity and are the highest paid. It is like Hollywood just picks some dumb slut at random and creates an image for them that they sell to the public through People magazine and they just casting her in a bunch of mediocre Rom-Coms and everyone just swoons. It is all such a bunch of fabricated nonsense to take advantage of the stupid herd of sheep. Julia was and is the phoniest and manufactured star that has ever lived. Literally got where she is by giving lots and lots and lots of blow jobs.


93Billy Bob Thorton
Called Canadians mashed potatoes without gravy. If that wasn't a good time to bust out our potato guns than I don't know what was.

94Fran Drescher
Fran keeps it real. She's been very honest and open with her life. Annoying voice does not equate with annoying person.
I think she is a amazing actress and she doesn't belong on this list.
Very annoyingly funny voice.

95Shia LaBeouf
I feel bad for him. He is such a talented actor. He needs to take a break from Hollywood and needs to become a normal person. He made some mistakes in the past so move one. There are worse people than Shia in this world. I do not know why people pick on him if there's people out there who are murderers, terrorists, kidnappers, dictators, etc.

Poor, Shia. I hope he changes for his own good.
He also has fans who worship him too much! They constantly fight over him and say dumb things about him! They constantly copy off his behaviour from the Transformers movies and they refuse to let him go! They always think he is the Transformers movies!
Looks like he's always about to cry, also a terrible actor.

96Collin Farrell
Nice job on making one of the greatest military geniuses seem like a total fairy.
Yeah this guy is definitely up there as a major douche bag. Arrogant a-hole!

97Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth
Cannot even believe that this rude, obnoxious "individual" has been able to garner ANY support to be in the "limelight" -- she is nothing; and after her first appearance on The Apprentice, she totally lied about her jobs/career on her website (give me a break that she even had one! ) - a review of her claims reveals the truth
Nobody likes her. Even Dr. Phil told her that she needs therapy.
She happened upon fifteen minutes of fame and is trying to keep it going forever.

98Michael Jackson
He is a child molester
Dick head. And a😈
Why look up to someone who possibly might want to molest your kids?!


100Larry, The Cable Guy
Listening to him is like drinking a tall frosty glass of dumb.
Git-r-done is so old and annoying I hate when I hear people saying it all the time.


Too much talk about America.


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