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1 Liar

This is one of my favorite songs of the '90s. I remember listening to it a million times thanks to MTV. The music video is classic.

Spoken word takes center stage as the truth is hard to swallow. It's an extremely vivid and disturbing masterpiece.

I love this song. It's deep and unpredictable but so satisfying at the same time.

2 Ghost Rider

Awesome, as this is one of the coolest songs ever created. Definitely Rollins Band's greatest track.

A true all-time classic. Suicide's version was great, but this version is insane. I can't stop listening to it.

Everything about this song is totally epic. It takes amazing to an absolutely untouchable level.

3 Going Out Strange

"Do you think about when you're going to die?" Probably one of the most commanding intros to any song ever created. Whether you look at it as a potential anthem, a rant, or just a darn great song, this is one of Rollins' best works.

This track is crazy good. My all-time favorite workout song.

4 Low Self Opinion

Words so true many can relate to. A very solid number.

5 What Have I Got

What have I got. A truly magnificent and powerful tune.

6 Gun In Mouth Blues

Suicide is no joke, and this track shows no mercy. It captures anger, frustration, and a lack of hope. It's an addicting but very serious tune, revealing how fragile the mind really is.

7 Marcus Has The Evil In Him

Being used sucks, expressing it for everyone to hear is very satisfying, especially when it's Rollins and some kickass instrumentals coming together to rock your world.

8 What Do You Do

An incredible performance by the band showcased by impressive lyrics.

9 Turned Inside Out

Classic Rollins, a great crazy heavy song from an amazing album.

10 Disconnect

A stylish tune. One of the better songs from the Weight album.

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11 You Didn't Need

Amazing riff as the guitarist takes it out of the park. Overall, a high-quality tune from a great band.

12 Fool
13 Illumination

An electric song high on awesome guitar notes with a poetic Rollins in control.

14 The End of Something

Brilliant piece. Melody shifts the mood in style.

15 Just Like You

A ten-minute masterpiece about raising children. It is full of rage but tells a story at the same time. From generation to generation, everyone is really the same.

16 Down and Away

Loud, dangerous, intense - every scream doesn't disappoint. Insanity at its best.

17 Step Back

This killer song keeps coming at you with its extreme, energizing, powerful lyrics.

18 Get Some Go Again
19 Do It
20 What's the Matter Man

This song had me coming back to Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 time and time again. Oh, the memories.

21 Obscene

Let the vocals consume you. This is a candid tune that will take you on a trip of rage and frustration. Intensity is here to stay.

22 Hard

The ever-changing tempo exhilarates this crazy little number.

23 Burned Beyond Recognition

This is Rollins, this is why he kicks ass.

24 Thin Air

Intelligently presented. A very scary song put together very well.

25 Tearing
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