Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance


If only one song could exist, I would want it to be this song. But then again, with only one song we wouldn't be able to appreciate its complexity compared to and combined with the emotions behind all the other songs we know. (if that made sense...).
I know many people wouldn't agree, but I honestly believe that this is the greatest band to ever exist and that this is the best song currently in existence. Their music, specifically this song, is really inspiring and I find it to be so easy to relate to. It helps me get through the bad days and make the good ones even better.
I think I died a little inside yesterday when my mom told me that she doesn't mind me listening to My Chemical Romance as long as I don't listen to it to "make myself sad". That was honestly the most absurd thing I have ever heard. This band is there to help guide people through the darkness when they are already troubled. They are truly the saviors of the broken, the beaten, and the damned and I don't know what I would do without them. This song has the most inspirational message out there: WE WILL CARRY ON!
I know I kind of got lost in a little rant there so if you took the time to read my whole comment, thank you!

Finally My Chemical Romance gets some recognition. They have a style that speaks to troubled people, any people really, but especially those going through hard times. Please, listen to the song. Really listen to the lyrics and the raw emotion. The passionate way he sings and the heartfelt chords. There is more to that song than first meets the eye. And after that, listen to another song by MY Chem, listen to all you can, it makes your life easier. Suddenly, you aren't so alone. These guys really get it. Their songs are genius, please give a listen to all of their songs, past and recent.

"We'll carry on, we'll carry on, and though you're broken and defeated, your weary widow marches on! " Talk about a life anthem.
My Chemical Romance helps me daily, I'd like to say they saved my life. Thank you, Gee, Frankie, ray and Mikey. You don't know just how special you are.

Yep, this song was definitely the most life changing. The song that helped me carry on. Never fails to make me feel better than before.

This song is just awesome, I think all the songs of The Black Parade are. How amazing lyrics they have, and how intense is their music. I was just searching for the best song ever in google (a little bit scared because of what would appear) and when I saw in this list that the best song was Bohemian Rhapsody I was like "oh yeah, people have good taste! " and then this song appeared and you can't even imagine how happy and proud I am. I love that people like real music, I love most of the bands that appear here. Thank you. (Sorry if I did not express well, but I'm spanish)
(PD: I miss My Chemical Romance)

It is ridiculous that bohemian rhapsody is #1. Welcome to the black parade is far more epic than ANY of the songs listed here. It is perfection. It teaches us about life, it gives us strength in our daily lives, and it has an AMAZING combination of complicated instruments. The lyrics are so beautiful, and the song overall gives you a feeling that cannot be expressed with words. The more you listen to it, the better it gets. It is also amazing because a handful of raw emotions are pressed into one song. Welcome to the black parade is genius. It saved my life

OK who said that just because Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan is number 1 on the Rolling Stones list means it should be number 1 on this list?! The only reason it on that list is because it says "Rolling Stone" on it and its by Bob Dylan. That list put Bohemian Rhapsody behind a song by Beyonce! Anyways, this song isn't even on that list, and it's way better than anything Bob Dylan has ever done, saved lives, lifted people's emotions and gave people a reason to appreciate new music, so vote wisely, guys!

I love Queen with all my heart, but Bohemian Rhapsody is epic, point. My Chemical Romance with this song makes me feel something I never felt again since I met Queen, the Gerard's voice is awesome, with this tribute and the instrumentation is so bestial, so perfect, BR is one of the most important song in the last century, but for me, WTTBP is the most greatest song in this century, epic, just like a modern Queen, and that is so complicated!

I was having a good time looking through this list, agreeing with most of the songs that I saw on it. And then I came across this. No. Just, no. Not that this song is bad, but, it's just not all that special either. It's like comparing the band 'Blood on the dance floor' to 'The Beatles'. It's no where near, and will never be as good as some of the other songs on the 'Best Songs Of All Time' list. I know this song is pretty low on the list, but, I just couldn't help but give my opinion.

I love My chemical Romance and have done since I was little. This was the first song I heard of My Chemical Romance and have loved them since and was devastated when they broke up. But this song reminds people that memories will live on forever no matter what. The video alone is so memorable that the song would be imprinted into your head! The video was shot in 1 day which is an amazing feat! An Iconic song by a Talented band, should be in the top 10 at least.

Hey, this song is, above all, the song that changed my life. Come on. The drums are so complicated and advanced. And the vocals also include an AMAZING range for a man. Besides all the technical stuff, this song also has so many emotions crammed into it. It also has a very deep and inspiring meaning, and a story behind it. These men, My Chemical Romance, they wrote it from their hearts. Life changing. Burst me into tears, it did.

I looked at the most of the songs in the list and... I personally think that welcome to the black parade by My Chemical Romance is, WAY better than the most of the other songs... My Chemical Romance are totally talented and this band is the reason that now I'm listening to rock music and not pop... COME ON... They deserve better

It may not be the best song out of this list but it surely deserves to be higher than some of the others on here. I've been studying this list for quite awhile and I think this song should at least be in the top 15. It' the best song by My Chemical Romance and a classic rock hit.

Whoever said this is better than Bohemian Rhapsody is kidding themselves. It's a good song in its own right, but still, the lyrics in Smells like Teen Spirit and Bohemian Rhapsody have deeper hidden meanings, which is why they're higher.

My Chemical Romance are the Best Band in the World <3
Love em, so much :')
This song is such an inspiration to everyone, and deserves to be one of the best songs ever

This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard - coating a very difficult, personal subject in layers of dark theatricality, My Chemical Romance have created an anthem of epic proportions conveying one simple message - WE'LL CARRY ON

ΜΥ chemical romance... What can I say about them... JUST PERFECT! No word needed! Come on guys... They're not just 24th they're better than that... Vote them 1st!

This song is just so amazing, and it really clears your mind and makes you want to do something to make a difference in the world. I love it so much, and I don't know what I would do without My Chemical Romance to save my life when I need it.

An amazing song. Not nearly as good as the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody, but good nonetheless. It's one of my all-time favourites that I can listen to when happy and when sad.

A song closest to me. Any time of the day, any day of the week... This is my fav song r8 now... Another song by these guys 'Famous Last Words' is also rocking

This song was the first of My Chemical Romance song that I heard and I have always loved it. The vocals and instrumentals fit together very well and make a wonderful song. This song has something that I haven't found in any other.

I love that they made this song because it shows another side of them. With this song they kind of got rid of their terrible emo image! I love them and the first song I heard from them was black parade and it got me wanting to hear more now I have like every single album and song from them on all my electronics. Icloud ROCKS!

This song is awesome. Love lead singers voice, love the emotion in the song. And, the music video was pretty cool, too.

This is one of the most complete rich songs I have ever heard. It never gets old and I can play it over and over again making me want to jump up and down like I'm in their actual concert. Love this song forever!

Yeah. Bohemian Rhapsody is an amazing song. A lot of talent went into it. I'm just saying that this song is even better. Because it's the best song made by the bet band ever. This song inspires me to do anything

This song is sooo great it as different styles between just the one song. <3 I love my chemical romance they are nothing like any other bands.