Worst Singers of 2013


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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is the worst singer ever
So glad he's number 1
First of all he sings like a girl
The first time I heard him on the radio
I said "I wonder what singers that because
She sounds horrible"
And then the radio person said
"And that is Justin Bieber with his new song
I said "Who would name their daughter
So I looked up Justin Bieber
And turns our he's a boy
When I told my Dad he nearly choked

Justin Bieber is the worst singer ever and
He is disgusting

They should keep him locked up
I knew there was something from the very
This guy is funny sings for himself because he's a loner, I think people only fee; sorry not like that idiotic perv
Why the hell is rihanna fourth worst singer. You guys are such haters. I love you rihanna you should not be on this list
[Newest]YAY! He's number 1! I say he should be, go CHER LLOYD! Laugh out loud, just found out about her.

2Miley Cyrus
She sucks live, she promotes partying and getting high, and even her studio songs sound terrible cause of her nasal annoying non talented voice
Miley Cyrus should be number one worst singer because first she gets a wrecking ball from ikea (people say) and she is just akward she wuold of been fine if she sticked to hannah Montana but now shes a wreck no wonder she wrote that song about herself
Miley Cyrus is a full on idiot

3Nicki Minaj
She's terrible at singing I don't see why she not 2 ind
Nicki minaj is possible the worst srtist ever apart from her songs being crap people make excuses saying she can sing live but she can't she should be number 1
I love Nicki Minaj she has great music and should not belong in this list
Can't stand all the fake accents
[Newest]Nicki minaj is very non lady like.

4Taylor Swift
I really don't care about her fifteenth million boyfriend. She needs to stop complaining about how horrible her boyfriends are and just calm down.
Not good changed for unpopularity
Stop hating and calm down please!
While Rebecca is not here at music by too much dislikes on Friday


[Newest]She writes catchy songs but damn I saw her live... Never again... Huge waste of money

5Rebecca Black
There are far better people with NATURAL music talent and they aren't given a chance but people like Rebecca black are just given this once and a lifetime opportunity when she's below average.. Makes me sick
Got over 2,000 dislikes on youtube on friday-recbbeca black this should number 1


Friday was just awful

6Justin Timberlake

7Lady Gaga
I seriously hate everyone on this list except Taylor Swift and I guess I kinda like Demi Lovato. Anyways, Lady GAGA is the WORST. Fine, I'm not going to waste words on these bad singers. I'm going to tell you, Taylor Swift is the best singer I have ever known! How can she be fourth!?
Ripping off clothes is not "art". Try to be a good singer, please
She is trying to get attention she can't sing

8Katy Perry
She's just overhyped is what I think, really not that bad of a singer... Oh and Erikane, you shouldn't want to KILL someone who doesn't agree with you. people like you actually make me embarrassed to be an American :/
Erikane I didn't add this on here Trust me I forgot about at the time


She sucks... That's all I gotta say.. Same words for all these singers on this list..

9Tay Allyn
She is worse than JB and Rebecca black put together. I mean much worse.
She ruined the internet.


The Contenders

Horrible voice and keeps making the same tune over and over. It's getting lame
Hate her she can't even sing

12Demi Lovato
She Is The Greatest Singer Ever.

13Kanye West
Auto tune all songs, still sound horrible.
He is with illuminati and he makes fun of Jesus so he is EVIL but let God judge that
This guy sould be lower he has a bad voice and he stole a song (stronger) from Daft Punk and same with Will I am and Justin also stole Daft Punks Song.-.


15Lil Wayne
He raps like he's falling asleep. Also why is Katy Perry on this list she has done nothing wrong.
Lil Wayne doesn't even sing! He just raps and it's not even good, it's just annoying!

16Selena Gomez
Her songs are trash
She can't sing live

17Mariah Carey

18Ariana Grande
How dare you out her on the list! Why don't you try singing problem as high as ariana grande! Sure some people can do it but no one has the voice like ariana grande! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


20Jackie Evancho

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