Top 10 Most Awful and Annoying Celebrities


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Ariana Grande
She's a bitch in real life. People need to realize that Ariana is not cat. She's not as sweet as people claim her to be. Her voice on T.V. is so annoying, nothing beats it. She dresses like a slut most of the time. There is even a video of her screaming at the paparazzi at the KCA'S. Like seriously? She was acting like she's beyonce, it's time to wake up and smell the roses.
I don't understand why the entire world is infatuated with her. Okay, she can sing. Big whoop. So can millions of people out there. She is, plain and simple, a bitch. When I first saw her music videos, I thought she was incredibly fake. And she is. I mean, have you seen 'The Way'? What exactly is she trying to portray herself as? She can't act like a slut and then pretend she's the most innocent creature to walk among us scum. Also, cheating on Jai, and then DENYING it, made me hate her even more. What kind of person implies that someone was blackmailing them after they accuse her of cheating? Ariana's a horrible person, and she's got the whole world under her spell. If they don't know how to separate an actress from her role, then they've got problems.
She is seriously so annoying. Her voice in her T.V. shows and her voice in real life are so stupid, like she tries SO hardto seem cute. Its also annoying how she wears her hair the way she does its just really weird and it looks terrible on her, I have no idea why she wears it like that
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2Justin Bieber
Justin bieber is the most annoying, stupid, ugly, and girly person in the world. He thinks he can sing but everyone can see that he in fact can't. And don't forget, he brainwashes the little girls to think he's cool. We must show all girls REAL music so they can stop talking about beaver. Oh and SmoothCriminal, you deserve a medal! Laugh out loud!
This should remain at number one. Without a doubt. Justin Beaver is even more annoying than Jedward, and there's 2 of them!
And I thought I was going to see Kim Kardashian as Number 1... But this kid does kick my ass every time I see his annoying face.
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3Victoria Justice
This girl looks like Alexis Love, so it's possible that her spin-off will be on Cinemax at 3am rather than Nickelodeon at 7pm.
Every single person who said they hate Victoria Justice said that it's because of Ariana, they said she bullied Ariana and blahblahblah, when Ariana Grande herself cleared all that up, saying she was misquoted. Also, she got the lead role because after Zoey 101 ended, Nick asked Dan to make a show about performing arts and all that, and she was still working for Nick at the time. She told Dan she went to a performing arts middle school once, so that's where Dan got the idea for Hollywood Arts. They cast her because they wanted someone they've used before, and she can sing. Just because she can't sing like Ariana doesn't mean she can't sing. Also, Ariana auditioned for the role of CAT, and Liz auditioned for the role of JADE, so stop saying they should have been the lead because they chose who they wanted to play. Most of the people who complain here don't actually know what they're saying, but you should honestly get your facts straight before you go giving the wrong impression of her to others.
In the show Victorious, the whole cast outshines her. Ariana Grande (plays Cat) and Elizabeth Gillies (plays Jade) are a million times better singers and actresses. Both Ariana and Elizabeth have been on BROADWAY. They are both amazing singers and could beat Victoria any day. Victoria only got the main role because she is a stereotypical girl, brown hair, tall, and everything. The real actresses of the show are Ariana and Liz. That's why Ariana got the spin-off show, not Victoria. Also, it was because Victoria decided to do her own tour instead of a cast tour that Victorious ended. She's the one to blame. And then she puts the blame on Ariana?! That makes her seem even more selfish and heartless. Overall, I think she's a bad quality singer who couldn't sing to save her life and a mediocre actress that is out-shined by the rest of her cast.
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4Selena Gomez
She always dating boys who are popular and top for example Nick Jonas when Jonas Brothers were popular, Taylor Lautner when Twilight was popular, Justin Bieber when he was on top.

I really don't know why she is popular. She can't sing, she isn't that good actress like people think.

She also change her style. She wears sluts dresses in events! Sorry but this is disgusting.
And what she says about Justin after their break up was really immature.

