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1 Peckham

Peckham? I lived there for 13 and a half years, luckily I know some members of peckham so they're kind to me but get on their wrong side and your one way ticket to hell is delivered. drugs, knives, guns and murder was probably just the few things that peckham has to offer, almost every part of it is full of thugs, dealers or new bloods that are soon to be killers. stay away because it's your best option for you and the people you love

I was once in peckham with my two best friends, we were walking through the streets at night when we heard a loud bang. Two men in hoodies walked towards us from across the street and one of them pulled out something from their jacket, I didn't see what it was but I directly grabbed my friends hands and we started to run, we got away luckily enough. Another time I was just out shopping when I could see two guys handing each other what looked like drugs, I have seen drug dealers, murderers, and more here. I have lived here now sixteen years, born and raised, luckily I am alive but there is no way I'm raising my kids here. As soon as I'm old enough I'm moving.

Gangs everywhere. A LOT worse than Hackney, regardless of what others on here sat. I would never live in Peckham.

The streets smell people are heartless and I've seen people get mugged and attempted sexual abuse

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2 Brixton

I say never go to Brixton.. I has my worst night day in my life.. Hopefully I survived but Almost stayed there...

Brixton is a very fatal area of London, near Peckham. More people think Brixton is the most dangerous area in London. But there are some posotive progress in Brixton otherwise beware of Brixton

Definitely Brixton I've lived there all my life, I'm okay around the area but I was once in the game which I no longer aren't it's a dangerous area where all the kids are hungry for money, when I lived in Birmingham for a year it was actually quite worse, but Brixton is a no go zone if your not from around I see everything day in day out, kids rob things for the mom's crack it really isn't a nice place but its home depending on where your from different areas are more dangerous, my son was a victim of a stabbing that occurred on Brixton Hill which the argument started over 20 pound to be honest its all over silly fings I know everything there is about living in London and Peckham and Brixton is by far the most dangerous Stockwell has a lot of dark side's also but Brixton crime rate have gone way over what it should be its not a place to live if u want happiness just put it that way

Come to these ends opp boys skengs we truss in the blocks angel town all day GAS ygm

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3 Tottenham

This was the only way I could find to post my opinion. Reading the comments and releasing what negative connotations people have or Tottenham nearly brought tears to my eyes. I have lived in Tottenham all my life and have felt a sense of community; I also feel lucky that due to the cultural diversity in Tottenham I have learnt about other cultures - broadening my horizons. Yes I understand that there is poverty in Tottenham but I have felt a growing sense of ambition amongst my peers and others in my community to achieve something. Furthermore the portrayal of Tottenham in the media is biased and untrue; and I feel that people base their understanding of Tottenham on this when they have never even been to Tottenham. Others may have been to Tottenham once or twice, have had a negative experience and decided to once again based their understanding on this. Honestly I can't imagine growing up anywhere else, and wouldn't be where I am today and achieved what I have if I'd lived elsewhere. ...more

Tottenham is one of the poorest areas in London and it is a failed area, plagued with crime, unemployment, welfare dependency, race hustlers, gang/gun/drug culture and degenerate broken single mothers (with 3 or more kids from multiple fathers.

Tottenham is run by Labour's Haringey Council (the same council whose Social Services couldn't protect Baby Peter from his abusers or failed to improve the area since the riots in 2011. Mark Duggan is the idol for all the thugs and race hustlers in Tottenham.

If Tottenham was a country, it would be a failed state on par with Somalia.

Run down awful place, always on a knives edge, even on a match day when local club Tottenham Hotspur are playing you get the sense that something is always about to happen. The experience for a visiting football supporter to the area is probably the worst in the country, the walk from seven sisters station to the football ground is as intimidating as it gets and getting out of there after a match, particularly an evening game is is nothing short of frightening.

home to some of the nastiest football hooligans in Britain. avoid!

Probably the only area of London that has got worse over the years. It's as bad now as Brixton was in the 90s

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4 Edmonton

I've lived in edmonton for 11 years, and I have seen many crimes taking place. Even in school, you need to make sure that you don't trust anyone. Just when you think they are your sisters, they snake you and stab your back. Also stuck in between tottenham and enfield, which are places with high poverty and unemployment. There was a time when a boy put a lot of weed in a cigarette and gave it to. A Muslim girl and the girl was so frass that they had to take her to the hospital. There are also a lot of squad hoes that will give anyone uck

Edmonton could make the new number 1 spot, a woman was beheaded and stabbed there today! - As17

Gangs who mug and kill and get away with it. In general full of strange people

I've lived in Edmonton for 16 years and I feel like the only Englishman living their however despite the crime rate and the eye sores and poor infrastructure and yes it's full of strange characters and mouthy individuals and people who looked like they have escaped from prison I can honestly say I've not meet any intimidating people or intimidating gangs most are just low life... but having lived and been to parts of London like Brixton Haringey green lanes and Kilburn Tottenham Croydon burnt oak where you find intimidating gangs and individuals where mugging is such a normal way of life... I would think nothing of walking up and down Edmonton Green all day long all night long and nothing would happen..

