Best Songs of All Time

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The Top Ten

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
It's one of the greatest song ever made, totally captivating lyrically and extremely innovative musically all due credit to the Queen himself, Freddie Mercury. Simple put; this is the song with every element required.
When the writer of this song, the late Freddie Mercury had come into this studio with "Bohemian Rhapsody", the rest of the band had thought of it foolish, bizarre and odd---but went along with the "Fred thing"---now it is a masterpiece that has withstood time, even more than thirty years old----nothing, and no one has come close to re-creating something so tongue-and-cheek, innovative, and still makes teenagers want to bang their heads and air-guitar while driving. Simply the best.
It's daring, fun and doesn't fall short of bravado. Simply genius.
[Newest]Amazing song by and amazing band. This song really goes in deep and shows the amazement of the person within. It is a hard song to sing but it does contain that challenge to try and do. By putting it on you can tell it is going to be good. Deserves to be number 1.
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2Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
The poetic storytelling nature of Robert Plant's lyrics combined with Jimmy Page's brilliant musical composition places "Stairway To Heaven" as the number one rock song of all time. Mr. Page's arrangement of a dramatic crescendo type development with the song passing through stages along the way lend to his (and John Paul Jones) influence by classical music. His guitar solo in this song is one of his greatest played with undeniable passion and ease. "Stairway To Heaven" is a legendary song composed and performed by the greatest rock musicians of all time, Led Zeppelin.
This is an incredible song! It's so great that it's becoming the theme song for my school's prom. Led Zeppelin is like no other classic.
I wanted to select something from Beatles or something from Radiohead, but this is the best song in Rock history. Fantastic guitar. Great vocals. Amazing lyrics.
[Newest]Despite the fact that this is "Most Played Song on Radio" Stairway To Heaven. Is the greatest song in not only Heavy Metal & Hard Rock History it transcends far beyond that genre. The song didn't sell out it's heavy metal/hard rock style like Metallica did (Nothing Else Matters) to bring in newer audiences that weren't accustom to Zeppelin's pioneering Heavy Metal Sound, but it showed their progressive ideas within the bands artwork. Jimmy Page one of the first guitar heroes, along with Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Hendrix & Eric Clapton, had wrote one of the most iconic guitar solos of all time. Plants vocals were amazing as they were progressive. The progression of the song is what most sticks out as it schizophrenically transitions from smooth, calming folk music to extremely emotional & groundbreaking hard rock/heavy metal. Led Zeppelin the most innovative blues hard rock band who helped create along with Black Sabbath a new genre of music Heavy Metal. Led Zeppelin has created the most iconic song in the history of radio
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3Imagine - John Lennon
Hey you! It is totally incomprehensible that Bohemian Rhapsody is the first. Imagine is the song of all centuries, Queen and John Lennon aren't competitors because John Lennon is god and Queen is just the queen. So Imagine is the first-it's objective reality
Truly inspirational lyrics, to release your per-conceived or ingrained notions of time and space, division of people; those going to heaven vs. The hell-bound. The very best song of love not for one, but for all the people who live as one. A masterpiece.
It's best song, and one with the best lyrics ever. It's message is simple, but at the same very profound.
[Newest]This song is great, the lyrics are powerful yet subdued, the melody is timeless and despite some critics the message is absolutely positive. If you take the words in this song at their text book definitions and refuse to read between the lines than you may get offended and never truly understand the big picture. Take a moment to think about living in a world as imagined by John Lennon in this song, take away Material Possessions (wealth, status, greed, envy... Etc. ) Religion (holy wars, terrorism, religious persecution... Etc. ) Countries (war, tyranny, oppression... Etc. ) If the world truly lived as one your only responsibility would be to wake up and breathe, enjoy your life.

"Imagine" is a very special song, it's probably ultimately his most powerful. This is a unifying song that people all over the world love and sing. Even when I hear those opening chords my mind stops and I get very misty-eyed. It really is a deep song. Absolutely one of the greatest classics ever written by anyone.
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4Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
I love this song. Nirvana is one of my favourite bands ever! I really miss Kurt Cobain
Best song ever, we can smell his spirit, laugh out loud (i didn't understand. The best songs smell like going for the best. I love nirvana. NiRVANA NIRVANA NIRVANA! BEST SONG EVER ANYONE CAN LISTEN TO. Nirvana is part of rock's history, and deserves to be remembered from generation to generation. T smells like a perfect made delicious song that deserves to be in this list. Kurt was such a genius. This song has so much between the lines, it's awesome. I will always love NIRVANA. First time I voted another song.. The song is nice... But after listening this song I have changed by decision...
This song makes me want to run naked down the street... And I don't run Naked for just any song. It's like waking up in Russia lying on a moose rug.
[Newest]Kurt Cobain has a unique voice and talent to make music in his way because Smells Like Teen Spirit is not like other songs in this list -"comercial"- he just put in this what he feel, and maybe he wasn't happy with the succes that this song had but we must face:"this song really rocks"...
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5Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
Genius intro and solo by SLASH
Amazing work on rhythm by IZZY Stradlin
Badass awesome drummer Steven Adler
Cool bass by DUFF,...
Are You Kiddin me! That's Probably The Best Song in The History of Hard Rock! :O
<3 Slash!
It has everything a good rock song should have. An amazing riff, amazing lyrics, chorus and guitar solo.
[Newest]Who doesn't like Guns N' Roses?! Oh that's right, people who don't like good music. Axl has this voice that no one else can even get close to matching, Duff is the most badass cutest bassest EVER! Slash is a legend that is just totally unrealisticlly amazing at guitatr, Steven can rock out on the drums like no one else and Izzy is just absolutley awesome. I remember my dad always played Guns N' Roses and this song I remember particularlly well, because I loved it. I love all their songs. Seriously. I love them all because they really don't have weak spots when it comes to music. They will always be the best band in the world to me. No other band can top this band. I hope that maybe some of them will see this and know how talented each individual is. Every one of them is special, and I know the original band is broken up, but they're still talented. I hope that this music is never forgotten. EVER! LONG LIVE GUNS N' ROSES!
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6Hotel California - Eagles
awesome lyrics with great music makes this song a perfect song
I used to hear it more than 20 times a day... such a beautiful song and this was the song that made me die hard fan of eagles
The music is so beautiful. The Guitars, the vocals and everything in the song is so beautiful. I first heard this song when I was around 6 years old and I can sing it. I live in Thailand but I can sing "Welcome to the Hotel California" when I was so young. That's why this song in the best song.
Hotel California from the Eagles is one of the best song ever! It's like a hymn where you can sing along and dance! It's just an incredible song which nearly everybody likes! One of the best!
[Newest]I heard this song for the 1st time in my life in 2005 & after 7 Years of Intense practice & commitment, I became the Most Musically Skilled Guitarist of my Country! (Sri Lanka)


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7Earth Song - Michael Jackson
This is song is amazing! Michael's voice is unreal! This song is more popular! This is my lovely song!
Every one will cry while hearing this song if they are thinking about MJ. We really miss him. We love you Michael.. Forever you will live in our heart
I like this song, is so beautiful, It says all the true about this world... You must that listen this song. We must that chance our personality and chance this world, we are finishing the planet and it is necessary to have conscience of it.
You r gonna be one of those few artists whom the world will remember till its end.. Love you MJ. RIP...
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8One - Metallica
Amazing and moving, appealing to fans of thrash, metal in general, even pop fans... you can't help but be swept up in the epicness of it
An excellent, powerful, and meaningful song. I don't even know what else to say, it's too amazing!
Metallica is the best. This song really shows what their all about.
Darkness imprisoning me all that I see absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die trapped in myself body my holding cell!
One of the most beautiful songs by Metallica.
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9November Rain - Guns N' Roses
Great song. I love this, I love the awesome guitar solo, the piano, the lyrics, everything about it.