I don't get it why people think that she is definition of perfection.
Selena is a wannabe with no star power of her own. And no talent to boot. The only reason she stays relevant is bec. of who she associates herself with... Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber etc. etc... And then she uses Taylor Swift's popularity just to create the illusion that she's in the same level of fame, but she is so far from it. She is just another wannabe, the only difference is she's super manipulative. And she's fake as hell. Plus she's also tried using demi lovato to have the image of "cute disney besties", then ditching her afterwards to cling herself with taylor swift. I am sick of this girl being pretentious. The truth will eventually come back at her. And why does she keeps saying she likes an upcoming actor (one who's looking like they're about to hit it big)? Like say, Bieber, Logan Lerman, hmm, Shia Labeauf (that time), Cory moneteith etc. etc. And now she wants to be besties with Lorde? Even though Lorde dissed her? Aah the things this girl does for fame. She knows she can't do it without others help. And no talent to back her up. ANd that includes acting.
Justin bieber and her are off and on, and they are usually back together when Selena has a new song/album coming out soon. Plus, don't mind her rudeness to justin bieber when they broke up. Also, she is not the best actor, or singer for that matter. In my opinion the only thing she should be doing is selling happy meals at McDonalds.
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5Miley Cyrus
I am annoyed by Miley because I don't think she is deserving of anything. I think her success came from her name (billy ray cyrus and her famous aunt) and money. She is not a good singer at all, not only is she a bad singer, but the songs aren't too catchy/original/fun/, she is a horrible actress (from what Ive seen on Disney, but I haven't seen her in her movie, so I may be judging that too early). Also, she is very ugly! I hate when she smiles that gum smile. Her man voice is also annoying. And, she seems to be loud and obnoxious. Please go away, Miley!
you should just stop acting like your in drugs and trying to be cool, you are not they should put you to live in rehab. I'm really annoyed of you and stop appearing everywhere its getting old and lame just like paris hilton.
That little fake accent of hers is awful! She can't sing and she is so fake!


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6Kim Kardashian
The Kar-trash-ians are overexposed and just publicity greedy fame whores. They have no talent and are just in the news for the money. If there is a Hell then all the devil has to do to torture souls is make them watch The Kardashians.
Like the rest of her family, Kim Kardashian has NO TALENT! She is only famous for doing something very bad to someone else, for having an inane reality show, and for having an Olympian stepdad. If my grandpa had a goldfish, and its former owner's dad's brother was Sitting Bull, don't I get a reality show?
Just plain annoying. I regret even giving her enough credit by posting this.
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7Taylor Swift
I hate that she plays the victim in all her songs and portrays boys in such a wrong way.
I honestly think she should be #1 on this -. - She's annoying and I can't stand how a lot of people say that she's 'Perfect and Innocent'. No, just no. She displays her Ex boyfriends in her songs like they were the problem with the relationship. No, She was. Heck! Harry even called her an Arse. I honestly could go ranting on and on about her.
At first I decided to try to listen to her music and she is a decent singer, but her songs have no meaning and are hurtful to all her ex-boyfriends. She seriously like the only one who writes all this songs about boys. Also there's something in her voice that makes her sound fake and like a dying cat. She seriously has no talent and I have no idea why so many girls love her music. To be honest the girls who like her are so girly and annoying just like her! Those are the only people she appeals to.
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8Nicki Minaj
So anoying shes the reason why I stopped watching american idol and I hate her songs.
She uses a lot of bad words just to act cool
She ruined American Idol making it all about her. No talent either!
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9Paris Hilton
She's worse than the trash, she's so retarded and reductive.
Needs to be at the top of this list, I mean what does she even do other than make sextapes
A fart in a paper bag lasted longer than her fame. For my money though, I'd rather listen to the fart than her. At least the fart has substance behind it.
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10Robin Thicke
He's the most obnoxious, misogynistic, cocky, douchebag bitchface who has ever walked the planet
He's proof that his father wasn't really a psychologist, rather only played one on T.V.. Who knew Alan could act so well after all.
WILL YOU STOP ACTING SO GROSS! We're tired of listening to you talk about molesting women, WHO DOES THAT! Can't believe you waste your breath on all that crap you sing. It's just buttfaced.
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11Rebecca Black
What is up with her voice? A tyre screeching on the road sounds and LOOKS better than her messed up face! -. -"
Rebecca Black is not a good singer at all but she does seem like a nice person and it sucks how she got all this hate fro singing this one song but hey she got money out of it right yeah she does suck as a singer bur people are way too mean I mean looks don't matter right?
She has this screeching voice and a swished face that looks awful! Turn on the lights here, she gets ready in the dark, right?
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12Kendall Jenner
She doesn't even work for anything, she got a free ride into modeling, when other models are trying so hard. Everything is handed to her. She AND her family are whores that slept their way to the top
I don't like her she has small eyes and reminds me of a slut
She's a total scum sucking road whore. She's like the Kardashians and tried everything to get famous, that's why she dated Harry. In fact she's really ugly, you can see the difference from when she was young and now so..
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13George W. Bush
Many people are dead because of him
I think in real life, Bill O' Reilly preferred to suck George Bush's wanker compared to Yoko Ono's.

