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1 Bewitched

Blood On The Dance Floor is a terrible band, but I'll be honest if I say there is some entertainment factor I could get from it, considering my sense of humor.

Not that Bewitched is a good song, but it is catchy and nonsensical, which is further added by the music video. Its cheesy, but in a funny way of sorts. So I wind up enjoying the song for its bizarre and ridiculous nature instead :P.

I'll be honest here I actually like this song. It's not great but it's better then every Fallout Boy or Falling in Reverse song I've ever heard. So before you grab your pitch forks hear me out. It's a bit cheesy but I can tolerate it. Honestly this site overreacts to crunkcore and BOTDF in general. They're not the worst artist ever when artists like Chris Brown and Falling in Reverse exists. Out of 10 I give this song a 9 you can sue me afterwards.

2 Where's My Wonderland

I agree this is a great song. I love to sing it in my room and give it my all. Blood on the dance floor is a great band keep sing what you are doing. Ignore the haters. I love Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von. This song has lots of feeling to it in the original and unplugged.

Should at least be number 5.
Best song of theirs, it has true meaning.

3 Unforgiven

Great song the original is way better though. I would listen to the original first before you listen to this version. This song is off of the blood on the dance floor album evoultion. It's a great album.

This song helped me through junior high. It's amazing how if you listen to the song word by word then you understand it. And you know how it can help you.

I may hate them to death but it's the later ones were an improvement. And why? The song Unforgiven of course. About 2 or 4 songs I like form them but the best for me is this one

4 Rise & Shine

This is an amazing song, it's a great way to show people the truth, nobody should be bullied because of what they look like or what music they're into or ANY reason. Nobody should feel unwanted or the need to commit suicide. This is an amazing video, it is SO VERY INSPIRING.

People think this is an anti bullying song, but telling bullies to kill themselves and using violence to stop bullying is not the way to go. This is why the song has bad lyrics. It's cheesy too, the vocals suck so bad in this song, and the beat is lame.

5 Incomplete and All Alone
6 Unchained
7 The Comeback
8 Your Sorry Life
9 The Loving Dead

I love this song. We are, we are the loving dead we love we love even in death.

10 Sexting

This song is hilarious! The music is catchy and fun and the lead singer's voice is, as always amazing. He has such a unique sound and I just love them!

Great song. Sext sext sext me haha. These than the is just a tease send this nudes that make me drool.

I love BOTDF! This is their best song in my opinion, it's so catchy and fun to dance to, and it always gets me excited for the day.

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11 Death to Your Heart!

I heart this song. Keep on doing what you do best botdf. All of us fans will stick together.

12 Damaged

Love this song the video is so scary. But still great.

13 Miss Bipolar (Love Fight)

Love this song. You guys if you have bipolar don't worry your not the only one in this world. It runs in my family.

14 S My D

I love this song I can listen to this sing all day haha. S my D pop it out like lipstick razor sharp eyelashes and my fashion just thrashes in death star black. Love this song. SGTC all the way.

15 Believe

This song is about believing in yourself so why can't it be at the top. I live all of the blood on the dance floor albums they are great. They are so talented. I love how they ignore haters.

This song is so inspirational to those that have dealt with bad things in life...

How is this song not on the list? Its amazing and super inspiring.

16 The Untouchables
17 Yo, Ho

I Love this song on my list its number 1! It's a pirate's life for me.

18 Bitches Get Stitches

This should be #1! Great message in it

I love this song.. its funny and has an awesome meaning!
"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

19 Scream for My Ice Cream

What the this Song is doing hear! It should be Top 1 !

20 I <3 Hello Kitty

What a great song. People in my school even my friends thought I was crazy for liking this song but who cares it's a blood on the dance for song I am not going to let people get to me because I like this song I am going to ignore them and you should to. Blood on the dance for fans stick together.

21 I.D.G.A.F.

Great song. If you are getting bullied just tell the person who is billing you just say I.D.G.A.F about you. They will stop. Bye love you botdf fans. And I am sorry if you are getting bullied. To be honest I have been bullied by this guy named tanner for 4 years. What I Did instead of getting away from him I thought well I'd I become his friend he might stop billing me. But that didn't work at all. So I am just going to ignore him he is a piece of crap anyway.

22 Candyland
23 Innocent High

Only listen to this band to laugh and this song really hits the spot

24 Crucified by Your Lies
25 It's On Like Donkey Kong
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