BEST SONG EVER! "nothing lasts forever, even cold NOVEMBER RAIN! "
What the hell? This song should easily be in the first 20 at least... Its a LEGENDARY song!
Even riders on the storm not on the list! Damn surprising
Its a combination of bohemian rhapsody and stairway to heaven and the best ballad of Guns N' Roses


This song never fails to give me goosebumps!
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10Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
#1 on the rolling stones magazine's top 500 songs of all time... and here its just 29? Don't be foolish!
a masterpiece. how is it possible for one man to write so many classic songs. genius is a well over used word these days, but dylan really is the real deal.
While songs like Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody are classics, they were songs, Bob Dylan's, like a Rolling Stone, was a movement. So in addition to the power of the lyrics, the song helped changed the history of Rock and Roll; hence #1.
[Newest]Hahah, I would never pick this song as Dylan's best, but here I am! This was revolucionary, but believe me, this guy has at least 10 better songs. When you listen to Dylan and pay attention to the lyrics, your brain starts to grow automatically.
You take Idiot Wind, Changing Of The Guards, Hurricane, Highlands, It's All Right Ma, Visions Of Johanna, Desolation Row... These songs are what Dylan truly is: an exceptional songwriter that absolutely no one can fully understand.
When you meet Cinderella, Romeo, Ophelia, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cain and Abel, Dr. Filth and many many others rotating around a desolation row, you come back here and think which truly are the all-time best songs. It's not Queen, it's not Led Zeppelin, not Nirvana, not MJ, not Guns N Roses (not Guns, for GOD'S SAKE), not Metallica. It is Dylan.
But this song is not, not at all, Dylan's best. It is just his known song.
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The Contenders

11Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
great guitar solo, great lyrics, great song
One of the best Pink Floyd songs, I ve first heard of this song when I watched movie The Wall so as with the other songs on The Wall, "Comfortably Numb" tells a segment of the story about Pink, the album's protagonist. This song has to do with Pink's battle to handle the world. The lyrics feature interplay between a doctor treating Pink (verses, sung by Waters) and Pink's thoughts (chorus, sung by Gilmour).
Guilmour and Waters share credits for this song as the music was made by Guilmour and lyrics by Waters.
Best song to listen when you are high. The final three minutes of the song is just out of this world
[Newest]This song has it's own genre - 'Out Of The World! '. A great song doesn't have to be hard rock and this is one of them.

Even though I'm a drummer I can't help but salute the guitarist (don't even know who he is! ). Honestly he is the only guy who has made a distorted electric guitar solo sound soothing and of course 'Out Of The World'. This song definitely deserves a place in the top ten.
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12You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
You Raise Me Up is a fabulous song, but its Josh Groban's voice that really brings out the true beauty and power of the song.
Amazing song, I love listing to it every single day, fabulous, his voice is strong and powerful
You raise me up is a one in a million song it is dedicated to our parents which just brings it out.. Yeah it is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
This is a truly uplifting and amazing song. I have been a fan of Josh Groban ever since I was 6.


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13Crane's Crying - Vitas
Vitas songs very romantic and dreamy, his vocal very unique with high note and spelling his Russian words
Just wonderful! Vitas is driving me insane all the time... It is music for my ears, passion for my heart and the tragedy for my life... But I don't regret anything, any of the moment, which I spend on listening his music...
I love it so much. I've never heard such a beautiful song like this.


[Newest]I hate with passion most of the songs at the top of this list except this one. I would vote for 2pac's changes or some of eminem's songs, but for some reason this song was just amazing! I couldn't understand a word he was saying, but for some reason it's amazing! Sure changes or stan aren't my favorites of all time, but I'm glad there this high on the list. Just happened to listen to this song and thought it was great!
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14Lose Yourself - Eminem
I'm not much of a rap lover but no one can disagree that eminems lyrics are superior, not only within rap but in an overall perspective and it's shown through one of the greatest songs, if not the greatest of all time.
True inspiration.
Not many hip-hop songs so I decided to vote for this because its the first rap song I listened it and I liked it and that's why I am an Eminem fan.
Good lyrics which helped Eminem become success worldwide with this big hit.
Most people remember this song that started his success


The sheer lyrical genius of this song deserves a spot in the top ten. The well renowned course in conjunction with the emotion that Eminem pours into every syllable, truly show the songs true genius.
[Newest]Actually I don't listen to rap music. Metal music is my life and so whenever I got time to visit this page I always voted for "One". But this is one song(also Stan) by one my favourite artists(Despite being in a genre I don't like). So beautiful lyrics. Eminem is modern day Dylan. Someone compared him to Robert Browning. And that's completely true. Motivating inspiring and breathless. "Success is my only M***** option, failure is not". Such words are not a child's play. I urge even metal fans to listen this song because this is one song that's musical and lyrically brilliant. Hail to the Oh! King Eminem.
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15Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi
This song should be included among the top five! Every time I hear this song, it's as if... I was taken back to the 80's where this song first aired and become a word of mouth to this date! Yah, other songs on the top list could have been great songs too, but nothing can compare for livin' on a prayer for me... This has been the banner song for the Bon Jovi band ever since... I can't believe other people have forgotten the fact that this song surely deserves a recognition...
Bon Jovi is the best singer ever! I love his music! Rock its point of Bon Jovi! Love
Cool song... Livin' on a prayer is really very good... Love it fantastic.. Good... Amazing, not boring
Bon Jovi is clearly the most amazing band ever. Actually I think Shot Through The Heart is a better song but I really enjoy this
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16Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Can't say too much good stuff about this song, there is great guitar, totally playing this at my funeral, and this song is just great just genius great song Lynyrd Skynyrd.
It's the only song that can make the audience sway from east to west for 4 minutes and then fist pump north and south for the next 8!
Amazing song, especially the end!
I really love this list, it's got so many of my favourite songs on
Best song by the best band! Most people that deny Free Bord as their favorite Skynyrd song are usually lying to make it look like they don't just like the songs everyone else likes. I listen to lots of Skynyrd songs, and Free Bird is still my favorite song of all time.
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17Hey Jude - The Beatles
Honestly almost any beatles song could be on the list! But surely this one is classic.
Simply the greatest. No one can help but sing along to the na-na-na-na's of this absolute masterpiece.
There's something about it that sends chills down your spine and makes you want to sing along every time.
[Newest]Hey Jude is an inspiring song that puts Pauls heart truly on the sleeve. When you think about the song as a plea to Julian Lennon to accept Yoko, it's also a plea for the rest of the band and shows the state of the Beatles as they're slowly crumbling, but crumbling with grace. When the Na Na Na's kick in, it's truly beautiful as it's the last time The Beatles ever harmonized with each other.
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18The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
I have always loved this song! It is really on the greatest songs that anyone has ever written in a really long time. When ever I hear this song I think of Mamma mia and how amazing they sang this song... Definitely number one in the top tens, without a doubt.
Exhibits how unfair this world is; wonderful composition and perfect singing; overall, a beautiful peace!
this is legend song; goes to Indonesia; africa and everywhere
This song deserve to hit the top ten
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19Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Rivals Stairway to Heaven. It's too meaningful to not be in the top ten.
Even though founding member Syd Barrett left the band years earlier, his presence would remain, as "Wish You Were Here" and the later masterpiece, "The Wall, " were about Barrett in some capacity.
The whole song is dedicated to Syd Barrat when he left the band in 1976. It always brings good memories of the band. Bike, See Saw, Inter steller Overdrive, The Gnome Wow.
[Newest]This song really does deserve a placing in the top ten. Just listen to the lyrics, the slow smooth melody, with your eyes shutting out the rest of the world for a while. It makes you think, and sometimes even brings you back to those moments in your life where you'd wonder when you had to change things and why you had to view life differently. Even if you aren't a Pink Floyd fan, this song really brings out something. I for one think the lyrics can reach in deep to almost anyone who remembers what transitions are like and how difficult they can be.