Mumble 3 spanish words. Say "MR. WORLDWIDE. "
Congratulations. You just made a stupid pitbull song.
He always says "WooHoo! " In like every song I've heard from him, and if people are saying well why do you listen to him if you don't like him? Well it's because I hear him everywhere I go, he's on the radio in stores I go to, when I go to my cousins house they play his songs. It just annoys me if I see him on T.V. and every performance I see from him he always having these girls in skimpy outfits, like really every performance pitbull...? He has no talent in my opinio, and he uses other people for fame, I don't like that about him. And to make people like his songs he uses autotune to make his songs catchy. I don't like him, at all.
Don't forget his other crutch word, which actually sounds like he's saying "dolly". Pathetic dork can't even dance
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15Kanye West
Barack Obama: "Because he's a Jackass."
Kanye West: "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you. I'll let you finish, but; Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all-time. One of the best videos of all-time! "
His voice sucks because his accent ain't African. :(

16Megan Fox
I don't know why everyone obsesses over her. She's honestly nothing special just overrated
She gets attention because guys think she is hot.
She's not very hot in my opinion
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Rihanna as an annoying celebrity? Nah. Never.
This woman is worthless and must be exterminated
She is definitely a terrible role model.
Why? Because she doesn't respect her fans; Apparently, Rhianna punched a fan, and even cyberbullied one girl that recreated Rhianna's identical dress! *ugh! * swear she acts like she's queen of the world, and she needs be taught a lesson.

18Perrie Edwards
I find perrie edwards a bit annoying and my reason has nothing to do with zayn or one direction. It's also not because I'm jealous in fact I only find her a tinniest bit annoying the reason is I think she flashes way too much and well yeah I guess it's also because of her engagement with Zayn the fact that their a "match made in heaven" annoys me too. I dunno why but it annoys me in complicated ways I cannot understand. But I don't hate her. I JUST FIND HER ANNOYING and I don't ship Zerrie that's my honest opinion I don't hate her.
I've nothing against Little Mix, honestly. But really now, if it comes down to it. Apart from her "singing" voice, Perrie's usual voice, just the same as her looks and her personality is dead-on FAKE. Is she made in China? Fake and may I say ugly, because that personality is fugly as hell! Seriously though, what does Malik see in her?
What she's the BEST
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19Amanda Bynes
Hollywood messed this poor girl up. She was hilarious before Hollywood dolled her up and tried to sell her to the public as another HOT young starlet. She had the gift of true physical comedy and goofiness. Now instead of standing on a stage to deliver material, she is hiding behind a computer and delivering it all on twitter. The child needs therapy before she hurts herself or bullies someone into their own grave. Bring back the old Amanda-please skits and shut up the new conceited Amanda rants. Being hot was a gift from God Amanda, not your doing. You're just messing up what you were given...
Wow she is totally changed and she should be in the asylum now

