Top 10 Most Dangerous Goat Breeds

I know to some people this list may not seem so important but I know a a lot of people who have asked me this question because lately there has been many reported attacks by goats and some people wonder and I've figured it out so please respect this list 👍
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1 Madurai

Goat fights are popular in many countries, but they're mostly popular in Madurai. This breed has the perfect abilities to win. They usually use this breed in every fight because it's the most popular breed there. It has very hard horns, a strong body, and great fighting stamina.

This is my favorite tough fighter goat. They can make good pets but need plenty of love and affection. Don't touch their tail too much. They don't like it.

2 Boer

A lot of people would expect this breed to be at the top because it's much more popular than the Madurai fighting goat, but it deserves the spot it's in. If you watch any video about goat attacks, the breed you will most likely see is a Boer goat. They are a popular meat breed and therefore have a large, muscular build. Out of all the breeds on the list, this one is probably the most likely to attack.

3 Anatolian Black

This goat has attacked people when approached or provoked.

4 Mountain Goat

This goat isn't a member of Capra, but it's still in the goat and sheep family. It belongs to a group of animals called goat-antelopes, which are animals in the goat and sheep family with antelope-like features. This animal can be very dangerous. It has been reported that they will attack anything that approaches or threatens them. They will gore that person or predator with their small but sharp horns.

Mountain goats are very dangerous. I was attacked. My wallet and backpack were taken by two mountain goats. The goats used my spare car keys to start my car.

5 Spanish

This breed can be very dangerous at times when provoked by people.

6 Kalahari Red

This breed is quite similar to the Boer goat but is a different breed. It is a very bad-tempered breed that will easily be set off and attack.

7 Hybrid Ibex

This breed is said to be a hybrid between a wild goat and a domestic goat. Wild goats may include true ibexes. This breed usually isn't kept as a livestock breed but is placed in big game ranches for hunting sports. It has been said to still have wild instincts, which makes it dangerous.

8 Dutch Landrace

This breed has commonly attacked its owners due to provocation. It has thick, strong horns that can be dangerous.

9 Rove

Just like how cattle have the large-horned Watusi, goats have the large-horned Rove. With its large horns, this breed can be very dangerous.

10 Pygmy Goat
The Contenders
11 Toggenburg
12 Anglo-Nubian

I've had one of these, and they're dangerous.

13 Barbari Goat

Originating from Berbera in South Africa, this breed is one of the most aggressive goat breeds. Though weighing only about 45-50 kilos, their aggressive nature and strong horns make them deadly. They won't hesitate to attack anything.

14 Bunsen Goat
15 Sterling Goat
16 Russian White
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