Plus it's a nice song to slow dance too.

So Much Win!
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20In the End - Linkin Park
My favorite music of the my favorite band! I love this music since I have 5 years! This songs is amazing, Its Guitar Solo is Amazing, Chester and Mike voice is Amazing and its lyrics is amazing, is complete amazing!
All amazing!


My favorite song ever. Best Linkin Park song ever. Should be in the top 20. This is Linkin Park's signature song and send them into mainstream success. Due to this Hybrid Theory sold 30 mill. Best song of the new millenia and top 20 song ever. If you heard it, you know you love it, if you haven't you need to hear it.


It's an awesome song one of my favourite song of linkin park.
[Newest]I understand that all the songs above are actually above In the End.. But let me tell you this, who understands music, understands LP.. And when you understand LP, this song is amazing!
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21Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
definitely should be in the top ten, this song is so timeless it is not funny
I can't believe that people are only giving this 0.2% That is such a rip off Michael Jackson had such a brilliant life he is 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 x 1,000,000 better than any other singer who has ever lived and you couldn't get much better than that could you!


The damn best song ever... I do not believe in genius... But this comes damn close to it. Inspiring... Up beat... Classic... And perfect. The only compliment you can give to a perfect song is... That it is perfect
[Newest]"Billie Jean" is a song by the American recording artist Michael Jackson. It is the second single from the singer's sixth solo album, Thriller (1982). It was written and composed by Michael Jackson and produced by him and Quincy Jones. Originally disliked by Jones, the track was almost removed from the album after he and Jackson had disagreements regarding it. There are contradictory claims to what the song's lyrics refer to. One suggests that they are derived from a real-life experience, in which a female fan claimed that Jackson had fathered one of her twins. Jackson himself, however, stated that "Billie Jean" was based on groupies he had encountered. The song is well known for its distinctive bassline and Jackson's vocal hiccups. The song was mixed 91 times by audio engineer Bruce Swedien before it was finalized.


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22Wonderwall - Oasis
best one ever. best tune, deep lyric, brilliant band. oasis!
Wonderwall is the only song that was able to captivate me from beginning to end. In every song that I hear, I tend to have favorite parts & others that I don't really like all that much- sometimes it's chorus, the lyrics in the middle, the music.. Something HAS to be a little off 'cause nothing is perfect. Wait- Wonderwall just proved that THERE IS by existing!
It was the first song I heard by Oasis, and I was surprised to find that this was the only song I really liked among their works. The rest of their music was sure good, but not exactly my kind of thing, so I can't say I'm a fan of Oasis- just a fan of their best song EVER.
When they wrote this song they were bound to do wonders in the coming ages and they did too. Too bad they broke up. This songs enlarges my beady eyes!
I love the lyrics!


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23(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
This is certainly the greatest song ever.
Not only because of its musical fascination, but also because of its meaning for the society we live in!
This Song was one of the greatest songs ever it reached number 1 and stayed their for so long
One of the all-time greats. It beats any other song hands down even rap.
Liked many of the older Stones but thought this song was to repetitive and lacked the creativity of some of their other songs. It never grabbed me.
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24A Day in The Life - The Beatles
well, if your tellin' that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the best at the same time u've listened to this song (at least)once, I'm sorry but that's just an opinion - on the other hand, if you say it without listening to this song, your missin' the very best point - so on both ends this is the greatest song of all time!


This song is highly complex, using a simple acoustic guitar to a nightmarish orchestra. Also do not forget about the final E chord at the end, that thing lasted 40 seconds or so. The vocals are also much better than other Beatles song.
Beatles is the greatest band and this is their(and "the") greatest song, period - I mean; come on?! Bohemian Rhapsody? Stairway to Heaven? Well, good choices but if you want a song so badly that has tempo changes and creates a musical orgasm - well listen to it without no waste of time! You won't regret it! :-)


A day in the life is simply an amazing song


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25Let It Be - The Beatles
simply the sweetest and best song ever
Most beautiful song ever written, period. Everything there is to love about the Beatles is captured in this song!
This is not the greatest song of all time. It's not even the best Beatles song (A Day in the Life comes to mind). It is, however, vastly superior to every song above it, most of which are merely good, and a few of which are absolutely terrible.
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26Art of Life - X Japan
It's not just a song, it's a rock symphony. After X Japan, bands they are often compared to sound hollow and meaningless to me. X Japan's music is filled with emotion and has a classical edge to the composition that leaves me dumbstruck listening to the guitars, drums, orchestra, and piano weaving around each other. And Art of Life is the masterpiece. The fact that it's 30 minutes isn't important, it's that there isn't a thing in those 30 minutes that doesn't work perfectly. It expresses the heaven and hell of living. And the piano solo is like being reborn. Please do NOT listen to this song lightly. It demands your best sound system and all your attention.
AWESOME. Really worth the 30 minutes. Epic song, epic lyric, everything it's just perfect.
All the songs of the list are great songs, each of them has this human feeling a great song must have, but Art of Life isn't only a song, it's a fight from death to life, it gives to listen the way to resist to shadows and to come back to light.
A song that reached perfection.
Yoshiki's unparallel drumming along with melodious piano & symphonic composition, the unforgatable leads and reefs of Hide and Pata, the heart beating bass of Heath and last but definitely not the least heart melting vocals of Toshi was the perfect concoction that led to the song they call "Art of Life".
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27Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
I have studied most of the songs on this list. I sit and make notes hundreds of them. This song has over 140 tracks in it that's different guitars/vocals/drummers/speaking/bells/chimes whatever they have it! It is the most interesting whole song. Bohemian Rhapsody is incredible yes but it's bitty it's good that way but as a whole song this is better. It's beautiful and amazing! I question how the likes of smells like teen spirit is above it it's a good song I admit but it's so repetitive which is a shame because I like it. Aside from Grohl's drumming it's just the same. Which is a pity. Clearly this song is amazing.
It is a classic from My Chemical Romance and is one of the bests songs I have ever heard!?
I vote for This Song because It is very well rounded and it deserves a higher place on this list. Above Abba, Above Guns N' Roses for sure..
I could never choose a song to be the greatest ever. There are too many factors. Lyrics, Depth, Beauty, Bad-Assery, Musicianship, Prowess, Originality, Vocals, Difficulty, Accuracy, Uniqueness, Emotion), Revolutionality... The List Goes on and on.
To put Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit in the same competition with Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah is absolutely ludicrous. You can't make John Lennon and Queen fight each other for a better position. Comparing Tupac and Metallica is like trying to compare apples and Refrigerators. They are just graded on different things.

The Bottom Line is that the best song of all time is whichever song YOU like the most.
Well yeah, here comes my tears...


