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Sarah Brightman
A few nights ago I watched her interview with Jonathan Ross on You Tube, also her episode of "This Is Your Life". I had already been knocked out by her "Live in Vienna" DVD and wanted to see what she is really like as a person. My conclusion is that she is beautiful, down to earth, classy and humourous - and indeed probably the most desirable singer in the world - at least amongst those that I have seen... And I have also over the years found myself 'desiring' the likes of Amy MacDonald, Dido, Kate Bush and Agnetha Faltskog, so I'm by no means a one-woman man! In the end it comes down to Sarah's fantastic voice and her incredible performances, but she also makes the absolute utmost of her good looks, and she certainly wasn't at the back of the queue when legs were being dished out!
Sarah Brightman, is the most down to earth artist Ive come across in a very long time. She has one of the most breathtaking voices, but more importantly, she makes the songs she sing truly come alive....Sarah, puts passion into the songs she brings to us.

I just love her!
Sarah is so gorgeous and talented, sweet and so giving! She is the perfect woman. To top it all off she have the voice of an angel from heaven! She makes every woman envy her and every man drool.
[Newest]She totally deserves the first place.The true angel of music

2Amy Lee
Of course she is the most wanted female is the music
industry today. Look at her! Amy is perfection.
Her eyes are just hypnotic. Stare into them and your
forever lost. She is bewitching.
She is the definition of perfection, I, as a girl think she is. She wore her midnight black hair and corsets before it was cool, she sang in an ethereal voice before it was cool, she was a goddess before it was cool
Most perfection singer in the world. She is amazing. She's voice is makes me cry and she is very hot. Look at her, she is really really hot and charismatic woman. Love you Amy, you are an angel!
[Newest]She is beautiful and gorgeous.

3Sarah Geronimo
Philippines best! She's very popular and yet stays grounded. An amazing performer and she never fail to amaze her fans and viewers in all her performances. Indeed, beautiful person inside and out
BEST SINGER EVER. I can't imagine how can she sing and dance effortlessly at the same time? Not all artist can do that that's why I REALLY LOVE HER.
I love sarah geronimo because the way she sing I'm always amaze even though almost everyday I visit her video on youtube
[Newest]Sarah is the best singer in the world... She has a lovely voice...

4Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is a wonderful singer, You might think that she's a girly girl because she got married but she changed to someone she wants to be so why can't you just let Avril have a chance. Don't blame her! I just have to tell you something else, Imagine you were someone who was a vegetarian but you couldn't resist the smell of yummy meat and you took a bite than you liked it and than you changed to a meat lover you can change if you want too!


I love how she sings, acts and how she does.. WELL, EVERYTHING! Her voice is like an angel's and even though PRACTICALLY no one knows her in my class, I don't care and sing WHAT THE HELL out loud in their faces, where the gossip girls who all loves and practically WORSHIPS Taylor Swift, will say mean and gross, weird things about me that aren't true, but I DON'T CARE!
She is very gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life... She has sweet voice... She should be number one..
[Newest]Man I just listening to her songs... Especially smile...

the epitome of sex appeal


I don't know who made this list
Sharkira I love here music so much she sings hips don't lie so good she has talent shes from columbia and I am too I love her song waka waka couse my dad is from africa my mom columbia shes just so talented I'm a girl and she is to but don't jugje me


6Agnetha Faltskog
The most stunning voice I've ever heard this lady can cry with her voice and how stunningly beautiful she still is today!
Agnetha was stunning in her younger days and is still radiant and beautiful today; her voice adds to her beauty.


Could be more desirable? She is the goddess of charm on scene.


[Newest]Never seen such a beautiful woman. She IS beauty!

7Beyonce Knowles
She is one of a kind... She is a Very Good Dancer, Has a moving Voice, an incredible actress... She is also a model, producer, director, a business woman.. She does have it all.. She is a good role model... By showing us that hard work can really make you reach your dreams... Shes also drop-dead gorgeous... Shes kind and sweet...
I think beyonce is a wonderful singer and she fight hard. She never gives up. But I like ciara to I like ciara to because she can dance and sing good but to most people ciara is nothing but ciara is something. I like both beyonce and ciara and I hope they make a song together. Peace!
Pretty, Hot and Beautiful, she is one that is sure to top the chart with her hit singles. She has the stunning body and her piercing eyes, are set to leave fans astounded with every performance she produces.
[Newest]Beautiful! Nice body I mean she's bootylicious and she has a pretty face.

