The 10 Most Evil Villains In Video Games


A brief explanation before we begin. There have already been countless lists of the best villains in video games in the past, and chances are there are no two that are alike, but I like to think that my list is different in some aspects because I haven't let things like popularity of the character or the game it's in influence my decisions.

Here are some stipulations I set:

- The character cannot be evil by any sort of outside forces influencing him. If they had a rough childhood, if they're out for revenge, if they're being forced by a more powerful villain, he's disqualified from being on the list.
- The character cannot at some point have assisted the protagonist.
- The character cannot show any sort of remorse, guilt, shame, or otherwise any sort of human traits towards their misdeeds.
- If the character believes they are doing good, they are off the list. I offer some compromise to that rule with any robotic, or computerized characters, who generally don't believe in good or evil, but "necessity."

So as you can see from these guidelines, I wasn't just looking for evil.

I was looking for EVIL.

Originally this was meant to be a top 20, but since I can't post anymore than 10, here're the runners up:

Chances are you aren't gonna agree with EVERYTHING on the list, but isn't that what makes lists like these great anyway?

Anyway, here's the top 10:
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The Top Ten

Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)
There are no villains who could compare. Everybody who tries to make claims, like Bowser could stomp him or sephiroth could beat his sorry behind, they are just pathetic fans who are blind to the truth. His cold heart has always been a feature people respect him for. In Wind waker, he is willing to kidnap children, and near the end, he is ready to kill the two children who tried to stop him. He is the Hyrulian equivalent of the devil. He is described as a man with super human strength, BEFORE claiming the triforce. Imagine the power of a god in an already super human devil's hands. Despite his godly strength, he doesn't use mindless force to get everything. He cursed the Deku tree, leaving the guardian to die, and leaving the kokiri defenseless. He blocked the gorons' cavern, forcing them to starve, and if not for link, they would die. He made the zoras' deity become ill, and it had devoured their princess. Even when his plans failed, link made them succeed at the same time. After gaining the triforce, he had his monsters spread like a plague. They attacked the forest children, they captured the gorons to feed to a dragon, they froze the entire zora clan, set a village ablaze, left his own people to die, and his cunning was even greater than Zelda's. He knew about her disguise the whole time. Even when tossed into the dark realm, he returned, with the twilit people deceived into helping him. He had no intentions to revive zant, who was still faithful until the end. He killed Link's companion, midna, and fought fiercely. He is also the incarnation of Demise, the being who lived only to kill and bring suffering! Ganondorf is the Hyrulian equivalent of the devil, and he is a lot more threatening than the devil itself.
Ganondorf. What more is there to say? Most other villains pretend to have morals; they have objectives, they have standards, they have "ethics" or "taste".
Ganondorf wants to rule the world because he simply wishes to cause suffering, and doesn't care who gets in the way.

He is most likely, if he was allowed to be more than a Teen rated villain and get a mature or unrated game, the greatest evil and closest depiction to Satan in behavior and methods as we can imagine. He would likely try to eat little children if he thought it'd afford him more power. He makes no distinction between young, old, civilian, soldier, or even those who are his own people, the Gerudo, who time and time again he has led into disaster simply to further the suffering in the world and destroy any who would dare raise a finger to stop him.

The only person capable of defeating him is Link - the person chosen by essentially every deity conceived in the Zelda franchise to be their vessel on Earth - and only after he grabs a crap ton of ancient relics and magical items, locked away because of their might and holiness, and help from others along the way; not to mention he gets a part of the triforce, the same energy that helps empower Ganondorf himself. To any other person, or without the magic items or help from others that Link gets in ever game, Ganondorf wouldn't be stopped. It takes literally everything in the Zelda universe, just to keep him at bay - because he always comes back. He never really dies.

He is one of Humanity's best imagined evils, because he is relentless, persistent, cunning, powerful, has no morals, and can not be stopped or killed. He can only be held back. In a way, he is the most accurate portrayal of evil anyone has ever thought of in fiction, because of that immortality and persistence.
Yeah Ganondorf gets beat repeatedly but all bad guys get beat. The reasons he wins are, for one he gets beaten by the chosen hero of the Gods and resurrects or breaks free of his imprisonment time and time again over the course of hundreds and hundreds of years. No other Villain is more persistent, whereas Bowser is getting beat time after time in one lifetime... By a chubby plumber nothing against Mario but Its just too goofy a franchise to really measure up to Ganondorf's great evil. Ganondorf I feel could easily fit into Rated M games. Its not like Bowser who is stuck in E rated, Ganon really could let loose and be a freaky gory, terrifying Villain if they'd allow it but he's held back only by the need to have a wider audience. He could Totally be a skull crushing, dream haunting terrifying psychopathic freak fest if theyd let him >:3 (boy has he evolved since the original legend of zelda though, laugh out loud)
[Newest]He ruled Hyrule for 7 years until Link stopped him.

I don't think any other villain has ever accomplished that.