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28Monsoon - Tokio Hotel
Amazing song! Its the perfect song for the rainy days, especially when you miss a person that you really love! Depressing emotions, wet atmosphere, hot tears, Bill's smooth voice and lots of rain! So what are you waiting for? Let's run through the MONSOON!
One of the best Song. I really hope that Monsoon win.. Thank you so much for the emotions, Tokio Hotel. Italy Really love you. Come back with an amazing album!
This song is a force of nature! Has words so sweet but at the same time they understand the pain of distance!
The best song ever from number 17 to 34 this is crap
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29With Or Without You - U2
I don't know why this is put so below. This and 'All I want is you' are the most favorite song I have ever heard.
U2 is one of the best bands out there, and this is defiantly one of their best. Along with One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and maybe Desire, U2 really has some of the best music out there. Few bands can combine lyrics with quality music, but U2 and With or Without You nails it
Awesome song. Should rank higher than other songs that really don't deserve such a high spot on the list.
[Newest]this is simply the best song ever... a song that talks about craving and the pain, and what a lover is capable of sacrificing for his loved one... some people say a great song has the quality that ends beautifully, and you feel like listening to it again... I have listened to the last minute of this song 15 times; and I want to again... the best ending, and the way the beat picks up in the middle of the song is amazing... this song is imprinted in my mind, because of its powerful lyrics coupled with the beautiful guitar riffs...
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30Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry is one of the founders of today's rock n roll. Bands like the Beatles and others based themselves on his songs. This is Chuck Berry's most popular song by far.
"Go... Go, Johnny Go, Go... Go, Johnny Go... "
Chuck is the master.
This is one of the best songs in history it is number 1
Even John Lennon said, "If you gave rock another name, it probably would be Chuck Berry."
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31Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day
A super song about the troubles and strife of everyday life, capturing perfectly the teenage rebellious-ness.
Really an epic song, and learning all 9 minutes of the lyrics isn't much of a feat, because its so catchy you end up singing it
this song is beyond words. Its perfect. If you don't like it. You probably don't understand it. its the modern bohemian rhapsody. just punky. my favourite song of all time. and to all who think this music is crap. I saw comfortably numb and I knew I would vote it. its beyond feelings. but I know this band have out more into this song than any other song I've ever heard.
Amazing song.
Rock opera!
Dark, poetic, emotional lyrics.
A revolution to today's rock music.
One of the greatest songs ever written, in my opinion.
Creative music video to match, directed by the talented Sam Bayer.
Truly an anthem for this generation of teenagers and troubled youth. A comment on society.
[Newest]People have to be not be scrolling past the top ten list, because it is songs like this that should be up on top. This is one of the best songs that Green Day, not only because it is nine minutes long, but because those nine minutes give birth to a constantly changing tune. There's no one melody in this song, it keeps up pace and changes throughout. I love this song so much, its one you can loop and keep listening over and over again!
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32Thriller - Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's best song. This should be way up there on this list.
This is Michael Jackson's best song. It holds the world record for most sold albums and it is very catchy AND captivating
MJ should be #1 with thriller
I used to get so scared watching the video clip as a kid... Aha love it one of my favourites
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33American Pie - Don McLean
A song that touches the soul and makes you think about today's music in a different way.
I agree this in my opinion was one of the best songs ever made it deserves to be at least in the top 10.

It's a classic song that deserves more attention.
Defines the moment in history when not only music but also American spirit began to fade.
The greatest song ever written is unquestionably, Lily, Rosemary, and the jack of hearts-Dylan's best.
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34Numb - Linkin Park
I wish this was among the top ten. I love this song so much.
'I've become to deaf, I can't vote this up'
Class!... Should have been included in the top 10 list!...
Its got the best music!
It is really addictive!
I've been hearing it every day for years! Simply the best..
This song is my life. My favorite forever. Best song in the world for me.
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35Dream On - Aerosmith
deserves to be number 1 stinks that it isn't though best part is when steven screams DREAM ON
This song should be 2nd behind stairway to heaven. its such a great song. simply the best
This is definitely one of the greatest songs ever. Green day is good, but the jesus of suburbia and homecoming made me think they got the idea of bohemian rhapsody. But dream on is one of my favorite songs of all time


This and "Don't stop believing"(Journey) are the two most inspirational rock songs of all time


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36Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
Along with Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" and Judas Priest's "Painkiller"; HALLOWED BE THY NAME is the best metal song ever! It is stupid that a song with a great intro, a great solo, a great guitar in background, a great voice performance, a great drumming... IS IN THE 27TH PLACE!


This is not in the top 100? (was 119 when I wrote this)this is slow and melodic then a few minutes into the song it has a skull crushing solo that leaves me no doubt that herman lee, no matter how fast he is could never play with as much emotion and precision as adrian smith


This song reminds me why I love music. The progression in the song is superb with an electric riff that you can't get out of your head after your first listen. The song is about a man facing his mortality and finding a renewed faith in God, it's a beautiful message that reminds me of my late grandma whenever I hear it. With high soaring, engaging vocals; a classic and unforgettable instrumental bridge and a hair-raising outro; this song is and will be on the top of my list for the rest of my life.
INTRO.. Need I say more?
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37Beat It - Michael Jackson
one of the greatest songs of all time, a true Michael Jackson classic.
Just can't believe that its on 84, should be at least in top 20. Great music with an awesome guitar by Van Halen. I don't understand why They Don't Care About Us is not in the list
The best bit of the song is just beat it because its one of the most intresting sounds to me and has a beautiful continious rhythem in it and that is why I like that song and Michael Jakson isn't the only guy who can make this song work what I like about it is he is a very smart and intelligent man and has written many other cool and sad songs and most of all he is a very smart man.
My 2nd favorite Michael Jackson song!
The best thing about this song is Eddie Van Halen and his AMAZING guitar solo


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38Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
THis is one of the most beautiful songs of all time easily top 3 material
Absolutely beautiful. Cohen's lyrics are perfect and Buckley has the voice of an angel. It's musical perfection.
There are a lot of great songs on this list, many of which I absolutely adore (One - Metallica, Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin) but I really can't think of one more deserved to be in the top ten than this masterpiece which will forever immortalize Jeff Buckley, may he rest in peace.
Cohen wrote it but Buckley made it something truly holy.
Best song ever no questions asked! it gives me tingles inside every time I listen to it...
I think it should be in top ten with Eminem - Lose Yourself.
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39Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
R you kidding?! 99th?!?! One of the greatest songs ever!?!?! Come on!
This is possibly one of the best songs on the list,
Nice to hear that it went from 99th to 50th. Simon & Garfunkel is
Really good songwriters, musicians and singers.
You can't write no better song.
Bridge Over Troubled Water and I Will Always Love You are #35 and #38 on this list, respectively, yet I Will Always Love You tops the Best Love Songs list and Bridge Over Troubled Water is not even in the Top 100. Shows what demographic votes on that list.


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40My Immortal - Evanescence
this is one of the best songs I have ever listened to... makes me cry. this is the number one song ever for me!
best feminine voice in this world... truly an immortal song!
Woo! Evanescence!
Best song ever! Followed by Lithium (Evanescence)
and Welcome to the black parade (My Chemical Romance)
Eminem comes somewhere after that for me!
Another great song from Amy. Can't beat the pain that she pours out.
[Newest]What could I say? This is the best song ever, with deep words, genius music, perfect vocal and it can move everyone, who ever listen to it. People, who understand even a little part of that genius, perfect and full of pure beauty ballad, cry at every word. Music video was a big change and novelty. Evanescence Is Back. Evanescence For Ever.
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41Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
This is my favourite song along with Scorpions - Still Loving You

And how come bands/artists like a7x (okay I'm a fan of them but they NEVER EVER are better then Metallica), 30 seconds to mars, dragonforce etc. higher then this song?

This list sucks.

