Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin


Despite the fact that this is "Most Played Song on Radio" Stairway To Heaven. Is the greatest song in not only Heavy Metal & Hard Rock History it transcends far beyond that genre. The song didn't sell out it's heavy metal/hard rock style like Metallica did (Nothing Else Matters) to bring in newer audiences that weren't accustom to Zeppelin's pioneering Heavy Metal Sound, but it showed their progressive ideas within the bands artwork. Jimmy Page one of the first guitar heroes, along with Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Hendrix & Eric Clapton, had wrote one of the most iconic guitar solos of all time. Plants vocals were amazing as they were progressive. The progression of the song is what most sticks out as it schizophrenically transitions from smooth, calming folk music to extremely emotional & groundbreaking hard rock/heavy metal. Led Zeppelin the most innovative blues hard rock band who helped create along with Black Sabbath a new genre of music Heavy Metal. Led Zeppelin has created the ...more

This is the best song ever! None of the other song can compare to it, it's incredible! I think one of the MANY reasons why is so terrific is because it's constant climbing song, it's starts out soft, and then at the end Jimmy just takes over with the best guitar solo in the history... I also think that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is also excellent, but Led Zeppelin is so much better than Queen, sadly Queen has more fans, but still Led Zeppelin are better musicians, you can't deny that! And also this is also a big reason why I think this is the greatest song of all time, is because I never listened to this song without getting major chills or goosebumps, I think that's the indicator of greatness of Led Zeppelin!

It was really hard for me to choose between this song and Bohemian Rhapsody. But I remember the first time I listened to this song, my sister wanted to play some music, I was about 10. And I asked her, "What song are you getting? " And being an electro fan, she replies, "This awesome song called Stairway to Heaven! " I sighed and let her get it. But when it started playing she had to use the bathroom. 7 minutes in, she was still in the bathroom and it was at the guitar solo. And when they were about to sing again, she came out of the bathroom and said, "Hey! This isn't the right song! " And exits the page. I was just sitting there. Amazed. I ran upstairs to listen to it on the other computer. And I did, and it was amazing. Now basically, I can't stop listening to it. It's a piece of art. Without this song, music wouldn't be the same.

The song starts out with a few guitar strums and a recorder playing in the background by John Paul Jones that really brings out the heavenly aspect of this song, as you approach the stairway, you are greeted by Plant's vocals that start off as a peaceful, calm, and mellow ballad. As we progress through this "stairway to heaven", the tempo speeds up and we begin tapping our foot. Then, the next step is a 2-3 minute guitar solo by Jimmy Page shows that we have finally arrived at heaven as the next part is a rock and roll style with Bonham contributing with his crazy drumming and we end with a "and she's buying a stairway to heaven. "

I don't know how this song could be anywhere but on the top of the greatest songs of all time. the song is beautifully song that I normally can't help myself but cry when I here it. I live my whole life by this song. Plant and Page deserve a lot better than number two on this list. for everyone who says its not number one, go listen to it again and actually listen to the lyrics, here what it is telling you. that with the amazing talent of the great jimmy page, and the best solo of all time, puts this song above any other song ever realized.

Listen, I'm a 13 year old girl and I could have organized this list better. Although Led Zeppelin is only my second favorite band (Aerosmith is my first), Stairway to Heaven is the BEST song of all time. It should seriously be number one. Period. It's a great song and anyone who disagrees is insane. The whole band did a beautiful job on this song and Robert Plant's voice really moves me, especially because of the lyrics of this song. I love Stairway to Heaven.
(I also feel Dream On should at least be on this list, but that's probably just my love for the awesomeness of Aerosmith speaking. )

Led Zeppelin is beyond greatness. It's a band that achieved what any band can ever hope to achieve: being unique. This song is the best song ever because it reunites all that a song should be:
- It should impact you since the first time you listen it (whether you like it or not)
- It should be different from anything you've ever heard.
- It should be something you'll never forget.
The best song, with the best lyrics, with the most epic guitar solo and from the best rock band ever. THE BEST.

I'm not exactly sure why BR gets first spot... its got brilliant music for the first 2 odd minutes but after that it doesn't make sense its beautiful but it feels disconnected. Stairway is the most wonderful piece of music to ever be written. Page has proved that he is one of the greatest guitarists on earth with this amazing breathtaking composition. The way the song develops in stages and just goes on... you would never want it to end. And then he plays that solo THAT SOLO... no words... plants voice modulation through the song is just magical... Bonham makes his presence felt in the later half... the last part he just gives it an extra punch which takes the song into heights no song has ever been able to reach... beyond comprehension why BR beats this one... Songs like stairway can never be made again... Too good

What a wonderful song by Zeppelin! Metallica, Maiden, Judas, GNR or etc... There all big bands and nobody can say something worse about those groups and their songs they have a lot of song we sing clearly and everybody is effected by some of their songs different ways or their music choice (emotional or hard) but there is no song better than this one. Both solos and rhythms are the best.. Especially the solo, one of the best solos in the world. God bless all of the bands who make a good music

The greatest rock song of all time, hands down. Robert Plant's story of a woman being called by God just before the tribulation period couldn't have been better written. The slow build of the song from the lullaby guitar and flute to the thunderous climax, then ending with a whimper could only have been done by this most talented group. Remember people, as Plant says, "to be a rock, and not to roll". Don't roll people. - jnormanii

An ever-so-slight edge over Bohemian Rhapsody for me, but I have absolutely no qualms with the fact that Bohemian Rhapsody is at the pole position. As long as both are in the top five, all is well. I don't think I need to explain my reasoning behind why I think this is the greatest song of all time, but I will. That irresistible riff, the buildup, the addition of subtle changes with every verse, Bonzo's amazing drumming coming in halfway through the song, and of course, my God, that guitar solo!