More comments about Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)

2Bowser (Super Mario)
Bowser is pure evil. His goal to repeatedly kidnap Princess Peach is only fueled by the hate and envy he harbors towards Mario. His army is a group of henchmen that he doesn't give a damn about - he doesn't even flinch as he places them near the greatest pits of danger, lava, deep holes and is basically using them as a shield. He doesn't care for any other life other than his own and Princess Peach's. And he is only desperate to keep Princess Peach alive for the sake of seeing the anguish in Mario as he himself saves the ability to feast over her.
Yeah right, gannondorf killed childen. He's a dorf. It says it in his name.YA KNOW WHAT? BOWSER TENDS TO KILL MARIO, LUIGI, AND CUTE LITTE TOADS, AND CUTE LITLE YOSHI! Plus, bowser would only work with eggman.(And he's evil too! ) Bowser is so evil he looks scary.The reason why bowser kidnaps peach, well is because he become prince of the mushroom kingdom AND THEN DESTORY ALL UNIVERSES! (includeing where gannondorf is).In super smash bros brawl gannondorf had a go at trying to kill tabuu, but he just got PWNED.When bowser saw gannondorf's trophy bowser bited it and attacked it and made sure gannondorf would stay dead.and bowser got to kill tabuu not gannondorf.Oh and I'm also mad that GLaDOS is higher than bowser.Bowser can be funny too! And he has insults too! One time bowser said to mario "HOW ABOUT YOU RUN AWAY AND HIDE IN ONE OF YOUR PIPES? "And someone who begs his life for cake must be evil, right?


People! Don't forget bowser almost took over the UNIVERSE! (of video gaming). In Super mario galaxy.
[Newest]Browser is too goofy

3Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
No way could ganon EVER compete with Sephiroth... No WAY. For one ganon doesn't summon a big ass rock to slam into eart. In no way does Ganon intend to kill every living thing including the Earth. Remember Sephiroth desired to have Earth become his transport throughout the universe and destroy the other planets. and if ganon can't take the mastersword how the hell is he going to be able to compete with Masarume?
Sephiroth is the baddest villian of all time. He's been in two different game franchises and is always hardest to beat. And his sword is longer than any katana in gaming history. I mean the man has his own theme music when the chorus is an orchestra singing his name. Fight sephiroth in kingdom hearts 1 & 2 and tell me he isn't the baddest ever.
A lot of people don't know of the accomplishments sephiroth made as a villian, for some reason and it's quite annoying. I mean, the guy took control of an alien that destroyed planets for eons till her death 2000 years ago. Now that's badass. I understand, kefka deserves to be respected because he became a god.
[Newest]Took me a month to beat him in kingdom hearts 2. I lost kingdom hearts 1, but I have heard he is harder in that one and I want to fight him in it. I tried at level 50 before I beat the game and he killed me in 2 hits! Better than when I was level 25 and he killed me in 1 hit.

4GLaDOS (Portal)
Real-world consequence for failure: You have to do it again.
GLaDOS's consequence for failure: An unsatisfactory mark on your official testing record, followed by death.

Real-world consequence for success: Results may vary.
GLaDOS's consequence for success: You get dragged into a fire pit and burned alive, instead of the cake that you rightfully deserve and sincerely earned.

Not only does she try to kill you, like all videogame villains, she lies to you about things for which there is no excuse for lying.
Imagine there's an AI that has no regard for human life, has control over a laboratory and a test chamber, and lies about things to trick people. All of that, and a bunch of other hilarious AI units attached to her. You have GLaDOS. She's similar to SHODAN, but much better. She may not be as threatening, but she makes up for it in humor. Despite being a machine designed to test human lab-rats, she can and will make you laugh out loud. Seriously, look up GLaDOS quotes, they'll be the best things you'll hear all day. She may not be as all-powerful and/or evil as others, such as Bowser, Kefka, Ganondorf, Porky, Fawful, etc. But she is one of the all-time greatest.
She's sarcastic, and perhaps a little narcissistic, and continuously tries to put you down the entire game, saying that your character is adopted or fat, and cleverly insulting you over and over again. She's really funny, for an artificail intelligence robot that is. Her sense of humor is dry, bitter, and just cruel sometimes. The jokes are told to undermine any small sense of self-esteem you may have, or just frighten you without a direct threat. Props, GLaDOS, not just any villain can do that.
[Newest]She's a robotic test supervisor. Yeah, a robotic test supervisor who developed a sheer love for test subjects' deaths. As such, she keeps testing, and whether the subject fails or succeeds he/she dies, so she keeps doing her job and at the same time she gets what she wants to get. She was a little toned down in Portal 2, but what was kept the same was her dark, frustrating, misleading and very funny humor.

5Kefka (Final Fantasy 6)
Undoubtedly, the most evil villain of all time. Kefka is an insane, narcissistic clown whose only goal is to destroy all things, including the world, ideology, and religion. The funny thing is, while villains like Ganondorf succeed in their plans, but fail to completely execute them, Kefka does! Kefka actually betrays his alliances, unleashes the apocalypse, and becomes the God of Magic! And when the heroes finally confront him, what does he do? Actually... He acknowledges his defeat. Knowing his end is near, Kefka takes his final bow with a brief, powerful speech and amazing final battle. When all is said and done, Kefka's insanity, sadistic nature, failure to comprehend emotions, success in executing his plans, and his finale easily warrant him the title of the most evil villain of all time. (Fanboys eat your hearts out)
Are you confused about just how evil a villain could be considered? Look no further than Kefka, because he is one of the pinnacles, one of the standards to which truly evil villains should be measured by. Among other terrible acts, he poisoned the waters of Doma castle and killed everyone inside of it... for FUN.