20Bridgit Mendler
I think she's cute. She's good at singing, and acting. Especially when I see the good comedy show, it's what makes her a good celebrity.
Haters gonna hate

Bridget is one of the cleanest celebs if you ask me she keeps it simple and plain just the way she likes it I'm with you Bridget all the way
She's trying to be like the other past female Disney stars actor-singer when she should really just stick to acting.
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21Sophia Grace and Rosie
They cany sing and everyone takes pity on them just because they are like five. AND to add on top of that, Rosie doesn't even sing she just does the stupid dance moves they make up.
People think they are cute, (which they are not), just because they are like 6 years old. 🐺 they think they are all that just because they were on the ellen show
I don't have a problem with Rosie but Sophia Grace, she steals ALL THE ATTENTION away from Rosie! She's always the one singing and she's not even that cute! Oooh so what you were on the Ellen show. Key word: WERE. Sophia is annoying. I'm sorry. I could go on and on but I won't.
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22Britney Spears
When she was a little girl she was an ahhmazing breath taking singer. Now she sounds like she is constipated when she sings because she thinks it makes her better. That is my opinion.
Jamie Lynn Spears ruined her career by following your lead.

But that isn't surprising because you have a history of ruining careers. Alexa Nikolas was always more talented than your sister but you felt obligate to your family to have her replaced once you noticed this obvious truth. Well maybe the crash and burn of Zoey 101 was just poetic justice after all.

Alexa may have opened her mouth at inappropriate times but she knew when to keep her legs closed.
She is awosome yall need tobget life

23Acacia Brinley Clark
Tumblr and the World Wide Web had a one night stand, unprotected, and made this mischievous accident of epic delusion happen.
Acacia tries way too hard to be famous. She isn't talented and all she did was to get famous was posting nudes. Her dad is even rude.
She has literally no talent and her dad is a proven pedophile (I'm not just saying that- HUNDREDS of incriminating text messages were recently released where he literally talks sexually about girls 12-15. Three or four girls have even come forward and said that he sexually harassed them. One person lying is possible, but not three or four!
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24Bella Thorne
She can't act, she can't sing and when trust to act serious in a serious scene she just looks stupid its a shame she even on television and plus she is extremely conceited
She is a stupid dumb at acting and I hate her outfits and she looks like the clown when she wear to much makeup and so do zendaya! The way she dance is like a chicken and her hair is the worst ever.
The reason why I don't watch shake it up is because she annoys me so much! Her voice is auto-tuned and she always has to play the prissy dumb characters... Which describes her perfectly. She is such a bad actress and singer. She doesn't really care about anything as long as she's famous. I saw a my day my life and she was like I have to wake up early in the morning and she never really talked about shake it up as that is the purpose of the video. I'm just being nice but if you like her than you must be really oblivious to acting. That's all I have to say.


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25Lindsay Lohan
What a retard, the only talent she's good at is getting herself arrested
Why does she have a " reality T. V " show if it just airs out her dirty laundry 100000x more? She's such a brat! She will do anything to be in the spot light, she's ugly too.
Shes stupid and she messed up her whole life
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26Jessica Alba
DISGUSTING attitude! The fact that she hides her where she comes form is so ignorant. I can't stand her, she should be in the top 5.

She sounds like a robot when she's singing
The middle SYMBOL just illustrates her main objective.