The way this song builds up; the way the guitar just leads the way and everything else comes in as the story is being told; the way it captivated so many people back then and even today. This song defied the rules of what a song is supposed to be. Every band wants something people will remember them by, and Stairway to Heaven was it. This song is the anthem for a whole generation. I don't see how any other song can come any where close at all.

Zeppelin is my favorite band of all time, and the way Page captures you with the acoustic intro to Plant's iconic first words, "There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold, and she's buying the stairway to heaven." This song has now been played more times on radio stations than any other rock song! Zeppelin are legends and what they accomplished with this one song is more than what most musicians today will ever accomplish! - therootbeer

This Song is truly... Unparalleled. It is not only musically and lyrically the best song ever, but it also defines Led Zeppelin in total. The folky beginning, showing the softer side of Led Zep that was extremely Prominent on their third album, the wonderful and mystical lyrics which Robert Plant does so well, the powerful driving rhythm of John Paul Jones and Bonzo at the end, and of course, the solo by Page. Bohemian Rhapsody is just Freddy Mercury, Freddy Mercury, and more Freddy Mercury. Please, please vote for Stairway to Heaven, undeniably the greatest Song of all time

Tremendous virtuosity on all instrumentation, the perfect cohesion between the lyrical nature of the song and the harmonic structure, simply one of the most melodic guitar solos of all-time, and finally the grandeur that makes the song feel as epic as Homer.

Stairway to heaven, the best song with best guitar solo, deepest lyrics, by best rock band: Led Zeppelin, containing best guitarist : Jimmy page, best drummer: John bonham, best vocalist: Robert plant and one of the best bassists: John paul jones. Simply a perfection made by hard rock makers and gods. AMAZING! I like bohemian rhapsody very much, but this deserves NUMBER 1

To me, what makes this song incredible is that it starts out slow, and slowly speeds up adding drums and eventually a kickass guitar solo and the greatest, best, most hard rocking outro/final verse in any song ever. But with Plant's final line, you remember that it was slow at one point. This song is the complete opposite of linear, it goes places where no other song has gone or will ever go. You don't care about what you just heard or what you're about to hear. You only care about what you're hearing at that one moment, because every moment in this song is a masterpiece.

Bohemian Rhapsody is good but stairway to heaven is from another planet, the song has great lyrics great guitar playing and simply the best solo of all time as far as I know it is probably the only song to be played continuously for 24 hours in a radio. This song was not expected to become this popular because it was not released as a single so at that time people had to dig deep into the album to find it, and still it became this popular.

Stairway to heaven is good but Bohemian Rhapsody is from another planet - ilper

Hay! Every body should know that stair way to heaven has a satanic message... Listen to the backwards and you'll see the truth... In the original lyrics he says... ('Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings) and he says (Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven )... ( there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on ) that's mean that we are listening to the song in a wrong way we should hear it backwards... And the truth will come to you at last... And Ropart said he wrote it in 10 minute and he don't know the reason why he wrote it he forgot how he wrote it... It's the devil he pay for him to write it.. That's why it's amazing believe it or not, I don't care but it's the truth yeah

That is the biggest piece of BS I've heard in a while... so what if it sounds like that... songs are made to be listened to properly not to be heard backward and not to create bull... stupidity

How can this not be the number one pick? It is simply the most beautiful piece of musical genius ever recorded, and anyone who doesn't think so needs to climb out of the hole they are in. I mean seriously... You Raise Me Up? It hardly even counts as a rock song, and even if it did, it still doesn't come anywhere near Zeppelin's masterpiece. - XXcheckplzXX

Stairway to Heaven is a complete and utter musical masterpiece. The entire song is 100% flawless, the lyrics, the guitar work, everything. Jimmy Page's unparalleled playing is unlike anything else in the universe. The song also features what is probably the best guitar solo ever. Every single band member gives their all in this song, and the combination is pure divinity to the ears and the soul.

No other song tells such a story in the lyrics this son is amazing queen never came anywhere near perfection like this if you people are to ignorant to listen to the entire song and if your to stupid to understand the lyrics then you shouldn't be voting on anything all I should have had to say was zeppelin but instead I had to write this whole thing seriously queen can't touch zeppelin

This is the number one song of all time in Britain -another plus to this opinionated vote. Also this song made me shed tears for a long time while hearing it because it is a sad song and a shocking release due to their history of metal music and almost scary beats so I believe this song slightly passes bohemian rhapsody in my opinion but they won fair and square P.S. robert Plant Rocks on!

musical composition places "Stairway To Heaven" as the number one rock song of all time. Mr. Page's arrangement of a dramatic crescendo type development with the song passing through stages along the way lend to his (and John Paul Jones) influence by classical music. His guitar solo in this song is one of his greatest played with undeniable passion and ease.

This to me is the best song of all time because it appeals to everyone. This song is a true masterpiece and sounds like something you would hear in heaven. I'm a fan of most genres so I'm not being bias'd. Trust me this is a song everyone needs to hear, it may not be your favourite when you listen to it but it will surely stun you. This is like the king of all songs, everything falls under it. I just love how it has a mix of all emotions, the start is so slow and sad then towards the end it picks up and becomes loud.