He doesn't have a backstory, he isn't out for revenge, he hasn't experienced any childhood trauma. He's just one evil goddamn bastard.


Kefka is a villain that makes you hate him more than any other villain in video game history. He's sadistic psychopath with the most astounding amount of thought put into him. The symbolism is amazing, symbolism from The Divine Comedy (an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century) shown in the final battle, to Lucifer in his God of Magic form with an attack called "fallen one". Definitely should be number 1.
[Newest]All he wants to do is destroy, but why? Because he feels like it. No real reason.

6The Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
The Joker is the best villain. He breaks out of Arkahm Asylum one of the most secured prisons in US like gowning in your house and getting out. He manipulated all the villains to work for him. He took control of the whole prison and stole the titan formula, and this is Arkham Asylum game, know in Arkham City he is sick but in a gang war against The Penguin, and Two Face. He has sent his blood to hospitals so people get sick since he has titan venom in his blood. He kills Talia al Ghul. He also almost kills Catwoman and in the end he dies. In Batman Arkham Origins he shows his true power. He captures Black Mask in his secured Penthouse kills his girlfriend and captures him an also takes control of all his men but first killing a quarter of his man so to make the others follow him. He then puts a 51,000,000 dollar bounty on Batman and hires eight assassins all of them dangerous. He kills one of the assassins for mocking him. He manipulates GCPD to kill Batman for the bounty. He goes in Blackgate prison and as usual he takes control of it and his inmates. He puts himslef on an electric chair that is linked to Banes heart so batman has to choose to either kill Bane, The Joker, or sacrifise himself "no one dies" and he also makes the whole city kneel before him how dangerous he is, HAHA
I personally think that the Joker should be number one. I love this guy so much! I cried when what happened to him in Arkham City. (Not giving out any spoilers. ) Come on guys. We need to get this guy to the main top! Or at least in the top 10 or 5 spot.
The joker is not only the most diabolical villain ever, he does it in his own style. He can torture, kill, morally and and physically break a man with both gadgets and his bare hands, and he does it all with a big smile of his face. Call me sick and twisted, but I think it' awesome. He's a well portrayed villain with his "trademark" destructive fantasy.


[Newest]He controls a whole prison. Come on, now that is being dangerous.

7The Enemy Paddle (Pong)





And it only has one primary directive in mind: Your crushing defeat.


Yes, you will follow the ball, yes you will bounce it back, BUT THIS GAME'S BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS! DIE, BATTERY, DIE ALREADY!


A heartless villain, who's only intention is to get the ball behind you. It shows no mercy. It will never stop until it wins. It doesn't care about you, it's a madman, and you can't mediate with it. Bouncing the ball past you is more than evil.

8Vladimir Makarov (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3)
Definitely the most evil character I would personally say, considering the fact he:
Has done two massacres or more.
Killed thousands of Marines.
Millions dead at his hand.
Vladimir would go has far as slaughtering his right hand man to get what he wants and
Loads more that I can't be bothered to list because there are so many reasons!
Pure evil, most evil villian in Call of Duty series. He is highly deranged, sadistic, ruthless, homicidal, emotionless, and psychotic, willing to slaughter anyone who stands in his way in cold blood. He is an intelligent and cunning leader with a good plan for European and world domination and gets thwarted and killed by Captain Price just as he is about to suceed.
This list is crazy. Out of all these villains, it is likely that Makarov had the largest body count out of any of these charactors on this list (Sephiroth's total is disputable). He is an evil sadist who will do what ever it takes to get what he wants. I doubt any other villain on this list is as insane as this guy. I remember the airport massacre and I know for a fact that no other villain on this list did anything as cold blooded as that. The scary thing about Makarov is his determination and intelligence which gives him the advantage over his enemies. Also name another villain that kills more than one main charactor. I think we all enjoyed killing him more than any other on this list. I mean come on look at Ganandorf, he is supposed to be the "KING OF EVIL", yet he can't succeed in killing a little boy with a sword. I am going to admit it, I always found him boring, pathetic and extremly overrated. I can't think of one thing that he did that could hold a candle to what Makarov did. In conclusion, Makarov is the true videogame villain and performs the evilest acts on this list. Makaraov will always remain one of my favorite villains ever.R.I. P, Soap and Yuri


[Newest]Halo fan says this character is what got him into Call of Duty - It's me!

9Wesker (Resident Evil 5)
Come on! He's based on Neo from Matrix! He betrays everyone and he only cares about himself. He tried to destroy the world and almost succeeded. Chris obviously got luckily cause Wesker fell in lava. He brainwashed Jill to fight Chris. Can't get much more evil than that.


Wesker has betrayed everybody he comes in contact with he should be number one he could kick anybody's pathetic ass on this list. How dare you place him as number thirteen!
He's evil. He betrays everyone he has to in order to follow his plans. And has superhuman strength!
[Newest]He betrayed everyone, he only cares about himself.

10Darth Vader (multiple Star Wars games)
Crazy in the force unleashed. He sticks a lightsaber right through the apprentice's chest. EVIL.
Dudes dark, evil, careless and awesome. Nothing beets Darth, nothing
Good guy turned bad guy, the most complex villain of all time.
[Newest]This guy chokes his workers!