She will put out TRASH for CASH.
She's the worst singer ever.
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28Jennifer Lopez
She thinks she's cool cause of her booty
Mage should stop shaking her ass in public, she's 45 years old already, and just looks like a hoe. She should be embarrassed of her self.
Can't stand her sleeps around and ignores her hideous looking kids.
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29Barack Obama
Shut up! He tries! It's the peoples fault! And all those wrinkly white elephants who represent our toilet states of amerika. You people are all so absorbed in discrimination and money and all that. It's THE PEOPLES FAULT THE WORLD IS SO HARD TO CHANGE.
I'm pretty sure none of us could do a better job at running this sorta already screwed up country so stop complaining. And why is the President even on this list?
You should not say bad things about the president
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30Lady Gaga
You guys suck Lady Gaga is amazingly talented..
She likes iron maiden so shes cool. I embrace her weirdness, I don't like her music but shes a good person.
Y'all stupid. Lady GaGa's weaves are amazing. She's one of the best singers and song writers I've ever heard. She changed my vision on pop music. She's #2Fab4U
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31Lana Del Rey
No. Lana Del Rey is the best thing to happen to music in a long time. Nothing annoying about her, she's gorgeous.
Why is she on this list. Lana is queen
What lana del rey is perfectly fine and not some Paris Hilton crap
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32Barbara Palvin
She didn't date Justin laugh out loud, she was already famous and didn't need Justin or Niall. The girl is beautiful and so down to earth, I met her since I'm Hungarian and she's so sweet
She's too perfect and dates every male celebrity for the fame. Dated Justin, got more famous. Dated Niall, got more famous.

33Kristen Stewart
If you have a cat, open up your vacuum bag and eat it's contents while memorizing some lines. Put on some bubba teeth and deliver said lines while hacking up a hair ball. CONGRATULATIONS! You just shot a Kristen Stewart film!
Her faces make me think if theirs something up her ass
No emotions no nothing just ew
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You people are liars. Beyonce is the bomb she can sing!
Why is she here? She's the queen, she can sing and she's a nice person
What Beyoncé is a great singer who wrote this page you people are sick in the head 😱
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She has to much hate in her she basically attracts hate hate she so full of her self I like her music and all but like please she call one direction ugly. Like has she not looked at her dam boyfriend lately like really!
She looks like gollum.
She is so mean 2 other celebrities and is pretty much no one in Hollywood
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36Demi Lovato
Demi is the best! What the hell are you talking about?
Demi is amazing! I love her too death!
I love her! And for people who say she has an easy life, that may be true or not and that's not for us to judge. People who have mental disorders or cut themselves don't choose that path. Depression doesn't care who you are, what you have, it can affect anyone and most times people suffer mentally even if it doesn't look like anything is wrong in their lives
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37Emma Roberts
She hurt her boyfriend and is a slut
Have you seen her act? She hurt misty

38Debby Ryan
Super boring actress, terrible singer, nothing special about her.
She always copies Selena Gomez's voice (talking or singing) its annoying...
Old looking though she is very young.
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39Dwyane Wade
Keep working on your slap shot buddy.

Maybe someday you'll actually score a goal, or score at all...

40LeBron James
Don't quit your day job just yet LeBron!

Maybe someday you'll actually make it in the NBA.

She can too sing. Sure her voice isn't like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, her voice is unique and dosen't crack. You haters are just jealous of her.
Like honestly I tried to like her... But she can't song for her life. Shes trying to become a triple threat, some people can't do it all. Oh yeah she sings the same damn song "Replay". She wears a lot of make up and she doesn't need to. But yeah this girl needs a serious wake up call because once people actually listen to her sing they will see she's not met to do it. By the way I've been to one of her concerts before. So yeah I know she's horrible.
She Is trying to grow up too fast and that pisses me off because I usee to like her character.
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42Miranda Cosgrove
She is so annoying, she can't sing she can't act, she was so bad in icary jennette mccurdy was better than her.

She annoys me so much. There is nothing special about her. SHE can't SING AND SHE can't ACT.
It's 2014 and I'm still waiting on her to reach puberty. But in the meantime, I suppose she doesn't have to worry about shaving or keeping track of guys she's been boned by.

