Top Ten Worst Bands Ever


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One Direction
People only like them because there a bunch of pretty boys even though their music sucks


A band who are only popular because of their annoying teenage fan base who seem to think being good-looking makes you good at singing.
Seriously, they should be first on this list. Nobody cares about the Joe bros anymore, even if they do suck. At least 1D doesn't have a Disney series, but still...
[Newest]They aren't that bad
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2Jonas Brothers
Metallica should't be on this list, and The Jonas Brothers suck more than my vacuum
These guys are horrible. The rest of the list is horrible too. Who put Metallica, Nirvana, Slipknot, Queen, and A7X in here?
[Newest]I don't agree with a lot of the other bands being on here, but the Jonas Brothers deserve number 1.

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I don't actually "hate" these guys, I just don't like how they overuse certain themes for their songs like "sex, drugs, strippers, and getting high. " I rather listen to Linkin Park, Metallica, The Beatles, and Three Days Grace in my opinion.
The only reason I pick these guys is cause I refuse to consider any one higher than this a band, there just guys used by the man to make money off of preteen girl with no taste in music (aside from Brokecyde, cause I don't know who that is) and I do not really like Nickleback. On a totally different note I really like Green Day but I know you have to be into a specific style for that.
Their a bunch of hosers! If you like this kinda music good for you your obviously not into metal at all. You probably think Metallica is the heaviest band ever also well hate to burst your bubble but I could name 1,000 bands the are heavier and just better in all ways. Please go look, you will find that bands like this are for girls. So if your a chick you get a pass, just barely get a pass. Any dude caught listening to this should be shot!
[Newest]Come on man... Who likes nickel back

4Blood On the Dance Floor
God awful sound - should be closer to the top of the list, in my opinion, if not AT the top. Not to mention how the lead guy (dahvie vanity or whatever the hell he calls himself) has a teen sex fetish and has charges for sexual assault on a minor, fitting considering their music is mostly marketed towards hello kitty sceneybopper 13-year-olds. Other more moral but equally musically challenged bands called him out on this, saying that he was taking a lot of underage girls to the tour bus.

This band's lyrics are also piss-poor. In "crucified by your lies" dahvie compares himself to jesus (creed much? ) and whines about being exposed as a pedophile. And in another song "We all die; It’s in our fully big adventure" fans call this deep and passionate? What? Does "fully big adventure" even make sense?

All in all, they are two sex offenders and terrible singers who try too hard to be like bloodhound gang. The only way they know how to try and market themselves away from little girls is to swear and scream about sex, which said little girls actually love because it pisses off mommy.
I honestly cannot begin to describe the hatred for this band. I can understand how some people (Young scene girls who want to be apart of something bigger than themselves) might possible buy their "Music", but then we get onto the band themselves. The band (Used quite lightly in this case) consist of two pedophiles who exploit not only underage, but incredibly young girls (ages for girls claiming assault vary from 12 to 17) as a part of a teenage fetish. It's speculated that there are even more girls that this Dahavie has violated, because he's brainwashed these young girls into believing he is a type of God, much like a cult leader.

TL;DR, the band is utterly disgusting and needs to be put down. How this "man" is able to walk around our streets is, frankly, unbelievable.
Their name should explain how much they suck! It makes me want to bleed on a dance floor! I don't know who idea it was to sign these dudes but they need to be stabbed. One of the guys raped a girl. Come on!
[Newest]Oh god, they should be number 1...
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5Naked Brothers Band
Yeah thanks for pioneering this whole "kids singing in the big music business instead of floating around Disney were they belong. " And why is Slipknot (23) only 6 bands behind you guys? I usually respect peoples opinions but really!? I don't get it, they're great.
I thought the show was disgusting from the start. Putting children out into a rough industry full of sex and drugs and trying to market them as legitimate? I was horrified to see in the show some refined old woman asking these stupid kids for autographs. Total fantasy... And seeing a seven-year-old in rocker clothes is scary.
WHAT THE HELL! I thought it was a DUMB show that was about a DUMB band but it was actually a real band? , THAT'S JUST MESSED UP


[Newest]These dudes made me hate nicks music industry forever

6Insane Clown Posse
They sound even stupider than they look
Two trailer-trash types who wear face paint, pretend to be a street gang and drench cult devotees in cheap soda called Faygo, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are more notorious for their beef with Eminem (who pistol-whipped an ICP homey in 2001) than their ham-fisted rap-rock music. They claim that a "dark carnival" visited them one night, prophesied impending apocalypse and made them its messengers. Between this circus gospel, they find plenty of time to rap about 40-ouncers and venereal disease.
WHO. PUT. RAMMSTEIN. ON. THIS. LIST?! Whoever said that has no soul. Insane Clown Posse is by far the worst band to ever exist. They're not even music. They're fat white guys from Detroit who think they're cool because they smoke ungodly amounts of weed and act like thugs. They should be executed. BUT, RAMMSTEIN?! THAT'S THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.
They could perform in a festival in salt lake city. Burning man escapes.
[Newest]It's amazing that the lyrics their lyrics were wrote by somebody over the age of 12.

