The Worst & Most Evil Movie Villains of All Time

Those villains who are scariest because there are probably people out there who are just like them... Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The Joker from The Dark Knight
It's really between him and Hannibal, but I thought Heath's performance as the Joker was something out of the world. He's creepy, insane, but at the same time you almost relate with him. You almost want him to succeed, and you hate yourself for it, but his performance is so captivating that you never take your eyes away from the screen during his scenes.
Joker is way better than drath Vader his acting and his ambitious to catch batman for no reason is awesome I like scene when he burn money he don't like money instead he love to know batman he was not powerful but he was best in planning first time in history villain is better than a super hero hats off heath ledger
The joker is a nihilist and anarchist, condemning Life as a harsh, meaningless joke. Living though such a life to him is "crazy", while the insane ones are really the normal people. In batman #663, the joker says "the real joke is your stubborn, Bone deep conviction that somehow, Somewhere, ALL OF THIS Makes SENSE! That's what cracks me up Each time! " And during The killing joke he goes As far to call everyone's Ideals and struggles in life A "monstrous, demented gag".
[Newest]This guy is so scary, I freaked out when I saw the movie, like I literally dove under the covers
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2Darth Vader in Star Wars
The only way to settle this is with a fight. Joker vs Darth Vader. Joker:“Why so serious? ”
Darth Vader:"the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force"
Cue: Death grip on Joker.
Who's evil now Joker?
Come on, it's Darth Vader. The sith lord. The greatest movie villain ever! Heath as the Joker was overrated because of his death in my opinion, even though he was great.
I mean, HELLO! Has anyone heard him BREATHE?! Creepy...


[Newest]I really love Darth Vader, but the prequels really screwed him up. darth vader should have been portrayed as a tragic, sympathetic hero. not a spoiled, whiny teenager like Hayden Christensen.

3Hannibal Lecter
Dr. Hannibal Lecter is the greatest villain of all time. He should also be at the top of this list, because there are really sociopaths out there who are able to blend in with society by being charming, intelligent, and charismatic... while secretly being sick, sadistic, and serial killers. Because you never know whether somebody might be one of those people... Hannibal is the scariest villain. You just never know if that polite gentleman you met at the store might be a cannibal...
Hannibal the Cannibal is the best movie villain ever! He's good at blending in with his surroundings because he acts so gentlemanly, but on the inside he's a psychotic cannibalistic serial killer. And he's very good at getting into your head and toying with your mind. He IS, without a doubt, the best villain in movie history!
Don't watch the movie or read the books unless you want to be lying awake at night half expecting some polite, chivalrous gentleman to creep up and slit your throat and then eat you nonchalantly.

4Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies
When I think of the Worst & Most Evil Movie Villains, I'd choose between Darth Vader, Sauron, or Voldemort why I didn't choose the Joker? Because it was heath ledger that portrayed a villain, but he was not "evil", he said so "I'm a dog that chases cars, I don't know what to do if I caught one" (or something like that)... He was crazy and a villain but to say evil like pure evil.. Um not in my perception.
Darth Vader was very close and also the Palpatine emperor but Darth Vader turned out to be good in the end, he was forgiven and saved by his son.
Sauron, he fits the evil part easily but he is kind of abstract... Always having other to fight for him...
I forgot... Amon Goeth form Schindler's List was both a Villain and evil plus he was real, but it was the movie that portrayed him like that and when you think this character was real you find incredible that a person could be that evil... It was a close call with Voldemort (curiously portrayed by the same actor... ) but I choose Voldemort because he was evil, he was the villain, he stopped at nothing to gain power and conquer all, and worst of all he couldn't love.
Lord Voldemort is the overall most evil villain ever created. He is a mass murder and a cold relentless psychopath. The thing that makes him so scary is that he looks like a demonic snake and has serious anger management issues. Lord Voldemort only knows one thing, "MURDER". He is emotionless and won't hesitate to kill his own followers. Don't get on his bad side. He speaks to snakes, split his soul into seven pieces, killed millions of people, has an army of dark creatures, can read minds and is immortal. He is the definition of evil and the best villain ever created!