Eh, it has its PERKS, even if she doesn't quite yet...
She is such a bad actor in icarly and drake and josh, she's just not funny and times when she acts depressed it is a load of bull!
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43Billy Ray Cyrus
He's a country singer, enough said. The only thing he produced worse than a song is his progeny (Miley).

44Avril Lavigne
I love Avril! Not only is she an amazingly talented young woman, but she's also a healthier role model for kids than Miley, !
Biggest poser ever to walk the planet. So punk rock and rock and roll.. -_-
Sshut up. True punk says SCREW CENSORSHIP AND BE NIHILISTIC. listen to napalm death or dead kennedys losers.
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45Charlie Sheen
What a stupid prick.

46Katy Perry
Cause she's too over the top
Narcissistic and so incredibly fake.
What are you talking
Blah Blah Blah (too much blah)


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47Christina Aguilera
The reason she goes on the list is because she lost her originality like 13 years ago. Christina Aguilera started channeling Marilyn Monroe and ran with it. Christina Aguilera is delusional to think she is Marilyn Monroe. Christina cannot go an hr, day, year without saying, doing, wearing something Marilyn Monroe already did and said. Every magazine, song video anything is Marilyn Monroe rippoff. SO annoying.

48Olivia Holt
"She is a terrible actor. She's not even well known and thinks she's all that. And that nose! "
Hate her! She was fine on kickin it but now she has her own show? Ugh! I didn't do it sucks as a show. She can't sing to save her life and she is the worst actress known to humanity.
She can't sing worth my poop, and every character she plays is annoying.
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49Ashton Kutcher
Ruined Two And a Half Men

50Jasmine Villegas
Nope, this is not the Jasmine from the Disney movie, "Aladdin".

That Jasmine was made in 1992 and is an Arabian princess.

This Jasmine was made in 1993 and is a Latina Conyo.

Clearly though, Jasmine Villegas has had more airbrushing work done to her photos than the Arabian princess.
I agree! And she barely wears something that covers her cleavage!
She swears she's alll that & got a bitchy attitude, girl you ain't even that cute.

51Lucas Cruikshank
He stinks and his videos makes nonsense at all his stinking garbage and his awfully retarded
His voice makes me want to die and his immature personality and dum videos kill me.
He makes me laugh all the time!

52Anna Kendrick
Why is she on this list?

53Lil Wayne
He is ugly he raps horrible
I stepped in some "Lil Wayne" while taking a short cut through the park one day. After scraping it off of my shoe on the street macadam, I came to realize that a dog's bowels aren't capable of generating such rank and wretched contents.

He looks like a Raggedy Ann doll after a little girl dropped it in a puddle of oil in the Walmart parking lot and been driven over by numerous tractor-trailer trucks.

He looks like the grease you scrape off the bottom of an abused McDonalds French fry pan.

The man needs some hair relaxer, a good dental plan and a bath.
Imagine if he actually DID voice Nazo the Hedgehog.

54Laura Marano
No one on disney can act or sing or do really anything
How is she here?
She gives me the know it all vibe.

55Simon Cowell
Just when you thought Simon couldn't do anymore damage to modern society, he pollutes the Earth by having a kid.

Luckily though, we can all rest assure that this kid won't get an inflated ego from too many words of encouragement while growing up.
Created the worst boy band in history
I hate him for dissing Westlife. They were the best boyband and he disrespected them? Face it Cowell, One Direction will never be like Westlife. DEAL WITH IT.
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56Wiz Khalifa
I take a Wiz Khalifa every morning after I wake up, but then I flush and move on with the rest of my day. He's just that forgettable.

57Shailene Woodley
She is a horrible actor. Just stop. You suck. Otherwise she seems like a good person I guess

58Hillary Duff
She peaked as a teen and is now considered a "has been" even while still being in her 20's. That simple fact alone is annoying because she has talent enough to do more. Where are you Hillary? The last time I saw you was in some movie, climbing over a desk while wearing scantily clad under garments, in hopes of seducing an older man. Is that scene an indication as to why you aren't working in Hollywood any longer?