Metallica? Nirvana? Led Zeppelin? Pink Floyd? Queen? They are all legendary! I'm not even a Nirvana fan but I'm smart enough to realize they are nowhere near the worst.
Why is Led Zeppelin in this list, Led Zeppelin doesn't deserve to be in this list. BrokeNCYDE is the all time worst band ever in the whole world. Only scene kids are fans of BrokeNCYDE.


Do not get me started on these guys. They're far worse than the Jonas Brothers. And who put Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth, Metallica and Guns N' Roses over this? Anyone who hates those bands must die a painful death.
[Newest]"you make my pee-pee hard" - enough said

8Big Time Rush
Worst band ever and on their T.V. show they act like they're 5 year olds.
I have a big time rush when I see them. A big time rush of VOMIT
Worst actors they can't even sing. This on of the worst mistakes in music history.
[Newest]Why isn't this bunch in the top 3?

9Girls' Generation
Their music isn't THAT bad but it always seem to relate to boys. Watch their music video and see for yourself: pretending your high school girls fanning over hot boys is not impressive. They seriously need to grow up...
Not just SNSD, but all the mainstream K-pop groups. I don't just hate them, I hate their fans too(most of them).


This should be 4th in the list.
[Newest]They are actually not bad!

10Tokio Hotel
Linkin park Here? come on! tokio hotel sucks, linkin park rocks!
I met this german guy once. He said that "tokio hotel is not music"
This band sucks! And what the hell is Metallica, Slipknot, Nirvana and Linkin Park doing here. After T.H. U2 and Queen are the worst


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11Limp Bizkit
In reality they aren't the worst, rollin and break stuff are alright, but the rest of there stuff is over-the-top crap, fred durst is an obnoxious idiot who loves attention, like I said there are worse, but these guys are why people hate nu metal
What? You call their musics as art? It's more like a full of piece of crap. They don't even deserve the title as the best Metal band. I would rather listen to Linkin Park, Five Finger Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Three Days Grace, and Dead by Sunrise, these bands create REAL music, which is I call "ART".
Limp Bizkit is actually really good. They get way more hate than they deserve just like Nickleback. Sure Fred Durst can be a little annoying but I got used to it in time. Their music in my opinion is pretty good. The only people that don't like them are people that don't believe rap and rock should mix. Also it gets pretty annoying when people compare them to other bands like Metallica. They are 2 different bands and are not similar whatsoever. -_-
[Newest]At least limp bizkit knows what rap metal is

12Kidz Bop
They ruin almost every good song. The kids aren't good singers. They should just write their own songs and leave the good ones alone.
They take bad songs, and make it worse than it needs to be


Really? Rammstein is worse than Kidz Bop?
[Newest]They ruin every song for kids

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How can anyone understand what Scott is saying! I mean really, every time I listen to a Creed song it sounds like the lead singer has something in his throat (or up his ass) anyway, Creed sucks no questions asked! P.s Diuguifiugiugdeiugreiugiregiudevhieufhoiregoivrhiurehigreoirhorifgoirvvgeroigffriherovihaverepgrohforuheiovgiorrhirogvirgriotrhavekirgh (couldn't resist
I heard Mark Tremonti, the guitarist of creed, along with their bassist and drummer formed a new band called Alter Bridge, replacing Scott with Myles Kennedy. I find Alter Bridge a bit better compared to Creed
I'm suprised this band isn't in the top 10. No talent, very cheesy band.

For their 2009 reunion tour, sales were so horrendous in Birmingham that tickets were lowered to 75 cents. Shows how much the fans have moved on.

Seriously, this band sucks balls.

I hate this band. They are so stupid and their songs have no depth to them. They are all about how cool they are or how the world revolves around them. I know two kids who LIKE this horrible excuse for a group. And they are guys, my age. Its because their parents are super Christian and limit to Christian and REALLY CHEESY pop music, like this. And since they don't know what real music or real talent is, they hate it when I show them real stuff.