In the books, he is a better villan, but Ralph Finnes plays him perfectly. Merciless, pittiless, deadly skillful and slightly insane. Top that with the fact that he's supposed to have red eyes. Thank goodness they didn't do that in the movie, I would have gasped every time I saw him.
[Newest]At first I think Joker is best movies villain. But I forgot with this guy. This guy is most evil person in Harry Potter. Even peoples not dare enough for just mention his name. Just a great wizard says his name. He is darkest wizard in Harry Potter worlds.

5Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street
Even though Fred Krueger may be regarded as one of the most terrifying characters in cinema history, Robert Englund (the actor who played Freddy) is considered extremely friendly in real life and is very appreciative of his fans, many admitting that his portrayal of Krueger legitimately frightened them as children.
I was scarred to death from this movie! But I know freddy will never get me in real life because the things he does in the movies can never happen.
One, two Freddy is coming for you!


6The Emperor from Star Wars
Emperor Palpatine A.K.A. darth Sidious is the most evil and wicked of all villains in Star Wars. He had the most vicious and evil apprentices, including Lord Maul (ruthless and tactical) and Count Dooku (majestic and corrupt)... He also engineered the execution of the entire Jedi order and anyone who would oppose him in majestic Boss-like fashion in Order 66; he took complete control of the senate and pretty much the entire Galactic Order. He savagely and ruthlessly ruled and conquered the republic and set forth a new Federation led by Grand Moff Tarkin and his forces; He was a master of the Dark Side and the most eloquent and ruthless leader of the Sith order; he even knew of the Sith legends such as Darth Plagueas... And he was responsible for concocting the brilliant takeover of the universe and forced the only remnants of the Light Side Jedi to go into hiding for approximately 20 years; every one of the highest ranking of the Jedi council was literally butchered and slaughtered by his direct orders, including, but not limited to: Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and a slew of others. He managed to defeat Yoda and send him into hiding, which caused him to be defeated in the future... In a majestic twist of fate; his own fate sealed as a result of his ruthless actions and desire to live longer and control the entire galaxy with an iron fist. He was also the reason why Anakin became Vader and pretty much set the entire plot in motion; he was also the puppeteer who played all the people against each other, laughing with deviously cunning brilliance the entire time in secret, mysterious fashion. If Palpatine is not #1 on the list, then there's something wrong.
Let's see here.

Possesses godlike powers of the dark side.

Murdered his own master.

Engineered a civil war where billions were killed.

Turned a 25,000 year old democratic republic into a brutal fascist dictatorship.

Butchered the entire Jedi order, which was founded to do nothing but preserve peace, including CHILDREN, in cold blood.

Slaughtered entire planets, eradicating cultures, religions and billions of lives.

Killed everyone who even had a second thought about him.

Appointed one man (who buy the way is also a sadistic monster) to govern the entire outer rim.

Betrayed everyone he knew just so he could come to power.

Doesn't give a damn about his citizens and leaves them to wallow in poverty.

Cooperates with criminal organizations such as the Hutts.

He's evil. He's just evil.
When it comes to figuring out which fictional character is the most evil in history, nobody is probably more worthy of that title than Palpatine. As possibly the most powerful of the Sith in history, he's the essence and embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force. His mastery in the force is immense as his signiture power, force lightning, is the least he relies on to dispose of his enemies. His skill with the lightsaber is notable given his previous duels with Master Yoda, Windu, and many other skilled Jedi in Episode I. His plot to destroy the Jedi is doable with the power he's capable of wielding and has wield, his manipulative skills, etc.
[Newest]He was the one to turn Anakin into Vader, so that should be enough to make him more evil than him He also killed the entire Jedi order and would have killed Luke if Vader hadn't stopped him.

