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The Top Ten

Nike is #1!
-It has many selections and designs to choose from!
-It's original and barely people have the same shoe as you.
-It's comfortable.
I Love Nikes
It design look light and simple but so comfortable and good looking
They are just sick and Kobe Bryant wears them. Mj wears them. They are just cool shoes. Best shoe ever.
[Newest]I also have a nike
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It is very comfortable and stylish. It matches my personality. Its shoes are very durable
Adidas has the best variety of cleat and and shoe I don't think nike matches their technology in their shoes
Adidas should be number 1. Nike shoes wear out easily, are uncomfortable and are too overpriced.
[Newest]All Nike shoes look the same and they are over fancy. Conclusion: ADIDAS is the best!
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Reebok new shoes realflex vary comfortable and natural moment
Best shoes for higher class people
still one of the best lovely
Reebok Is the most reliable, amazingly comfortable, flexible shoe I've ever worn. When it comes to their zig tech, nothing beats them. I've worn Nike, adidas, and new balance shoes in the last few years, but nothing compares.
[Newest]Good look ing nice brand I love Reebok

Simply best! Nice designs and great comfort ^^ excellent looks! Falling in love with Puma...!
Great shoes very light and long lasting, it's my fovorite!
The flexibility and high quality shoes for example
The Ikonis which has everything a great quality shoes
Needs, Nike actually pay young defenseless children to
Make there dirty work (CHILD LABOR). Now lets own Adidas,
Well what I hate about Adidas is they're FAKE EXPENSIVE
Shoes I mean come on.
[Newest]I love the Pulaski they fit perfectly and look very good

How can jordan possibly not be number 1. Jordans come in all sorts of varirty. Also you can not ignore the fact the amazing shoes were inspired by the greatest nba player of all time Michael JORDAN. So if you like shoes with varietiy and swag these should be number 1.
Should be one. The only shoes I wear are Jordan's, Nikes, and Adidas.
How are Jordan's even below shoes like skechers and reebok
[Newest]This os impossible Jordan are like the best shoes well nikes are but Jordans are better than adidas

6Under Armour
Absolutely great shoes, really light and long lasting. They are definitely worth the price.
Low price, Lightweight, Good quality and amazingly easy to run with, I love the colors and all of the features, the shape is different than other running shoes which makes it look epic. I absolutely love them.
Lasted me 4 years still have them and I'm the fastest person in the school and I trust them
[Newest]They fall apart right away

Converse should be #1! They are comfortable, come in all sorts of colors and designs, they aren't that expensive, plus they match with most clothing! I do like Nike but I prefer Converse over any other shoes!
Love converse they are so cool everyone loves them. Their fashionable and great worn with almost any outfitt! They come in a wide range of colours and designs. You can even design your own ones! Every converse from the ankle boots to the trouser type ones (i know, but trouser ones do exist! ) are amazing! They are a fair price too. Love em
Converse... Comfortable, match with most of the clothing, well designed with unexpected colors...W.O. W! I DO prefer other shoe like, supra, adidas etc.. But Converse I were the most and the best thing is it's affordable.
:) Converse Converse and ConverseE
[Newest]This is not too comfortable if you've been standing walking around a lot it is flat this is only a good shoe of design

Vans go with pretty much EVERYTHING, cute on guys and girls, match every style, and aren't that expensive. How could they not be #1?!
Vans are the best shoe brand they have super cute styles and are way better than nike and skechers! They come in so many different colors and they match any thing you wear.
Vans is comfortable to wear! And it is stylish for boys and girls
Vans should be number one because vans rocks!
[Newest]It is the bet looking

9New Balance
Nike makes fantastic shoes that are overpriced. Fila got bought out by a Korean company and now makes cheap budget shoes. Adidas owns Reebok so count them as one by the way and they both make terrible shoes. NB and Asics are what pro athletes REALLY train with.
Perfect for long runs, and marathons! ABZORBA is great!
New Balance Is What I Ware Off Stage. On Stage I Am THE DEMON -- GENE SIMMONS(c)
[Newest]Good runners and walking shoe

I have tried Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, New Balance & Fila. Only Fila has best Designs, Quality, Durability & Comfort & they last longer than any other.
Fila rocks, great fitting, great comfort nice looks
They are really stylish and their designs are breath taking. This brand also lasts for a long time.
[Newest]Nice design and comfortable to wear.