8Charice Pempengco
Been addicted to charice more than 4 years now and still doing what I normally do... Watch her on youtube, listen to her music, read news, articles, blogs, etc about her, visit her fansites... EVERYDAY.. And I don't want to be cured of my addiction

If you haven't watched her rendition of 'you are so beautiful' from the david foster and friends concert last 25 dec, the song of which she dedicated to her late father who recently passed away (search on youtube... There's a lot), you have missed a portion of your life
charice is the only singer I listen over and over again without getting sick and tired of listening her voice. her voice made your hair stand up. I listened to her song so many many times. and for the records sarah geronimo should not be here to be voted. I don't think she is that good compare to any of these singers. sorry, I have noting against sarah, but just be honest, her voice is pretty plain.


Its my daily habit to watch her on youtube, read news and articles about her, visit her fan sites, etc EVERYDAY... She has a built-in autotuner and amplifier... But most of all if you know her story, she's an inspiration to ordinary people like... Definitely the most desirable singer in the world!
[Newest]One of the greatest artists of all time.

9Katy Perry
Katy perry is so pretty!
She is the most beautiful singer for me

10Hayley Williams
Most attractive woman to grace this earth. Her face was sculpted by God himself and her hair is as beautifully red as a wounded Phoenix rising from the ashes.
she is absolutely beautiful


the hottest female rocker in the world today!


[Newest]Better than Avril Lavigne. Period.

The Contenders

11Anni Frid Lyngstad
always a pleasure to watch her. She gives me a secure feeling with a lot of love. Not only her voice sounds like an angel, she is an angel as well.


A real pro with a great voice but with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. My choice for the person I’d most like to be with if I were stranded on a very very remote island!
Walked into a market today and they were playing Waterloo over the PA. I could picture Frida singing and it lit up my day! She's on my bucket list for sure!

12Christina Aguilera
She is my favorite singer and I think she has a brilliante voice the best female singer ever I think and the best male singer has to be Elvis Presley love them both xx
She is an attractive woman and obviously a great singer as well. Beautiful, both with and without makeup. She is the epitome of sexy, Xtina forever!
Though often labeled as an oversinging diva, she essentially has genuine scratchy voice - name "beautiful". despite of Bionic and Burlesque failure, I think she's still a potential artist in decades ahead to sing in a way nobody does. go christina.
[Newest]Amazing voice packages together with shining beauty; salute our diva - Christina Aguilera- no replacement!

You are a great singer I was about to tell my classmates
Love her clean songs!

14Nicole Scherzinger
This is the
Most Desirable Female Singers in the World! Rite?
Well nicole scherzinger is the one!
she's very beautiful and have many good song

15Ann Wilson
When I first saw Ann it was 1976 and I could not believe a woman could be that good looking and sing too.

16Taylor Momsen

17Lady Gaga
I love lady gaga so much. She is such an talented and inspiring artist. She has a very beautiful voice and is very beautiful herself. I love you mother monster. And remember : when your're lonely I'll be lonely too, and this is the fame. Love and art :) Paws up!
She's one of the most popular and awesome singers. I love her so much, she's like my favorite singer. She is amazing!
She's the most powerful female singer of all time. Inspiration, creativity, and epicness. Long live the Queen of pop!

18Nelly Furtado
Shes an amazing angelic perfection of a singer with an impeccable talent

19Kim Tae-yeon

Taeyeon is the best singer in SNSD and K-pop.
She is the most talented singer and great singer.
I love her so much
Taeyeon is the best singer in SNSD and K-pop.
She is the most talented singer and great singer.
Her angelic voice,
Her passion,
Cannot be compare with the others
<3 I'm sone from VietNam. Taeyeon really sing well. I liked her when I heard "If". She is the great singer. Her voice like a angle. Although she is only a Korean singer, she can more famous. She have a great dream that she will become the world's best singer live. I love Tae. I hope her dream is true.
[Newest]TaeYeon is the best!