59Nathan Kress
You know he after a long day of shooting on the iCarly set, he would return home filled with anticipation and semen, eager to masturbate at the very thought of his co-star Miranda Cosgrove.

Except, he probably never hit it before the show's cancellation; unlike Jerry Trainor who probably DID squeeze into that tight panty purse.

Boy, if only Nathan's hand were her Miranda Cosgrove's uterus though, she'd be on her 3rd set of triplets by now. But that would have required her giving him a shot instead of taking a shot from Jerry.

60Khloe Kardashian
It's pretty sad when you follow suit behind Kim.

Wait, is that Kim's a55 or just Khloe pulling up the rear?
As fat as Kim's a55 but not quite as famous.

61Robert Pattinson
He thinks he can sing... REALLY?

62China Anne McClain
She acts like she the queen of the world she needs to get over herself. She's just another one of those immature snobs that THINK they can and and act nut obviously can't. Her hair looks so ratchet and her voice is SO annoying!
She thinks she's cool just because she got her own show? That's what disney does! She wears fake hair and plays it off as her own, she's completely whitewashed, and I have NO idea how she landed her role in Grown Ups. She's totally fake! Also, I'm glad her show was cancelled. Plus, she cannot sing!
I HATE how she changes voice tones every second she can't sing no disney stars can she thinks shes so good but she SUCKS really bad
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63Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars is so awesome! He can sing and is really a good guy.
Bruno is the most amazing singer on earth
Give Bruno Mars, then maybe he will stop infecting Earth with those vocals.

Even so, there still wouldn't be life on Mars.

64Michelle Obama
You haters ganna hate
This is true.. She is not something cause she has for husband barack obama
Same as her husband and thinks she is a pop icon-- puke

65Maia Mitchell
UGLY. HORRIBLE. STUPID. you know, I could go on FOREVER. You seen her act before? I've seen my two-year old cousin do better! She tries to be good, and everyone loves her! Can't they see that she has no talent or looks? Her singing makes me want to PUKE! She was the reason Teen Beach movie was TERRIBLE! Why can't they think straight? She deserves to live in a sever!
WHY IS MAIA ON THIS LIST? I love her! She is super good at acting. She totally messed up her audition, but as the judges saw talent in her, they wanted her to audition again. To whoever said that she's the reason why Teen Beach Movie is horrible, she's the only reason why I even got myself to watch that movie. As for her singing, she only sounds kind of bad in her Teen Beach Movie songs because Disney is known for making good singers sound horrible. Maia said that she is good at singing, but she's not ready to become a singer yet, and she wants to stick with acting first.
Also, Maia is very pretty. In fact, she's prettier than all the other Disney stars.
Lastly, Maia is clearly too good for Disney. Disney can make any good actress or actor look bad-you should see her on The Fosters.
In teen beach movie she was HORRIBLE! She can't sing or act. Her voice is very pitchy and ugly
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66Zooey Deschanel
Shouldn't be on this list..
? Who gave this wretch her own show?
B*tch please like you could act any better. She is amazing!

67Malese Jow

68Zayn Malik
Why is he on the list?! Zayn is amazing
Sure he's good looking but that can't cover up that he acts like a dousche. At least he's not as bad as Justin beiber or whatever.
Zayn is not annoying he is cute, funny, and sings
More comments about Zayn Malik

69Angelina Jolie
She is fake. A good person, but really she can't act at all. Seriously she is just pretty and that is the only reason she is in movies
Why is she here? She's fab
Imagine if she DID voice Pauline from the Mario franchise.

Pauline's attributes: 6'5 & 256 pounds.

70Sean Penn
This jerk has made many rude comments about people who disagree with his lefty politics, like many of these worthless celebrities who think they're politicians.