Beautiful song, so emotional, best rock ballad ever! And the lyrics are awesome too.. )
I'm 52 years old and this song by metallica is absolutely AWESOME... Nothing' else matters!
I listen to this song when I have sex
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42Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
This Song is very very nicae song.
Because this Song has meaningful lyric
" Would She hear me, If I called her name
Would she hold me, if she knew my shame"
Greatest song ever written in my opinion, deserves to be in the top 50.
"Your tears don't fall, they crash around me"
Awesome song!
Should be in top 10!
They rock!
They Metal!
Keep rocking Bullet For My Valentine!
Love you all!
You guys are awesome!
I like this song so great song
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43I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
BEAUTIFULLY sung. Most (the majority of these songs should not be on any top list). How can this song be rated this low is beyond my comprehension. Just goes to show you, different strokes for different folks.
This song should top ten at least! You can go anywhere in the world and people will know this song and know it word for word. It is truly timeless, could have been released yesterday and still have been a hit.
Whitney is awesome, but lets also give kudos to the songwriter, and that is Dolly Parton!
This is the best!
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44Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
Smooth criminal makes me want to move. Everytime I hear it anywhere I stop and DANCE! it rocks and should be in top 20 what the hell is it doing here, huh! lol


Smooth Criminal is a truly great song it's very AWESOME! This song should be at least top 15 okay AT LEAST top 20! But 26th? Can't be this song is awesome it's seriously I listen to it EVERYDAY and I never ever get bored of it because you cannot possibly get bored of awesome songs a specially as awesome song as this song because it is truly a nice song! Come on this son can be better than top 30 Should make to top 20! But all I want to say is that this is an amazing song - again and it can do better than top 30 that is all. But I don't mind because Michael Jackson is the best singer of all times. Go to Best Singers of All Time - Top Ten List and you will see who is the BEST of the BEST - MJ IS!
My friend loves this song because her name is Annie!
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45Chop Suey! - System of a Down
Chop suey it's maybe the greatest creation of System Of A Down..

And one of the greatest music creations ever!
Greatest musical song with sad and hateful lyrics.


Honestley this song should be up near the top. Just check out some of the band's other songs you won't be dissapointed.


This seems like a very pointless song. It's just shouting then soft singing.


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46Changes - Tupac
Definitely my favourite song of all time. Yet I guess people who like this sort of music don't spend their time voting on these sites constantly
Tells a great story, about how we should all just get along. The lyricism of this song is insane!


A pristine example of the good soul tupac shakur had, and a reminder that the world has forver lost an inspiration from the heart of the west coast. R.I. P
[Newest]I noticed most voted songs are from pioneers in their genre, well my vote goes to the hip hop legend and pioneer, I still listen to thus songs well over 15 years since it was made, and IT STILL APPLIES! Everything except the black president, it's almost as if he foretold everything! Rest in heaven Pac, and thanks for Dear mama as well.
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47I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith
One of the Best Songs EVER!
Out of the best film too


Ok this song should be way higher! Come on people vote for it!
Love the band, not sure why steven tyler had to judge in AI. Lots of their songs are great. Simple but it'll stay in you forever.
Great Song and even better when Will Ferrell figure skates to it.


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48Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Take one pure musical genius, give him six months time and way too many drugs, and you get the most amazing song ever to feature a theremin.
Never has a song said so much in such a small space of time
Its awesome! That song is revolutionary!
The best of the best and number 1 in 1966, a year when the competition was extremely stiff!
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49Yesterday - The Beatles
This song was listed 73 when I voted? Is everyone nuts? Rock you like a hurricane was in the top 20!?!?
Grow up!
I am such a fan of the Beatles and I think that this is one of their best songs! This song has been in so many movies and referenced to all the time! Anyone who listens to music knows and loves this song! Why would anyone put it ad number 84 on a list of best songs? This is a question we all need to consider! I'm way younger than you would expect but I don't like most of the new pop junk and I love the Beatles so don't spit on some of their best work!
This song is the third or fourth most profitable songs ever... Just after "Happy Birthday" and "White Chrismas"... And this is because is the most covered song in history, recorded by almost 4, 000 artists. Appealing to facts, this song does not have a real challanger of its own size. It's a monster; one of the most sublime pop/folk written ever.
[Newest]This should be #1. 1 is "The Long and Winding Road", 2 I "Across the Universe". Lets see of the top 20 the Beatles have the top 50. And Of, I forgot. "Woman" by John Lennon.
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502112 - Rush
RUSH IS THE MOST TALENTED BAND EVER, but not that popular compared to other supergroups. I mean, no one knows "Passage to Bangkok", Or "Finding My Way", and those are unbielivably good. Rush will always be the best band. 2112 is just to much of a story, not music. (still is very good though)
This is THE greatest song ever composed. By the THE greatest band ever formed on this humble Earth. Hands Down. Once everyone realizes this the world will be a better place.
Definitely the greatest masterpiece I've ever heard. This song changes literally a "thing" in your brain. The song's going up and down, smooth and hard, it's like a house that was built completely in a bizarre way : but it holds and it's awesome looking.
I bought 2112 last week. This is already the most played song in my already crowded iTunes library, just unbelievable. Love it.
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51Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Love It So So So So So So So So So So So Much


Its One Of The Best Songs Ever Its The Most Download Song On Itunes


I don't see why this is ranked so low. I guarantee that if you asked Americans if they have heard of this song, I bet at least 95 percent of them would say "yes". The reason why is because it is the best and most recognizable song in history. If you asked If they have heard of any of the other songs on this list you'd be lucky to get 75 percent of people knowing. This song and all other journey songs were written and sang from their hearts. It has such a powerful message no other song will ever come close to matching.
Everyone knows the words and at a party guaranteed to get everyone dancing brill
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52Fix You - Coldplay
Its really very shameful for Coldplay lovers that there is not even a single song of Coldplay in top 100. All of you don't know the true meaning of song. Coldplay is best...
I just like the way this song makes me feel and reminds me a girl that I really love, I really do...
Really really brilliant song
Its really stupid that coldplay doesn't have anything in top 100
Fix you deserves to be in top 10
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53Analogue - A-ha
Analougue, unique, inspiring, perfect beats and guitar, a passionate rock, which you enter you know, makes you travel to another world!


Some more brilliance by A-ha.


A song which definitely wakes you up! Great song and proof that A-ha is still not a has-been...


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54Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
Personally I think that the Beatles were the best band to ever be, and more of their sons should be on this list. This song is awesome and has so much meaning in it. I am glad that it is on this list, but I think it should at least be in the top 20.
Should be way higher! Also I can't understand how there's only one single Beatles song in the top 100!


my fave song ever=) love this and not everyone could understand what is it about but it makes me feel better
This is one of the many songs that influenced me into being a musician and one of the first songs I listened to.
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55Rock You Like a Hurricane - The Scorpions
But honestly, really catchy, great party song, and is still known by the new generation today.
I love this song. The guitar in it is awesome. I just can not help but get pumped every time I hear it. This song is one of the best. The scorpions have several other great songs but this is always going to stand out above the rest.
Certainly one of the best for everyone and the best for me First song I learned on electric and the one I play almost everyday.
Here I Am! Laugh out loud :D
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56Mr. Simple - Super Junior
This song has a great meaning. Its not an ordinary song with an addictive melody.
This song is really catchy! And the lyrics are so touching Super Junior daebak! But they're not MR. SIMPLE, THEY'RE MR. EXTRAORDINARY
I think Super Junior's Mr. Simple should be in this list because Super Junior's Mr. Simple is the song that keeps getting the Hallyu wave more popular worldwide!
I very like this song
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57Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Far better than most of the songs ranked higher.