Bottom line is, R5 is the worst band I have ever come in contact with, and I hate Ross Lynch the most out of them. As a solo artist, he sucks and has no depth or reality to his music at all (I died of laughter when I heard "I got that rock and roll! "). What a joke. And when he's in a band, he manages crap like "Come on, get loud! ".

R5 is a joke. Get them out before the Musical Depression gets worse
Oh, fangirls. Just stop. We are allowed to hate any band we want. You said one direction is untalented, and people like them (I don't know why), but we feel the same way about R5. Everyone has different perceptions of what talent is, and to me, talent is writing music about things other than just love songs, and actually singing without so much autotune. I know you like R5 and I respect that, but stop telling us that WE have to like R5 when we don't. I did give them a chance, I listened to an entire album by them, and I hated it. Please, like R5 if you want, but stop being so arrogant and uptight when people say they don't. It's close minded people like you that make me fear for the next generation. Are you going to verbally lambast people because of their political and religious views? Probably, if you make this big of a deal out of musical taste.
R5 is just a brainwashing device formed by Disney (look it up) made up of "attractive" teenage boys (and a girl, just so they can't be a boy band) to produce money and sales from the lowest end of the evolutionary scale, known to some as "R5ers".

I'm tired of fangirls calling me a jealous hater, because honestly, they have no talent. I'm jealous of bands that can play instruments, can sing, and have actual talent, not this cheesy ass Disney group that thinks they are a band.

I'm also tired of fangirls who claim this band is the best band ever and claim they know so much about music, yet they diss and hate on everyone who likes other artists. They have actually said The Beatles, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, and Pink Floyd are inferior to R5. What? I lost faith in humanity, if people are stupid enough to say that so-called "music" is better than those legends of music.
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15The Wanted
They can't sing, they can't dance, and they have a terrible fan base. They're songs have no meaning. Who likes a girl because of how she walks? No one exactly. They are very annoying and not good looking Nathan is ok but I can't stand looking at the rest of them.
They can't even sing their song are good but they just shouldn't sing them they should be number 1 on the list.
They should not even be ranked this well
[Newest]They need to be at the top of this list..

They are the suckiest band ever. It is impossible to describe in words how crappy this band is. To start, HOW IS LMFAO NOT ON HERE BUT THE BEATLES ARE? And also, I don't know how Party Rock Anthem ever became famous. It is so bloody catchy yet the worst song ever!
They should be number 1 because they are so annoying and they think that they are all that and they think that life is just about partying they should all drop dead right now
The fact they're not in the top ten destroys my faith in humanity. They're not sexy an they do know it.
[Newest]Whoever points out that they're not sexy, that's THE POINT, THE SONG WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STUPID

17Hello Kitty Suicide Club
I just listened to this... Just sounds like a girl who is screaming... Or being brutally murdered. It sucks... It even gave me a headache...
Disgrace to screaming music
Just a little kid screaming
[Newest]Honestly, this is the worst music I have ever heard in my life, please don't listen to it. I really wish I had not.

18Linkin Park
Who. Put. Linkin. Park. On This List. Have you not heard In the End or Numb, or even A Light that Never Comes for all I care! THIS world has gone insane, I swear...
Linkin park in this list. I can't believe this people voting the linkin park for worst list... Unbelievable

If you don't believe in me litsen sings...1 numb encoe2 in the end 3 new divide
. These bands like bvb th botdf and many more don't belong on this list. If they suck don't wine about how bad the bands are like oh I hate this song I'm going to wine about it on the internet. Shut up and stop listening to it. I bet if you wined to that to someone else I bet they would be like don't be wining to me about it so if you hate the song that much don't be wining about it on the internet. you musta banged your head on a dresser or something because these are the best bands ever so shut up.
[Newest]What the heck?!? Linking park is boss

19Dot Dot Curve
Only scene kids can listen to this trash. I don't understand what positive qualities these crunkcore "bands" possess. They are no different than pop musicians in the fact that they have terrible electronic instrumentals; and sing about sex, drinking, and partying.

This band is awesome
I agree. Why do people hate on them so much? They're one of the calmest, most relaxed bands I've ever listened to.
U2 is awesome. Whoever put it on this list is either deaf or an idiot
Why do people hate on U2? There music dosen't all sound the same! If you want to insult bands where all the music sounds the same, vote for Nickelback!
[Newest]So they gave you a free album. JUST DELETE IT! Or listen to it, because U2 is amazing!