The Contenders

11Porky Minch (Mother 3)
Wants to destroy a world for boredom. Before destroying it, however, he still thought of turning most animals into cyborgs and sending Pigmasks (weird version of Nazis) to do some bad stuff, like setting forests on fire and killing people. And he's also the ONE villain in video-games who is truly immortal.
Porky caused literally EVERYTHING to go wrong in that game. He killed Lucas' mom, brainwashed his brother, created hundreds of chimeras, made an army of Pigmasks, but Porky isn't evil. Why do I say this? Sure, he's a brat but you can't blame Porky. Giygas brainwashed him, making it all his/hers fault.
He joined with Giygas, single-handedly took over a small area, managed to make a giant killer statue, and wants to kill Lucas and Ness at most. He's AWESOME.
[Newest]What other people have said. This kid is screwed up.

12Mephiles the Dark (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
Although his only game appearance was a flop, there is no question that this dark being is truly evil. After being freed, he took out his frustrations on Shadow, who later in the game travels back in time to seal Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness. After teleporting Rouge, Shadow and himself into the dystopian future, Mephiles then tricked Silver and Blaze into thinking that killing Sonic would save their world. Mephiles also planted the seeds of doubt in Omega's head, reminding the robot that it was he who had captured and imprisoned Shadow in the future. Twice Mephiles tried to coerce Shadow into helping him, but Shadow bluntly refused both times. In the end, Mephiles killed Sonic to make Elise cry, thus releasing Iblis from within the princess so that Mephiles could join with Iblis and once again become Solaris.


Mephiles should be on the top. For one thing, he wants to make others cry. He helped Iblis destroy the planet, too. He craves destruction, is a cold, ruthless villan, he likes killing others, he is highly intelligent (not smart enough to make evil machines like eggman, but still very smart), and he can join with Iblis and be so powerful only Sonic, Shadow, and Silver all together in their super forms can destroy him. Too bad he can't appear in more Sonic games, though.
Why isn't this guy at the top? He's the only villain in the whole franchise who actually managed to kill sonic.
[Newest]If he killed Sonic, he actually did me a favor.

13Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)
Why Andrew Ryan? Simple.
Andrew Ryan isn't your usual villain. His personality is well delevoped, and it's slowly revealed over the game. He's a man of ideals. He constructed a city in the bottom of the ocean. He's just... just... reactive!


14Jacqueline Natla (Tomb Raider)
great villain, determined and willing to go over her family gods or even the whole humanity solely to fulfil her will... love her anniversary version... so evil...


well not the most evil I guess
but oh well; she is the only reoccurring adversary in the whole series
Well... She is such a great villain! Very cool... indeed...


15Mileena (Mortal Kombat)
Come on guys. This woman is creepy and very powerful. Her sexy body is impressive and those sharp-razor teeth only makes her more special
Mileena rulez!


Very creepy and eats human beings when she is a human herself I think and she tried to seduce her sister in mortal kombat 9 and really hard to defeat and her fatalties are really freaky
Mileena is the best villain in gaming and in mortal kombat history and she my favorite villain of all time number 1 on my list take that green scorpion

16Sovereign (Mass Effect)
No remorse for any life in the Galaxy. Brought about the destruction of Galactic Civilization every 50,000 years for countless millions of years. Uses deception and any resources without second thought to achieve its goals. It's so evil that it seeks nothing except the destruction of all life, period.
Pure evil, with dire intentions even beyond comprehension...


Man what's not evil about this guy he's penis is probably even more evil

17Dr. Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)
He always lost, and always though of the same plan, but still the best one ever made.
He is the KING of villains, he deserves at least number 3

18Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat)
Shao Kahn is complete evil in a nutshell. He is brutal, experienced, deceiving, hard to stop, and has one intimidating look.

His brutality is well known and feared. As game play wise, he has powerful attacks from his sorcery, which makes him totally noob proof. In story wise, he is the devils parasite. As a conqueror, Shao Kahn's power is underestimated because the people of Earthrealm fall for stereotyping that he is limited by the rules of Mortal Kombat and he plans to stay like that. But no, Shao Kahn is intelligent from his back ups in case his plan fails. As winning tournaments is not his profession, invasion is. He is worthy of invasion, he conquered Edenia, a realm that everyone thinks was better than Earthrealm except Shao Kahn. He finds Earthrealm's ability to easily transport to other realms more valuable then what the luscious Edenia had to offer. His thousands of years of knowledge in combat makes him skilled, but the main reason why he is experienced is his profession of invasion. Of all he has conquered, he devourers their souls. With all those souls consumed, Shao Kahn has tons of power on his hands. Shao Kahn's weakness isn't easy to use against him. Most times, Earthrealm is saved by sheer luck! Shao Kahn knows his power very well, considering that he will win. Most of the time, Raiden uses his weakness to stop him, but when in Mortal Kombat 3, where Raiden can't participate in the tournament, Shao Kahn gains the upper hand. Luck had brought him down, concealing his identity from Earthrealm for another while. He is successful and one point and takes over Earthrealm, but Raiden ( who always has a trick up his sleeve) sends a message to himself in the past to change the future, so the adventure starts all over again. Shao Kahn is intimidating from his looks, too. He is a gargantuan humanoid (don't believe me? Look up a picture of him unmasked. ), holds a hammer as tall as you, and his trademark mask has been made with metal and part of somebody's skull.

