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1My Curse

This song makes me rock my head so HARD!

My favourite metalcore band.. And my curse is just outstanding, breakdown and intro is like.. Great

best intro ever, plus howards vocals are amazing

Their best song ever - Ananya

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2This Fire Burns

Gives an internal feeling of beating someones ass out...

this is my favorite song in the world kill switch engage is one of my favorite bands ever


I had my first kiss with my love during the song and every time I remember when I hear this song

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3The End of Heartache

This is the best KSE song ever... Howard rocks...
The End of Heartache is one of the best albums ever released...
Damn these guys should win a Grammy to say the least...
KSE forever!

Perfection. This man knows how to sing from his soul. His screams are ear piercing, yet he finds a way to serenade you with his voice of baritone beauty. It's the cure for almost every mood: neither too soft, nor too heavy. Give it a try why don't ya!

You wait, you miss, you hurt. The mere absence is HEARTACHE. :I

The drums on this one are great!

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4My Last Serenade

This definitely is my favorite KSE song! Awesome music and meaningful lyrics. Jesse's vocals is pure epic.

Great song, their older stuff was so much more raw!

Undoubtedly extraordinary, this song shows the power and the artistic talent of the musicians, this band has changed my way of seeing the music

This should be #2 my curse stays at 1.

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5The Arms of Sorrow

Killswitch Engage is my favorite band, I have all of their albums with Jesse and all of the Albums with Howard. I also Have most of the Music Adam D. has produced (August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, etc. ) But out of all of that music I've never heard something as beautiful as this song Lyrically and musically

This song is just so heavenly beautiful. It's like a gift God sent from heaven. It's heavy and melodic, emotional and powerful, it's just THAT damn superb of a song. I totally understand Jesse and why he considers this his favourite Killswitch Engage song. Look at those lyrics! "Imprisoned inside this mind, hiding behind the empty smiles". It's just a masterpiece, AND it sends a positive message. Not to mention Howard's vocals, he KILLS it, especially on this one. The Arms Of Sorrow for the win!

Amazing track. Jesse Leach's favourite. Definitely one of Killswitch Engage top three songs.

The lyrics have deep meaning and the music take you to a different place laugh out loud, I love killswitch engage

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6Reject Yourself

Woah, This is REALLY under-rated, I think this deserves a lot more votes

Agreed it is under-rated... Very positive message and its a powerful song makes you think

Wow, SO under-rated! The intro is awesome! - cmrnpref

Should be #2, that riff

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7In Due Time

This is the best song on their new album. This song definitely deserve to be in The Top Three, at least.

Hell yes jesse leach is back and this song kicked ass first time I heard it

Amazing and unique riff with very nice lyrics. Also the cymbals sound great. This is definitely one of my favourite KSE songs and the new album will probably rock as hell.

The best song

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8When Darkness Falls

One of my favourite choruses! Definitely in the top 3.

Great song. I love playing its verse and chorus.. Breakdown as well

9This Is Absolution

This song is no doubt my favourite of all time. The guitar in this is incredible and same goes for the lyrics.

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10Daylight Dies

this has an absolutely EPIC intro

Great screams and catchy vocals!

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You are no god to me this the reckoning man what an aweson song should be in the top 10 it's so epic

?Rose of Sharyn

No fancy solo, but with such epic continuation of a great riff who needs one?

Intro riff is so lethal dude.. It takes you by surprise.. And then pitch shift in the middle of the song adds colour, great song

I don't know if its #1 but its not behind my curse

Best song ever!

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11Fixation On the Darkness

This song is one of the greatest. And it kicks ass so much live in concert. I love the varying scream levels in Jesse's voice, and the death growl undertone in the chorus.

Such a sick song. Can't believe it's not at the top. Also the first Killswitch song I ever heard which got me interested in the band.

I was shocked this was not on the top 5.. But this song kicks ass.. A taste of melody in metal does not take away the "metallity" of the song, just saying..

How can this be at 22nd? How can this be? This must be one of the biggest mysterious of

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12Holy Diver

It can't be better than dio's! But it's a damn good cover and they really put their style into it. Much respect to Killswitch Engage!

Amazing cover! Much more hardcore the original. Awesome guitar and vocals.

Much better than Dio's. End of discussion.

It doesn't need to be original to be better. Howard nailed it better.

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13The Hell In Me

Best song on the new album by far.

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14Numbered Days

With a chorus like this, the song deserves to be in the first 5. I mean come on, it's Alive or Just Breathing, their best album.

My favourite Killswitch Engage song. Everything about it is awesome. The passion in Jesse's voice too... Wow. How is this not closer to the top?!

Can't believe this song is so low. I love everything about this song. Should definitely be in the top 5. I'm surprise 'Temple From The With' on their first self titled album isn't higher as well

This song should be top 5

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15Let the Bridges Burn

This song has everything I like about KSE's discography all compacted into just a few minutes. Very diverse in its drum patterns and fairly unpredictable, but in the best of ways. Some of Howard's best vocals from his 3 albums.

16Beyond the Flames

Haven't heard a lot of KE, but this is my favorite song so far

What will you do if you have seductive women troubling you?

It is from 'Disarm The Descent'. Try it!

Song of the soul!

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17Vide Infra

This song is pure dope, probably their hardest track ever. Jesse nailed it. In my opinion Howard wasn't able to keep up with songs like this one or "When The Balance Is Broken", though these are some of the least popular songs from KSE, sadly.

The most original KSE song ever, includes original singer Jesse Leech - Beyond_The_Darkness

18No End in Sight

I love this song way too much, I don't know Why... If you are a metalcore fan you will like it also..

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19My Obsession

Amazing I love this song so much, it's great! You should definitely listen to it! My ex told me that he listened to this whenever he thinks of me

20Starting Over

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, it transitions from harsh vocals to one of the most stunning choruses I have ever heard

Very good lyrics, in fact, all the song is very good

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