20Anastacia Newkirk
Her voice is so amazing, She has had such a huge impact on my life since I was 7 years old. I have supported her since the day I first heard her music. And I will love her no matter what. I love Anastacia so much. She is so pretty and has the most lovable personality. You have got to love her! All of her songs have a meaning to them, all I can relate to all of them. So much love for her. She is just amazing! She is my inspiration and I will look up to her no matter what. Anastacia is the person the number 1 person that I would like to be. I will look up to her for the rest of my life and keep supporting her no matter what the cost. Number 1 freak forever. Love you so much Anastacia!
! I love her, she's amazing, wonderful, beautiful, Her voice is so powerful, she's my angel and I'll follow her forever! Love you Stacey! You're just perfect!
[Newest]Just love hur! Any other reason? Good personality, voice. AMAZING BODY!

21Carrie Underwood
She is without a doubt, the most naturally beautiful and talented singer anywhere. There are no pretenses, no phoniness, no over Indulgences, never any kind of trouble and she has not changed at all because of her fame. You can tell she was brought up by loving, decent parents and a loving and caring family. They continue to put GOD first as does her husband. GOD surely does smile down on this girl.
There will never be another Carrie Underwood. A wonderful christian, amazing voice, award winning superstar, helping others thru different organizations, she wants to be remembered not by her music but being a good role model.
sweet, god-fearing, talented, unique voice, wonderful, world's sexiest vegetarian, most succesful american idol, and most of all one of the best female artist to date..

22Taylor Swift
She's the only singer know to be a very good example for young teenager girls! She;s beautiful too!
She tells her story by her songs. Its very honest, moving, touching, and real.
She inspires and leads my life and pretty much how I live it :) She makes me feel like the person I really am and completes my life, wonderful woman.
[Newest]I think she should be number one she is the best at least better than shakira she is really ugly and disgusting

23Siouxsie Sioux

24Stevie Nicks

25Selena Gomez
My male classmates say she is hot. They all get melty when I mention her or sing his song. I think that if she have the power to make boys love her by just being herself is enough. Beauty comes from inside and as lady I also accept she is pretty and have great talent so yeah she desirable for boys and an example for girls.
She is sexy and a great singer. She sings with her soul and has passion with what she does. Selena always has that vibe to her that makes her a unique person and singer. She is my favorite singer and she should be yours too!
She is amazing singer and she is was impressive than Justin Bieber, and she is a huge inspiration to all the girls in the world.
[Newest]She is really hot and her songs are all catchy

26Britney Spears
Godney spears the queen, the legend, the goddess. She is the queen of pop and will always slay~
She's the one...
she's really amazing no one can be like her...
Sweetest pop star and she is beautiful

27Regine Velasquez
She has the best voice ever... In my opinion, she has everything, the looks, the fashion and the voice. She is also a very down-to-earth person which I admire the most. Regine Velasquez made the Filipino proud. She also discovered a lot of talents. As what she said, she wants to discover the best singers in the Philippines and guide them always. Every time she sings, I could close my eyes and imagine. When I saw her in person her voice is still the same when she sings live and when I listen to her CD's.
She's not just have a beautiful voice, she's also gorgeous. She can do anything with her SMILE! Very charming!
A pride of philippines! Try to listen her voice.. May know the sest female singer ever...

28Jennifer Lopez
She is the best singer
I love her
She has a very beautiful and strong voice.
She is the most beautiful woman and it is to important for a singer
Shes a sexy fine ass latina with a nice cootch
I love Jennifer Lopez! She is the best singer I love her so Much laugh out loud I love her song "On the Floor" it's so cool! Laugh out loud :) She's very pretty too! Jlo is the Best! HAaa. Yeaah that's what I think PPls. laugh out loud. I Jlo

29Alison Mosshart

30K.S. Chithra
Everyone desire her who hear
Chithra is surely amazing.. I haven't hooked up with any singer as much as I do with this girl.. I can't imagine how this seet voice is coming out of a body.. she's so awesome..


