Best Movies of 2006

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1 The Departed

The controversial best picture winner actually deserved the award. It's ensamble cast is relatable and plays of each other wonderfully.

2 Pirates of the Caribean Dead Man's Chest

Awesome CGI which even stands today and also better than the most of Marvel Flicks.

The best Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

Do you fear death?

3 Casino Royale

Before Casino Royale came out people were like eh? A Blond Bond? Unthinkable! It will never catch on. But boy did it catch on. Women lusted over him as if he was the present day Steve McQueen

This is the best Craig Bond film ever made.

The best movie ever daniel craig is a really good bond actor so go daniel

Good story, isn't it?

4 The Prestige

It's amazing. The actors are amazing. The story is amazing. I love it, it's my favourite movie.

5 Pan's Labyrinth

Probably the eeriest and most beautifully designed film of 2006 and the most mature. The acting and writing is incredible, the cinematography is gorgeous and the themes of traditional fairy tales are perfectly realized and incorporated throughout. Guillermo del Toro is a master of balancing the fantasy and drama and Pan's Labyrinth is his masterpiece.

6 The Queen

With this role, Helen Mirren won her Oscar. Helen was wonderful as *The Queen*. One of the best film 2006.

This Movie is very great. Helen is the best.

7 Cars

I love this movie growing up.

I love this movie

8 X-Men - The Last Stand

I'm not gonna lie after how boring and safe the other 2 were out of the original 3. I thought this was kinda my favourite. But from a structural stand point 1 and 2 are still better than this one. But they are less entertaining than this one.

9 V for Vendetta
10 Little Miss Sunshine
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11 Talladega Knights

Good movie and all but change this title on the list. Talladega Knights is not the name of the movie.

12 Blood Diamond

Literally watching this film while typing this comment and this film ROCKS.

13 The Pursuit of Happyness

This is the best movie I have ever seen. It even made me cry.

I love this film.

14 Happy Feet
15 Click

Sad moment where's he's in the rain crying 4 his son... I cried.. yea I was only 9

16 Step Up
17 Paprika

The last masterpiece Satoshi Kon created, and dang was it a great one to end on. Kon somehow captured what it means to invade and be in dreams perfectly. Just like his other movies, it had abstract representation at its finest.
Fun fact, this movie actually gave inspiration to one of my favorite Christopher Nolan movies ever, "Inception." I love both these movies!

18 Borat

Comedy classic. Why the hell is this not higher on this list?

This is one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen!

19 Children of Men
20 Over the Hedge
21 Grandma's Boy

Funniest movie ever

22 Mission: Impossible III
23 Ice Age: The Meltdown
24 The Devil Wears Prada

This movie was actually pretty underrated by viewers, but by critics it is actually pretty highly acclaimed. Every one did an excellent job acting, and editing was superb.

25 Flushed Away
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