7Sauron from The Lord of the Rings
Um did any of these villains trick people to take rings as gifts but then control everyone/ if he didn't fail he would have controlled Middle earth? He was so evil he sealed part of his soul into a ring which if he died he would still live. I mean seriously he had to die twice/ first form Hard to kill / second Insanely Most Extremely hard to kill/ if no hobbits than middle earth would have been screwed. No one simply walks into mordor alone/ not even 10, 000 men could do this all free races combined wouldn't work fat hobbits would just die/ elves would just get shot in the face/ men would get hacked apart/ dwarves would get drop kicked to mount doom and no one would survive/ if you do not think Souron could kick all these villains asses apart than your retarded. And screw the joker YOU GUYS LIKE HIM FOR A DEAD ACTOR, it must be for the characters history, plot, and malice to make a villain Souron is THE BEST AND ONLY VILLAIN EVER
Darth Vader turned good in the end, I don't even know who 6 is, Jigsaw is just deranged and crazy, Hanibal is also just crazy and deranged, and the emperor is pretty evil but nothing compared to saurian who is pretty much the embodiment of evil itself!
Sauron, along with Saruman, are very original evil villains which make more intensity to the movie. They really influence many other characters, and without them the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be nothing.
[Newest]And he isn't the most powerful guy

8Jigsaw in Saw
Should be #1 in my humble opinion. His traps were brilliantly thought out, and inflicted the maximum amount of pain on his victims. The most evil thing about him, though, was the way he convinced his victims that he was doing the right thing, and got them to bring in even more victims. This guy might have been a psychopath, but he was good at it!
Jigsaw should be higher up the rankings. I mean he is an architect of torture and shows absolutely no emotions, just like hannibal. He is also intelligent and unlike the others his work continued after his death!


even though hannibal lector ate people, jigsaw did torture people pretty bad.


[Newest]Pain, all the limb twisting, face ripping, cutting fat out of your own body pain! It's grotesque!

9Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men
He's the type of guy you could just bump into on the street and end up totally and utterly dead. That's really pretty scary
I think he should be number 1 because unlike the joker who wants to anarchy and chaos, Anton feels that he has to be anarchy and chaos. Like there's no other choice. He thinks that if he doesn't do bad things the world will never be thrown out of Alignment. Kinda depressing for a character huh?
Without remorse - doesn't bat an eye as he leaves a swathe of bodies in his wake. He left me chilled, more than any slasher killer ever can.

10The Joker from Batman
Actually this is the jack Nicholson joker. Heath joker is at the top


Heath Ledger may have been "scarier" to many people, but he didn't capture the true psychosis of the Joker like Nicholson did.
Seriously. Did Ledger ever ask for a guys gun and shoot him with it? No? I didn't think so.
Nicholson all the way.
Nicholson makes the best joker ever, Heath is overrated, Jack stays true to the jokers comical personality.
[Newest]Tim Burton Batman's are the BEST! Because they are set in the Batman universe! The latest ones are trying to be real

The Contenders

11The Duke from Salo
Even though every other bad guy on this list is way cooler than the Duke, I still think he's the most evil. The Duke is sick in ways I can't begin to describe. The film Salo is number one on allot of disturbing film lists. Arguably the Duke is the most disgusting one in the movie. I'm not saying that the other villains on this list aren't sick, but this guy is just over the top gross.
Okay why isn't this number 1? This guy is crazy! You don't see people like jigsaw and joker do the stuff this guy does. CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN! Shivers running down my spine and fighting back the vomit.

12Hans in Die Hard
Alan Rickman plays the best villian in Die Hard

13Amon Goeth from Schindler's List
He is the ultimate evil in persona. This is the guy you want to kill yourself after watching the movie. The other guys on this list are only choir boys compared to Amon Goeth.
The guy is brutal. I knew the character had made an impact on me when I encountered a Holocaust denier and I absolutely went off on the guy!
Amon Goeth is the greatest villain of all time. He is cruel, sadistic, crazy, and was a real person. Every evil deed, every act of pure cruelity he does in the movie, he did in real life. That is what makes him the best villain EVER.