The Contenders

Great shoes especially for comfort. Should be at the top!
The best ever! Have used them for years now and also have other brands.. But the Asics stand out much better than any other shoes. They are very very comfort for everyday running, Normal use, Durability was fantastic.
I have knee problems (I've had two surgeries on one knee and going for my third on my other knee in August) I can't do anything without knee pain! Asics have the best support especially for long distance runners like me. I will not quit being a long distance runner because of my knees! Nike shouldn't be first! Nikes offer no support for your knees, ankles or hips! Also Reebok? Really? Reebok is like Department store brand! And vans, puma and converse? Seriously? No use to these shoes whatsoever; I'd east her go for a run I bare feet than in pumas!
[Newest]They are not as popular as nike, but the quality greatly exceeds, ask any runner.

I just like it. The design is superb. The endurance is long lasting. I feel very comfortable wearing it.
I just bought the GO walk 2 and they are the most comfortable shoe I have worn in my life!
WORST SHOES EVER they're not durable, stylish, and they are weigh to heavy on your feet. BAD SHOES
[Newest]Skechers are fat and ugly they make me barf up crap waste of money

I am using the lotto navigator brand for last three month. It is light in weight, good look and more comfortable in running. The polishing effect is still their in shoe. I am satisfied and recommending friends to buy this.
I think it to be the best
Shoes in the world...
Very good looking and durable shoes

Woodland is first nike is next to woodland> woodland is the best next to nike is reebok
Good and long lasting shoes
Tough shoes ever. Brings out the status out of it.
[Newest]Best shoe.. quality is superb

Its good... In price
Give ME Sparx, nice for all festival
It's very good and comfortable

Best shoes I have ever owned. Great to wear for being on your feet all day!
Great arch support. Very comfortable shoes and, lightweight.
One of the best. Wear them for work. Love the style and comfort.
Best shoe very comfortable should be number 1

Have had my pair for nearly four years and they still look pretty good.
Unfortunately, many of their shoes look alike..
I am having these Lovely and comfortable shoes; Genuine quality! Nice experience with them, I will suggest to my friend.
They are better than high tec. Who ever even heard of high tec? The ariaki are sharp!
These are so goodv they. Last like forever

18Converse Chuck Taylors
Converse chuck taylors are the bom
They are the coolest sneakers in the world

Comfort & nice outlook...
Wearing it by walking to the long distance doesn't felt tired

Liked it so much
Comfy, good value, function over marketing
Mizuno is easily fantastic quality and durability, some of them are just indestructible, notably the Ignitus series of Soccer shoes. I like there designs, they come up with some crazy ideas for the colorways and some of them just look like nothing else you'd ever see. They have a great reputation of comfort as well.
[Newest]For me personally... none better. And, I've tried most of the top brands.

Keds are comfortable, cute, and stylish! The shoes come in many different colors and patterns.
Just way cool! Fits with most of my outfit!

If you have swag you would really like supras. They have ALRIGHT coloring. Wait what am I saying they have the best coloring and the shoes have all around swag. THAT ALL!
Best in the world and they feel good to your fee when you have to run track. I think supras should be on the top list
Supras are shoes with beast colors and good style.
[Newest]Supra is good but not bette than adidas

Good looking comfortable and various so many varities
It is good, look nice & comfartable in wearing

KD 6 is a great shoe:-)
These are good for basketball

24Lee Cooper
Comfortable and good looking
Its really comfort shoes
I am feeling great to wear that!
[Newest]Running shoes good comfortable

Talking about sport shoes for running and trekking, they are the best!
Salomon shoes is great I have one of the kind...

Really? Brooks are 28th?! They are some if not the best shoes out there! As far as running goes, which is the top sport for most people, Nike fails miserably! All the shoes in the top 10 on this list aren't even real running shoe brand with the exception of Asics and New Balance. Brooks, Saucony, Mizunos, Newtons, and even New Balance should be in the top 5, or top 10 at LEAST, just based off how many people actually get shoes for running versus other sport-specific shoes.
The best for anyone with sciatica... Wonderful
The best shoe ever... Complete technology for your running shoe needs, infused with DNA cushioning material.. and it is the first Bio midsole.

Amazing Badminton and Joggers SHOES

28Creative Recreation
Always new stylish designs and great hightops
Love them. No way am I gng 2 wear another show
Have bigger size for people's who wear size 12to17. Thank you.