71Joe Biden

72Hannah Taylor-Gordon
She's ugly and dumb

73Jenna Rose
By FAR the WORST singer of all time. The girl has an obvious lisp when she sings, yet you don't hear it in the songs. Reason? Major Auto-tune. If her song isn't proof enough her next follow up song "" featured the 12 year old wearing barely anything and dancing inappropriately.
Her songs that she sang when she grew older are better than "My Jeans". Wow that song SUCKED.

74Jai Brooks
He should be at the top for lying about ariana cheating on him. he recently admitted that it was a lie and Ariana and Nathan were forced to date to sell their song more. their managers made them so they had no choice. ariana shouldn't even be on this list
Ariana could be LYING though couldn't she. She is as annoying as hell.
I hate Jai Brooks! He's probably only dating Ariana for the money, and he lied about Ariana cheating on him!
More comments about Jai Brooks

75Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane is funny
He COULD voice Paper Mario.
He is the complete opposite of funny. His humor has definitely gone downhill...

76Vanessa Hudgens
Really annoying, and very untalented. She thinks she can make it to Broadway. The only thing she CAN make is the cut to a place were very talentless people go like the Kardashians.
Posted nudes and is not a good example for children. Not only that but her nudes are ugly

77Leo Howard
Bad actor disney stars can't act
Star of the Disney show: "Lickin' D1ck"

78Dove Cameron
I don't know she seems fake like trying to be ariana grande acting all cute with a soft voice and showing off her dimples
I think she's an amazing singer. But she just comes off as this person with a huge ego. But I don't know
She's pretty annoying. That nose! And not to mention she thinks she can act, Liv and Maddie is some bull crap, playing both characters?! Talk about being shitty. Not to mention her acting, very fake. She can sing, but please... Stop with the crap.

What adele is so talented she just has a couple ex's...
I love Adele, But I will respect
She might sound perfect for Toon Zelda.

80Rick Ross
How did he go from a police to a rapper
Acts like an escaped felon, and probably is one.
Obese sucky excuse for a rapper.

81Regis Philbin

82H. Jon Benjamin

83Stephen Fry

84Josh Mills

85Vince McMahon

86Josh Peck
He is funny. I like him!
Even though his slimmed-down figure has made his appearance better, and probably got him laid besides out of pity sake; he lost some of his comedic edge along with the weight.

Some of the funniest people were fat though, such as:

Oliver Hardy
Lou Costello
Curly from The Three Stooges
Don Rickles
John Belushi
John Candy
Chris Farley
Patrice O'Neal
Kevin James

Now a lot of those cited above could have achieved just as much success without excessive weight, but Josh still needs it. Some people can simply throw a pebble into a pond to cause enough ripples to be noticed in Hollywood, but Josh needs to dunk a full fledged bolder.

Eat a burger and bring back that fat ass we all fell in love laughing at Josh.

Isn't an early grave from a heart attack worth achieving legendary status?

87Mark Wahlberg

88Nathan Lane

You need a couple of glasses of Wasabi just to listen to Sabi.

But just like Wasabi, she can pleasure even though she tastes like 5hit.

90Alyson Stoner
Why is she on the list, you ask? BECAUSE she's the voice of Isabella from Phineas and Ferb. Seriously! I hate Alyson Stoner.

91Abby Lee Miller
She is a meanie She likes one person Maddie She is Bossy
She needs to get LAID before she hurts someone.

92Odette Annable

93Peyton List
Start working on hindering your gag reflex, because the deeper your throat is, the more likely "Jessie" will be the start of your career rather than the end.

So if we see you on the big screen in 2018, we'll know why

94Kourtney Kardashian
Don't let money raise your kids.

95Lea Michele
Shouldn't be on this list. She's an amazing actress and absolutely beautiful she will be big one day
Why'd she like the Archie comics?

Archie Meets Glee is a very terrible crossover.

I prefer Your Favorite Martian Meets Glee.

96Ansel Elgort

97Matt Bennett

98Vanessa Minnillo
Vanessa lachey's interview n Rachel Ray was so annoying she is so fake.

99John Travolta

100Kevin Kline

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