The 10 Most Evil Villains In Video Games


A brief explanation before we begin. There have already been countless lists of the best villains in video games in the past, and chances are there are no two that are alike, but I like to think that my list is different in some aspects because I haven't let things like popularity of the character or the game it's in influence my decisions.

Here are some stipulations I set:

- The character cannot be evil by any sort of outside forces influencing him. If they had a rough childhood, if they're out for revenge, if they're being forced by a more powerful villain, he's disqualified from being on the list.
- The character cannot at some point have assisted the protagonist.
- The character cannot show any sort of remorse, guilt, shame, or otherwise any sort of human traits towards their misdeeds.
- If the character believes they are doing good, they are off the list. I offer some compromise to that rule with any robotic, or computerized characters, who generally don't believe in good or evil, but "necessity."

So as you can see from these guidelines, I wasn't just looking for evil.

I was looking for EVIL.

Originally this was meant to be a top 20, but since I can't post anymore than 10, here're the runners up:

Chances are you aren't gonna agree with EVERYTHING on the list, but isn't that what makes lists like these great anyway?

Anyway, here's the top 10:
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The Top Ten

Bowser (Super Mario)
Bowser is pure evil. His goal to repeatedly kidnap Princess Peach is only fueled by the hate and envy he harbors towards Mario. His army is a group of henchmen that he doesn't give a damn about - he doesn't even flinch as he places them near the greatest pits of danger, lava, deep holes and is basically using them as a shield. He doesn't care for any other life other than his own and Princess Peach's. And he is only desperate to keep Princess Peach alive for the sake of seeing the anguish in Mario as he himself saves the ability to feast over her.
Yeah right, gannondorf killed childen. He's a dorf. It says it in his name.YA KNOW WHAT? BOWSER TENDS TO KILL MARIO, LUIGI, AND CUTE LITTE TOADS, AND CUTE LITLE YOSHI! Plus, bowser would only work with eggman.(And he's evil too! ) Bowser is so evil he looks scary.The reason why bowser kidnaps peach, well is because he become prince of the mushroom kingdom AND THEN DESTORY ALL UNIVERSES! (includeing where gannondorf is).In super smash bros brawl gannondorf had a go at trying to kill tabuu, but he just got PWNED.When bowser saw gannondorf's trophy bowser bited it and attacked it and made sure gannondorf would stay dead.and bowser got to kill tabuu not gannondorf.Oh and I'm also mad that GLaDOS is higher than bowser.Bowser can be funny too! And he has insults too! One time bowser said to mario "HOW ABOUT YOU RUN AWAY AND HIDE IN ONE OF YOUR PIPES? "And someone who begs his life for cake must be evil, right?


People! Don't forget bowser almost took over the UNIVERSE! (of video gaming). In Super mario galaxy.
[Newest]Bowser is a piece of poo. Now GANNONDORF, he is a heartless demon. He could cut Bowser into koopa troopa sushi.

2Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)
There are no villains who could compare. Everybody who tries to make claims, like Bowser could stomp him or sephiroth could beat his sorry behind, they are just pathetic fans who are blind to the truth. His cold heart has always been a feature people respect him for. In Wind waker, he is willing to kidnap children, and near the end, he is ready to kill the two children who tried to stop him. He is the Hyrulian equivalent of the devil. He is described as a man with super human strength, BEFORE claiming the triforce. Imagine the power of a god in an already super human devil's hands. Despite his godly strength, he doesn't use mindless force to get everything. He cursed the Deku tree, leaving the guardian to die, and leaving the kokiri defenseless. He blocked the gorons' cavern, forcing them to starve, and if not for link, they would die. He made the zoras' deity become ill, and it had devoured their princess. Even when his plans failed, link made them succeed at the same time. After gaining the triforce, he had his monsters spread like a plague. They attacked the forest children, they captured the gorons to feed to a dragon, they froze the entire zora clan, set a village ablaze, left his own people to die, and his cunning was even greater than Zelda's. He knew about her disguise the whole time. Even when tossed into the dark realm, he returned, with the twilit people deceived into helping him. He had no intentions to revive zant, who was still faithful until the end. He killed Link's companion, midna, and fought fiercely. He is also the incarnation of Demise, the being who lived only to kill and bring suffering! Ganondorf is the Hyrulian equivalent of the devil, and he is a lot more threatening than the devil itself.
Ganondorf. What more is there to say? Most other villains pretend to have morals; they have objectives, they have standards, they have "ethics" or "taste".
Ganondorf wants to rule the world because he simply wishes to cause suffering, and doesn't care who gets in the way.

