Most Satanic Songs


...As the mighty demon hordes spread their wings and rise to the sky... The seven gates of hell opens wide...
...Sell your soul to an evil cause... THAT DARKNESS SHALL BE ETERNAL...666...
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The Top Ten

Lucifer - Behemoth
Who cares if it's really real or not. The point of this kind of music and gimmick is to believe in it for between 4 and 40 minutes (Depending whether you're listening to one song or the entire album). I find myself enjoying this for some underlying strong tie with my love for autumn, and a not so well understood perception of what my ancestral livelihood was like. The presentation is awesome, the music is really heavy and chunky, which gives me a rush of adrenalin. All I'm saying is; Until Gabriel or Belial comes down (Or up respectively - laugh out loud) and says "Hey, bro. Turns out all this stuff is real", I'm just enjoying the way the music makes me feel. Behemoth wins.
All these songs are pointless. These bands are wasting their lives worshiping a myth. The same goes for Christian bands and all their Jesus songs. Write some better lyrics that don't have to do with the plague of religion.
Satan is as real as Justin Bieber's manhood
[Newest]It is 11:55 you know what will happen 12:00 world ends

2De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem
Satan is real, in every culture, country, era and etc... They have wrote about an evil creature who tries to produce evil, misery, death, grimness, the ones who follow him, do these things for him. Not just Abrahamic religions, every culture noted about him.


3Possessed (By Satan) - Gorgoroth
Yo Nord666 if you think satan is real you have no sense of intelligence. Satan is just as made up as Jesus
People still think Satan is real? How many more idiots are left in this world...
Satan isn't real. Satan doesn't exist. Satan is not an entity. Satan is not a god. Hell isn't real. Demons are't real. Satan. Is. Not. Real. Go play with yourself ass kissing satanist

4The Oath - Mercyful Fate
The lyrics are literally taken from a black mass; how much more evil can you get? With the sound of thunder, a haunting organ, and King Diamond's shrieking falsetto, "The Oath" is basically a love song to Satan.
The oath to an absent entity. There is no satan

5Incipit Satan - Gorgoroth

6Satanic Mass - Coven
More like empty mass

7Con Clavi Con Dio - Ghost

8Dominus Sathanas - Burzum
What this got of satanic if only is a instrumental?

9When Satan Rules His World - Deicide
When Satan rules his really won't do any difference. In fact, nothing will happen at all. You know why? Satan isn't real

10Inno a Satana - Emperor
I don't know about satan being real or not and I don't care but the way this song is makes me feel the love. this song is full of love, no matter who is being loved. good f***ing job Emperor

The Contenders

11Homage for Satan - Deicide

12The Antichrist - Slayer
What antichrist? Satan ain't real mate

13Altar of Sacrifice - Slayer

14Welcome to Hell - Venom

15Christraping Black Metal - Marduk

16Pentagram - Possessed

17Baby - Justin Bieber
This song is the most satanic of them all this should be number one
This song scares satan, seriously
This song can scare Satan.

18Satanic Propaganda - 1349

19Raping Christianity - Tsjuder

20Blessed Are the Sick / Leading the Rats - Morbid Angel

21Year Zero - Ghost B.C.
The whole song is about how Satan will rise up above god and bring mankind to its knees. And there's also the fact that the chorus is "Hail Satan" and it opens with six different names for Satan which it repeats throughout the song.

22Jesus' Tod - Burzum

23Enemy of God - Kreator

24O Father O Satan O Sun! - Behemoth

25Morte Et Dabo - Asking Alexandria
It sucks that this song is so evil.. I really love the music. I still love "Asking Alexandria" unconditionally, but these lyrics really upset and disappointed me.

26Hail Satanas - Venom

27F*** Your God - Deicide

28The Heretic Anthem - Slipknot

29Be Without Fear - Behemoth

30Satan Prayer - Ghost

31Disciple - Slayer

32Sono L'Antichristo - Diamanda Galas

33The Exorcist - Cannibal Corpse
The exorcist is not by cannibal corpse it was from possessed they just did a cover of it and cannibal corpse isn't even satanic just violent

34The Sadistic Outcast - Death and Despair
Lol this is not a real song or band I just made this up death and despair is my band and the song was writen by me it's not even satanic it just talks about someone who is

35Evil - Mercyful Fate

36The Pentagram Burns - Satyricon

37Antikrist - Dimmu Borgir

38Demonium - Immortal

39(s)AINT - Marilyn Manson

40Bridge of Death - Manowar

41The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson

42Icons of Evil - Vital Remains

43God Hates Us - Avenged Sevenfold

44Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer - Behemoth

45The Satanist - Behemoth

46Chapel of Ghouls - Morbid Angel

47Jesus Saves - Slayer

48Hell Awaits - Slayer

49Christians to the Lions - Behemoth

50Engineering the Antichrist - Thy Art Is Murder

51In Nomine Satanas - Bathory

52Raining Blood - Slayer
If you listen to the lyrics, this song is about Stan rising up and destroying god and and then he will "reign in blood."

53The Conjuring - Megadeth

54Die Eier Von Satan - Tool
No just kidding this song isn't Satanic its actually about baking cookies without eggs. laugh out loud.

55Unanswered - Suicide Silence

56Father of Lies - Whitechapel

57This Is Exile - Whitechapel

58Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone
When jehovas hordes are slaughtered
When disciples twelve are dead
When beliefs of Easter lands
And raped and raped again

59Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - Marylin Manson

60Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
Not even Satan himself would make something this bad.

61Hang the Pope - Nuclear Assault

62Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
This song scares Satan more than Minaj's other song, Anaconda, and Baby by Justin Bieber. Seriously.

63Satan My Master - Bathory

64Cult - Slayer
This song raps god

65Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
I had to include this. I just had to.

66Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

67Jihad - Slayer

68Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

69Track 99 - Marilyn Manson

70The Exorcist - Possessed

71Black Dragon - Dissection

72Death to Jesus - Deicide

73Behead the Prophet - Deicide

74Kill the Christian - Deicide

75Scars of the Crucifix - Deicide

76Freezing Moon - Mayhem
The song isn't so satanic like dee mystheris dom sathanas, it's just speed and dark, I love it

77Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson

78Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

79Friday - Rebecca Black
Why isn't this number 1

80Where Is Your God? - Amon Amarth

81Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

82Relentless - Pentagram

83Sacrifice - Cannibal Corpse

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