Top Ten Things That Scare People Most


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What is after death, there is nothing? What would it feel like, eternal nothingness? I mean, does anyone know what nothing feels like?
One of the worlds biggest mystery, even with trillions of people witnessing it. What is it like after death? Darkness? Spending the rest of your life as a ghost? Maybe being reborn in a different world? You can only find out when you die. But you won't be able to tell anyone what it is after death.
I think death does scare allot of people because they don't really for sure know where there going and that is scary
[Newest]I'm not scared of death, but I would like to live to at least 25, just so I have enough time to travel about a bit.

2Not Going to Heaven
Not getting to go to heaven would be terrible.
Think like this:
Essentially, you, say, do things like drugs, getting drunk, abusing people, being really evil.
What do you get for it? A trial, where EVERYBODY who you insulted, abused or harmed would go against you.
Think of it like a normal trial, but about fifty to one hundred prosecutors, no defense, and a judge who had informed you, all throughout your life, about the inevitable trial he would judge you in.

And at the end?
When all is said and done?
"Lucifer, we have another one for you."

Out of the depths of hell comes satan himself.
Picking you up, he carries you back down to hell, where you will forever suffer.
As you are being taken away, you scream "YOUR HONOUR! How could you be so merciless? "
"What are you on about? I gave you ALL my mercy, yet you threw it aside.
You laughed in my face, saying death would never come, that you would not be sent to hell.
Good bye..."
The afterlife might not be as scary as most people think. In my opinion, people are not sentenced to heaven or hell. I think people just end up in either heaven or hell based on how close they are to God, how sorry they are for their sins, and whether they accept God's love. If they let sin overpower them so much that it tears them away from God, then they may end up in hell. If they accept the fact that they are sinners and try hard to move closer to God and away from sin, then they may end up in heaven. Besides, I think hell is more of a state people go into as a result of rejecting God than an actual place. If God is a merciful, loving father-figure who never stops forgiving humanity for its sins, why would he willfully send someone to hell?
What if it was your wish to go to heaven? What if you died with your friend and you saw him go up the staircase to heaven before you being dropped to hell? Chest about the opposite? You would never see him again. So sad.
[Newest]Why is death at the top?!?!

3The Dark
I really do get scared in the dark but I guess it is because of some nasty people I could bump into? Too many crimes reported on the media... What a world is turning into...
Well, being generally scared of the dark is only reasonable if you're three years old, but in a dark forest, or a dark cave, you don't know what could happen next.


That one's really common and it scares a lot of people! Especially me!
[Newest]I'm not afraid of the dark I'm afraid of the crickets and centipedes in our house jumping on me in the dark.

4Being Embarrassing In Front of a Huge Amount of People
Ah yes, this reminds me of an interesting story. there are many days in my life, and there are few that are more memorable than this. so I was at a rather large hotel, but the T.V. 's had only one channel. So I was watching a film about some rugby players being stranded in Antarctica after there plane crashed, and so I thought to my self "hey, rugby players are awfull at survival! They're all just a bunch of cowards! " unfortunately, I realised this was not a thought, but a shout, and not only that, but my door was open. I was also afraid by the fact that the loud music from downstairs had Stopped, and that they were celebrating there most recent win in, you guest it, rugby. so since I was terrified by the shouting from them, trying to find out who said it, I hid under my bed and I was under there for so long I fell asleep. I never stayed at a premier inn again, and probably never will.
This has to be number, my cousins and my friends siblings are still making fun of us over something that happened years ago and even have pictures, they'll never let us forget
Come on. Death? First? Nono, being embarrassed in front of a large group is much worse than death, believe me. You actually have to deal with it and live with it after (ironic, isn't it? )
[Newest]That's not fun when... I don't... Want... To... Talk... About... It...