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5 Croydon

Croydon is really bad. I lived there at the start of 2014 and was mugged 2 times at night and in the late afternoon walking through an alleyway. Not good for kids. I always saw gangs of 14-20 odd year olds walking around the streets thinking they own the place. Brixton has calmed down, Croydon should definitely be up against Brixton and hackney.

I lived in Croydon all my life so I know first hand how ghetto and secret it is. West Croydon was probably the worst effected area in the Riots, guess why? Because the youths here have nothing to lose. They are violent and don't care. The thugs here are not all talk, they will kill, shoot or stab whenever they find fit. Be careful after dark in the hight street of West Croydon, London Road. Things could get serious.

As a person who has been brought up in Croydon I know where to go and what it's really like people get mugged everyday and stabbed too often croydons changing constantly and street wise is essential not to be robbed or stabbed new gangs form up each year most of them petty crimes but the major ones get kids and young ages and I've seen boys get kicked out of school and fall into the gang cycle. Too many people are getting stepped in Croydon and it's not down to alcohol it's about the clashes between gangs and honest people who are trying to get on with their own life's.

I lived in croydon for 34 years so I know how it is juss be your self don't be a target for your self to get mugged and just don't stare at people

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6 Hackney

I've just passed by bus through Hackney and the scenery was horrible. The streets were very dirty, the buildings looked as if a war had happened there and every street corner was populated by groups of dangerous looking people that seemed to have been put there only to start a fight. And this was during the day.

I've been to many countries with many known bad neighborhoods, but Hackney gave me this feeling of unsafe that I haven't experienced anywhere else. Everything was so grim, it looked like one of those horror movies where someone is waiting for you around the corner with a knife.

Hackney is my definition of hole.

Just arrived to London.
I am in a cheap crappy hotel in Hackney until I find a flat. I hope I get out of here fast. This place stinks to crime. So far I see the tube station is full of police, I saw people being arrested and lots of gang like looking people.

I'm a white guy from Yorkshire, I spent a week there with work, I want really aware of the number of gangs until I got back home, I like a smoke to relax, I walked the streets of hackney smoking bud due to stopping at premier inn, I never had any trouble, even shared a j with a small group of youths they were good lads and I at no point felt threatened, I think partly because I treat black people the exact same as I would a white person, I think the media is too quick to brand them as gangs, a lot of the time its not gangs but communities sticking together and being loyal to friends and family because those are the morals installed in them at an early age, one petty argument can escalate into a murder or violent assault down to no other reasons than pride and rep. high crime goes hand in hand with poverty not just in London but across the UK and even the world, in London in particular, I think the government and media pigeon hole them as gangs because if the entire London youth united ...more - Greguf

There is a big difference between Hackney Central (Council/Tenant flats) and Hackney Wick (Big Artist Studios) if you are an artist you could work there but you might want to live somewhere else (If it's temporary accommodation you are looking for Stratford isn't too far as there are inns and temporary accommodation near Westfield too - Stratford was improved when London Hosted the 2012 Olympic Games)

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7 Stockwell

I'm an American who has lived in Stockwell half the year for the last 6 years. I know it well, even better than many native residents. Know shopkeepers, cafe owners. Sure, there is crime, but I feel it is terribly exaggerated. According to a friend from Stockwell on the police force, the crime is mainly gang on gang.

I find Stockwell a charming community with an identity, a small town feeling of sorts. I get on well with everyone, from the Pakistanis at the two grocery stores by the tube, the Cypriots at the Kebab shop, and of course the Portuguese cafe and restaurants owners and staff. I'm on a first name basis with so many of them and have a love affair with stockwell.

I've walked the streets of Stockwell at all hours, including coming home from clubbing in the wee hours of the morning. Never once have I felt threatened or uneasy. Sure, crime can happen. But unless one is a gang member, the typical crime (according to local police and my own experience) is a mobile ...more

Jean Charles De Menezes was wrongly targeted as a terrorist and wrongly shot to death by under cover police officers inside Stockwell Tune Station. However no riots or angry protests were started unlike Mark Duggan, who symbolises the thuggish and violent community in Tottenham.

Stockwell is Divided with to turfs. Sw8(North Stockwell) home of the 031 blood/Piru Set gangs who share the same rivalry gang ABM 67 Broad Day (South Stockwell SW9). Stockwell has been given a nickname Shotwell (for the large numerous gun crime in the area.