Shao Kahn is hated and looked over from all of the noobs with no skill or strategy as cheap (I hate that word). But, if you take a closer look at him, he is possibly the greatest example of a quality villain in video games.

19Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
Jack is the most funny character I have ever seen. However when you get through the game, you find jack's real personality. You see something much more sinister
Handsome jack is so hilarious and so evil and self absorbed, but after all he is the hero of the story.

20Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Well this seems wrong. 22 for Liquid? The guy played you into activating REX in Metal Gear Solid. He tricked everyone into believing that he was Miller, he took over Ocelot and stole RAY and then he took over the Sons of the Patriots nanomachine systems. He deserves to be at least number 2 on this list
don't know how he was missed out, was a class act

21Solidus Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Can´t Forget about The Baddest MF Ever In Gaming History

22Dimentio (Super Paper Mario)
Dimentio is probably the most evilest villain Mario ever faced. He tried to destroy all worlds just to replace them with his own worlds. And he does this but getting close to Count Bleck and betrays him at the end. He also used Mario, Luigi, Peach, and even Bowser to help him achieve his goals by having them take care of Count Bleck so he can take control with Chaos Heart and fuse with the mind controlled Luigi to form the giant puppet monster Super Dimentio. The most unique part about this guy is he believes his goals are good while he views the ones that oppose him as evil. No other Mario villain is like that. Plus the similes. Who doesn't love his similes? "Your just like a kid kiting in a storm! "
He thought of everything. He approached the villain, Count Bleck: he found out why he was doing what he did: he worked with him: he trained the heroes to defeat Count Bleck: he sent the four heroes to Hell to make sure they had all of the Pure Hearts to defeat Bleck: he made them use the Pure Hearts on him and defeat him: then, he took over the Chaos Heart and almost destroyed all words: at last, he even foresaw his defeat, and left a shadow of his power to control the Chaos Heart and fulfill his mission, probably giving him another life. He only forgot one thing: love.
Take Kefka. Make it so he was evil, pshycotic, and narcissistic from the start, and have him write an evil book that fortells the apocalypse of the universe. Then make him kill four of the most famous characters in video game history for fun and to fulfill his warped desires. That's Dimentio in a nutshell. The ultimate show is like dancing mad ON STEROIDS! !

23The Overmind (Starcraft)
It has used its army to kill the entire korprulu sector, it has no equal and now the new queen of blades, not even saphiroth can withstand her power

24Akuma - Street Fighter

25SHODAN (System Shock)
The blueprint of what future villains like GLaDOS would become, SHODAN would torture you before you even get to face her in combat. Taunting you over PA systems, cutting off friendly radio transmissions, and watching you from the computer monitors with a cold, and unfeeling stare.

Oh, yeah... And she hates humans... well not necessarily, being a computer program she's incapable of real emotion, so she doesn't necessarily HATE humans... it's just that her infallible internal can't comprehend how something so pathetic and worthless can exist.


26Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Dr Eggman is the joker of video game villains (and no the batman games as great as they are don't make them count as video game characters) he would blow up 75% of the world conquer the remaining 25% and say (see I now rule the hole world still counts) that is how insane he is heck he unleashed and evil god the destroyed a hole city in one game blew up half the moon in another and finally Blew the hole world up into different pieces all the while just laughing hohoho he is the thing other villains have nightmares of.
In Sonic Adventure 2, he launches Sonic into space and tries to BLOW HIM UP. Point is, he has mistakes, but come on. He has an IQ of 300. He is one heck of a villain.
He is an evil genius he should be high up in the list.
[Newest]He blew up the moon just to make everyone fear him.

27Creeper (Minecraft)
They don't care if they die, they just want to destroy everything you've ever made. They're most evil thing there is.
I love creepers! They're not villains! They're just lonely monsters who wants to hug! :'(
Hiss... BOOM! I hate creepers!

28Metal Sonic (Sonic CD/Heroes)
Metal Sonic was created to max out Sonic's power in every aspect possible, and it WORKED!

Metal not only can be faster than Sonic, but he also has electricity beams, brief invincibility, and the ability to take power from the Chaos Emeralds. If that isn't enough, Dr. Robotnik/Eggman made sure that Metal would be able to catch up with Sonic whenever Sonic got stronger.

Thus, he is able to copy the date of the badniks and use it against Sonic. And when he gains enough power, he turns into Metal Madness/Overlord, which has missiles, fire, and the ability to fly...

Whether he's on Eggman's side or not, whenever you cross his path, you'd better be pleading for mercy!


29Diablo (Diablo I, Diablo II)
I feel like baal is more evil than diablo in the game. Plus diablo doesn't make that many appearances in the game.

30Professor Pester (Viva Pinata)

31Officer Tenpenny (GTA : San Andreas)
Very very evil, but why isn't dimitri
From Grand Theft Auto 4 on here

32Hojo (Final Fantasy 7)
Yes, yes, it's oh-so-obvious to put Sephiroth on this list isn't it? After all he tops just about every damn evil villain list you can find. Well beans to that, I say. Sephiroth's not on this list, instead we've got the evil scientist responsible for putting that god complex into Sephy's mind in the first place.