He is most likely, if he was allowed to be more than a Teen rated villain and get a mature or unrated game, the greatest evil and closest depiction to Satan in behavior and methods as we can imagine. He would likely try to eat little children if he thought it'd afford him more power. He makes no distinction between young, old, civilian, soldier, or even those who are his own people, the Gerudo, who time and time again he has led into disaster simply to further the suffering in the world and destroy any who would dare raise a finger to stop him.

The only person capable of defeating him is Link - the person chosen by essentially every deity conceived in the Zelda franchise to be their vessel on Earth - and only after he grabs a crap ton of ancient relics and magical items, locked away because of their might and holiness, and help from others along the way; not to mention he gets a part of the triforce, the same energy that helps empower Ganondorf himself. To any other person, or without the magic items or help from others that Link gets in ever game, Ganondorf wouldn't be stopped. It takes literally everything in the Zelda universe, just to keep him at bay - because he always comes back. He never really dies.

He is one of Humanity's best imagined evils, because he is relentless, persistent, cunning, powerful, has no morals, and can not be stopped or killed. He can only be held back. In a way, he is the most accurate portrayal of evil anyone has ever thought of in fiction, because of that immortality and persistence.
Yeah Ganondorf gets beat repeatedly but all bad guys get beat. The reasons he wins are, for one he gets beaten by the chosen hero of the Gods and resurrects or breaks free of his imprisonment time and time again over the course of hundreds and hundreds of years. No other Villain is more persistent, whereas Bowser is getting beat time after time in one lifetime... By a chubby plumber nothing against Mario but Its just too goofy a franchise to really measure up to Ganondorf's great evil. Ganondorf I feel could easily fit into Rated M games. Its not like Bowser who is stuck in E rated, Ganon really could let loose and be a freaky gory, terrifying Villain if they'd allow it but he's held back only by the need to have a wider audience. He could Totally be a skull crushing, dream haunting terrifying psychopathic freak fest if theyd let him >:3 (boy has he evolved since the original legend of zelda though, laugh out loud)
[Newest]Ganon is the incarnation of Demise, who was practically the god of evil in the Zelda universe. Why the hell is a turtle above him?
More comments about Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)

3GLaDOS (Portal)
Real-world consequence for failure: You have to do it again.
GLaDOS's consequence for failure: An unsatisfactory mark on your official testing record, followed by death.

Real-world consequence for success: Results may vary.
GLaDOS's consequence for success: You get dragged into a fire pit and burned alive, instead of the cake that you rightfully deserve and sincerely earned.

Not only does she try to kill you, like all videogame villains, she lies to you about things for which there is no excuse for lying.
Imagine there's an AI that has no regard for human life, has control over a laboratory and a test chamber, and lies about things to trick people. All of that, and a bunch of other hilarious AI units attached to her. You have GLaDOS. She's similar to SHODAN, but much better. She may not be as threatening, but she makes up for it in humor. Despite being a machine designed to test human lab-rats, she can and will make you laugh out loud. Seriously, look up GLaDOS quotes, they'll be the best things you'll hear all day. She may not be as all-powerful and/or evil as others, such as Bowser, Kefka, Ganondorf, Porky, Fawful, etc. But she is one of the all-time greatest.
She's sarcastic, and perhaps a little narcissistic, and continuously tries to put you down the entire game, saying that your character is adopted or fat, and cleverly insulting you over and over again. She's really funny, for an artificail intelligence robot that is. Her sense of humor is dry, bitter, and just cruel sometimes. The jokes are told to undermine any small sense of self-esteem you may have, or just frighten you without a direct threat. Props, GLaDOS, not just any villain can do that.
[Newest]She's like the HAL 9000 of portal.

4Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
No way could ganon EVER compete with Sephiroth... No WAY. For one ganon doesn't summon a big ass rock to slam into eart. In no way does Ganon intend to kill every living thing including the Earth. Remember Sephiroth desired to have Earth become his transport throughout the universe and destroy the other planets. and if ganon can't take the mastersword how the hell is he going to be able to compete with Masarume?
Sephiroth is the baddest villian of all time. He's been in two different game franchises and is always hardest to beat. And his sword is longer than any katana in gaming history. I mean the man has his own theme music when the chorus is an orchestra singing his name. Fight sephiroth in kingdom hearts 1 & 2 and tell me he isn't the baddest ever.
A lot of people don't know of the accomplishments sephiroth made as a villian, for some reason and it's quite annoying. I mean, the guy took control of an alien that destroyed planets for eons till her death 2000 years ago. Now that's badass. I understand, kefka deserves to be respected because he became a god.
[Newest]Took me a month to beat him in kingdom hearts 2. I lost kingdom hearts 1, but I have heard he is harder in that one and I want to fight him in it. I tried at level 50 before I beat the game and he killed me in 2 hits! Better than when I was level 25 and he killed me in 1 hit.

5The Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
The Joker is the best villain. He breaks out of Arkahm Asylum one of the most secured prisons in US like gowning in your house and getting out. He manipulated all the villains to work for him. He took control of the whole prison and stole the titan formula, and this is Arkham Asylum game, know in Arkham City he is sick but in a gang war against The Penguin, and Two Face. He has sent his blood to hospitals so people get sick since he has titan venom in his blood. He kills Talia al Ghul. He also almost kills Catwoman and in the end he dies. In Batman Arkham Origins he shows his true power. He captures Black Mask in his secured Penthouse kills his girlfriend and captures him an also takes control of all his men but first killing a quarter of his man so to make the others follow him. He then puts a 51,000,000 dollar bounty on Batman and hires eight assassins all of them dangerous. He kills one of the assassins for mocking him. He manipulates GCPD to kill Batman for the bounty. He goes in Blackgate prison and as usual he takes control of it and his inmates. He puts himslef on an electric chair that is linked to Banes heart so batman has to choose to either kill Bane, The Joker, or sacrifise himself "no one dies" and he also makes the whole city kneel before him how dangerous he is, HAHA
I personally think that the Joker should be number one. I love this guy so much! I cried when what happened to him in Arkham City. (Not giving out any spoilers. ) Come on guys. We need to get this guy to the main top! Or at least in the top 10 or 5 spot.
The joker is not only the most diabolical villain ever, he does it in his own style. He can torture, kill, morally and and physically break a man with both gadgets and his bare hands, and he does it all with a big smile of his face. Call me sick and twisted, but I think it' awesome. He's a well portrayed villain with his "trademark" destructive fantasy.


[Newest]Ha ha ha ha! From that you can see how evil he is

6Kefka (Final Fantasy 6)
Undoubtedly, the most evil villain of all time. Kefka is an insane, narcissistic clown whose only goal is to destroy all things, including the world, ideology, and religion. The funny thing is, while villains like Ganondorf succeed in their plans, but fail to completely execute them, Kefka does! Kefka actually betrays his alliances, unleashes the apocalypse, and becomes the God of Magic! And when the heroes finally confront him, what does he do? Actually... He acknowledges his defeat. Knowing his end is near, Kefka takes his final bow with a brief, powerful speech and amazing final battle. When all is said and done, Kefka's insanity, sadistic nature, failure to comprehend emotions, success in executing his plans, and his finale easily warrant him the title of the most evil villain of all time. (Fanboys eat your hearts out)
Are you confused about just how evil a villain could be considered? Look no further than Kefka, because he is one of the pinnacles, one of the standards to which truly evil villains should be measured by. Among other terrible acts, he poisoned the waters of Doma castle and killed everyone inside of it... for FUN.

He doesn't have a backstory, he isn't out for revenge, he hasn't experienced any childhood trauma. He's just one evil goddamn bastard.