It is so dangerous your looking for death to be going there

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8 Stonebridge Estate Harlesden

Most Gun-crime in London occurs here according to metropolitan police force.

Not as bad as it use to be but During London's worst time for homicides 1999-2004 it was the murder capital of UK. Its mostly Black Caribbean and notorious for Yardie gang.

Run down brutal housing estate, this is pretty much what you can expect from Harlesden

Don't go to harlesden at 3 murder time

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9 Tulse Hill

Kids Go to school with knives and hang about in groups teasing people if you know people your safe else there will be one or more incidents with you please stay safe but in general the gangs in tulse hill are kinder then other areas on of the most safe area in the whole list.

Bad place to bring up teenagers

Terrible Place in South London! Don't go there, loads of gangs

All I'm going to say is when you go to Tulse Hill, be very careful who you trust. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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10 Custom House

Moved there over the beginning of summer of this year & I have already moved out of the area as I was frightened for my life when I saw a group of black boys shooting at each other on one of the main roads not far from where I had lived, that behaviour is extremely concerning & worrying for the people that still live there

It was 2014, I was going to a convention in ExCeL. I had to go through custom house and gangly looking people gave me looks. It was almost as if someone wanted me stabbed. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Dangerous! Most of the youths around here are convicted for numerous of murders & guns

Definitely the grittiest part of london, most involved borrough in the newham postcode war and so far in the past 12 months newham has had a higher gun crime rate than any other london borrough.

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11 Grahame Park

I deliver pizza there and 8 eople came and kicked me down and stile the pizza now papa johns and any other food companies will never deliver there

Not gonna lie I robbed bare man there and got robbed myslelf very horrible area

Stabings alone are high enough to make you want to relocate. with high tensions between rival gangs geting caught in the crossfire is a high possibility a lot of guns, drugs. Gangs, hitmen poverty creates crime and gp is just many products of our society most of these kids have great talents that get overlooked because of social bias

I moved from Islington escaping violence and harassment to live 10 min walk from GP.
The only shops in the area are on the concourse where you will be met with drug dealing, junkies and alcholics. If you have children I do not advise you move here especially if they are vulnerable as they will be encourage to join the gang.
Take away the gang culture and the area is quite nice.

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12 Barking

Barking is a crap place to live, filled with crime, thugs, ghettos, high welfare dependency and unemployment is at double-digits courtesy of the local Labour Party Council and its longest serving MP, Margaret Hodge.

Barking isn't that bad, considering I don't live far from there. But if something like the 2011 riots happen again, Id highly advise you stay away from barking at night. Other than that, barking is very nice - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

You Will be robed in a street quickly

Had beef with a gang in barking, almost got shot and stabbed twice

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13 Church Road

Never stop at the traffic lights & If u do don't look left they're always posted at the traffic lights if u look left for too long or u screw your dead just look ahead & act normal daytime nighttime they're always there just don't make the mistake of looking left at the traffic lights.. Trust me

Church road used to be on job there used to be people getting shot every week the wars between church road and stone bridge have been mad

Luckily for me I know the people In church road, therefore I'm safe. However, if you don't know the youths there don't try screw face because you can get stabbed. It's not even the olders that have to put in work, even the youngers will stab just for clout/ratings.

Church road people shoot up stonebridge on a weekly basis, should be in top 5

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14 South Kilburn

If your walking thru they will stare at you and ask what area you are from and if you try to run away they will chase after you

This estate is terrible,! Drugs drugs shooting stabbings even the white kids are terrible here.. I live in upper side of kilburn but I have to get the kilburn park station train to work and this is where I feel scared. Once I walked past a shop and saw a male laid out with ambulance aiding himm

Youths and adults who run and sell drugs they will shoot, stab and rob you with no hesatation do not go there if you don't belong.

Absolute worst place ever, Lived there 2 years, never go back

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15 Mozart

If Musical Composer Mozart was alive today, he would request his name to be removed from this HELLHOLE place.

21 are you joking what is this doing below canning town too this place is a literal hell and an insult to Mozart himself. My dad even says mozart is bad - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Maddest Area In London Should've Been Higher Up The List

I was brought up in Mozart and now live Canning Town. How Mozart is 48 behind Canning Town is ridiulous! Mozart is 10 times worse then any East London town

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16 Harlesden

Harlesden looks like an third world African Refugee Camp inhabited by thugs, drug dealers, uncivilized people, closet racist, gangster wannabes, who are all recipient of and dependent on state welfare, free health care and housing. It is a crap place with shoddy council housing/blocks and dodgy people/shops.

The Labour Council of Brent keep depriving and decaying the areas they are meant to improve.

If Harlesden was a country, it would be a banana republic and a failed state.