21Death at a Rave

22Black Veil Brides
You know, I wouldn't hate this band as much as I do if it weren't for their fans. I go to school with tons of these people, and they truly believe that Black Veil Brides is better than Led Zeppelin. If that's not enough, they don't shut the hell up about how it "saved their lives" or "stopped them from cutting"
This band really sucks, and thus band does not save lives... bands don't save lives. If you really wanted to kill yourself a band isn't there to stop you. Only attention seekers say bands saved their lives... I'm No supporting suicide But a band isn't stopping you from killing yourself
Just no. That's all I have to say about these disgraces.
[Newest]No no no. bob is an awesome band

23Super Junior
Lost faith in humanity after seeing Nirvana, Linkin Park, Green Day, Oasis and Queen here.
Super Jackass is the best Name for them
I'm going to stick with Pierce the Veil and My Chemical Romance for now...

24Selena Gomez and the Scene
I hate the music and they think there all cool
I hate selena... She was never supposed to become singer.. Oh sorry correction her deserve to become a singer.. this band makes the worst possible songs ever... I love you like a love song yeah seriously?
She is overrated can;t sing can't act. She latches onto other famous people for fame cause she has no talent.
[Newest]Selena is pretty but her songs is sucks

25Maroon 5
They were a real good rock band when they were still "Kara's Flower" and at their debut album "Songs About Jane (Their ONLY best)", but gosh they slowly turn to mainstream pop and becoming Adam Levine's show. Their second and third album are disappointing, but Overexposed has too-much-oversold singles and their most annoying one.
This is one band which turned good to bad, and bad to worse... There was a time when I used to LIKE the band, NOT ANY MORE...


Maroon 5 along with Foo Fighters are the worst plastic muppets that I have ever heard. Music for 5 year olds
[Newest]Okay I love Maroon Five why are they on this list I am going nuts

26The Pussycat Dolls
So the pussycat dolls are better than U2, Linkin Park, Green Day and Nirvana? Who's voting on this list? These are 4 brilliant bands and Fall out boy and Goo Goo dolls aren't far behind. On the other hand there are the Pussycat Dolls. Is it just me or is Nicole Scherzinger (by the way the worlds most annoying person as we found out from x factor) the only one who sings whilst the others just dance around in the background, trying to look pretty? Don't cha is probably their best song and it does my head in - only fit for one of those seriously cheesy school discos.

What the heck! Was this person on high drugs when they put this on?!?
Abba are a million times better than any of the no talent losers on this site! They have actual music talent and can play instruments and sing. Heaven forbid!
How are they on here

28Fall Out Boy
You all need to get a life fall out boy shouldn't even be on this list, For god sake! There music is catchy, and Patrick is an amazing singer! The rest of you dumbasses should clean your ears out
I only like the song thanks for the memories
Fall out boy are amazing! Why is this on here
[Newest]They suck plain and simple

29Goo Goo Dolls
Iris was beautiful shut up
What this band is amazing. They put so much emotion into their songs. Iris is my favourite song. Disappointed in this list.

30'N Sync
Not true. They are the only boy band that has real music, like, ever.
What about The Beatles? Or The Rolling Stones? Technically, those were boy bands.
Worst band ever, deserves to be in this list


All of their songs are the same. They mean nothing, and some of the tunes are plain annoying.
Deep lyrics, interesting sounds and talent. You will not find any of these three things with this musical group.
They just suck... I think they are the worst thing that ever happened to mainstream music, after Justin Bieber.
[Newest]Not a good band at all

32Falling In Reverse
Why is this band on the list like oh my god people these bands don't even desevre to be here well exepcet goo goo doll

33The Black Eyed Peas
A load of pointless techno nonsense for nutcases who've never heard a good song in their lives. Anybody ever heard 'My Humps'? Possibly one of the worst songs in history, next to 'Friday', 'Baby' and 'What Makes You Beautiful'.


Everyone should hate them, they are killing MUSIC
THEY SUCK! They copy almost every single classic rock group (Dick Dale, just to name one) and turns into stupid auto-tuned rap bullcrap.
[Newest]I LOVE this Band! Take it off the list


Can't come up with a good name so just use his last name. Ego much?