Kefka is a villain that makes you hate him more than any other villain in video game history. He's sadistic psychopath with the most astounding amount of thought put into him. The symbolism is amazing, symbolism from The Divine Comedy (an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century) shown in the final battle, to Lucifer in his God of Magic form with an attack called "fallen one". Definitely should be number 1.
[Newest]The fact that Bowser is higher than Kefka doesn't make any sense

7Vladimir Makarov (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3)
Definitely the most evil character I would personally say, considering the fact he:
Has done two massacres or more.
Killed thousands of Marines.
Millions dead at his hand.
Vladimir would go has far as slaughtering his right hand man to get what he wants and
Loads more that I can't be bothered to list because there are so many reasons!
Pure evil, most evil villian in Call of Duty series. He is highly deranged, sadistic, ruthless, homicidal, emotionless, and psychotic, willing to slaughter anyone who stands in his way in cold blood. He is an intelligent and cunning leader with a good plan for European and world domination and gets thwarted and killed by Captain Price just as he is about to suceed.
This list is crazy. Out of all these villains, it is likely that Makarov had the largest body count out of any of these charactors on this list (Sephiroth's total is disputable). He is an evil sadist who will do what ever it takes to get what he wants. I doubt any other villain on this list is as insane as this guy. I remember the airport massacre and I know for a fact that no other villain on this list did anything as cold blooded as that. The scary thing about Makarov is his determination and intelligence which gives him the advantage over his enemies. Also name another villain that kills more than one main charactor. I think we all enjoyed killing him more than any other on this list. I mean come on look at Ganandorf, he is supposed to be the "KING OF EVIL", yet he can't succeed in killing a little boy with a sword. I am going to admit it, I always found him boring, pathetic and extremly overrated. I can't think of one thing that he did that could hold a candle to what Makarov did. In conclusion, Makarov is the true videogame villain and performs the evilest acts on this list. Makaraov will always remain one of my favorite villains ever.R.I. P, Soap and Yuri


[Newest]Oh my god... How this guy has managed to stay off everyone else's list, I will never know. Makarov is, simply put, the most evil human being ever drawn on paper.

8The Enemy Paddle (Pong)





And it only has one primary directive in mind: Your crushing defeat.


Yes, you will follow the ball, yes you will bounce it back, BUT THIS GAME'S BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS! DIE, BATTERY, DIE ALREADY!


A heartless villain, who's only intention is to get the ball behind you. It shows no mercy. It will never stop until it wins. It doesn't care about you, it's a madman, and you can't mediate with it. Bouncing the ball past you is more than evil.

9Darth Vader (multiple Star Wars games)
Crazy in the force unleashed. He sticks a lightsaber right through the apprentice's chest. EVIL.
Dudes dark, evil, careless and awesome. Nothing beets Darth, nothing
Good guy turned bad guy, the most complex villain of all time.
[Newest]This guy looks like Hitler

10Wesker (Resident Evil 5)
Come on! He's based on Neo from Matrix! He betrays everyone and he only cares about himself. He tried to destroy the world and almost succeeded. Chris obviously got luckily cause Wesker fell in lava. He brainwashed Jill to fight Chris. Can't get much more evil than that.


Wesker has betrayed everybody he comes in contact with he should be number one he could kick anybody's pathetic ass on this list. How dare you place him as number thirteen!
He's evil. He betrays everyone he has to in order to follow his plans. And has superhuman strength!
[Newest]Will sacrifice anybody at the drop of a hat, no matter how close he may appear to be to them. All to achieve his idea of a "perfect world"

The Contenders

11Porky Minch (Mother 3)
He should be number one. No one is more psychotic than him. Albert wesker a close second, but still. He dominated a peaceful society, brainwashed everyone, killed Lucas' mother, and mechanized animals, and eventually Lucas' brother Claus.
Really, when you come down to it, Giygas isn't the real villain, it's Porky. Why? Well...