14Scar from The Lion King
I know that a disney character isn't supposed to bring fear, but if this were a person you'd have second thoughts. He wanted power so badly that he killed his brother and blamed his nephew. He had some psycho heyeenas trying to kill some kids and in the end he nearly got victory, only disney wrote this so that couldn't happen. Also wanted to vote for Count Olaf and It. Stephen King, you f'd up guy, you.
He frikin killed his brother and blamed his nephew. PURE EVIL!

15Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
This is truly one of the worst characters of all time, I saw both movie and as a play and after both I wanted to strangle her and it brought me to tears.
Name any other villain who can truly make you feel physically sick to your stomach.

16John Doe in Se7en
John Doe sets up a true masterpiece in his sermons of each of the seven deadly sins and completing the sequence of his sermons with his own death.
He was a freakin psychotic psychopath who WON. He PWNED brad pitts character in the end.
One of the most collected, chillingly calm serial killers ever.

17The Terminator
The first is so the best and I don't get why a guy this cool is all the way down here, he should be number 1 or 2, but not 22, this guy is the best and you all should vote, and if you didn't see the movies, watch them now.
Terminator T-800 is endoskeleton, is hard oil is chip and good form mask is teleport to the hard freeze. Tave.
T-800 is hard model skeleton, blick red eyes. He is body the complete metal and the people tissue. T-800 is big years up. His opponent is model T-1000 and T-X.
[Newest]The terminator is so awesome he could kill heath ledger joker in a million ways

18It the Clown from Stephen King's It
They float, they all float down here. And when your down here... you float too


Pennywise takes the form of your greatest fear AND he's a clown from outer space!
That's some scary stuff.
till this day I don't like clowns!


[Newest]He could be the reason many people hate clowns. Honestly, he's creepy and murderous.

19Norman Bates from Psycho
Norman bates is not evil, he is disturbed and psychopathic
He, along with buffalo bill and leatherface, was based off a real serial killer.
Anthony Perkins does a phenomenal job as Norman Bates. he still gives me the creeps.

20Henry from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

21Bill The Butcher Cutting from Gangs of New York
He was a baddie but I wouldn't call him a villain. More of a anti hero the dark side of the American dream.

22Jack Torrance from The Shining
No, he wasn't the evil one. The ghosts possessed him. Making him do bad things. And am I the only one who wasn't absolutely terrified? I just find it as a thriller, like, 'ooh, what's gonna happen next? '

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
The scary thing is the fact that you don't know why he's doing what he's doing. Is he being possessed, or was he just losing his mind in this silent hotel? The way he doesn't specify his cause for evil is a different kind of creepy.

23Frank Booth in Blue Velvet
As played by Dennis Hooper...a horrifyingly creepy sexual sadist...
What a sexually depraved, randomly violent, foul mouthed, mass murdering guy this was. Easily the creepiest villain to ever lip-sync to a Roy Orbinsin song in the history of film.


The craziest villain in screen history


24Shirō Ishii from Men Behind the Sun

25The Devil from The Exorcist
That's right. Reagan was not the evil one, but the demon that possessed her throughout the entire film.
She's as scary as The Gemini Killer from Exorcist 3. speaking of the gemini killer, why isn't he on this list? He should be.
Actually, Reagan was possessed by a Demon named Pazuzu, who, in Babylonian traditions, was the king of the demons of the wind, and the son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought.

26Michael Myers in Halloween
I honestly think that Michael Myers is more scarier than Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. he's more realistic (because when you get down to it, freddy is scary, but as the films went on he just got more annoying and corny and dumb. and jason's just a retarded deformed man with no real motivation except killing campers because he never got to be one. and how can a human being come back alive after being killed so many times? ). Michael myers has a motivation and he's not like some magic fairy who keeps coming back to life after getting killed. this makes him a lot more scarier because the things that happen to freddy and jason can't happen in real life.

But remember this is just my opinion and I'm glad to hear your opinion to.
This is deadly killer mask in face and in hand me big knife. Film Halloween 1 is Michael Myers slowly, and Halloween 2 his Myers started mega killer.
I honestly think that Michael Myers is more scarier than Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees because he's more realistic.
[Newest]Sorry if I misspelled meter.

