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The Top Ten

HORSES ARE THE BEST! You can train them and it is like the are apart of you! Anyway if you are going to be having a garden... Well when the horse poops, it's great menuwer!
Horses are intellegent creatures. They are great companions for all ages and are useful as work animals. They are graceful and beautiful. They are so much fun to ride. Understanding when you're sad and happy when your happy with them. Awesome, they are!
I am leasing to horses and they are wonderful they aren't smelly at all at first their poop smells for 2 minutes and then it doesn't smell at all horses are not hard to take care of I love them so much they can be really well trained and great farm pets I love horses
[Newest]Horses are fun to ride and keep everyone entertained.

cow is the best best best best farm animal in the world.
Cows are by far the best we have a sweet little jersy and she is the cutest thing you could ever see. Going to calve in may and is just like a big puppy follows me around the barn and dances around for her grain so cute
By far the best animal it gives us milk yum I mean who doesn't like they make good pets to if you look after them well and if you love them they will love you to sum up my story cows are great! 1
[Newest]I LOVE cows! They're cute!

This is by far the best animal on this farm. It will win in fight against a SHEEPDOG because it can just lunge at it and do its top secret sumo wrestler move so it can even beat 5 sheepdogs. This is the most underrated animal, even though it is at 3! GO PIGS!
I think pigs (especially mini pigs) are by far the best and cutest farm animal!
I love pigs I have 3 and they r about to have piglets and they are all very friendly. They make money if you sell piglets or if you sell them as pork. I think this should be number 1.
[Newest]In my state there are hundreds of pig in fair and farms that have thousands

They make awesome noises and I heard that most chickens can play the piano breh!
I love eggs, and you can also eat them! they taste really good!
Chicken is everything. You could do anything
[Newest]Chickens are good pet to keep and don't kill them

Goats are a very versatile animal as well, you get milk, you can make anything that you would with cows milk. Drink it, make cheese, make soap.
Goats are so cute they rub up against you and ccome in all sizes
Around 8+ goats will eat as much as 1 cow.
And there easier to handle.
And their funnier to watch then other animals.
[Newest]Because they poop pellets

Sheep produce lamb, great for selling, and mutton. They produce sweeter milk than cows or goats. They provide wool, and lanolin oil. They are excellent grazers, and provide manure.
Sheeps are so sweet. I love it. And their whole are so soft.
If you have a sheep, you get to have their wool, they also give you their milk and you can eat them too! Very good animal to have!
[Newest]Sheep are awesome there soft and cuddly and help people get to sleep there were so many times I had to count down from twenty sheep to get my children to sleep.

Ducks are the best animal. They are one of the only animals that live on land, water, and air.
Ducks are adorable especially baby ducklings they are so fluffy
Ducks are one of my most favorite birds in the world!


No. I would not like to share my opinion. Thank, you very much. But Alpaca's are very good. They are furry and are definitely better than normal sheep. That is why I vote for the Alpaca. There is no other reason. Although I think that Alpacas aren't actually that of a common farm animal. I guess I did share my opinion.
Best Animal. They can handle small loads of weight and are very cute. Also their fur is very soft and valuable.
Alpacas wool is very soft and warm and reproduce pretty fast if you want a steady cash flow

My father or our family loves carabao because they can help us in different ways
It is the farmer's helper supposed to be there's a carabao..
how can a farmer produce or harvest the best rice if there's no carabao...
Me, gwyneth f magsael was the one who posted carabao here because it is the most helpful animal in farm
[Newest]Carabao carabao cara cara bao

Strong, friendly and protective
They protect horses and sheep from coyotes
I love donkeys, I have one. it can kick any intruder in the face.
Donkeys are useful for actually don't know what.
[Newest]They are smarter than you think. Love them

The Contenders

11Indian Runner Duck
The way they run
If you like eggs this one is right for you because they lay up to 300 eggs a year if you feed them enough food and water.

They are cute but can be a handful
Rabbits are great pets, plus they breed quickly, and soon enough, you have your own little business of rabbits
They are so cute! I own two rabbits at home


13Golden Pheasant
Golden pheasants are great. I have 3 varieties. And I make a lot of money on their eggs and chicks

Sheepdogs are the best you can train them to tend to sheep be house train and do much more. Also they are very loyal. They could also be a hard working guard dog
Sheepdogs help farmers guide their sheep somwhere
Nothing beats a good working dog.


Dogs are a great addition!

Llamas are the best.

Yes it should be

Well done you guys come first
Do these still exist?


I thinks German shepherd cause there good guard dogs and herd dogs and if somebody came to steal your animals your dog would get him before the human could get the animal
Farm dogs are amazing because they're good for herding sheep and a good friend to have.
Dogs are mans best friends


These are beautiful animals.
They are beautiful animals who wouldn't want one

22Barn Cat
You gonna start a farm get yourself a barn cat
Because they kill rats..
Barn cats are the cutest ever you need one if you have a barn


Keep bugs down and don't touch your vegetable garden


Turkeys are the best! Somw people think their mean but can bond with there handlers like any animals. I strongly suggest getting turkey also because of their feathers with are nice to craft with and you'll never have to buy a turkey again.
My Turkey coma right up to yea and they eatum the vermins
Turkeys are good for their meat that's it.

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