Top 10 Most Absurd Metal Subgenre Names That Don't Exist

We all know that heavy metal has spawned some of the most diverse and unique subgenres in music history. From classic heavy metal to thrash to black metal, there's a subgenre for every taste. But what about the ones that don't exist?

That's right, we're talking about the most absurd metal subgenre names that people have come up with. We've got Metalcore, Deathcore, and Grindcore. Those are legitimate "core" genres. But what about all the other "core" genres that people have made up over the years? Some of them are downright absurd.

So what are your picks for the most ridiculous metal subgenre names?
The Top Ten
1 Biebercore

Ha Ha Ha! Metal with vocals that sound like a dying cat! Fit for hardcore Beliebers!

Justin Bieber making metal? I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

Justin Bieber? Heavy metal? Oh come on, this is just a joke.

2 Pig Metal

Black metal bands do not use pig squeals at all... What bands are you listening to?

Isn't that Black Metal? A lot of Black Metal bands use pig squeals sometimes.

Pig is a very bad idea for metal.

3 Animecore
4 Symphonic Stalin Death Metal
5 Stalincore

Surprised this doesn't exist. There are some metal bands that talk about Stalinist-era stuff, such as a band called Gulaghh. They have a whole album called Vorkuta, an infamous gulag.

Hey, that could be a music genre for the Soviet Union's theme.

I can totally imagine this existing.

6 Orgasmic Metal

It already exists. You know what disgrace I mean.

7 Memecore

Bee Movie trailer? Doge? That BOI? What has the world come to? Don't judge me.

8 Brazilcore
9 Admincore
10 Chicken Metal
The Contenders
11 Neo-Cacophonic Sludge Metal
12 Crapcore
13 Longhorncore
14 Progressive School Metal
15 Gorecore
16 Skrillexic Metal
17 Ultimate Killer Assassin Murderer Death Post-Progressive Alternative Hardcore Heavy Metal

I cannot figure out how this would sound.

18 Direction Metal
19 Windowscore
20 Sh*tcore

Haha, this is funny to say out loud!

21 Proto-Neo-Dubstep-Jazz-Trance-Ethnic Metal

I imagine this would sound crazy.

22 Ailencore

This sorta exists. Check out Rings of Saturn.

23 Christian Nintendogrind

The title alone is just absurd. Both words just don't sound well together. Just imagine what it would sound like!

What, Jesus and Mario playing a metal duet? Then Satan and Bowser?

Christians writing songs about Nintendo?

24 Biker Metal
25 Satancore

"So is this mainstream Black Metal?" - Metal Elitist.

Satancore is just another word for Black Metal.

That would be grindcore with satanic lyrics.

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