27The Alien from Alien and Aliens
100% agree. That monster always scared me so much... but I still love Aliens - probably the greatest Sci-Fi horror ever


The Xenomorph race is an invincible and violent alien race. Their aim is to reproduce and protect their species at all costs.
The alien was very scary.


28Martin Lomax from The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
He might not be the best villain, but he is by far worse than the Joker. He is a sick bastard and what he does is far beyond the Joker in brutality.

29Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs
He tricks fat girls into his home, strips them naked, puts them in a hole, and then cuts their skin off to make a suit out of it. That's disturbing.
Now there was a sick fellow...
It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


30Bane from The Dark Knight Rises
Calm down, Doctor! Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.
I love to see Bane at number 1...

31Ruth Chandler from The Girl Next Door
She was CRAZY! I believe that says it all. There are villains we love to hate. But with someone like her, we just hate her. If you'd seen the movie you'd understand.

32Mr. Potter from It's A Wonderful Life

33Alex De Large from A Clockwork Orange
It's hard to believe this kid's still in high school and he's doing all of these horrible things. The only reason he does them is because he simply loves it. He's not in it for the money or anything but just enjoys beating, raping, and murdering people for fun. He's like a savage beast that can never be stopped but is intelligent and well spoken. He believes that life is about choice and not will and the choice he chooses is to be evil because he can do what ever he wants whenever he want.
It's scary that a teenager can break into your house and not just harass you, but even kill you (remember that one scene where Alex kills The Cat Lady by shoving a giant fake penis down her throat? ). in fact, seeing a kid this young doing so many horrible things is pretty disturbing.
He got an orgasm from picturing people getting murdered, and he only read the bible so he could picture himself torturing Jesus.
[Newest]In the book, he was originally called Alexander The Large.

34Jafar from Aladdin

35Commodus in Gladiator
One of the most evil, conniving, treacherous and downright creepy characters to ever hit the screen...
Brilliant acting in that movie

36The Psychopath in The Hitcher
Rutger Hauer does a great job of portrtaying the "psychopath who wouldn't go away"

37Agent Smith from The Matrix
Mr Anderson!

One of the most charismatic villians in Hollywood. He completes the Matrix

38Max Cady in Cape Fear
as played by Robert DeNiro...a superb acting job, complete with the using mascara to darken his hair when he is trying to disguise himself in the gas station bathroom...

39The Kidnapper/killer in Wolf Creek
Mick Taylor rocks and so does Wolf Creek. Greg McLean needs to make more movies because 3 fantastic movies equals a career, a promising career and also he's really hot. Go McLean, you rock and Mick Taylor is undeniably super chilling and his dark humor moments don't stop him from being evil and one of the best horror villains of all time. Wolf Creek is scary and amazing.
The most brutally savage killer ever. Why isn't he at the top and why is he down at 15 c'm of it mate (I'm a Brit not an Aussie) plus judging by some of the corpses down by the mine where he lives he ate most of them.
wow, not sure who the actor is, but he played the part so well - the bad guy in the movie is loosely based on a real person, Ivan Milat, Australia's Backpack Killer...

40Vukmir from A Serbian Film
Vukmir is an "art" film director. His films mostly include snuff and sexual torture. The most disgusting thing about it, is that a lot it is aimed at children and babies. He is by far the most evil villain in cinema. The character is one of the most realistically portrayed villains as well. The only other villain that mite even compare to his grotesque nature is the duke in Salo. SPOILER ALERT: When one of his victims gets the better of him and bashes his head against the ground, and kills his entire crew, Vukmir's dying words were that the man's actions were truly worthy of film.
Words cannot describe how despicable this man (well character really) was. It's retch inducing to think that such monsters exist.

41Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
So, HL's Joker to me is actually the best villain of all time in my eyes. But I'm voting Dolores because she's probably my most HATED villain. I can't stand her. What is it exactly? Maybe it's the fact that she's in a position of power and is just in love with it. Stubborn. Intolerant. She is definitely incredibly evil, but in a weirdly subtle way.
Her appearance may be deceptive with her pink fluff, girly voice and her love of cats. It is important not to be deluded by such characteristics. She is abundantly evil.
Most evil character EVER! More terrifying because I think we all know someone in real life who is just like her!
[Newest]The definition of evil!

42Kai San from Ebola Syndrome

43Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies
. . . and Mr. Bigglesworth!

44Count Olaf in A Series Of Unfortunate Events
He is a menial child enslaver/abuser in all forms!
The strangest role for jim carey since his role as chip in the cable guy.
Great character.. Or Should I say "Characters"

45Biff Tannen from Back to the Future

46Captain Vidal from The Pan's Labyrinth
Without a doubt the most soulless, evil, contemptible movie character of all time. I'm disappointed that The Joker is number 1 here. He might be the most entertaining and memorable movie villain, but he's certainly not the most evil. Not even close. Captain Vidal takes the cake, followed by Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men) and Amon Goeth (Schindler's List).
Captain Vidal is not only evil he is easily one of the most sadistic men seen on screen. He brutally murders countless people without even flinching.

47Lizard in The Hills Have Eyes
Fabulous? Yeah right, he's down right ugly, but he's a tough dude. Plus, he enjoys drinking that milk off of a woman's breast.
All those mutants were downright disgusting, come to think of it...except for Ruby...
Awesome Mutant hillbilly dude, he is so fabulous


48Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
Sorry man I didn't know. I just wanna say for the record that I'm not perfect and I make mistakes. And just because I've made a small mistake, please don't hate me for it. It was a small mistake that I promise to never make again (and if you people are still angry at me then you will go nowhere in life because of it).
Jason to has a motivation! He was once a young deformed boy who drowned in a lake and wanted revenge on the people for killing his mother and for never getting to be one of the campers. I've also heard he's been rumored to kill at least 100 people in one day. Now that's pretty impressive.
Jason only turned killer because he drowned as a child at Camp Crystal Lake and his mother was decapitated when she wanted revenge. Now Jason wants revenge on anyone who returns to the Camp. He's not really evil, he just loves his mother.

49Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean

50Col. Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds

51Ghostface in Scream

52The Grinch
In the version with Jim Carrey, the Mayor is the one who caused the Grinch to hate Christmas because he bullied him as a child, so the Mayor is an even bigger villain than the Grinch. Shame on you, Mayor May Who!
In the end he's not even evil, this one is pointless.

53Pinhead from Hellraiser
If I have to pick the most 'evil' then Pinhead, a demon from hell, has to really be on the top 10. He loves to torture people for eternity and thinks it is pleasure. Pretty evil


For sure.. The guy is basically Satan and you have him all the way in the 50's... SMH

54Megatron from Transformers
This is self-explanatory. Greatest of all

55Frieza in Dragon Ball / Z / GT
Frieza is the most ruthless, cunning, vile, wicked, corrupt, and evil villain in the history of all anime and animation in general. He is tender yet suspenseful; he is effeminate yet deadly... He deceives through a comical mannerism and a sarcastic wit; yet is extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty. He has the most cruel and barbaric henchmen, Zarbon (who is mysterious and deadly; handsome and hides a ruthless beast within) and Dodoria (brutal and savage against those who are weaker). Frieza has the most vicious persona as well... He concocts and evil plan to destroy all his enemies at once and on the advice of his henchman, Zarbon, he eliminates the entire Saiyan race, committing genocide and executing anyone who would pose a threat against his barbaric rule. He is responsible for taking over hundreds of planets and has hundreds of years of cruel inter-planetary dominance, casting a shadow over the Northern Quadrant of the universe for the longest amount of time. Frieza has enslaved hundreds of races, annihilated thousands of races, slaughtered men, women, children, and elderly alongside his wicked henchmen, mercenaries, and soldiers... And expanded his titanic army, spreading fear and anguish against anyone who opposed his unstoppable power. Frieza also has 4 monstrous forms, which he utilizes to access even greater power; secretly storing his dark, evil energy in case anyone ever came to threaten his vicious plans. Frieza has the longest running villainy in an anime series, lasting well around 100 episodes of evil and murderous tendencies. Frieza is eventually felled in the greatest fashion and is brought down by his greatest fear: what he tried to avoid in the very beginning; the rise of a Super Saiyan. Through his own evil actions, the very few survivors of the entire race end up being the cause of his downfall. By defeating Bardock and through the creation of Frieza's own fears in a sense of post-traumatic-stress of his own defeat, Frieza himself is the very cause of his own eventual demise. By allowing this minuscule amount of survivors to live, Frieza sealed his own fate. After brutally slaughtering all the Namekian populace, Dende, Bardock, King Vegeta, Vegeta, Krillin, and countless others, he himself is sliced in half by the sharp edge of Trunks' swift blade; and simultaneously cut down to miniature portions in midair, furthermore being obliterated in majestic fashion. Frieza, along with his evil henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria, are the most evil and conniving in history... And through Frieza's diabolical gestures and evil story, and his own back-story easily makes him the single most evil character in all animation history.

56Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Frollo is just diabolical! He kills an innocent woman, tries to drown her baby, keeps quasimodo In a bell-tower, burns people alive, lusts over women, offers their freedom for sex, all while claiming he's a good Christian. This is disney right?
Hellfire is by far the greatest villain song ever. Frollo is by far the most complex Disney villain ever. Easily better than any villain by a landslide
Judge frollo should be number 1 evil villian- evil to gypsys and evil to Esmerendla! EVIL

57Stanfield from The Professional

58Scorpio from Dirty Harry

59The Doctor in
I think this is the name of the movie, where this doctor kidnaps women and tortures them in some old nuclear facility...
The actor who portrayed this doctor is named Stephen Rea...

60Annie Wilkes from Misery
She is frightening whenever she threatens James Caan. you really do feel james's pain whenever she snaps. what if that was you in that bed going through all this hell? What if you had your legs crushed and you were drugged by an insane person?
She is the pure example of every celebrities worst nightmare. She kept torturing and drugging Paul her favorite author in the movie. I really hope this doesn't happen to me when I'm famous.
I agree with you! I hope I never, ever meet anyone like this in my life. I also hope this doesn't happen to me when I become famous.
[Newest]I don't know how she's not in the top 10. She's scary as hell!

61Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

62Daleks in Doctor Who
The Most evil creature in all of creation
A being of pure hate, whose sole purpose is to exterminate all life that is not Dalek.
They show no emotions except for hate so they are utterly merciless.

63Mountain Man & Toothless Man in Deliverance
These guys are so creepy...they represent what everyone imagines to be the outcome of too much inbreeding...

64The Warden from Shawshank Redemption

65Gage Creed in Pet Sematary

Plus, humans are not the preferred prey of the great white shark, so don't believe every movie you see. however, great whites have still been known to attack humans so be aware of any kinds of predators, including sharks, in the ocean.
It's just an animal. Sharks kill people all the time. It's a part of nature.
The Shark actually turns out to be female in Jaws 3-D.

67Predator from Predator, Predator 2, Alien vs Predator and AVP 2
Whether swinging from tree to tree in the jungle or jumping across the scyscrapers of LA, this big bad killing machine will not be stopped on his hunt for human prey.


Predator is big creature in out world, yellow body, green blood and grey mask. Of mask is big teeth and shadow face.

68Pyramid Head from Silent Hill
He carries a six foot long knife. He rapes everything that moves. He reaps people's skin off with one hand. Come on, what movie monster is more disturbing than Pyramid Head?
His design is just so creative.

69Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs
Of course he's the most craziest villain of all time. He tortue a cop with a razorblade and a tank with fuel. He cutted his ear and dancing/singing like a professional. He knows his job. A real stone cold psycho and a cool one too. I love that character. So bad och evil, but still ordinary somehow. He should have survived in the movie.

