Top 10 Most Aggressive Chester Bennington Albums

Ranking albums with Chester Bennington from most aggressive to least aggressive. I made this out of boredom so do feel free to comment I guess. And again I'm not ranking them by how popular they are, by rather pure aggressiveness.

The Top Ten

1 The Hunting Party

It's aggressive all the way through and is a badass album in my book. - CaptainMowzker

2 Out of Ashes

Especially with songs like: Condemned, My Suffering, End of the World, Crawl Back In, and Walking in Circles. - CaptainMowzker

3 No Sun Today

A underrated but aggressive album. - CaptainMowzker

4 High Rise

Deserves a spot somewhere in the top five when it comes to being aggressive. - CaptainMowzker

5 Meteora

A overrated album but it is aggressive so it does count. - CaptainMowzker

6 Hybrid Theory

Again pretty overrated but still aggressive. - CaptainMowzker

7 Living Things

It has some aggressive songs but is mostly melodic to me. - CaptainMowzker

8 A Thousand Suns

Not really that aggressive with the exception of a few songs but I needed ten items. - CaptainMowzker

9 Minutes to Midnight

It has three aggressive songs but is mostly melodic which is why it's placed so low. - CaptainMowzker

10 One More Light

Obviously at last place because the only aggressive song from the entire album is Talking to Myself. - CaptainMowzker

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