Top 10 Most Aggressive Chester Bennington Albums

Ranking albums with Chester Bennington from most aggressive to least aggressive. I made this out of boredom so do feel free to comment I guess. And again I'm not ranking them by how popular they are, by rather pure aggressiveness.

The Top Ten Most Aggressive Chester Bennington Albums

1 The Hunting Party

It's aggressive all the way through and is a badass album in my book.

2 Out of Ashes

Especially with songs like: Condemned, My Suffering, End of the World, Crawl Back In, and Walking in Circles.

3 No Sun Today

A underrated but aggressive album.

4 High Rise

Deserves a spot somewhere in the top five when it comes to being aggressive.

5 Meteora

A overrated album but it is aggressive so it does count.

6 Hybrid Theory

Again pretty overrated but still aggressive.

7 Living Things

It has some aggressive songs but is mostly melodic to me.

8 A Thousand Suns

Not really that aggressive with the exception of a few songs but I needed ten items.

9 Minutes to Midnight

It has three aggressive songs but is mostly melodic which is why it's placed so low.

10 One More Light

Obviously at last place because the only aggressive song from the entire album is Talking to Myself.

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