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1Blackstar - David Bowie

Just watch the video. David clearly knew death was coming, and he left us with a dark message about the enslavement of humankind. - PositronWildhawk

Wow, this song is amazing. So heavy and haunting. David Bowie could not have given us a better parting gift. Check out the whole album. - Zach808

David Bowie will always be one of the most influential artists of all time. This song is chilling and haunting and makes you feel a little uneasy. But that's the point. It's an amazing, hard-hitting song. R.I.P. David Bowie. This song will live on.

One of his absolute best. - Caleb9000

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2Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers

Last time we saw The Chainsmokers was 2014, with their abysmal "song(? )" "#selfie", which was supposed to be a scathing parody of girls who take too many selfies, but ended up just being a techno mess. I thought I'd seen the last of them.

Cut to early 2016, with the surprise phoenix-like rise from the ashes of one-hit-wonderisim of the group, with an amazing and thought-provoking song called "Roses". That song, with it's emotional vocals, won me over quickly. I also had to hand it to them, the background music sounds good anywhere, from a crowded high school dance to just cuddling on a bed with your girlfriend. I thought it couldn't be topped.

But then I heard Don't Let Me Down. First off, the Egyptianish, brassy background music (which sounds like a terrible combination) is one of the best I've heard in a long time. Daya's vocals are a true highlight of the song, with her wide range and emotional delivery of the lyrics. And that drop. THAT DROP. It left me with chills. ...more - Spark_Of_Life

Everyone at my school hates this song, and I ask why, but they never tell me. Seriously, this song is the BOMB. Literally. It was a BOMB that blew up the whole world like a BOMB.

I'm still waiting for the new metallica album to blow this list away. Speaking of which where is Hardwired on this list?

Truly deserve number 1 in a year of bad music

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3Starboy - The Weeknd

I just love how Abel dominated pop music with his previous record, and now with the whole world on him he goes back to his original style. I don't mean musically, because going from grunge R&B to pop to electronic is a huge switch-up, I mean his lyricism. BBTM had good lyrics and all, but it didn't offer nearly as much as this track does. Rhymes are on point, flow is on point, cleverness is on point, and that cocaine metaphor in the pre-chorus pulled it off more than CFMF wishes it did. Props to Daft Punk, too, for an awesome production. In general, Starboy is a big laugh in the face to everyone who tests him or tries to end him, because no matter if you're a hater or someone who adores him, you make him more famous. Look what you done! 8/10, amazing song, not roughly as beautiful as his trilogy mixtapes are, yet still worthy of a listen, exceptionally if you're a Weeknd fan like me. - yaygiants16

The Weeknd is always good with these songs. Screw anyone who says he sucks - Mcgillacuddy

I feel sad because of the Weeknd's hair. Anyway, great song.

He finally cut his hair - Hotheart123

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4Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

I'm not a fanboy but I heard this song outta my crazy excitement bout Suicide Squad. And I'm not at all disappointed. This is cracking track worth falling for. - Ark-M

As a fan of them, this is not at all like any of their songs. It's not very good compared to their older stuff. Please check out something like Ruby or Before You Start Your Day or Trees or something like that. They are amazing compared to this.

Not even in the top 100 best songs for this year. It does have a good atmosphere, nice lyrics, and an okay beat. But Tyler's voice needs to deepen, or my ears are going to go numb. - Satire

I like this song.

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5I Took a Pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner

This song just keeps getting better every time I listen to it. The original is horrible, just saying. But the SeeB remix is incredible. A dance remix that's more depressing, who knew? And also they took out the horrid third verse.

Apart from the mediocre drop, everything about this song is great. Mike Posner is relying more on his diaphragm to sing than before, the lyrics detailing how horrid it is being a one-hit wonder make me feel even more sorry for Posner than before (and I already felt bad for him; he's a loser), and he doesn't run over the line of respectability. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Would you believe there are some people that don't like this song? How could you not? - Spark_Of_Life

Ibiza is the best island ever... This song reminds me of it!

Wow, a song with by far the dumbest lyric to ever exist is on here. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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67 Years - Lukas Graham

Just further shows that people are too narrow minded to listen to anything that isn't on the radio every 5 seconds. This song sounds exactly like every other pop song right now: slow, boring, and attempting to be insightful. And is it just me or do the lyrics in this song make no sense? Nobody's looking for a wife at age 11. This isn't Game of Thrones. And I know people like to argue that "this song is sad" and "he went through hard times," but honestly, it's a bit old at this point. I get he had a hard life, but it's the same damn story we've heard 200 times from tons of other singers. If you like this song, awesome. You've done something I couldn't do to save my life. I'm just saying that this song doesn't really offer anything new, and that it definitely isn't the best song of 2016. - AngryByrd

How am I the only one who finds this song atrocious? This song makes me want to go to Lukas, and slap him in the face. This song is just bad. The lyrics, which are not about his father (seriously look up the lyrics, it only mentions his father like 3 times) are bad. The instrumentation is decent but boring. Also Lukas sounds whiny and pretentious. This song does make want to how lousy pop music has become.