Greatest Song EVER! FACT. Sometimes I feel like I don't have partner, sometimes I feel like my only friend. Is the city I live in the city of angel lonely as I am together we cry... I drive on the streets because shes ma companion, I walk through the hills because she knows who I am. She sees my good deeds and she kisses the windy well I never worry now that is a lie... I don't ever wanna fel like I did that daay, take me to the place I love, take me all the way, I don't ever wanna fel like I did that daay, take me to the place I love, take me all the way! BEAUTIFUL!
One of there best songs and should be number one on this whole list! And I also love that they have 4 songs on the list because Anthony Flea John and Chad are that sick(even though John wasn't there for that song)
I can't believe that a song like under the bridge is so underrated.. Its like a nightmare seeing it down on number 58.. John's classic guitar palying.. Mixing funk with soft rock.. Feels such awesome.. It gives a soothing sensantion to your ears.. And to add to that the voice of anthony kiedis.. Such an awesome song.. In my opinion it should be there in the top 10s!
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58A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars
This song has such an beautiful meaning! It's about the environment and that we all pretend that nothing is wrong. It's all just a beautiful lie. 30 Seconds to Mars is one of the greatest bands ever. Proud to be part of the Echelon.
I can't believe this is way down here! This song has so much meaning! It's a #1
This song gives us strength and power to go on! The best rock song in the history of rock music!
This is just cool...
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59Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
I LOVE this song those of you who are scrolling down searching for the best song to vote for LISTEN TO THIS! Just once, I swear if you aren't completely head over heels in love with it after listening to it then you must be some sort of girly pop autotune fan. The goo goo dolls are amazing all their songs can move you emotionally. It is one of the greatest songs of all time and at the VERY least should make the top 35 not double that lower. SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO THIS SONG! YOU'LL LOVE IT!
This is the best song of all time. Great Guitar play
Great Tune


Best sing ever
I LOVE this song those of you who are scrolling down searching for the best song to vote for LISTEN TO THIS! Just once, I swear if you aren't completely head over heels in love with it after listening to it then you must be some sort of girly pop autotune fan. The goo goo dolls are amazing all their songs can move you emotionally. It is one of the greatest songs of all time and at the VERY least should make the top 35 not double that lower. SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO THIS SONG! YOU'LL LOVE IT!
Beautiful. I wish it could be the only song so I could listen to it all the time


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60Barracuda - Heart
This is a great song by one of the great bands of the 70's.
Barracuda is the perfect rock song.


The start of this one sounde like a big train coming down the tracks are maybe running through your head. This is a rocker.
I think this song has a nice touch to it and that it is rock and country at the same time.
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61Back in Black - AC/DC
AC/DC's comeback after Scott's death, and a bloody awesome song. Gives you goosebumps...
So aparently more people like Arrab Kaman by Tamer Hosney than Back in black, which by the way is the title track of the 2nd best selling album ever. I'm going to listen to it and unless it is the best most amazingly beuatiful awesome powerful etc. Song I've ever heard I have offically lost my faith in humanity
Back In Black should definitely be top ten. What other bands have lost one of the best singers in history, then come back better than ever? At least there isn't too much pop crap above AC/DC.
Back in Black at 60 and Josh Groban in the top 10? Really? Groban is pretty talented, but AC/DC not being in the top 10 is just madness! Can people not recognize real music when they see it!


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62Paranoid Android - Radiohead
It is clearly, Radiohead's best song since they started their musical career. Unlike most songs produced during their OK Computer-era, there weren't many songs that explored the idea behind the human mind. The way Paranoid Android was sung, contrasts several human emotions showing the highs and lows of the human life, to which demonstrates the idea of transitioning from specific music styles to another. This transition, along with Thom Yorke's vocals, shows the highs and lows of the human mind. It is clear that in Paranoid Android, they show that at one part of the song they are having the best days of their lives, however as the song progresses, they soon explore the idea of fear and anger in the bridge, and they slowly transcend to the lowest point of the human mind, mostly known as depression. As Yorke's vocal lasts longer after each word, it adds weight to the intended emotion of depression.
Hard to pick a best Radiohead song but this has to get my vote. That said, best Radiohead song should be top ten at least. The are one of the most influential bands in modern music. There are some really good bands out today that are merely radiohead(esque).
55?! Are you effing kidding me?! This is an EPIC song! And a song from 30 seconds to mars is higher than this?! Crappy list... Paranoid Android is a landmark song and is a CLASSIC, deserves at least a top 20.
Great song by my all time favorite band!
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63Layla - Derek and the Dominos
This song was writen by Eric Clapton for Pattie Boyd who was then wife of Claptons close friend and The Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison.
This song is remebered by its insanely good guitar riffs and is one of Clapton s best songs.
Two of the greatest guitarists ever (Clapton and Duane Allman) team up to deliver a true gem. The guitar work by Duane at the end of the song is AMAZING!


Just listen to the piano piece in the middle of the song you'll forget everything else
What is the greatest song ever, penned by two of the greatest guitarists ever doing at 64 on the list
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64Not Afraid - Eminem
Its meaningful, it may be a song about suicide but, it shows how much you have to live for, that theres no reason to kill yourself.


Best ever song. Eminem+Nike AirMax = Best. I bet that one day it will be at the first position.
Nice song and the lyrics is also right
[Newest]I don't believe this why is this song rated so low in this list I mean common this should at least be in the top 20 why is this no.65 it needs to be much higher than this...
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65Echoes - Pink Floyd
Okay. Now. I see that on this stupid list everyone has chosen their favourite song: MORONS! You have to choose the best song, not your favourite one!

Okay well; not to act great, but I got a pretty badass culture about music
I started with AC/DC and that s why they re my favourite band, but I recognize they don t make the bet music
Then I knew Pink Floyd: I d need days to say all what s to say about this amazing band, but I ll just tell everyone that they make the best music, and when you listen to certain songs you easily realise that
Here I say the same thing as Acdc: my favourite song by Pink Floyd is Comfortably Numb (which is still awesome and deserves surely the top 5 at least) for many reasons, but not for this I think it s the best song ever, it just gives me the best feelings
I know lots of bands and I listen to a lot of music, but if I must pick up a song I d choose Echoes
This goes ahead all the songs of all times of all artists of all genres... There aren't words for this, it s just... The most yeah I think that THE MOST is the right comment
If a Rap fan or a pop fan or whatever fan comes here to find out new music and listens to Bohemian Rhapsody, they ll hate it and think it sucks, because it s not music you can like if it doesn't give you certain feelings you can only prove for yourself
Echoes instead is really the best song ever and if someone ever comes here to listen to the real best song ever, should go to youtube and check this out... It'll become the best song ever for you as well
Rock on m/
It's THE Pink Floyd song.

NOT Comfortably Numb. Everything that would make Floyd famous with TDSOTM was done here, first. Many people think it's boring, but I will argue it's one of the few songs you can play millions of times and STILL find something new in it. I can't say that about one of the other songs on this entire list. Not one.

My only regret is it wasn't recorded with better sound. Hopefully the 2012 remaster will change that. I can't wait.
A long sound of The Pink Floyd experience. Not a song lingering on Syd, meddle was the album that really bridges disjointed Sydless floyd into the masterful legends we know it as now. Personally I have listened to all the songs on the list, things like this and even lower down the pixies are downgraded because people haven't heard it. Well, you don't need no thought control, but seriously- widen your music tastes.

