Top Ten Alternate Song Titles that Replace the Word "Heart" with "Sanity"

Yet another word replacement list of song titles. In my opinion, These are among the funniest types of lists on this site.

The Top Ten

1 I Left My Sanity in San Francisco

I left my sanity EVERYWHERE

I guess you were tired of all the types of people you would see there, or how overrated it is, or how excruciatingly expensive it costs. - SpectralOwl

2 Confessions of a Broken Sanity

I wonder how few notes the singer can actually hit, due to what the last two words in the title read. - SpectralOwl

3 Don't Go Breaking My Sanity

I mean it! It is really fragile. - SpectralOwl

4 Total Eclipse of the Sanity

It is that day again, when irrational ignorance shines. - SpectralOwl

5 Me and My Broken Sanity

I TOLD you about how Fragile it was - SpectralOwl

Wow...! It's amazing where you can find inspiration. This item has given me a great title for a psychological thriller story. Broken Sanity... Thank you so much!
Good list by the way. - Britgirl

6 Sanity of Glass

-_- Lots of fragile protection from Being the insane person - SpectralOwl

7 Jar of Sanity

Let us store it VERY far away from the reach of anyone else - SpectralOwl

8 Kickstart My Sanity

I wonder when someone will get tired of the "Loss of Sanity" Jokes - SpectralOwl

9 Sacred Sanity

Okay, Everyone needs to be able to think normally as a functioning member of society. That is how sacred this is. - SpectralOwl

10 Listen to My Sanity

It is slowly breaking due to how fragile it is. Made of glass and stored in a jar. Now, If you excuse me, I will write a song revealing my gain of insanity. - SpectralOwl

The Contenders

11 Beat of My Sanity
12 Stop Crying Your Sanity Out
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