35Anal C***
Sorry, these are the two worst words ever coined to make a band name. Grindcore sucks anyways. Why would anyone name their band "Anal C***" in the first place?
AxCx is the true worst band ever, intentionally so.
Now I'm completely fine if anyone likes this band, but please do not shove your hatred down my throat just because I don't like it. it doesn't matter to me at all if you like something.
[Newest]No grind core is awesome

36Green Day
Green Day doesn't suck. It's the fans arguing that makes everyone think that the band sucks. The people who liked Green Day when they played at Gilman and made Kerplunk/1039/Dookie just listen to those albums and the people who like 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot just listen to those. If you like all of their albums, listen to all of their albums. If you hate it, don't waste your time hating on it and if you like Green Day, listen to them as much as you like. As much as people say Green Day is for posers, well your only acting like a poser for following that so called "Cool" kid that says that they suck. Green Day was never "punk" and there's no reason to hate on them for that. If you're gonna be here to complain that Green Day used to be "punk" and you're hating on them for becoming "sellouts" then go listen to what you consider punk. It doesn't really matter. Green Day fans can listen to Green Day, and if you don't really take an interest in them then just go take your music tastes somewhere where you won't waste your time hating on a band.
Thank you! Finally somebody has written a reasonable explanation for haters and posers! Personally, I love Green Day, and I love all their albums. I used to hate on bands like 1D and The Wanted, but over these past few months I have changed my opinions about music; people have the right to listen to what they want. When I see someone insulting a band, I usually leave a comment saying "Please respect others" or something like that. Thank you for this post


Green Day is an amazing band. They have very good music and their album "American Idiot" was very good. I don't think they should be on this list.
There is no reason Green Day should be on this list. Dookie is one of the best albums ever, my favorite is When I come around and Longview, Welcome to paradise is great, so is Pulling Teeth. My point is, I love Green Day and I completely disagree with their placement on this list.
[Newest]Dear "Green Day permanent haters", stop this shame, please.

37Simple Plan
What? From what I've heard, they're pretty good.
They Sing songs for losers... Makes you feel depressed and lonely, Suck big time!

38Guns N Roses
They are just an awful overhyped overrated hair band. They have one semi talented member in slash, but even then he is not one of the greats. People think he is good because of his mysterious image, whereas if he wore normal clothes and had normal hair no one would give him a second thought. Look at Gary Moore, a similar blues guitarist who is inextricable more talented and innovative. And the rest of the members are just talented nobodies, axl had to rely on a bad boy image and controversy to create media hype as he realised that his music was just not up to scratch
The original Guns N Roses was great, but now the only one left from the original line-up is Axl. Shudders
Guns N' Roses is the single least impressive famous hard rock band in history. 3 songs do not make a great album. 3 songs do not make a great band. 3 songs do not make a great guitarist. Guns N' Roses represents the end of quality rock and the beginning of the era of hype music. Their biggest problem was not all the misogyny, racism and homophobia (those things helped them sell records). It was not an ability to play or sing. It was a complete inability to write much at all which resulted in so many covers. In their entire career, they did not follow up "Welcome to the Jungle" with a single memorable hard rock song. To compare, look at all the songs on Van Halen's first 4 albums.
[Newest]Classic case of band (or performer in general) using "edgy" attitude to distract from lack of even the most rudimentary musical talent. all they ever did was act macho in the fact of the comparatively friendly "hair metal" scene. honestly, to call Axl Rose a bastard would be an insult to the bastards.

39My Chemical Romance
The Hell is wrong with whoever put this on, My Chemical Romance is a great band that helped get me through my depression
My Chemical Romance is actually, really good. If you'd listen to songs like "Skylines and Turnstiles" or "Our Lady of Sorrows", you might really like them. They're labelled as emo, when in reality they sound nothing like other emo bands. (Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, Falling in Reverse, etc. ) Most people judge before they listen, but don't be that guy, My Chemical Romance is a good band.
Oh. My. God! You can't be serious. Just because they're a punk band doesn't mean you can put them on the list. Have you heard the song Teenagers or Helena or t the end or mama?
[Newest]They were amazing! They soon kind of lost me, but they don't deserve placement here.

40Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse are the most shameful band to have ever existed. Their album art is disgracefully wrong on every level, their lyrics are borderline tasteless and explore subjects that are way out of line, they can't even play instruments properly, the production is massively rushed, the vocals are incomprehensible screeches. They make nothing but noise, noise and more noise. The people who like them have no ability to understand all of this, and it's concerning.
Horrible, gore-obsessed band that gives heavy metal a bad name. They try too hard to be shocking and as a result they sound over the top and pathetic. Just read their lyrics, they're so filthy and meaningless that it is makes you want to vomit but at the same time pity them for having the imagination of an angry 10-year old. A detestable band.
Music doesn't get much worse than cannibal corpse... Ugh awful band, worst band ever, PERIOD. I hate them so much X(
[Newest]Sounds like burping and guitar riffs more complex than Ariana's personality.

41Design the Skyline
Terrible... They are trying to be metal, but they end up doing nothing but meaningless screaming, and awful instrumentals.
If they were actually famous they would be number 1, but thankfully thy were not
Why aren't They Number 1? Seriously!