Echoes widened my mind. Orgastic build up of tension- the crescendo's - lead to one of the best choral glissandos in its finale of all time. This song can be interpreted to mean many things and is authentic, meaningful listening. Personally, its about the creation of the world and constraints within the social world, where everyone has the same basic motivations but for some reason peace isn't achieved, as chaotic dysfunction occurs behind the tranquil roots of nature.
Respect to Pink Floyd, this song deserves to be higher on the list, why 64?
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66What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
With out doubt one of the greatest songs ever play this song aloud while sitting on your porch and you will see why this song is so awesome Louis Armstrong and this song deserve to be carried on from generation to generation. I was shocked when I saw this song wasn't even in the top 200 it deserves to be in at least the top 50
This is probably the most classic song there is. How is it not one of the best songs in the world? This song has so much meaning to it, it's beautiful, and it links us back to a long time ago, when it was written and performed. This shouldn't just not be on the list.
simply beautiful in every way
Listen to sample

67One - U2
Very emotional song, U2 will be my favourite band for a long, long time. Rock on!
One is a truly amazing song - especially in pre-Vertigo Tour live performances with the 'You Hear Us/Me Coming' verse.
Such a beautiful song... it talks about the pain and everything that can matter a person. It's simply touching, so touching that it makes me feel sad even hearing it everyday.
I see this song as a metaphor representing my life.
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68Master of Puppets - Metallica
Masterpiece of Metal and music in general. Great vocals, AMAZING solo and easily one of Metallica's best. Top ten in my oppinion.
A devilish song, its sure to please your rock lovers, not many are disappointed.
How is one 4TH and this be 49TH!? Master of Puppets is easily the best Metallica song, and it is also the best song known to man. This song has the best riff ever. The little sissies out there who are voting for Baby by Justin beav- oops, I mean Bieber, you are probably too stupid to withstand the awesomeness of this song and the brilliance of it will blow your guts to Mars.
Best metal song ever, better than "One" and should be in top 10...
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69Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
This is one of his most heart felt songs. The words are so true. Of all of Michael's songs this one and "We are the World" are the most heart tugging songs. Michael Jackson will always be the greatest singer on the planet!
The king of pop rules love you michael jackson the song is so cool vote so it goes higher
I am honestly shocked that this song is so low on the list. It's lyrics and melody are equally beautiful, and it has such a powerful message. One of Michael's many masterpieces.
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70Losing My Religion - R.E.M.
This song is so beautiful to my ears and soul. I can't help, but to sing it and the simplicity; yet hidden meanings and phrases are just to fantastic! Gawd I love R.E. M! They are true geniuses who have tapped into something that very few ever do. The melody is just enchanting. I wish them the best always!
Amazing song. Some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking lyrics ever written. Should be ranked much higher.
I love this song. We can all associate this song with ourselves at some point in our lives. This is like heaven to me! R. E. M is a true artist.
I love this song! It's not even my favourite by REM, they have too many good ones. But this song has everything, deep, meaningful lyrics, a catchy instrumental, and Stipe's awesome voice.
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71All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Pure genius... Check it out on youtube and I guarantee that you'll vote for it
What an iconic Hendrix tune. 181st place? How is this even possible? Jimi does this masterpiece tune to perfection.
I mean come on he can shred with his teeth amazing!


This is my ringtone! Need I say more?
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72My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
148! Are all people in this world dumb!
148! I still can't believe it, really this world has become so lame...
the best selling ballad by a female artist is 148!
Damn it! Still can't believe it.
An amazing song, singer and movie. Maybe the best ever made!
This is my favorite song from my favorite singer who sings in my favorite movie which has my favorite actors in it another words I love any thing that has to do with titanic
I could go on and on about this song
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73Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Why isn't this number 1?
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! A TOP TEN SONG IS SITTING AT #103! BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS, IN THE END (by Linkin Park), and Enter Sandman (by Metallica) deserve higher spots!
Probably not better than wonderwall... But I don't think it deserves to be below in the end.
Rock on Green Day. best band
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74Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
This should be the Korea's Anthem. The best song ever and the most successful song in Korea! This should be at least in Top Ten! Super Junior And ELFs Hwaiting!
This song will get you addicted with it's witty lyrics and amazing dance tunes, you won't get board listening to it, it will make you want to sing a long even though it's Korean, it will make you want to dance a long as well
Nothing can beat this amazing song
Sorry - sorry by super junior is better song than others I think.
It's Because I liked SUPER JUNIOR. I like their voice, dance, MV an others. They're look so handsome in this MV with 13 member. Oh I miss Them. SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!
I like this song very much. I never get bored to listen this song. And I like their choreography in this song.
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75Viva la Vida - Coldplay
Fantastic song from a fantastic album from a fantastic band! I can't understand why so many horrible songs are so high, especially several that I've never heard of. Viva La Vida is the most incredible thing I've ever heard, I liked it before I'd even heard of Coldplay.


Awesome song! Makes you feel like your king. Deserves to be at least in the top 50!
Coldplay's greatest song, everybody knows it and Coldplay is a great amazing band that deserves to have its best song on the best songs of all times list!
[Newest]Beautiful and meaningful song. An example that prooves that new music (2005-present) can also be good. Should be in the top 30.
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76Someone Like You - Adele
Though this is new song competing with classics, it's got all it needs to become a classic: brilliant lryics, real music and a singer who packs a punch. I have never in my life felt such raw emotion come from a singer. The fears and pains felt... Relatable is an understatement. I have no doubts that this is a song that will go down in history.
I love adele because it means me when my family is about xx
Credit goes to Adele...!

The way she sung... Feelings and pain felt out...

Really amazing singer and song...

Love it...
What a woman what voice love this song
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77Fade to Black - Metallica
Why the hell isn't this in the top ten? This belongs among the ranks of stairway to heaven and bohemian rhapsody.


Metallica - fade to black
Is the great song with melody made in kirk hamett
Why in number 120
I think in number 1


Most complete song ever, so soft in verse, then the chorus roars out. Features the best solo ever.
This is the great song!
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78Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Megadeth
I listen to this song every day
best song ever written
thank you Dave
This is my favorite song in the world. And I listen to music at least 3 hours a day.


Megadeth rules! This song is so much better than any of the songs on this list.
[Newest]The devil voice of Dave Mustaine put this song on the list, if you are good with history, you will like this song. If you are not the person who likes history, you will still like this song.
More comments about Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - MegadethListen to sample

79We Are the Champions - Queen
Who doesn't know this one...
One of the most known songs ever and a total classic that never gets old
Why is this not on the list. It is one of the most recognized song in the world. Just overall a great masterpiece by Freddie Mercury.
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80Respect - Aretha Franklin
I bet every person in America knows how to spell Respect now.
Just mind blowing. Tell an epic with just a short lyrics.
No coment to this fabulous song
Can't believe this song is so low. It deserves at least top 15, or even 10.
It's unbelievable it's got 0,2% only -. -
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81The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
Oh gosh!.. What a song..
jane would really be proud of ben.. Laugh out loud
an epic song from an equally epic band...
Great song! One of the the best songs I've ever heard awesome song breaking Benjamin is one of the best bands of all time to me. Great song should be higher
One of the greatest songs ever by Breaking Benjamin. I love to listen to this song.
It has to be in the top 5
Great rock and roll song love it
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82Don't Cry - Guns 'n Roses
I will never stop cry
The best ballad ever
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83Smoke On the Water - Deep Purple
93rd? This is a joke, isn't it?! The whole genre of rock actually revolves around this song... And wats it doing at the 93rd spot?
This is the best song ever written!
Why is it so low on the list. This is bull. I hope more people can realize this!
Epic song just epic. Should definitely be number 1 or 2 no definitely 1. I listen to it like twenty times in a row before it us inspiring shizz dude.
A great song with a legendary guitar riff!


