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1 O Piçte Bendim - Norm Ender

Awesome Rapper From Norm Ender! Respect UK!

Rap is Eminem for me.. Secondly this guy.. NOrm ender

If Norm Ender write diss to me ; I jump from skyscraper

Sooo...did this no name rapper spam vote his way to the top of this list or what?

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2 Hit 'Em Up - Tupac Hit 'Em Up - Tupac


The best diss song ever by the best rapper ever, this song dissed all the main east coast rappers and was representing west coast. The beat, flow and lyrics are perfected.

the best diss song ever made. one of the best 2pac'song. I 2. ether by nas
3. kill ya by eminem thuglife ;-)

2Pac 100% Best diss rap ever & still is + this N.I.G.G.A (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished) past 20 years ago & became a LEGEND & millions of 2Pac fans still 2 this day listen to his Music because of his LYRICS that will spark the brain of a Man or Women that will change the world looking towards a better future for the world no dout 100%.

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3 Ether - Nas Ether - Nas

I just love how he wins in the 1st verse. Coming right out and stating that Tupac, biggie, and himself are the 3 best rappers at that time (arguably the top 3 ever... ), then asking jay-z to name a rapper that he didn't influence... He KOs jay-z in the first verse of a diss song, that's why he gets my vote.

I actually think this is better than Hit Em Up. So many things he dissed Jay about and all of it was 100% true. Jay-Z is lyrically behind Nas and many other rappers, I also feel Jay is one of the most overrated rappers of all time.

Nas absolutely murdered jay, and I love the way nas raps and well I think jay had to go through a lot of thinking about takin on nas. Jay's career was on life-support after this and the only reason it was saved was because he discovered queen b and then got better after it. He worked with a lot of great rappers and became even better than he was during this stage, but never managed to get close to nas ever again.

Better than hit em up lol quit fooling yourself pic went at everybody and that had an impact on everything in rap nas only went at jay z who was wack

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4 No Vaseline - Ice Cube No Vaseline - Ice Cube

This has to be the best diss song of all time! He Lyrically destroys NWA with this song! Hit em up is pretty much just as good but what makes no Vaseline better is that it is just ice cube dissing his old group. Hit em up would be better if it was just tupac dissing the whole east coast. But the outlawz are still good.

I never got why I've cube was so underrated compared to other rappers, he wrote most of easy es lyrics and he was pretty much the father of gangster rap. Nonetheless he destroyed NWA with this.

The thing that makes this diss song great is the fact that it was completely direct. It's vulgar, funny, and harsh, which is why we all love it. - Mcgillacuddy

After Ice Cube left NWA to fly solo, the group included a number of disrespectful remarks aimed at their ex bandmate in their new songs. 'No Vaseline' was Cube’s response to these remarks, and what a fiery and eloquent response it was.

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5 Real Muthaphukkin G's - Eazy-E Real Muthaphukkin G's - Eazy-E

The godfather of old school rap... Real Muthaphukkin G's is easily the best diss song ever made. From start to finish. Dree and snoop were quiet after this one.

Applies to any fake ass boss out there!

The godfather of Gangsta Rap shut down Snoop and Dre - FryGuy

This whole album was better than the chronic put together

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6 Dre Day - Dr. Dre

Dre killed 3 careers from this. After this, like from 2 live crew didn't do much, eazy didn't have a hit, and Tim dogg was never hear from again.

Dre did win this, I mean I love eazy, but dre killed him...

Actually one of the songs that brought rap to my forefront the appreciation for that will always remain

This song was horrible it was so slow and snoop he can't rhyme just like dr dre.

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7 The Bridge is Over - Boogie Down Productions The Bridge is Over - Boogie Down Productions

Career Ender... KRS Destroyed MC Shan

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8 Takeover - Jay-Z Takeover - Jay-Z

Not as good as ether but jay did his thang

Definitely best diss track ever

Duck you ether is overrated I'm going to find you and end you're career

NAS had no chance against this, he attacked him from all corners, Ether was corny AF saying childish stuff like "Gay z" and "fat lips" come on,

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9 The Warning - Eminem

He murdered mariah carey and nick cannon on this track..! He left them wordless!

He dissed Mariah carey and nick cannon. And they did have relations I saw the sextape... thats all the proof people need.

Not even Nick Cannon could send for him after this. If he tried to send for Eminem he would have Eminem write the diss for him - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This should've been #1 in my opinion

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10 Nail In the Coffin - Eminem

Straight roast! and very clever - paolosecci

The lyrical prowess of eminem, unbelievable. Benzino too little for the diss even

Can't deny Em flat out I'm from Detroit and he is 100% the greatest rapper mc ever to grace our ears

Nobody destroyed their opponent like Eminem did in this track, and no one will ever do that to a man's career like that ever again. Nas destroyed Jay-Z with "Ether", but at least
Jay-Z put up a fight with "Takeover", so it didn't end his career. Benzino here comes up trying to attack him. Benzino was a weak, scrawny, pathetic opponent. Not everyone knew that when he dissed Em, but Eminem reminded us how stupid this guy was. He didn't just diss him as part of hip-hop culture. He absolutely, 100% ANNIHILATED every single atom of credibility Benzino had. He took the man out of him. Eminem showed us that this idiot never belonged in the game to begin with. Benzino's career was more than over once Em did this. It was an embarrassment to him, and that embarrassment will stay with him until the day he dies. This is why no one, not even Drake, hell, not even BIGGIE, would win in a feud with Eminem. Marshall Bruce Mathers III is the greatest battle rapper of all time. PERIOD.

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11 Hailie's Revenge - Eminem

It's amazing with d12 and Obie. Even though Eminem is just doing the chorus you can feel the beat

Never heard the song but the title of the song keeps my mind thinking about it # Hailie's Revenge

Great flow and beat, I loved that he stood up for his daughter because of the disrespectful stuff Ja Rule said.

Eminem goes in on this and disses Ja Rule and Muder inc BIG TIME

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12 Kır Kalbini Ver Elime - Sagopa Kajmer

We don't listen rap we listen SAGOPA KAJMER.

He is ALWAYS KING, ALWAYS BEST! If you want know Sagopa Kajmer, you must listen to his song "Disstortion EP". It's so exciting. Everyone must listen this song

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13 It's On - Eazy E It's On - Eazy E

Eazy It a light bad ass and never goes anything but hard with it

The lyrics to the song are awesome

This song is funny but goes hard...Dre can't win with Eazy

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14 2nd Round KO - Canibus


Everything he does is poo. Ll cool j and Eminem bullied him out of rap

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15 F*** Wit Dre Day - Dr. Dre V 1 Comment
16 Jack the Ripper - LL Cool J Jack the Ripper - LL Cool J V 1 Comment
17 Who Shot Ya? - Notorious B.I.G. Who Shot Ya? - Notorious B.I.G.

This song isn't even a diss track, it was released a few months before Tupac got shot, what in the hell are you guys thinking even voting for this Track? It's a hell of a good song but it is not a diss.

Biggie is far better than Tupac

Who shot ya, even though they denie this but biggie was killing 2pac and that he did Tupac felt it.

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18 Extra Extra - Devlin Extra Extra - Devlin V 1 Comment
19 Paranı Verdim - Sansar Salvo

I bad boy but each callow thy fan / Bed Boy Benim ama her toy sana fan

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20 The Sauce - Eminem

Why is this not top ten. I've never heard someone get roasted so hard I a diss. Benzino didn't stand a chance against Em and his angry delivery makes it so much better. No one disses like Em

Benzino got owned on this song! - GuitarZero

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