No, Lots of people on the top tens hate it now because it's not wise to smoke and drink at 11 - AlphaQ

7 Years? Nah, I'd rather listen to 7 seconds of this song and skip it and start listening to 7 Seconds instead of Lukas Graham.

This is just boring and the lyrics are STUPID. Drinking and smoking at 11 is WRONG Lukas. I never did that stuff and I'm 14. I didn't Think this was the best and thought It was one of the worst. 1/5. It's just plain bad - AlphaQ

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7All My Friends - Snakehips

This and so many other non top 40 songs on this list are actually very excellent. In some cases fresh and damn good as some one has stated below. Does anyone really listen to the samples and then go find the entire songs and listen. Most are great and I end up liking them better than the mainstream top 40 stuff. Do some justice and listen to other songs you might find one you like that's not overheard.

Considering chance the rapper just released a new album, I'm really hoping this song will get the boost it needs to reach the hot 100 because this song is amazing. One of the best of the year. The best part is the chorus. 9/10. Please America, let this be a hit instead of crap like NO, Work from home, and 7 years.

You wanna know what's worse. This could have been a Billboard Hit, it barely missed the hot 100 with a #6 peak on Bubbling Under. Why didn't it chart? Cause the week this was closest, DRAKE decided to have his garbage album take over the charts blocking better songs like Colors, Pity Party, and this from being hits. - ProPanda

ALL MY FRIENDS are heathens, take it slow? Seriously, I don't know what the song is. I've never heard it.

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8Ultralight Beam - Kanye West

It's Kanye west what do any of us expect from him

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9Pillowtalk - Zayn

For a song that tries to be sexy, it couldn't be further. I've listened to enough Nine Inch Nails and Stabbing Westward to know what sexy sounds like, and this isn't it. First off Zayn, you're a former member of a talentless group of British pretty boys whose fan base consists entirely of brain-dead menstrual teenage girls. Trying to sound sexy is beyond you. Second, even if you were to ignore your history, this song is so generic it's not even funny. Maybe if you were to come out and say that this whole solo career is just a joke, and that you're trying to make fun of the abundance of other pop stars who have done the same thing as you, I would have tons of respect for you. But as it stands, you're a sellout, leaving a sellout band to make sellout songs under a sellout image. - AngryByrd

For a song about sex and the pillowtalk afterwards, this song is so gloriously over the top and ridiculous. The lyrics equate it to a warzone, and the chorus is so explosively cheesy, I just can't take it seriously. And yet, I love this song. Probably fits in "So bad it's good" territory. - Zach808

I don't know if anyone else would be able to pull this off. ZAYN has an incredibly massive voice with a lot of energy and power behind it, which lets him pull off the fact that he's comparing pillowtalk to a warzone. The beat is absolutely incredible, what with the jumpy barking synths, and the explosion on the chorus, it's so genuine that even ZAYN knows that he can't take this seriously. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Love the song

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10Cheap Thrills - Sia

"Who knew SIA doing mindless pop garbage could work so well? "

- the ignorant me of the past

I've started listening to more Sean Paul, who has a guest verse on this. I once (paraphrasing) described this as a happy disaster, but then I realized that this is the perfect throwback hit. Move over, NO by Meghan Trainor, we have an actual 2000s pop song on our hands.

The beat is based around one melody that is very light and bubbly, which fits with Sean Paul's voice, and SIA actually sounds good over it (mind you she's the same person who did the heavy-hitting Chandelier and Elastic Heart). SIA's harmonizations, while they have nothing on, say, early Destiny's Child, they still fit within the song, and Sean Paul's verse is definitely complementing that. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Sia writing this song surprised me because I thought writers gonna do it instead of her but I stand corrected. 5/5 - Everything is perfect, the beat and the tempo is correct to fit in the song and also Sia's vocals are good enough to do a better pop song than Katy Perry. - Erinaliese

This song is amazing. Should be higher. - TheAlbinoWolf

I'm sorry, I just hate her voice.

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?Thy Will - Hillary Scott
?Adrenaline - Thousand Foot Krutch

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11Daydreaming - Radiohead

1 million times better than Lukas Graham.