Great job, Michael Madsen! Reservoir Dogs will always be the best movie ever made.


This guy I mean did you hear his ecscuse for going on a killing spree

70Colonel William Tavington from The Patriot
"He is an infernal creature who disobeyed the rules of War and Burned a church, burning church is betraying Jesus. If he was real I could stab him in the eyes and chop his body into little pieces. Have him burn in hell. "
This guy is sick I am disappointed he is not number 1.

71The Kidnapper in Intensity
what a psychopath...I was so glad when he finally got torched...

72Xerxes from 300
OK I wote for him when I first saw him in meet the spartans. he was fat and funny. But here...


73Severus Snape from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

74Other Mother in Coraline
Movie is probably one of the scariest kid movies out there. Like come on you gotta admit it.

75Rumplestiltskin from Shrek
Aborting Shrek ank his baby triplets, through time rending? I just want to strangle him! =-C

76The Governor from The Walking Dead
Pure Psycho! Took many innocent lives. I'm so glad he's gone!

77General Grievous from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Take a look at this creature. is that not one of the coolest character designs you have ever seen? Plus, he has lots of awesome skills and can crawl up walls. he's also very ruthless and angry. wanting to kill anyone who is either interfering with his plans or harassing him.

78The Kidnappers in the Home Alone Series

79Andre Linoge from Storm of the Century

Carrie isn't really that evil. She was bullied by her classmates and then had pig blood spilled on her at the prom, which she did not deserve. I'd say Chris Hargensen was the real villain. She was a BITHC!

81Samara Morgan from The Ring and The Ring 2
She's kinda like the Reagan Macneil of the 2000's. both are creepy little girls with creepy powers.

82Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction
She even killed a little girls pet rabbit and then boiled it without anyone knowing. That's pretty disturbing!
She is the prime example of being careful of who you're engaged with!

83Evelyn Draper from Play Misty for Me

84Saruman from Lord of the Rings
I always get his name confused for Sauron.

85Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars

86Officer Teasle from First Blood

87Jack the Ripper from Jack the Ripper

88King Edward Longshanks in Braveheart
Patrick McGoohan, fantastic actor, brilliantly evil character

89The White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
I was afraid of her at first. She's so mean!

90Staff Sergeant Barnes from Platoon

91Frank D'amico from Kick-ass

92Loki from The Avengers
He has the power of triple awesomeness that would defeat all the avengers' awesomeness in like two seconds or maybe one? Anyways I don't know why he isn't on the first page. And another point Tom Hiddleston plays him. That should definitely count for something right?
I can't believe no one put loki on the list! What's wrong with you people?! He's the most powerful villain, I think. And so cruel! I love it!

93Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
He's already on this list!
So evil he's on here twice!

94Kruger from Elysium
Kruger is sadistic, ruthless and brutal. Portrayed beautifully by Sharlto Copley in a raw, gritty/beautiful high-tech Sci-Fi film called Elysium. From the look of Kruger and his actions, there's no denying his "badassness" and evilness.

95Lotso from Toy Story 3
What the heck how is he so low he needs to be #1 on this list. I hate him so much that he needs to be tortured with pain combined in all saw traps, every hostel movie torture, and every torture device in medieval times COMBINED!
This guy is by far the most evil Disney villain in history. The worst part is that near the end he had the perfect opportunity to redeem himself, but he didn't take it.

96The Thing from John Carpenter's The Thing
Michael Myers from Halloween is most evil villain and The Thing is evil and most repulsive gross monster. Pinhead might be number 3.
Now this is a creature more scarier than the xenomorphs. Seriously. It's so gory and slimy and can shape shift into any form it wants.

97Auric Goldfinger from Goldfinger

98Christine from Christine
Speaking of villains who are total machines, why isn't HAL 9000 on here? He deserves to be on this list.

99Tak from Desperation

100The Dark Overlord from Howard The Duck
Lol, hilarious but evil and 'scary' once he grew out of Jenning's body. "SHE TOOK MY EGGS! " lmaoo I love Howard The Duck!

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