And that's just the icing on the cake for this guy, not to mention his contempt for his fellow man, (Shrugging off countless Sephiroth clones that killed themselves to make it to the Northern Crater) lack of scientific ethics, (Mercilessly experimenting on Red XIII, attempting at Aeris, and near the end of the game even himself. ) and that creepy slumping forehead of his that makes him look like Mr. Burns.


Nearly everything bad happening in FF7 can be traced back to Hojo being a complete bastard without any rhyme or reason beyond "science"

33The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
He is the most evilest villain. Most villain do there acts of evil to gain something but majora doesn't it for fun he really had no reason and a villain which successful taught the player and will kill everyone is something to be higher on the list
It's a mask used for evil rituals who became sentient and kept doing evil things for its own amusement. It's like a demonic child.

34Alduin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
He's definitely a bad villain. he takes so long to kill
The Thalmor are better villeins than Alduin is.

35Hitler (Wolfenstein 3D)

36M. Bison (Street Fighter 2)

37Carlo Falcone (Mafia II)

38Luca Blight (Suikoden 2)
This guy is pure evil, He kills thousands and starts a war for no reason other than hate, That and he is tough as well.
having played the game often enough I can say that luca blight definitely deserves rank 1, with no doubt
Evil, with a dreadful back story. He turns out into a ruthless, creature that required a whole army to defeat. DIE PIG DIE
[Newest]The pure embodiment of evil!

39Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

40Giygas (EarthBound)
Honestly I was really surprised when I saw he wasn't on here. Giygas is perhaps one of the most nightmarish video game villains ever. Fighting giygas is like fighting the very stuff that nightmares are made of. I think he at least deserves to be in the top 10.
Giygas is pure evil. He/she wants to destroy all of Earth, and brainwashed Pokey who joined a cult, flew a helicopter, imprisoned a girl, took over a city, and all this crazed stuff. Of course, even though Pokey's a total jerk, it's all Giygas' fault.
He's literally the embodiment of evil. He emanates despair and hopelessness when you encounter him.
[Newest]Why Isn't he Higher :(

41Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
"Shut up and bleed you mother -. " Do I need to quote sweet tooth anymore to make you think how evil he is? He entered twisted metal (2011) which is a demolition derby that allows the use of missiles and other potentially deadly weapons to attempt to kill your enemies for a wish. Whats sweet tooth's wish? To kill one person who got away from him. If you're risking your life to kill only one person, you must be evil. Lets not forget that he a serial killer either.
He's the face on every cover of the Twisted Metal series. He's a mass murdering clown that puts guys like Joker to shame.

42Edward Richtofen (Call of Duty: Zombies)
Dr. Richtofen turned almost the entire world population into his undead slaves or puppets. He killed his partner Dr. Maxis. Edward Richtofen is pure evil at heart.

43Dieker (The Saboteur)

44Dahaka (Prince of Persia Warrior Within)

45Gnasty Gnorc (Spyro The Dragon)

46Wheatley (Portal 2)

47Alma (F.E.A.R)

48Fawful (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)
He summoned the dark star, tried to absorb it to take over the mushroom kingdom, and then the world.
OK he is hilariously evil, best villain ever and almost succeeded


49Mewtwo (Pokemon)
Mewtwo is not even a villain what! Mewtwo is just a very legendary and powerful Pokémon which is against humans who are capturing other Pokémon and is using the powers that the scientist gave it to protect every other Pokémon from dangers of evil people. Mewtwo is a hero of every Pokémon, not a villain!

50Louie (Pikmin 3)

51Nightmare (Soul Calibur)

52Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Vaas should win character of the year at the VGA's!
That should make it
[Newest]Vaas is Number 1.

53Lavos (Chrono Trigger)
Its a giant alien parasite who invades worlds, destroys them, and creates a new generation to carry on. This is not a villain who just destroys humanity; this is a villain that works over the course of millions of years in order to achieve its goals, and can cause infinite destruction throughout every planet that supports life in the universe. There is no kindness, mercy, or remorse of any kind. There is just destruction.


Pretty much any villain whose bread and butter is killing entire civilizations to feed their own appetite is a shoe-in for this list. I've racked my brain for ways to best describe this spiny interdimensional butcher, and I've finally settled on this metaphor:

The Zerg Overmind with a time machine.


Lavos is Just pure evil he causes humanity's downfall, makes a creepy screech when confronting him destroys planets so that the only thing that's is left on earth is a few humans (who've lost the meaning of hope) and ruins of old citys and domes where surviving humans rot.
Worst of all: LavosShows no emotion or remorse and
He doesn't care he causes struggle for our main characters (although lavos is a good villian) but because lavos is so evil defeating him is extremely satisfiying

54CPU (Mario Party)
I am worried of the CPU taking over all computer networks and spreading its evil and destroying us all.

Nintendo has created a monster.


When I saw this it made me laugh out loud.

55Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

56General Shepherd (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
Stupid he should be num. 5 because he killed Ghost. Ghost was the best guy in the game.

57Alberto Clemente (Mafia II)

58Emile Dufraisne (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent)

59Zeus (God of War2)

60Molluck (Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee)
Mullock went to extreme lengths to kill Abe!