Moved there for the low price, BIG MISTAKE. Commute into Central London takes ages on the Bakerloo line which seems to stop every 100 yards. The 18 bus is unreliable (two or three would come within a few minutes of one another and then none for the next 10 minutes, long waiting time for driver change on both direction near Willesden Junction station) Local high street looks like third world with rubbish lying around and smell of urine at every street corner. Loads of shops with signs that no one apart from their specific ethnic clientele can read (no problem with minorities but at least write your sign in English so everyone knows what you are selling). Rude people who have no idea how to live in a city, always blocking roads when they wait for buses, and mothers with millions of kids who they just let to run around like mad.

Can't think of a more depressing place to live in a great city like London - at least until I travelled past Church End just to the north. AVOID LIKE A ...more

Not as bad as it use to be but During London's worst time for homicides 1999-2004 it was the murder capital of UK. Its mostly Black Caribbean and notorious for Yardie gangs

We live here for the last 10 years with four children and despite the bad reputation it is a great place to live. Bakerloo and London overground are reliable. Bus 18 runs 24 h to central London. Community is rich and it feels great. Great neighbours who care for you when you care for them. Close to regents canal, 10min from Portobello road, Roundwoid park has a great cafe, Blue mountain peak fruit&avenge shop is a must. The new pub Old Oak on high street is great with gastro pub food. The student housing in Park Royal has brought new younger community into the area. Great nurseries and primary schools here. A lot of people say it's dangerous, most of them have never been to Harlesden. Yes community is diverse, yes there are a lot of different communities, yes it is colourful, but where else can you live in zone 2/3 for less money then elsewhere in London.

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17 Enfield

Enfield is actually nice borough in London (if you don't live in Edmonton). Edmonton is crap area in Enfield run by Socialist Labour councillors, who have neglected the area for many years and have caused it to be overpopulated with people and council blocks.

Edmonton is infested with crime, gang culture, degenerate sub-human children born from out of wedlock Crack mothers dependent on welfare, corruption, bureaucracy, unemployment and crap public services. There are better communities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Libya than in soulless Edmonton.

If you have kids don't send them to a public school in Enfield, drugs are taken so lightly now it seems normal to smoke some weed before school isn't even bad now, this really depends on which school it is but if I was you I'd make sure your kids are smart so they can go to a selective school that's really your only chance trust me.

Enfield isn't that bad compared to Edmonton - RickyReeves

Enfield is so dangerous, watch for highlands kids bare road

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18 Basildon

Probably one of the most dangerous areas of the U.K. Home of Essex man and Essex girl! Need I say more. Daily stabbings, shootings, burglaries, muggings etc. Drugs openly and widely available. Prostitution is rife - and all those tough Essex boys? You'll find them in corridors of the town center car park and Gloucester Park having sex with one another. Male rape is a major problem in this area. And the women? They would kill you sooner than look at you. If you go to Basildon you go at your own risk - beware!

One Basildon isn't in London it's Essex and two I've lived here all my life like most places some areas are bad but overall I think it's quite safe.

The gangs are even more ruthless still

Tbf there was more murders in Basildon last year than most places in London no lie!

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19 Lewisham

Full of racial tension, gang bangin thugs and petty coke dealin white hooligans, tons or crack/ smackheads and no cameras on the back roads. Anything goes in the blue boro sutm like south east's wild west

I lived in lewisham VERY ROUGH Notorious drug dealers and turf war BEWARE AND don't STARE

I remember this one birthday I got a new a bike, so I took it round the place for a test drive. Lewisham has a tonne of side alleys where there are no cameras. I literally saw this guy in BROAD daylight handing a pouch of cocaine to some other dude, shady (made sure not to stare).

This other time I got a new deck for my skateboard and went down to Ladywell park to try it out, on the way back I saw these three guys wearing gloves and black bandanas round their face. (Peckham boys? ) Literally around this same big ass tower as before. Just today some kid got arrested for some reason. He was walking down the road, feds speed up and almost crash into our wall, take the kid and then drive away.

Although, for the most part I like living here compared to almost anywhere in London. Also if your in Catford be sure to say hi to everyone's favourite crackhead, Fritz!

It is really bad in Lewisham many young boys walk round with knives and guns many gangs an many stabbing.crim needs to be stopped

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20 Canning Town

Canning Town was dubbed as one of the poorest places in the uk by the media, but it is definitely progressing, because loads of investments are being made

So much much investment is being put into Canning Town. Things are definitely on the up. Superb connections to central London. A good place to get on the property ladder.

Gangs on a street daytime, police in the underground station

I go to Canning Town a lot. It's alright and because lots of investments it's getting a lot nicer and becoming more like the local areas of the docklands. Nearby Plaistow is a lot worse.

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