5Being Hurt by the Person You Love
Of course it will be hurt if the person that we loved with all our heart and trusted to care us for the rest of our life played with our love. They played our love just like card 'touch ^^ go'. If I face this man in my life, I think I will kill him if I can do like that
IT really hurts when we love a person very very much and when they leave us it really hurts and the person who is hurted find him away from the world and things that he have lost every thing and then he tries to commit suicide because for him his love was his life.
This happens to me a lot :-(


[Newest]It's like water and fire loving

6Being Sexually Assaulted
I for one, have this as my biggest fear, simply because it has already happened to me, I am a 16 year old girl, and at the age of 15 I was molested by a 42 year old man that happened to be my dad's so called "best friend" nobody should have to go through this, at all, no kids, teenagers, adults, nobody.
I feel bad for you. That man needs to know better. Wish you luck on your recovery. The National Sexual Assault hotline is 1.800.656. HOPE


The government should shoot their privates off with an executioner pistol. That'll teach them.
You don't know who, when, where afterwards. And it was all impersonal to the attacker.

Although death may be the end of our lives and that most of us don't want that to happen already, we all know that it will happen in the future. We all dislike failure. We feel annoyed and frightened when you didn't achieve your goal. Whether the failure was losing your team and feeling hated, working hard/ spending money for nothing, or losing a partner/failing him or her, we fear it more than death. We know we can stop it or not make it happen (unlike death), but we feel so horrible in making that mistake that changed your life/ or won't ever forget for all your life. This is the #1 fear human has.
Just imagining me repeating a grade/class in school...oh my gosh..makes me freak out!
I don't know about anyone but no scary movie can compare to what my dad will do if I fail... It's like digging my own grave.
[Newest]This is very true

8Slithering Snakes
Not that I think so, but some people get so freaked out (I actually love snakes and animals and I simply can't understand why people get so scared)
Some are poisonous and cause a painful death... Avoiding them is just natural instinct!


I want to keep away from snakes...


9Harrowing Heights

10Scary Spaces

The Contenders

11Demons Watching You
Just looking at their face gave me chills.
Great now I'm thinking about it
Hey man whats your name.

12Other People
They created SCARY MOVIES that will get you to hope you make it to daylight.


Its terrifying I wont even watch a trailer for one! I made that one mistake of watching a trailer for one...i had lots of nightmares...
Sometimes this is not true

13Being a Virgin
This is honestly the dumbest thing people fear.
Nobody stays a virgin forever.

14Creepy Crawlies
Spiders terrify me. Maybe it's the eyes or the legs but if I see a spider I will scream my head off.
snakes and other people I can deal with but these things ehhh there so creepy
snakes are cool, these buggers come in swarms, crawl inside of your skin and disease you with AIDS
[Newest]Spiders oh god even talking about them scare me!

They wear too much make up
I love clowns but all my friends hate them
I'm fine with the fun goofy ones but the deadly ones scares the cheap out of me

Spiders are the scariest things ever! Last year (In fourth grade) I went on a field trip with my P.A.C. (Program for academic challenge) friends, and we were going on a nature walk. We were picking things off the trail, and putting them in little containers so we could look at them through microscopes. So, my friend Emma (Who like isn't afraid of anything) picks up this spider, and wants me to hold the container open so she could put it in. I thought she might just leave it because I was obviously like 'no way! ' but she didn't. She found someone else, and got the spider in the container. Then, when we got back from our 'nature walk' we got microscopes. Emma put the spider under the microscope, and for some reason, I was brave enough to look at it. IT TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. There were huge eyes, so many legs, and it was hairy! The spider even blinked! It was the scariest thing I've ever seen. (Sorry my story was kind of long)
I had a dream last night. Scary as hell. I mean, the spiders' asses were the size of an ashtray or like, a plate! I was scared to death. But, nonetheless, I woke up and saw online that this meant I am a dominant female figure, or motherly. Something like that. But, I still get scared if I see a giant spider in my room...
Oh god... I scream and cry like a newborn when I see these terrifying excuses for animals... Anyways, They're so creepy! They have eight eyes, eight legs, and they're even scarier when they're REALLY hairy. I HATE SPIDERS!