Chitra is my favourite singer. Actually I was the person who got inspiration from her. I like her sweet, awesome, fantastic voice. My dream is to become a great singer and to meet chitra. Ilike to get appreciations from her.

31Demi Lovato
She is an inspiration to girls all around the world, and also the best transformation from a disney princess to a mature adult
She is a natural beauty who doesn't need anything artificial to cover up and her voice is just like an angel
Demi should be at the very top I don't even understand why she is under Selena Gomez I'm sorry but she can't sing or maybe she can but Demi is waay better.

32PJ Harvey

33Kelly Clarkson

34Gwen Stefani

35Whitney Houston
Has it all: The talent. The looks. The drama. Total diva. Truly a trendsetter. Certainly set the standard for all who have come after.
This list is crap! Oh is Celine Dion up there! -. - That woman is so hidiuous! Ugh! Absolutely ridiculous! Well this is now fact WHITNEY IS NUMBER IN LOOK S AND TALENT! No one can ever compare to this legend!
you cant get much better wen ur already the best!!

36Jen Ledger

37Tay Jardine

38Alanis Morissette

39Celine Dion
I think no one can compare to celine dion because her voice is unique and superior. She had a successful concert every time she performed. She is the best singer in the world.
unbelievable, the best female singer in the world, with vocals that really can climb to the highest.. love her
[Newest]The one and only queen of all queens..

40Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung... What can I say, this woman is classy, cool, nice, and charming. If she was called the Ice Princess before, well now, I can say the ice has melted. ^_^
SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. She looks cold on the outside but her fans know her true personality. She sings
Well and good at anything she do besides cooking.
Shes a jung. With the name Jessica.
sing *check
act *check
fan-service *check to infinity
emceeing *almost check
shes flawless (seriously humans should check her out)
[Newest]I love Jessica. She’s amazing and gorgeous. She looks perfect to me <3
She's born to be loved by millions of fans and she's good singer of course

41Lana Del Rey
I'll definitely go lesbian for lana... But only for lana... Enough said

42Priyanka Chopra

43Victoria Beckham

Rihanna is just a simple female singer. Many people love her because she is very good singer. When you listen her songs I think you can't speak of her nice voice and songs. So you say rihanna is the most desirable female singer in the world..
love her style of singing. listen carefully and you will notice that caribbean flavour. your are beautiful, young and talented. stay focus and God bless
I love her and I love her style she is the best singer in my opinion! And I listen to her songs every day several times, I like to add that she inspires me
[Newest]How is rihanna not at the top.

45Mariah Carey
I really like her golden voice! It really relaxes my mind...
she is the most hard to break singer of all time!
She has a wonderful strong voice that makes me happy!
Also her song 'All I want for christmas is you' makes my Christmas every year loving memory!
No one in this list can ever beat MARIAH "THE SONGBIRD SUPREME" CAREY. She is the highest among all the songbirds in the world, simply because she is supreme!


47Ariana Grande


49Natalia Oreiro
Natalia - It is so beautiful. Argentine miracle. Cheeky angel wonderful wild and extremely beautiful woman with a charming voice!


51Paris Hilton

52Agnes Monica
She is amazing, beautiful, smart, good singer n dancer, cool performer n she make indonesian proud
I give my vote to Agnes Monica. She is deserve to have it. Still young, beautiful, smart and multitalented. Prepare the world. She will be a new Diva in Hollywood Music Industry. Thumbs Up for her! Bravo Agnesmo
The real diva
Best Asian artist
The most followed asian artis on twitter
Have many awards
She is singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, actrees
She is multitalented

53Layla Brooklyn Allman

54Leona Lewis
None can compare to her.
Love leona lewis but alas underrated byt at least for me she amazing n mezzo soparanno

55Ziana Zain
she's amazing, beauty, talented, and very down to earth... her beauty not only on her looks and appearance... but also beauty in heart...
She has beautiful smile.. her face is look a like Jlo.. she very beautiful. No doubt!


Pretty, Charming, beautiful... natural beauty inside out!