43CN Blue
There are no good song coming from this band, ever. They are good looking, but they are definitely can't do music

You haven't been to the drive-in
Why the hell is this ban not on here
They are literally the worst band ever
Talk dirty to me and every rose has its thorns
Is worst the sitting on a bed of thorns
Thank god Grunge killed this band and all of its kinds
Also why is Nirvana. Foo fighters. Led Zeppelin
Aerosmith Muse & Sound garden on this list.
Also rammstien sucks and deserves to be on this list

45I Set My Friends On Fire

Indescribably bad. How these Auto-Tuned, Z-grade Queen rip-offs haven't even made the list is well beyond me.
And their name sucks too! If you say you hate fun and people don't know you're talking about the band, well, there yo go!
We Are Young makes me want to shoot myself.

I hate them so much. They're annoying as hell and they can't sing at all. I can't believe that real musicians and true artists are being ignored while crap like this is getting all the fame. Its not fair.
A girl I knew in school loved JLS and once played a series of their songs. They all sounded pretty much the same.


[Newest]All of their songs SUCK!

Why Blink 182 here?
Are people deaf? This band is great!
OH HELL NO! They should be on the top 10 best bands list.
[Newest]You can't compare this band to Green Day. That's my only problem with them though. This band should be compared to Sum 41 though...


WHY? They have a amazing singer and awesome riffs! Duality, vermillion, disasterpiece and other Songs! They are very good an who put them in this list has no idea of real music
Slipknot is amazing you assbag! These are rock and heavy metal legends who are worth 55million$. They're praised for being different from anyone before and after them! What other 55million$ band that has 9 people
The hell is Slipknot here for? The person that said they're a poser band can shove his metal purist attitude up his arse and embrace the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, bby!
[Newest]Should be at the top of list of the weakest attempt to create music... The most annoying noise to date.

This band should not be in this list.
Muse is what you get when you take Queen, Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, definitely Leppard, and The Who. How can you hate them? They're one of the most musically talented bands around today!
No, just no. Muse is awesome.
[Newest]This band is like listening to an anxiety attack. I'd rather listen to animals getting butchered alive than this.

52Marilyn Manson
I don't get why people hate Marilyn Manson so much. He's actually really nice and smart once you get to know him. I recommend you check him out to see what he's like in real life.
Love all his songs but he is a little vulgar on stage
Not as bad as one direction but definitely #2

This band doesn't deserve to be here. They are pretty good.
Hey shut up this is a great band
Look, smart one, airplanes isn't even their song. Paramore is good.
[Newest]They aren't even rock. What the hell is with this list

Attila is a generic copy of every thrash metal band ever. Their lyrics suck too.
No whats wrong with attila
Who put attila in this list if anything they are amazing... fronz screamin is beyond amazing and their music is catchy
Because their music has no meaning, they're unoriginal, untalented, and just generic

Who put this on the list? Same goes for Bastille, Linkin Park, Muse, and Fall Out Boy. Coldplay is one of, if not, THE greatest band of all time. I mean, look at their songs! There's Yellow, Don't Panic, The Scientist, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, In My Place, Clocks, Swallowed in the Sea, Speed of Sound, Viva La Vida, Violet Hill, Lost!, Lovers in Japan, Life in Technicolor ii, Paradise, Charlie Brown, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Major Minus, Atlas, Magic, Midnight, Oceans, and A Sky Full of Stars. Anybody who hates this band needs to check into therapy and get yourself straightened out.
WHAT. No. Just no. Coldplay is one of the BEST bands of all time. Now I have to admit, their two latest albums (Viva la Vida: 2008 and Mylo Xyloto: 2011) weren't the greatest (VLV makes me shudder). But their earlier albums (Parachutes: 2000; A Rush of Blood to the Head: 2002; X&Y: 2005) are EXCELLENT. They have genius lyrics and their music is amazing. So take Coldplay off of this list.
It's kind of dumb that they are in this list. They have really good music.
[Newest]! Yellow, The Scientist and Fix You are some of the best songs ever! I have all their cds! F the person who put it on here

How can Bastille be in this list they are amazing! The only song you've probably heard is pompeii. Before you hate you should listen to other songs like flaws and daniel in the den.
An insanely boring band, no different from any other wannabe modern band of today, they don't have a recognizable style.
Why is bastille on this list?!?!?!? THEY ARE A FRIKEN AMAZING BAND. half these people probably know only one of there songs-pompeii and judge from that

57Kings of Leon

58New Kids On the Block
I hate the new kids, kidz bop, the jonas bros, r5, and the wanted but take Coldplay 1d little mix and Paramore off

2ne1 is good I hate who vote the 2ne1 to be the worst band ever and its top 55...

