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161 Curtain Call: The Hits - Eminem

Has all the best Eminem songs from the previous albums plus 3 new ones, one of them a masterpiece. But I really think this album is underrated '~'

162 Born In the U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen

How can this album be so low on this list? I didn't see it in the top 40 and said to myself ", they forgot the Boss?!? " Then, I made a quick search and I saw that it was even worse... It was ranked 169th...
How can I say that? Where to begin? Well, first there are the lyrics... These are songs whose lyrics have actual meaning, talking about life, war, love... and then the music fits perfectly all the lyrics! You can't really understand this if you don't give it a try! Do it, and you will understand there is definitely something wrong with this list!
Now, if you are only interested in numbers, this album sold worldwide more than 30million copies. 7 of its songs were in the top 10 of the charts, which puts this album right behind Thriller...
Finally, guys, seriously, vote for it!

As far sales it doesn't put it behind Thriller and not even close but song for song quality this blows Thriller away. Thriller really only has three classic songs, Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean and the rest are just sub standard 80s. Born In The USA is a pop rock album but it could essentially be turned into an acoustic or folk album or a hard rock album. The nature of the songs allows for it to venture into other styles of music, can't say the same for Thriller. Born In The USA wasn't a lot of hype, people liked what they heard and they still listen to it today. People talk about Thriller and they just rave about how many copies it sold, how Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and he is the best of all time and so on but there is nothing beyond the hype past the three classics. - frankmartin

One of the all time BEST!

How on Earth is nicklebeck if front of this MASTERPIECE!

163 Time - Electric Light Orchestra

Sci-fi concept album from 1981 with songs like Twilight, Rain is Falling and Hold on Tight. - frankmartin

164 British Steel - Judas Priest

What?!?!?! One of the greatest albums in history is 280?!

165 Low - David Bowie

Should be much higher this record is not only Bowies best but also one of the best albums ever made

Should Be Higher.

166 Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young

This is more than just soulful but a real deep feeling work of art!

"The King is gone, but he's not forgotten, this is the story of Johnny Rotten". And 'Thrasher' has some of the most beautiful lyrics ever.

167 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco

Joke that this is not higher.


168 Aqualung - Jethro Tull

The bass line and guitar solo in Aqualung are just sick! Listen to the progression and structure of the riffs and be amazed. Great moment in recorded rock history. Martin Barre even ripped through that solo while Jimmy Page had walked into the studio and was watching! That's balls!

, what an amazing album. Ian Anderson is a genius composer/flutist/acoustic guitarist and everyone else in Tull is a virtuoso. Beside the classic Aqualung, there's Locomotive Breath, Hymn 43, Cross-Eyed Mary -- all fantastic rock tunes. The quieter tunes are incredible, too. Needs to be in Top 50 all-time albums.

Give me a break! 321? Who's ranking these? One of the best!

The classic. It stands completely alone.

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169 Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan

21 on my top 100 albums list it is the 2nd greatest hip-hop album I have ever heard.Know way should "breakout" by Miley Circus be ahead of this - ChrisHenry

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170 Confessions - Usher

2nd most recent album to reach diamond status. (10, 000, 000 copies worldwide).

171 Symbolic - Death
172 2014 Forest Hills Drive - J. Cole

Great album about his childhood

173 Weezer (The Blue Album) - Weezer

I've never really liked 90's rock music, but trust me, this one is good.

174 Homesick - a Day to Remember
175 Of Beauty and Rage - Red

One of the best albums I've ever heard. - BillyBobJoe

Red may be the best kept secret in all of Rock, and this album may be the best album nobody knows about. The strings, the guitar and Barnes' vocals are just perfect on this album. With hard hitters like Imposter, Fight to Forget and Falling Sky.
Emotional songs like Of these Chains, Yours Again and The Ever.
Emotional hard hitters like Darkest Part and Gravity Lies.
And probably my favorite song of all time, Part That's Holding On, truly a masterpiece.
Red is the most underrated band in the rock genre, and they deserve way more recognition than they get. - Random_Guy1

176 The Woman In Me - Shania Twain
177 The Clash - The Clash

Equally defining Punk like 'Never mind the Bollocks' and should be on par with it.

I tried to listen to this as is very prayed here and there. what. Its absolute dull and untalented. Any bar singer can do such songs with zero efforts. I'm serious. I come with great expectations but received a disgusting garbage.

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178 River of Dreams - Billy Joel
179 Music Has the Right to Children - Boards of Canada
180 Outsideinside - Blue Cheer
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