17Public Speaking
I've always been a really awkward. Public speaker, I'm even awkward just talking to one person I don't know well. I am good at English, but put me in front of a group of people and I suddenly become illiterate.
One vote and it suddenly jumped from last (31) to current position (22).
Laugh out loud!
I had to add this? Comedian Jerry Seinfeld's comment about public speaking says it all:

“According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. ”

18Noises In the Woods
There's a woods quite near to my house. In the Summer, me and my friends take our bikes up to the woods and eat our picnic in this little clearing. It doesn't seem to bother my friends, but all the noises in there really creep me out and I often end up leaving before them!
Why would you be in the woods Anyway

Snake are cool I remember when I was five years old I got to hold a milk snake that was six years ago

20Hearing Voices
The feeling when you are home alone, but you hear somebody calling your name.
So creepy for me. I hear that some times

21Justin Bieber's Music
I don't personally like Justin Bieber, but everybody has to admit he has talent. His music may not be your kind of thing, but to be SCARED of it is kinda stupid.
It makes me want to puke!
Not his music just him don't get me wrong I also hate his music
[Newest]I'm not scared of music but I don't like Justin Bieber.


22Thunder and Lightning
I'm so afraid of this lightning. It kill someone who talks with hand phone and people who stay at areas of open space.


23Pooping Your Pants
Could happen after your 40

24The Dentist
I hate the dentist I am scared and maybe I could be approaching to cry. They put a light and then the dentist were's gloves and for the light thing or somethin. ( Don't know what it is called. ) they take pictures of your teeth to see if you do not have cavities. They put a black thing with plastic and put it in your mouth and can't open my mouth for that LONGER. MY GOD. They also put you in a chair with all those sharp tools in that tray after they are done with my teeth. They send me to the last scariest part. The tooth brushing and tool station! They make me lay down in A chair I lay down like if I am in a bed they even putted a blanket on me. They brushed and the horrible taste of the yucky toothpaste and all the sharp tools they put in your mouth. They put another of those black things in your mouth and when you are out of the dentist you can't eat or even drink your mouth even can feel fat. The kid's dental care mascot the boy with the rocking horse is creepy inside the kid's dental care all the animals in the wall are creepy.
I am SUPER scared of the dentist. I suppose I shouldn't be as all he is doing is trying to help. But it's not a completely irrational fear. After all, the sharp tools and stuff he pokes in your mouth could be seriously dangerous if he makes just one tiny mistake...
The dentist scares me so much when I get told were going my heart just drops everything about freaks me out this shouldn't be number nine of the list it should be number one I HATE THE DENTIST!

When ever I vomit I'm all like OH GOD I don't WANT TO DIE! Unless I'm at school at school thank you god I want to go home
Oh my God vomiting should be at number one. I'm so scared of it because of how simply disgusting it is!

26Frightful Flight

Because it can be painful

Sometimes that move things around and they make you want to feark out so scary

Let me tell all of you. Two times I am being chased by dog when I am riding my bicycle. When I try to find Chinese house, dogs welcome me first...that was pathetic!


They act like deadly animals, especially to little kids!


I'm absolutely scared of blackouts
Blackouts at night are extremely scary because one second you're watching T. V at night then the next second, everything does black! Creepy!


31Not Hitting Puberty
Justin Bieber knows a lot about that

32Uncanny Valley
You know. That feeling you get when you see something and realize it isn't human? It's pretty creepy. But no one knows what it's called.

33The Unknown
This should be in the top ten. Mostly people are only scared of the dark because what might come out is unknown. It's simply a terrifying thing, as you have no control or power over what happens. Therefore, people tend to be scared of things like the dark or their future because it is all unknown.
When something is unknown to us we see it as sinister and horrifying: What lies hidden in the dark, what others may think of us, when we don't know how what we do will turn out for example. People are always afraid of what they do not understand.
Oh, yes! The future and the unknown terrifies the life out of me! I am a girl with big ambitions, and the thought of failing to achieve those ambitions just makes me shudder.

I hate those because you can get stuck on one and it stops working that is why I hate elevators because I do
I'm not exactly scared of elevators but they do make me dizzy.