56Yvonne Muentener
She is like the best dream and still so authentic. I love her look and voice so much!
I'd love to see her as the main act in action and romance movies. Her music should play in this master pieces as well. She's terrific. Her poster deserves the best place on my walls.
I love to watch her moves. She's a great singer and dancer.
[Newest]This Swiss celebrity is in my opinion the hottest girl in the world. Yvonne is highly seductive. She is so cute, beautiful, sexy and funny. Her sparkling charisma with this incredible awesome and unique rock voice gives me chills and hot sweats every time I think of her.

Madonna helped pave the way for all the "desirable" and "sexy" female artists of today.

58Karen Carpenter
Even though Karen Carpenter passed on, she has to have one of the most beautiful voices of all time!
with out a doubt, she was an angel

59Sheryn Mae Regis

60Minette Linderoth
Of course! Wonderful lady!

61Toni Gonzaga
you know I really admire her personality!

62Cheryl Cole (Tweedy)

63Valary DiBenedetto
She's beautiful kind and has a great voice.
She's beautiful and has a great voice!

64Shreya Ghoshal
She is awesome
She is goreous
She is great performer
The song I like from her is then then in kuruvi film
Also she is great is duet singing
She is beautiful too
She is best singer

65Mika Nakashima

66Seohyun (Girls' Generation)

67Utada Hikaru
Love her and her music... She inspires me a lot... Hope she has a great life in her later career. I miss her because shes on hiatus hope she comes back soon.
She's a real representative of new generation.

68Siti Nurhaliza

69Shania Twain
Shainia was probably one of the most talented singers of the 90's through 2004. I watched her show last year on the Oprah Winfrey network and she is still truely amazing and beautiful! So tragic that she lost her confidence after she got divorced but she has raw talent without her x-husband. She is one of the most compassionate, honest people I've ever seen, hope she comes back with a vengeance!
Just look at her jugs, it's a boner. She's the most desirable singer of my era.
how can anyone not desire Shanie, she is so hot!


[Newest]This is a no-brainer, she must be in the top 3, my gosh.

70Jessica Simpson
She is one of the best female singer of the whole universe and no words to explain about her. To me, she is the best international singing icon. She is gorgeous, talented, sexy and many other... So I love her, we love her and the whole world loves her.

71Tiffany (Girls' Generation)

72Vikki Carr
Been a fan for 40 years, my favorite female singer still.

73Aria Tesolin

74Elkie Brooks
The best female singer EVER to come from the U. K

75Laura Pausini

76CL (2NE1)
She's got swag, charisma, she's a true leader, and... Why is she 54th?
I'm an Italian BlackJack, I just love 2NE1, and I think here CL deserves some votes ;)

BlackJack from all the world, VOTE!
:) she is the best

77Zooey Deschanel
She has that soft, cute from the 60s era not to mention her looks
I want to marry her so bad

She has those breathtaking eyes and the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh and the best... She's not a slut



80Kwon Yuri

81Dolores O'Riordan
Voted as one of the hottest moms in rock. She has more energy performing that most pop teens


Totally her! Makes me melt
She is awesome, very sexy!

82Carly Simon

83Natalie Imbruglia

84Cassadee Pope
I love herr. amazing voice & shes beautiful


85Choi Soo-young

86Lacey Mosley
Out of Flyleaf, not only has she got an incredible voice but she's way hot!
A very smart person that isn't afraid of speaking her mind. She is a person that is brave without even holding a knife or a gun.

87Linda Ronstadt


89Jackie Evancho
See her "Awakening" album cover. Good grief!
Fans all over the world love to hear Jackie's golden voice.


90Jordin Sparks

91Tata Young

92Dolly Parton
God, she´s the most beautiful woman I´ve ever seen... she´s so cute and adorable and look at this body!

93Kylie Minogue
Very beautiful woman with charming voice, her style is so bright and so delicate. She is not only very talented singer, she is a real fashion icon with a good taste.

94Sunny (Girls' Generation)

95Kelly Rowland

96Melissa Manchester

97Geri Halliwell

98Kelly Chan

99Emmylou Harris
Over the course of her career Emmylou has grown from a pretty young woman to a strikingly beautiful lady. Even as a 64-year-old grandmother Emmy remains a vision of angelic loveliness.

100Mylene Farmer

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