Literally anything's a million times better than Lukas Graham. - ArchAces

Better than Lukas Graham? I should hope so, considering that this is the band that put out OK Computer. The song's good, but they've done way better. - Zach808

They've done way better but this is better than anything on this list except maybe Burn The Witch

Best song on this list - Jiorl

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12Just Like Fire - P!NK

One of my favorites, all in all an awesome song! Pink's voice is so powerful and everything is absolutely perfect. Although I'm not to keen on the Alice franchise, I'm in love with this song

I love this song SO MUCH! P! NK has such good vocals as well as good songwriting! The song is unique and empowering (it's awesome to play when you're feeling down! ) - toptenqueen

This song is perfect, quite uplifting, and remarkable. I love the guitar. I like that song title --- Just Like Fire. It is nice to hear a confident song. - madoog

It's awesome, but overplayed. - Powerfulgirl10

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13Panda - Desiigner

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually like this song. Its catchy and a great beat. - Catacorn

Not sure what to think of this one. I mean, yeah, the backing vocals are obnoxious, Desiigner is basically diet Future, the lyrics are garbage, and the beat was literally bought of YouTube for $200, but something must be making people like it. It's probably that it's so horrifically awful that it must be seen to be believed. - WonkeyDude98

This song is so dumb, it's actually kind of hilarious. Hilariously awful, if you will. It's so bad, I laugh every time I see some white kid dancing to it because my god, do they look so stupid.

I really like this song its great and catchy. It's the best song of 2016!

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14Death of a Bachelor - Panic! at the Disco

Even though I liked Emperor's New Clothes a lot, it wasn't near my favorite from the album. This song is. The production of this song is amazing, and Brendon just sells it full force. Never before has a song about no longer being single sounded so rich yet fun. - Zach808

This song is DEFINITELY the best one all year. Its Brendon Urie at his best and amazing. This song should be at number one, and all the other ones on this album should be on here too!

While not my favorite from the album (Crazy = Genius all the way), it's still good and much better than stuff like NO, or 7 years, etc.

Overrated, victorious is better.

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1524k Magic - Bruno Mars

I like how Bruno is switching it up this time. This reminds me very much of Daft Punk with the funk, synths, and vocoders and it's an all around fun song. Better than Uptown Funk in my opinion

With this perfect slice of Uptown Funk-lite chillness, which honestly has better synths than Uptown Funk, color me intrigued for the new album, don't screw it up. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Bruno returns with the 80s vibes, and he gets it off Herbie Hancock style? You must be on a special kind of high if you don't like this song.
5/5 - Mcgillacuddy

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16Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

All the hype around Lady Gaga's newest song gave me excitement and it was worth it.
All the so called Little Monsters who were bashing on the new songs must not heard You and I. Lady Gaga is reforming to a clean side in her own growing to same to singers such as Kesha, Katy Perry and Beyonce (in a sort of way, during the Sasha Fierce area of her side). The guitar riff is weakly acclaimed in a 3/5 area in my point. Gaga's vocals are that supposed to be so great. Let us now support her for Joanne. - ArigatoKawaii

Nice comeback Lady Gaga, better than most other songs of 2016... - Moorefamval

Lady Gaga make a hit for 80's another music industry without twerk and boring songs with voices in"Chipmunks" mode

Love it... It's the best

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17Sound of Silence - Disturbed

Not one comment? Wow, people really don't know good music anymore. Even though this song is a cover, Disturbed sets a perfect mood for this song and backs it up with incredible monotone vocals. This is one of the best songs of 2016. Should be in the top ten.

Awesome song. One of the best songs of 2016. One of the only rock songs to last more then two weeks on the hot 100. Very sad. I honestly question the mainstream public's tastes in 2016 for that.

beautiful, I don't care about the year it came out, this song is beautiful

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It should be number one.

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18Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake

It's a decent song, not too shabby. - Catacorn

This song got stuck in my head. I believe that this is going to be the song of the summer. - ethanmeinster

18?! Come on! Put this higher! This and "Just Like Fire" are the best of 2016!

Sorry but I can't find this song good, it's really overplayed and overrated

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19Ride - Twenty One Pilots

So many songs that are popular right now sound very similar to one another. I think people need to branch out and improve lyrics, as well as change musical and melodic trends. This song isn't one I love, but I think Twenty One Pilots doesn't fit themselves into the box this current time in music forces artists to go into. This song sounds different while still maintaining popularity, whether it be sung by ten-year-olds or teenagers.

Memorized the rap part id die for you that's easy to say we have a list of people that we would take I can't type it all though

Good song, though it's not from 2016. I don't think people realize how many songs that are currently popular took quite a while to do so, and were actually released last year. I mean, this song is only just getting poplular, and it was released like May of 2015, well over a year ago. - uofmfan1221

Great song, but wasn't made in 2016. You may as well put thriller and let's go crazy on the list.

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20Rise - Katy Perry

This song sounds somewhat bland. - madoog

Kind of has a vibe to the Terminator theme song.

You'll be surprised I will still rise

She will NOT rise again.

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