60No Doubt
I'm in it for "It's my Life", good song even though it's not metal like I usually listen to.
50-50 on this one first 3-4 albums are great but then it began to suck. Their last album is garbage.
Seriously? No Doubt? R5 and One Direction are bad, not No Doubt.


62Cobra Starship
Cobra Starship is not only the worst title for a band ever, but I seriously believe that they are equivalent to Punk-goes-pop it's HORRIBLE. Seriously, why would you ever make music, Cobra Starship? You should probably stop making music. You only have ten fans, and they'll live if you break up because you're probably NOBODY'S favorite band. Stop. Making. Music.
Worst song title ever
They suck big time...
[Newest]Sounds very bad with an actress, Leighton Meester.

63X Japan

64Sleeping With Sirens
It's all in the name
HOW! I get that some people don't like Kellins voice but, I LOVE it!

6530 Seconds To Mars
All these emo bands here for just being emo. I'm getting tired of it even if Silverstein is better than these guys.
This band is great... If your an 11 year old teenage scene girl who thinks that somehow these lyrics explain her
SHUT UP I am getting sick of you guys saying mean things about these awesome bands so shut the doodily up


Nirvana should not be on this list. They are amazing. People think they were overrated because they know one song. Kurt, Dave and Krist are legends.
Are you kidding me? This band is great! They are one of the Greatest bands ever!
What is wrong with this generation?
They will never know what Nirvana is..
[Newest]Are you actually being serious? Who the flip put NIRVANA on this? Thanks. Some people don't know what real music is.

68Asking Alexandria
Yes! I'm so glad it's on here. All they ever do is sing about disgusting stuff and look down on religion. They are so arrogant and have such big egos. They think they can get all the girls in the world. As if.. They are nowhere near being panty-droppers..
Hey you know what man no. Sure they were generic when they started out and their 2nd album was mainly breakdowns save a few songs. But I'm truly glad their 3rd album has pulled away from the disgusting generic hype and they're writing much better music now. I don't understand how whiny, nutless sellouts like pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens are considered better. They're the downhill slope to rock, not Asking Alexandria.

Megadeth has got no song which suggests that they should be here on this list! In fact, Megadeth have some badass songs like Holy Wars and Peace Sells which are making people go headbanging all the way even after 25 years! The one who posted Megadeth here is a stupid douchebag! Dave Mustaine is a Metal God... Holy Wars is the best metal song ever! M/
Whoever put Megadeth was probably the same person who brought the lazer pen to shine the light into Dave Mustaine's eyes during the endgame tour. Megadeth is awesome


This world is dead now

70The Offspring
Why is The Offspring on here? They definitely aren't the best band, but they are FAR from the worst.
Such an underrated band! They are really great!
Nope. Cruising California may be awful, but this band is amazing! Just listen to Smash, Ixnay, and Ignition. Three of the best albums in the world.

71Bring Me the Horizon
Used to be too heavy, got really good for a while. Their new album is a terrible whiny tween appeal except for a few tunes. Still, disappointed with what they turned into.
Whoever put this on here would burn in hell if hell was real.

72Hootie & the Blowfish

73Little Mix
LITTLE FIX as they are known to music fans are the worst of the worst!

They started of as a rabble of out of tune, flat voiced song attempters on THE X Factor and were so bad that the show had to brainwash the dumbest members of the general public into voting for them. They had over-load backing tracks, choirs and even fireworks to cover up their vocals. They were given emotional vts about being bullied while the camera zoomed in on close ups of a single tear rolling down a cheek as they opened and closed their mouths to Christina Aguilera's Beautiful. We were told they were "the best girl group in the world" ass they forgot the words, and how they were bringing back girl-power, as they did whatever the male producers told them to.

Since the show fixed it for them to "win" the show. Their management then "created" a fake relationship with one of One Defection to get them publicity and they get played non-stop on National UK radio and are on all the major T.V. shows. But they still fail to sell their awful music.

Their own fans walked out of some of their UK tour because they mimed while gyrating with naked, oiled up dancers - a gig for young children!

They get booed at most shows they play at... Or people just walk away in embarrassment.

And they had to cancel their US tour due to lack of sales, then pretended they had decided to cancel to focus on writing a new album "for their fans". The problem being that they have their albums written for them, they spent the time going to movie premiers and doing media work.
They even blocked their own fans on twitter who dared to complain about losing money on the tickets for the cancelled tour and not getting their money back.

So that's liars, cheats, fakes with no musical ability!
They try to be the "girl versión of one direction"... If one direction sucks, they sucks more...


