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181 The Woman In Me - Shania Twain
182 The Clash - The Clash

Equally defining Punk like 'Never mind the Bollocks' and should be on par with it.

I tried to listen to this as is very prayed here and there. what. Its absolute dull and untalented. Any bar singer can do such songs with zero efforts. I'm serious. I come with great expectations but received a disgusting garbage.

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183 Death Magentic - Metallica V 1 Comment
184 River of Dreams - Billy Joel
185 We're Here Because We're Here - Anathema
186 Music Has the Right to Children - Boards of Canada
187 Live and Unreleased 2 - Blue Cheer
188 Only Everything - Juliana Hatfield
189 Emarosa - Emarosa
190 Chain Gang of Love - The Raveonettes
191 A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

Quite an unmemorable album but really enjoyable!

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192 Pink Flag - Wire

A Masterpiece, so well ahead of its time and highly influential for punk/post-punk.

193 See You On the Other Side - Korn
194 Storm of the Light's Bane - Dissection
195 Tumbleweed Connection - Elton John

Tumbleweed Connection is one of the best Elton John albums ever with a ton of great songs.

Wow iconic. If it's here it means you haven't listened to it.

True, nobody at TTT has listened to it, they are too busy listening to pop drivel.

196 Dirt - Alice In Chains

In terms of sheer heaviness, there aren't many album I have heard that are darker, moodier, heavier, and more emotional than this. Every song is a masterpiece. Key tracks: Rooster, Down In a Hole, Would? , Them Bones, Rain When I Die

Arguably the most influential rock band of the 90's. Every song sang by Layne Staley is a thing of beauty.

Viewing the album as a whole, I actually think Dirt is better than most of the Nirvana albums.

In my opinion, Alice in Chains are more musically influential then Nirvana, how many bands take Nirvanas sound and just add a slightly different vocalist, none that I can name, but Alice in Chains has Godsmack, KoRn, and 75% of 2000s metal bands.

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197 Hotel California - Eagles

I'm sorry this is a joke right? Hotel California is one of the greatest albums of all time and it's at 918.

213 what's this garbage this is one of the most iconic albums of the 70s this is way better than more than half the albums above it

To me, this album, alongside Abbey Road, are the two greatest albums of all time. This needs to be higher

This should be top 5 what

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198 Stars Dance - Selena Gomez

I think Selena can prove herself again with this album. I love the songs specially Come And Get It and its video. Please vote it. Love you Selena Gomez. Nabeel

Oh yes it is the best album of all time... The songs are great. I love Slow Down, Come And Get It, Undercover, Save The Day... Actually I love all the songs. The album just shines and the cover art is just perfect and the best cover art I've ever seen and it really matches with the name. The name is perfect. There are 15 shiningly produced songs and all of them are perfect. It sold 97000 copies in the first week and debuted at number 1... It gave Selena her first top ten single and another top 40 hit... The singles are with multi-platinum certification. It really is her best album to date... -Nabeel

Ok, this album is great! But Revival should be taking this place.

199 Weezer - Weezer

There are some fantastic albums on this list, and I would agree with the top 11 for the most part. Abbey road, the dark side of the moon (especially), thriller, and OK Computer are fantastic albums in their own right. The blue album is also fantastic however, #187 is borderline blasphemy. #1, no. #10? probably not. But dear god, it's better than Selena Gomez. I like to think that an album can be judged by the number of singles it has. while 1 or 2 is pretty good, the 4 off of this album at least put it higher than #100.

A perfect balance between accessible pop hooks and brilliant instrumentation. An absolute classic.

Why is this so low? Weezer is the best

I really don't understand how this album is so low. This album is a classic, and is one of the greatest ever made. Captivating a youthful heart, and a never aging sound, Blue Album will remain one of the single most important albums of the 90s. Not because it tried anything crazy, or jaw-dropping at that. It's just timeless, a classic, a masterpiece of an album. It hits hearts with everyone, and NO ONE can dislike this album, or at least appreciate it. It is fully deserving of it's praise. I think anyone can relate to it as well.

The crunchy guitar sounds, the feedback, the wonderful blends of Acoustic Guitar and percussion, and instantly recognizable guitar riffs. The sheer pain of the legendary song Say It Ain't So, really tears at the strings. My personal favorite In The Garage is an ode to the kid in you, and it's a goofy song waiting for a hug. Buddy Holly, is another goofy track, and an instant and lovable track at that. Undone will forever remain is one of the best ...more - TheClue1107

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200 The Slim Shady LP - Eminem

Best album by best artist.. Eminem shows his real emotions and struggles when he was still young and poor and divorced. The new Eminem is fake.

Bad Meets Evil probably in my opinion one of the best songs ever made. What is this list with SL LP 624th that's just ridicules. I admit that this LP is short but with lyrical content its probably better than anything else on this list.

This is what we call epic masterpiece. - AlphaQ

This Album is one spot behind Encore, >:(

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