35Nicki Minaj's Music
Stupid hoe is the scariest song I ever heard.
If you thought that was bad enough wait till you hear anaconda

They say they're not going to bite, but if it's 3 times the size of ANY arachnid, I'm not going to take any chances with that thing.

They sting with venom that can kill a fully growen man

Google "george carlin fear of germs" and watch the whole video, so true.
There gross and they could spread

I hate it when people call me all the time. They always need something!

40Never Getting Married
I just want to say one thing - getting married doesn't matter. At the end of the day, it is just making a big, scary commitment. Like making a massive promise that you can never break, unless you're going to pay money for a divorce. You might meet the right person, but don't be afraid or upset if they don't propose (or if you don't feel ready to. ) Loving someone should make your bond strong enough for you not to need a legal binding.

41Sleep Paralysis
This is absolutely terrifying... I usually get it waking up from a nightmare, so I'm lying there half still in my nightmare and trying to get out, but I can't move and see shadows next to me...

Yeah, it's scary.

It can scare you a lot sometimes

43Bubsy 3D

44End of the World
People are more scared of other stuff than the world ending

It would be more scary of the world stops and evey one dies


46Portable Toilets


48Small Spaces

49Putting a Needle Inside of You
Not really. I broke my arm and I had to have surgery to put a pin in my arm to make a bone straight.


Like what if the doctors aren't paying any attention and the needle is rusty
It's a tiny needle stop being so scared.

50Dislocation of Bones
Eww they look disgusting and completely shock me and make me feel sick when I see one! Also, they must hurt super bad and make you feel sick!

Because it comes for you

52Bipolar Lows
I wrote a story called The Crying Mirror (by Ryan Murphy if you want to look it up) that is basically an allegory for my fear that one day I will go into a depression and it will never end. Being depressed I have gotten used to, the idea that it will never stop terrifies me.
When you are feeling so very happy and content with the world and the you can feel that hollowness before you go on a downward spiral.

53Cryptic Notes

54Punk Rock

55Your Closet
Some one can kill you in there

Somebody could Kill you in there
I do not want to die.

It can hurt people


59Having to Wear a Bra


61Slender Man
Not scary but is when your alone... That's all I think about when I sleep
Has a white face and kills you.





66Rotting Flesh

67Creepy Guys
That frightening moment when you think a scary man is following you...
Do not kill the man!

Now that's just racist.

69Chinese Bootleg Games


71Gas Station Bathrooms
The smell is horrifying to your nose.

72Dolls With No Owner


74Shapes in the Dark
Is that... Oh. No. That's just my jacket on a chair... But what's THAT!?

75Jeff the Killer
That should be right next to slender man
Call 911! Also the U.S. army!

76"Weird" People

Creepy pasta is scary this is funny stuff

You don't know what's out there...


80Chuck Norris
People SHOULD be afraid!


82God Being a Dumbass

Just scary place at all. Even if you don't need to do anything thre

84Horror Movie Characters

Although lava is really dangerous and can easily kill someone, its only found deep underground (more than 10 miles down) where it is called magma, or in a volcano. Just exercise common sense when visiting a volcanically active zone, like staying farther away when there's eruption warnings, running up a hill when lava is running, and no touching it.



87Not Being Rich

88Global Flu Pandemic
Obviously no one will survive that


They just suicide bomb into people!


91Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
He is most hated president of Iran ever

92Ali Khamenei


94Creepy Atmospheric Music
The music can really make something not so scary into something terrifying.


95Getting an injury that will permanently disable you

96Big Brother


98Freddy Fazbear

I know totally! Mirrors are creepy! What if something's in there? What if Bloody Mary is real? You never know...
I might sound like a retard but this is what mirrors seem like to me: a demention to a didfferent dimention. Only one way tthough
And I don't think people really have reflections but that they are just second dimention usses and they are waiting to attack us. When I look into mirrors sometimes and my reflection isn't there! I hope I'm not actually a vampire... Sorry I'm only 11 so I don't really make sense.
Mirrors are portals to Hell, where there are all your worst fears trapped inside the glass.
[Newest]Very creepy if you think about them

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