61Jack of Blades (Fable)
Jack of Blades is all around an incredibly good villain. He is a demon, but not the extremely obvious 'I'm a giant monster-dark lord" kind. Jack is insidious. Many think he is actually a great hero, and he keeps up this deception for a large portion of the game. His first act of evil that is shown is burning your hometown to the ground and stabbing out the eyes of your little sister, then kidnapping her. His shadow falls throughout the storyline, and eventually leads to murdering your mother in front of your eyes and trying to harvest your blood to power up an ancient sword, after forcing you to fight through decades of dead heroes and demons. All the while he tries to convince you to turn on your friends. Even after you kill him the first time he returns, and finally becomes a giant dragon because this time he's serious. Even then, if you give in and don the mask, he's resurrected. His backstory is basically that he was part of a group of three entities called the court that came to Albion to try to subjugate it. First they set the entire place on fire. Next they raised the sea and flooded it. Finally, they created war and madness, and forced Albion to bend to their will. Their motivation? Humans are inferior beings and deserve to be wiped out like vermin. Overall, Jack is a mass murdering insidious demonic trickster god who has decided to dominate/wipe out everything because humans are vermin. With a badass voice and sword.
Jack of Blades is an incredible villain, for all reasons previously stated, and arguably more of a villain than Ganondorf or Bowser. Why, you may ask?
Despite the implicit threat of destruction, Ganondorf has rarely perpetuated any sort of massacre or even murder, and when it does happen it was only implied. Sometimes he watches Link from the beginning, other times he doesn't, but he rarely gives Link a good reason to really hate him.
Bowser is even less intimidating. He has never even been implied to have killed anyone, with Mario likely having a greater kill count, and his only actual crime is repeated kidnaping. Even then Peach is held safely and comfortably until Mario eventually arrives.
Jack, on the other hand, kills people frequently with amusement. In the beginning of the story he murders your father, stabs out your sister's eyes, kidnaps your mother and burns your home town and it's occupants to the ground. He follows this up with a constant stream of murders, misdirects and viable attempts to manipulate the Hero into murdering his own friends and family. Then at the end SPOILER (he cuts your mother's throat in front of you) SPOILER and comes extremely close to fulfilling his ultimate goal of regaining his former power and enslaving all of Albion with it.
He is a truly dangerous and well written villain.
I don't care what anyone says, this guy is one of the most evil characters I've ever seen in my life and earns #1 on my list. He can suck the souls of heroes and lvie eternally by promising them power using his mask. He can kill a mother and rip out the eyes of a daughter without remorse. He can raise a mage from childhood and later let him be killed when he has no more use of him. He can tempt an heiress to kill her beloved sister so she herself can become mayor. IDK bout you guys, but I think this dude is pretty damn mean and badass.


[Newest]This guy is plainly scary. Destroying the heros life since his/her childhood... With utter evilness. And he enjoys it.

62Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist (Medal of Honor: Frontline)

63Illusive Man (Mass Effect 3)

64Luca Gurino (Mafia II)

65Bowser (Mario Party)

66Dormin (Shadow of the Colossus)
Dormin is the embodiment of evil. It is a disembodied God that makes a deal with Wander that if he kills 16 Colossi he will resurrect Wander's dead girlfriend Mono. However, Wander kills all of the Colossi and pays a price. It causes the main character to lose everything. It causes Wander to lose his body, get possessed by Dormin and sealed away with Dormin getting turned into a BABY! And Dormin does revive Mono who will never be with Wander. Dormin is the ultimate backstabber ruining Wander's life and the Colossi's too. A truly evil entity and one of the most evil villains alive.
It's a demon whose soul was split in sixteen different pieces, and each of those were sent in a huge beast. He manipulated a man's love to get them back, and he succeeded. Too bad his success didn't last long, and he and the man who helped him died. Oh, and by the way, the man is you, the protagonist.

67King Boo (Super Mario Series)
He Never Dies Does He? He never takes things seriously, unless it's after-life threatining. In Conclusion, He's awesome.

68Ridley (Metroid)
This guy is amazing. He killed Samus's parents, leads the stinking Space Pirates, and has been hunting down Samus for a long time. I don't want him at 1, but let's get him higher.


He is a dragon from space who killed the parents of samus when she was a little girl. And even if he is defeated he ALWAYS comes back. He is a general and in my opinion, the leader of the space pirates. (Mother brain just seems like a giant super computer the pirates use to control metroids.)
He's cares for no one, he killed Samus's parents and leads an army of blood sucking space pirates. How much more evil can you get than that?


69Kazuya Mishima (Tekken)
Though originally appearing as the main protagonist in Tekken one, He soon became one of the most cruel and unusual characters and became one of the series's main antagonists along with the evil entity inside him called "Devil". He seeks for nothing but power of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Who could forget his evil smirk? Or his laugh? Plus he's just so god damn awesome.

70Ogre (Tekken 3)

71Master Hand (Super Smash Bros Series)
Mater Hand is the boss of all villains and he is the main character of SSB series as he is the creator. He is more than bowser, ganondorf, wario and wolf as they are under his order.

72Cesare Borgia (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood)
First of all, he (SPOILER ALERT) killed his own father to gain power of Rome, and all of Italy, using the apple of Eden and all of Leonardo the Vinci's weapons to take over Italy. Taking over Montergionni to take the apple, Cesare makes sure Ezio is there to see his Uncle Mario be shot, right in front of Ezio. He also completely pushed his wife, Lucrezia out the way in the game. He eventually tries to take Italy by force, planning insane attacks. He goes to jail after a attack, and breaks out and plans another attack, where Ezio kills him by throwing him off a wall. Cesare is very selfish, evil, and wants to be the king of the world.

73Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid)

74Majora (Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)
Out of what appears to be boredom and Chaotic Intent, Majora tricks a Skull Kid into donning the Mask, betrays his friends, kills many innocent people, ruins ways of lives across Termina and calls down the Moon to end everything.
He also does this with only 3 days for the Hero to do anything. PLUS, if it weren't for the Ocarina, Link wouldn't have survived the first day and the world would have surely ended.
Out of what appears to be boredom, with only Chaotic intent, Majora tricks a Skull Kid into donning the mask, betrays friends, kills innocents and calls the Moon to the Earth to bring doom to all life. PLUS, he doesn't even give the Hero time to solve the problem. Most villains wait, Majora gave Link 3 days, and only because of the Ocarina did Link have any hope.
Isn't that just pure Evil?

75Rez (Gex: Enter the Gecko)

76Imran Zakhaev (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

77Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)
He tried to kill his own brother just to gain more power, enough said.

78Brian O' Neil (Mafia II)

79Cyrus (Pokemon)
Insane, dark and a truly great villan

80Volgin (Metal Gear Solid 3)
How does this monster have more votes? This is a list for the most evil villains, not necessarily the best or most "badass" villains.

Liquid, Solidus, Big Boss, and Ocelot at least have redeeming qualities. Not so for Volgin, who within a minute of being introduced, nukes his own comrades for the hell of it - a contingency that would lead to the US taking the blame, necessitating Operation Snake Eater so The Boss could be framed as a terrorist and (needlessly) eliminated by Big Boss to prove his country's innocence - losing his own innocence in the process, and turning him against his government. All of this would've been entirely avoidable if Volgin wasn't such a sick seeking to turn the Cold War hot.

Volgin's a Bond Villain who unfortunately came into possession of electric superpowers and limitless wealth, so he could unleash his sadomasochistic power fantasies on a global scale. There was nothing more cathartic than shooting rockets at him and watching his ass roast on top of the burned-out Shagohod.
Only 57? This is the compete sadist who smiles at the sight of the ones he intimidates. He kills his own men violently... Obviusly not many people have played MGS3. I think if you saw him, you'd see what I'd mean.

81The Elder God (Legacy of Kain)
A nightmarish Cthulhu-like creature, it's debatable whether the Elder God is in fact a god, but he's managed to convince a whole lot of people that he is. Whatever the case, he whets his appetite for evil throughout the series by driving the humans and vampires of Nosgoth to war against each other, parasitically feeding off of Nosgoth's Wheel of Fate, (A supernatural lifecycle) leads the naive protagonist Raziel on every which way, basically sending him after anything that could possibly be forseen as a threat to him...

Pretty much every event that led up to Nosgoth's downfall into an apocalyptic wasteland can be traced back to the Elder God.

It's at this point now that I'd like to submit forth my theory that any villain that's voiced by Tony Jay is a complete badass.


82King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)

83Sirrus (Myst)

84Smithy (Super Mario RPG)
It's one thing for a person to just want to take over whichever world the video game is set in, (If we were to include every single generic megalomaniacal villain in video gaming on this list, it would stretch for miles. ) but you have to be pretty damn evil to take the pleasant topic of wishes, and want to replace them all with weapons.

There's no better metaphor for it: It's akin to setting baskets full of kittens on fire.


85The Fury (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

86Mr. Burns (Simpsons Arcade)

87Mr. L (Super Paper Mario)

88Andross (Star Fox)
He doesn't toy with the power he has. He would destroy the Lylat System if he wanted to. He easily he invaded the Lylat System is Star Fox for SNES and Star Fox 64.

89Hector LeMans
It's one thing to do a lot of deplorable stuff in life, but apparently that wasn't enough for Grim Fangando's antagonist, who was based off of Sydney Greenstreet's character in Casablanca. During one of the final confrontations with Manny, Hector admits that when he was alive he'd been a "Very bad boy. " Which we can only assume means he killed a crapload of people.

It's later heard that in the afterlife he's already managed to "sprout" (The equivalent of shooting someone in Grim Fandango, which causes the already dead residents of the Underworld to literally push up daisies. ) over 500 people. As if it wasn't enough that his master plan was to steal tickets to heaven from otherwise deserving people and sell them to rich people. (Which he still did, even after learning that the tickets wouldn't work for the rich people. )

Even after death Hector kept on being an evil evil guy... Geez. Isn't time for a break or something?


90Vamp (Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4)
Pure Evil With No Remorse

91Dr. Wily (Mega Man)

92Giovanni (Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen)
Actually not as bad as you think, it depends on your type of evil. Do you think of evil as taking Pokemon then this is for you but if you are thinking about altering earth, go to a different game like RSE, DP and BWG

93Combine (Half-Life 2)
These things are MEAN. Seriously there basicly terrorists from an alein empire

94Ares (God of War)

95Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

96Wolf (Star Fox)

97Dagoth Ur
master of deception, very pyschologically evil

98Kamek (Super Mario World)

99AM (I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream)
This thing is EVIL. It destroyed humanity but kept five alive for more than a hundred years so he could torture them every day.


100Dahlia Hawthorne (Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations)

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