Top Ten Animals Named After Musicians

These organisms were named to honor some legendary musicians.

The Top Ten

1 Cirolana Mercuryi
2 Dendropsophus Ozzyi
3 Mesoparapylocheles Michaeljacksoni
4 Avalanchurus Lennoni
5 Phialella Zappai
6 Gnathia Marleyi
7 Jaggermeryx Naida
8 Scaptia Beyonceae
9 Aleiodes Shakirae
10 Beethovena

A species of wasp named after Beethoven.

The Contenders

11 Litarachna Lopezae
12 Aphonopelma Johnnycashi

A recently discovered species of tarantula

Named after Johnny Cash.

13 Loureedia

A species of spider named after Lou Reed.

14 Masiakasaurus Knopfleri

A species of dinosaur named after Mark Knopfler.

15 Anomphalus Jaggerius

A species of snail named after Mick Jagger.

16 Anacroneuria Taylori

A species of stonefly named after James Taylor.

17 Amaurotoma Zappa

A species of snail named after Frank Zappa.

18 Terebellides Sepultura

A species of worm named after the band Sepultura.

19 Qiliania Graffini

A species of bird named after Greg Graffin.

20 Pseudocorinna Brianeno

A species of spider named after Brian Eno.

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