1. Giygas DID brainwash Porky, but even after Giygas died, Porky stayed evil, and nobody else did
2. Giygas did not intend to brainwash him or anybody else, but did it because he was the embodiment of evil
3. He's a self- centered, cruel, psychopathic jackass!
Wants to destroy a world for boredom. Before destroying it, however, he still thought of turning most animals into cyborgs and sending Pigmasks (weird version of Nazis) to do some bad stuff, like setting forests on fire and killing people. And he's also the ONE villain in video-games who is truly immortal.

12Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)
Why Andrew Ryan? Simple.
Andrew Ryan isn't your usual villain. His personality is well delevoped, and it's slowly revealed over the game. He's a man of ideals. He constructed a city in the bottom of the ocean. He's just... just... reactive!


A man chooses, a slave obeys.

13Mephiles the Dark (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
Although his only game appearance was a flop, there is no question that this dark being is truly evil. After being freed, he took out his frustrations on Shadow, who later in the game travels back in time to seal Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness. After teleporting Rouge, Shadow and himself into the dystopian future, Mephiles then tricked Silver and Blaze into thinking that killing Sonic would save their world. Mephiles also planted the seeds of doubt in Omega's head, reminding the robot that it was he who had captured and imprisoned Shadow in the future. Twice Mephiles tried to coerce Shadow into helping him, but Shadow bluntly refused both times. In the end, Mephiles killed Sonic to make Elise cry, thus releasing Iblis from within the princess so that Mephiles could join with Iblis and once again become Solaris.


Mephiles should be on the top. For one thing, he wants to make others cry. He helped Iblis destroy the planet, too. He craves destruction, is a cold, ruthless villan, he likes killing others, he is highly intelligent (not smart enough to make evil machines like eggman, but still very smart), and he can join with Iblis and be so powerful only Sonic, Shadow, and Silver all together in their super forms can destroy him. Too bad he can't appear in more Sonic games, though.
Why isn't this guy at the top? He's the only villain in the whole franchise who actually managed to kill sonic.
[Newest]If he killed Sonic, he actually did me a favor.

14Sovereign (Mass Effect)
No remorse for any life in the Galaxy. Brought about the destruction of Galactic Civilization every 50,000 years for countless millions of years. Uses deception and any resources without second thought to achieve its goals. It's so evil that it seeks nothing except the destruction of all life, period.
Pure evil, with dire intentions even beyond comprehension...


Pretty much every line Sovereign has says "I am evil", and everything he/she/it/whatever says the same. Sounds shallow, but somehow they pulled it off.

15Mileena (Mortal Kombat)
Come on guys. This woman is creepy and very powerful. Her sexy body is impressive and those sharp-razor teeth only makes her more special
Mileena rulez!


Very creepy and eats human beings when she is a human herself I think and she tried to seduce her sister in mortal kombat 9 and really hard to defeat and her fatalties are really freaky
Mileena is the best villain in gaming and in mortal kombat history and she my favorite villain of all time number 1 on my list take that green scorpion

16Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
Jack is the most funny character I have ever seen. However when you get through the game, you find jack's real personality. You see something much more sinister
Handsome jack is so hilarious and so evil and self absorbed, but after all he is the hero of the story.

17Jacqueline Natla (Tomb Raider)
great villain, determined and willing to go over her family gods or even the whole humanity solely to fulfil her will... love her anniversary version... so evil...


well not the most evil I guess
but oh well; she is the only reoccurring adversary in the whole series
Well... She is such a great villain! Very cool... indeed...


18Illusive Man (Mass Effect 3)

19Metal Sonic (Sonic CD/Heroes)
Metal Sonic was created to max out Sonic's power in every aspect possible, and it WORKED!

Metal not only can be faster than Sonic, but he also has electricity beams, brief invincibility, and the ability to take power from the Chaos Emeralds. If that isn't enough, Dr. Robotnik/Eggman made sure that Metal would be able to catch up with Sonic whenever Sonic got stronger.

Thus, he is able to copy the date of the badniks and use it against Sonic. And when he gains enough power, he turns into Metal Madness/Overlord, which has missiles, fire, and the ability to fly...

Whether he's on Eggman's side or not, whenever you cross his path, you'd better be pleading for mercy!


20Professor Pester (Viva Pinata)

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