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84Crawling - Linkin Park
The most emotive, hard hitting screamer! Deserves a place as a representative of it's genre!
This song is the best.
It's true & everyone can relate to it.
This is one of the best songs from linkin park I also love Lying from you and Faint
, this is one of the most creative songs I've ever heard... The meaning is great, the instrumentals are so unique! Surely deserves to be on at least top 30.
More comments about Crawling - Linkin ParkListen to sample

85A Quick One, While He's Away - The Who
Supised by how bad this list is to see this on here. Great song I love it.
Listen to sample

86The Show Must Go On - Queen
The last hit of Queen is the best of them
An absolute legend and probably the most powerful and naturally talented singer and performer to ever live, excellent song and so much meaning... Indeed the show must go on
One Of the greatest songs in the world, "fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never Die", you're this fairy tale Farrokh Bulsara from Zanzibar.
More comments about The Show Must Go On - QueenListen to sample

87The Sounds of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
Beautiful song that stands the test of time


Hypnotic and relaxing. Their music takes mi to another world. Also love Scarborough Fair.
Classic in every sense of the word...
Total masterpiece of all-times!
Should be number 1!
Paul's amazing lyrics and Art's beautiful voice. Great song by a great duo.
More comments about The Sounds of Silence - Simon and GarfunkelListen to sample

88Black - Pearl Jam
it truly does'nt get any better
Sheer brilliance in the lyrics! The more you listen the more powerful it gets!
Powerfully and emotionally written and performed. Number one in my book
Just 0.2%... Very shocking... Should be number 1
More comments about Black - Pearl JamListen to sample

89Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
What a song... Soft and complex... Definitely the Chili Peppers Best song.
I never get tired of this songs solo, if you focus you feel a slightly feeling of getting stoned.
No, this is not true... The best song by one of the best bands in the world, placed this far! Every aspect of this song is just genius, including the guitar solo, the always amazing Flea bass, Kiedis' performance, and the overall message. I wish it was placed at least in the top 30--It deserves so!
Yeah, its okay. I like danni californa better
More comments about Californication - Red Hot Chili PeppersListen to sample

90Gee - Girls' Generation
The history of girls... Listen boy my first love story... My angle and my girl my sunshine...
Gee is the song which caused snsd @ girls generation craze in South Korea.
Melon choose Gee as Song of the decade and this song charted on number 1 for 9 consecutive week on Music Bank k-Chart.
I DON'T THINK *GEE* AT 164 laugh out loud..
More comments about Gee - Girls' GenerationListen to sample

91Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lyrics brilliantly written and shaped into undoubtedly one of their greatest hits
I've heard so many musics... But can't stop is a genius's creation. Introduction is simply amazing. This music should be in the Top Five dude! Red Hot Chili Peppers Rocks a lot, thanks for Flea the BEST bass player, Anthony, the old guitarist, Frusciante, he used to rock a lot. Can't stop reflects a lot about our unstoppable society, everything is fast and we don't have time to relax a bit, we always have something else to do after finishing something. Yeah dude, "Can't Stop"
The best guitar I have heard in my life.. Just the best in the world.. The lyrics is very inergetic to listen.. And the bass is just out of this world
Love this song so much Lyrically amazing
More comments about Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili PeppersListen to sample

92Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
This song gives me the chills every time I hear it and sing it on stage (I'm a singer). Amy Lee has such a powerful and haunting voice. This is what a rock song should sound like ; heavy guitar but yet, so much emotions and drama. It's a classic, I can't believe it is not in the 500 first yet!
This is not were this song should be. This song is the best song that I've ever heard. Amy Lee's voice is the best voice that I've ever heard. It's a beautiful love song.
Best song ever! Why is it at 69? It's better than all Linkin Park songs for sure, especially Numb... Not saying I don't like Linkin Park though!
This and My Immortal should be in the top 10. Amy is the best and powerful singer ever.. Has such a haunting voice!
Voted by accident. 0_0


More comments about Bring Me to Life - EvanescenceListen to sample

93Baba O' Reilly - The Who
One of the greatest songs ever created an absolute masterpiece!!!!
Talk about the greatest opening ever, then the power chords come in and it's musical bliss. How is Eminem and Taio Cruz ahead of this?
this is te best song ever;it completly changed music and it should be number 1!!!
Come on this is one of the top 10 songs ever.
More comments about Baba O' Reilly - The WhoListen to sample

94Highway to Hell - AC/DC
R you crazy ac/dc rules! I demand 4 you to rank it betta man.
The song that explains the life most of us live or want to live. The best song from the best band that ever walked across the stage. Bon Scott will live forever in his music!
Bon Scot is no doubt the most legendary singer of the 80's and the opening guitar riff makes you feel like your actually on a highway to hell
It can't be so far to the top.
In my opinion, this is numer 1 of all songs ever,
More comments about Highway to Hell - AC/DC

95Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams
This has got to go up higher! One of the greatest songs ever made. No matter what year it is.. It's always a rockin song to listen to.
Definitely one of the best songs ever made! Have listened to it a thousand times and never gets old!
Best song ever! Fantastic, it's a classic!
[Newest]This Is the BEST SONG OF ALL TIME BY GREAT ROCK ARTIST BRYAN ADAMS. This is the best rock song that make you fell truly nostaligic and summer feelings. Man this song beat beat every song it's on rank number 1. Please vote for it please.
More comments about Summer of '69 - Bryan AdamsListen to sample

96They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson
I love this song, and it's pretty famous.
I guess this list is going to become a "best songs" list, instead of a "most popular" list.
Nevertheless, this song deserves top spot in any list.
The beats of this song are amazing... Makes me want to dance
More comments about They Don't Care About Us - Michael JacksonListen to sample

97We Will Rock You - Queen
Should be in top 20 at least! Recreates the spirit of humanity and is the perfect example of a SONG that unites HUMANITY...!
This song brings out your inner tiger. Very uplifting in the soul and I know all the lyrics to this song, maybe all the lyrics. Here we go. " you got mud on your face, A big disgrace, spread it on the ground all over the place, saying we will, we will rock you, we will, we will rock you down pick you up, like a volcano about to irupt, rock'in all day an night, ride'in the alto ride, " and on and on. GO QUEEN. You ROCK!
The Chorus part Is Very Good... Many Of Them Know This Song Without Knowing About The Legendary Band Queen...


We will we will rock you
Everybody we will... !
More comments about We Will Rock You - QueenListen to sample

98Awake and Alive - Skillet
Skillet is the best Christian rock band out there. Love them <3 They really show their emotions and strive to make great music.
Skillet the best christian rock band :)
Come on guys, it's Skillet! For crying out loud, vote Vote VOTE!
[Newest]Once of the first songs apart from Hero that Skillet got Jen Ledger signing in. Her and Jon Coopers voice work so well together. Also the song itself cannot be faulted.
More comments about Awake and Alive - SkilletListen to sample

99When I'm Gone - Eminem
One of the BEST Eminems songs and one Of the best songs EVER! Should be at top 20 at least! Anyone disagrees?
I guess this is the MOST inspirational, emotional and touching song by Eminem!
Deserves to be at least top 50...
Great song. tells a great story. Eminem is phenomenal
[Newest]My favourite Rap song of all the time.. sadly underrated here
More comments about When I'm Gone - EminemListen to sample

100Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen is the best Rock & Roll singer ever! Every time he makes a new song or album; he makes a masterpiece. Born to run is a one of his best songs along with the river, thunder road, Tougher than the rest, bobby jean, born in the USA = I could continue for hours. He deserves to be in top 10 at least with one of the mentioned songs. Instead of being number 108, that is ridiculous.. Just my opinion - Rock & Roll and the boss for Life!
It's true, BtR in the Top 10! But we know: Bruce doesn't use drugs, alcohol, he's not suicide and he hasn't long hair. But we know his live concerts!
Springsteen and Clemons (tenor sa are both amazing. There best song ever
Hard to take this list when a song by the Go Go's appears higher than Born To Run.
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