Little Mix has nothing to give us. It's just the same boring thing. Songs about boys, songs about helping girls with problems... Why music can't be good?
[Newest]Sam 177 you better like taylor swift

74Pierce the Veil
This band is certainly modern crap because they're songs are really horrible, loud, annoying and have generic themes about suicide and depression also what really makes me hate them is when they did there version of (Don't Fear) The Reaper which was originally done by The Blue Öyster Cult who is also my favorite band listen to the original version then... There version
Aside from being a label spitting ddickhead, I'm going to actually judge them for their music and leave stereotypes aside. Sadly, they suck and are a reason why rock music is watered down and pathetic. They are pretty much the "rock" version of 1D music, making songs for tween girls who need to grow up and develop a taste. Don't know how this trash is better than Asking Alexandria, who at least made a turn for the better with their new album. Listen to Moving On by Asking and you'll see what I mean.
Pierce The Veil, and literally every band along the lines of post-hardcore, rock, or metal, metalcore, etc. have no reason to be on here, for the exception of a few. You people are total idiots

75Bob Marley And The Wailers
This is honestly stupid, why this is even on this list is beyond me
I'll say even though I am not a fan of Bob Marley he doesn't deserve to be on this list
I just have to find a bullet now.
[Newest]Just why... Marley is a LEGEND

No they're not the worst, Disturbed rocks the house. This list is so messed up with good bands and these good bands doesn't deserve to be treated this way. The only bands that will still be worst are Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Big Time Rush, Jonas Brothers and One Direction.
Whoever put disturbed on this list has not listened to their song [Down with the sickness]
People need to seriously clean out their ears

Whoever put OneRepublic here needs to see a psychiatrist.
Onerepublic? Seriously?!?!? They're an amazing bAND

This band doesn't deserve to be in this list.

79Death Cab For Cutie
Not one of the worst bands, they have quite a few good songs actually.

80Foo Fighters
Awesome band, don't suck at all!
How are Foo Fighters on here? Dave Grohl started drumming with nirvana then when kurt died, he changed to guitar and vocals and started his own band. There are so many great songs by them, Everlong, Pretender, Learn to Fly etc.
Wow. Good band. Shouldn't be here.

Seriously... Just kill me. If this is what metal has come to... Kill me. These screw ups can't play live. They're noise is repetitive like no other mother. And yea they suck


WHY THE HELL IS DRAGONFORCE ON HERE? They should be on the top 10 BEST bands list.
Should be closer to top ten

82Rage Against The Machine
How is rage on here? They have one of the greatest guitarists of all time (Tom Morello), and there is no band that can fuse metal, rap, funk as good as them. Who ever voted for rage probably listens to Nickelback.
Nothing wrong with Rage -_-
This the best rap metal group of all time! What the hell?


84Black Sabbath
They Made Metal and there AWESOME
Why the hell is Black Sabbath on this list? Ozzy is boss.
This group is a legend

85The Script

Oasis is one of the best bands ever, I understand if people don't like them but even then you would have to be deaf to put them on this list, I feel the same way about rammstien and slipnot being on this list

873 Days Grace
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! 1
This list is not good... Bands like Green Day, black sabbath, megadeth should not be in this list and specially 3 days grace is too good
What in the world are these guys doing here?! They belong in the Top Ten Best Bands!

88The Police
What nonsense is this? How can they be on this site?
How they are on here, there is no band that have the police sound

89Smashing Pumpkins
You have never listened to 1979 and bullet with butterfly wings do ya?
Worst live band EVER!

Kiss is a great band they pretty much invented the glam genre and they have tons of great songs
How are bands like Aerosmith, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Black Sabbath, and Queen on this list? It's so inaccurate.
Holy crap how is kiss this low? They are the worst band ever!

91Hollywood Undead
I'm guessing whoever hates Hollywood undead hates rock altogether. Hollywood undead is awesome. oh well there loss
NO. JUST NO. Hollywood UNDEAD shouldn't BE ON THIS LIST.
I don't hate rock. I just don't like Hollywood undead. I like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, AC/DC, and tons more rock bands. Just because you dislike a rock group, doesn't mean you dislike the whole genre.

92Fifth Harmony
There songs are weak

Aerosmith should NOT be here. That is all!
This list isn't accurate.
Everyone chill this was probably put my a bunch of but hurt black veil brides fans who've never heard a real rock song
[Newest]Why is Aerosmith on here?


95Cherry Belle

96Good Charlotte
Its not a good band like its says in its name
Why are these guys not in pole position?



99Three 6 Mafia


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