Gd long lasting, pocket friendly
Great shoes long lasting great
Very durable and lightweight shoe!
[Newest]This brand is epic. Try it.

Good designs and comfort
I have a pair and they are so comfy

These are great sport shoes that are also cheaper than most others, and yet they still hold great quality. These are good shoes for everyone.



This should be at least 3rd
Pretty good for skateboarding

I think that campus is really the best! Their shoes are really comfortable as well as stylish and good looking. :) They are good for going out, spots and every day activities also. ;) Because of its variety, everybody can find their perfect shoes.

Best comfort and quality
Feel great... True to size... Just wish they cost a little less

There are cool, confertible and pretty. They are a lot of different designs and they are a lot to choose from. Mostly everybody you see were them, some sperry are better than a other. So it should be probably be in 4 place because I like nike, reebok, and converse. So everybody should probbably have a pair of them because its popular this day.
I just got a pair of Sperry and there so comfy and cute! :-P
These shoes are not sporty but are really stylish
[Newest]These shoes go hard

Ciel phantomhive black butler all the way!


Dc shoes has the best quality best feeling when you wear them and they have an amazing sense of style and all the people who have read this know that!
They have the most style and comfort
THERE the BEST IN THE WORLD! Just like a punk skater...

41World Balance
My sister bought me this for Christmas. Let's see.


I've had 3 pairs the best shoes in the world. They should be ranked one great for skating and bmx.
It is so awesome.. for all






Durable is not the best word to describe airwalk, I had one pair, and it only lasted 1 month...
Love them so cute
Simply awesome and comfy

50Gold Star

Well designed, cool looking shoes. Reliable
Liberty manf. Worldwide best safety shoes also

52Allen Cooper



Very comfotable, better than nike

Unique platinum designed. Should be in top 5
Class shoes stylish and comfy

57United Colour of Benetton

Cheap and nice colors
And 1 should be last
It has to come 1st


Best shoes ever by lawrence

Gola is one of the oldest sneaker brands in the world. Great design and great heritage!


Worst shoe brand ever
Pretty decent quality comfortable, but cheap. The design looks pretty good so it's a good "backup" shoe that when you have your air max's dirty, this is pretty well1
Best for the prise



66Metro Shoes

67F Sports
Good Comfortable Sporty look
I don't know, how is running it on globlisation but this shoes 100% look like nike with F. Funky, weightless & comfirtable for wearing.


Football shoes are good and cheap

70Activ Abou Alaa
I think it is the best its comfortable lasts longer

Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn were Lakai!
The coolest shoes ever



I have Everlast shoes and I like them. They are strong.
Best looking shoes I have ever had, I used nike, addidas, and few others, this by far is the best, price wise and quality wise
The best sports shoes ever!


Worst brand ever hard, ugly looking, the shoe laces are huge and the logo ruins everything.
Good shoes good range perfect grip, all the best to kelme
The shoes of Kelme are the best!



Please is numer uno


World's oldest athletic shoe brand "Spalding" is making light weight, comfortable and decent shoes. For me converse all star should be at second after Spalding.
Very comfortable and good designs



84Calvin Klein
Best shoes nice look

Perfectly anatomical designed shoes. Supports every foot movement. Extra durable.
Very stylish and good in variety


These shoes are one of the most stylish shoe. There are diffrent colors and styles to the shoe. These shoes are good for Dancing hip hop, Skating, and looking boss. Jay Z and Justin Beiber wears Radii brand. If you want unique shoes then buy Radii shoes. I think Radiis are the best looking shoes by far.
Radii has so many diffrent styles, and they look great. They have many colors to choose. Radii's are shoes with true fashion. Justin Beiber even wears Radii shoes.


89Force 10


Best shoes. Bhiikaris wear it.



Great for basketball and one of the best basketball shoes. Good looking too!
These suck they should be last ugly uncomfortable and there Terrible shoes


You'll see some really cool shoes on the Pony website. If you guys actually take a minute to look at some Pony shoes, you'll see how cool they actually R. I wished that I voted for Pony!
They are the best shoe ever, they are comfy, and high tops are so swag,
If you got swag you must like this before it is late for you.
One thing suitable for all types of sports



99Carbon Elements

I have 3 yepme shoes, it's just awesome...

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