Best Extreme Metal Songs of All Time

Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Grindcore (in a way). No Melodic stuffs, no traditional Heavy Metal etc.
The Top Ten
1 Raining Blood - Slayer Raining Blood - Slayer Cover Art

Wow, how can I deny Slayer's awesomeness. All hail Lombardo, the godfather of drums, he got magic hands, no doubt.

Meshuggah, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Bathory (newer)? Really? This started the entire wave of it all!

Great song I'm surprised no freezing moon by mayhem. oh well.

Most brutal song ever. No doubt.

2 Lack of Comprehension - Death Lack of Comprehension - Death Cover Art

As a representative to this vote, I want you all to know that Death pioneered the Death metal genre during mid to late 80's thinking Death's place in number 3 maybe also good but Death at least deserves to be here (not to be overwhelmed by incoming bands in this list) Lack of Comprehension is one of their heaviest songs (or maybe of Extreme metal genre). RIP Chuck Shuldiner. Death influenced many Death metal bands.

Technical old school death metal with jazz influences, just beautiful...and brutal.

3 A Fine Day to Die - Bathory A Fine Day to Die - Bathory Cover Art
4 Angel of Death - Slayer Angel of Death - Slayer Cover Art

I like when the drums come in after the guitar breakdown. Sounds like a machine gun.

Honestly sounds just like raining blood

The most brutal and heavy song of ALL TIME

This Song Just Blows My Mind

5 Welcome to Hell - Venom Welcome to Hell - Venom Cover Art

It isn't extreme metal

6 Quintessence - Darkthrone Quintessence - Darkthrone Cover Art

This is just the perfect Black Metal song. Personally, I prefer Lamb of God (which is not in this list) but this song is absolutely epic

It was hard to choose, but I think Darkthrone deserve the crown!

Ehh, I like Darkthrone and all, but I don't particularly care for this track.

The Odin almighty...the riff!

7 Dead by Dawn - Deicide Dead by Dawn - Deicide Cover Art
8 Kill or Become - Cannibal Corpse Kill or Become - Cannibal Corpse Cover Art
9 Lost Wisdom - Burzum Lost Wisdom - Burzum Cover Art

His voice! Oh, that was the craziest voice I've ever heard!
The guitar was INSANE!

Not a bad song but #3? Overrated.

10 Your Disposal - Cattle Decapitation Your Disposal - Cattle Decapitation Cover Art

Amazing song-- and heavy as balls. Chorus always catches me lol

+1 for Cattle Decap

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? Demolisher - Slaughter to Prevail Demolisher - Slaughter to Prevail Cover Art
The Contenders
11 All Shall Fall - Immortal All Shall Fall - Immortal Cover Art

A perfect song for this list.

12 Peace Sells - Megadeth
13 Creeping Death - Metallica
14 Freezing Moon - Mayhem Freezing Moon - Mayhem Cover Art

Fantastic riffs, eerie lyrics, amazingly played and sung...makes for a song simultaneously horrific and addictive.

With dead 💀 On vocals there got my vote!

15 Bleed - Meshuggah

Wow surprised this isn't number one although well known it's just so technical the vocals are even more extreme and technical than most.

Although unconventional, this song kills it.

16 Denial of Life - Death Denial of Life - Death Cover Art

The most brutal song ever by Chuck. That intro was a killer!

The Sadistic drums on this song makes me psychopath.

17 One Rode to Asa Bay - Bathory One Rode to Asa Bay - Bathory Cover Art

I'm not sure if this song fits the criteria of this list but I strongly believe this is one of the BEST Black Metal song I've ever heard.
Quorthon was epic with his guitars..R.I.P.

18 Whiplash - Metallica Whiplash - Metallica Cover Art

Kurt Cobain's favorite song.

Is this called reallibility?

19 Bleak - Opeth Bleak - Opeth Cover Art
20 Circle of the Tyrants - Celtic Frost Circle of the Tyrants - Celtic Frost Cover Art
21 Ride the Lightning - Metallica Ride the Lightning - Metallica Cover Art
22 The Gift of Guilt - Gojira The Gift of Guilt - Gojira Cover Art
23 Ghost of Perdition - Opeth Ghost of Perdition - Opeth Cover Art
24 Love? - Strapping Young Lad Love? - Strapping Young Lad Cover Art
25 You're Dead - Megadeth You're Dead - Megadeth Cover Art
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