Top 10 Most Annoying Things Your Cats Do

I currently own three feisty felines, and I love them lots, but I must confess that I hate some of the things that they do.
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1 Fight

You can never have a moment of peace because your home is territory constantly being claimed and reclaimed. Just live together in peace and harmony. The dogs can do it.

My cats, Thunder and Paws, always fight! We used to only have one food bowl that Thunder thought was his! They just fought and fought...

It's worse when they knock out objects or spill food on the way.

2 Wake you up at early hours to make you feed them

As someone who doesn't sleep well, I often hear my cat howling at my parents and shredding the carpet by their door with his claws. If you're that hungry, cat, go out and kill a rat. Just don't bring it in...

This is exactly why I dislike cats. They are so annoying. I would much rather have a dog.

3 Leave dead mice, birds, rats, etc. on your carpet

It's rare that Lilly gets away with actually killing something. (Sorry, it's hard to type because my cat is pushing me off the bed.) But there have been wild chases with sparrows and mice she's brought into the house. Multiple times, I've been sitting at the table, drawing or something. It would be a quiet, peaceful day of fun and relaxation when suddenly chaos breaks loose.

My cat leaps through the cat door positioned on the window, soaring past me, a feathered ball with wild, flapping wings sending plumage flying everywhere. The bird manages to break free of Lilly's sharp jaws but is now fluttering all over the place, screeching in terror, bumping pitifully into walls. I quickly take the cat into the bedroom, run back, and attempt to catch the bird.

Sometimes it's a sparrow, sometimes it's a finch, and sometimes, rarely, it's a kind of bird called a Japanese White-eye, which is a small green bird with mini white patches around its beady little eyes. I race around the room, and eventually, I hold the fragile creature, and I can feel it against my hand, fear and shock pulsing through its tiny, delicate body.

Sometimes it'll be a bit stunned, but healthy and ready to fly free. Occasionally, however, it will be very injured and barely moving. If it is, then I must keep it safe until it has recovered the best it could. I put it in a small plastic bin with a warm towel for heat. I keep an eye on it but give it time to replenish.

Once it can walk and seems to be healthier and calm, I take it out and set the creature free, wishing it well. The next thing I know, Lilly is complaining to me, questioning why I'm so cruel not to love her gifts.

4 Try to steal bacon from your breakfast plate

It may not be bacon, but every morning when I'm getting ready, my cat has to stare at me, waiting for me to finish my cereal...

5 Demand more food when the food bowl is full

There's a stray cat in my neighborhood who every single day comes to demand food. We feed him, my neighbor feeds him, everyone feeds him! You wouldn't guess he's a stray cat if you saw how fat he is. Sometimes I confuse him with a dog!

6 Play with power leads, earphones, Christmas decorations, etc. as if they were play strings

Think only kittens do this? My cat is eleven years old and still mad for them!

I remember I had to keep my headphones away from my old cats. They would always play with them.

7 Settle on your chest and dig their claws into your flesh

Sometimes I'm thankful that I'm not a girl because my cats often narrowly miss my nipples. The rest of the time, they hit them square on.

Are your nipples okay? Aha, yes, this seems quite annoying! I love cats!

8 Rub their faces against the book or electronic device in your hand
9 Sit on your nice, warm laptop or in front of the TV
10 Vomit on the floor
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11 Sit in your wardrobe and leave piles of hair behind
12 Knock things over
13 Be noisy when you are trying to sleep

Our boy cat is a pain in the ass. I hate male cats. Females can be annoying too. I want a pet fish instead. They are quieter.

14 Scratch on your sofa
15 Eat your books
16 Play with your plants

I remember the cats I had in 2020 would sometimes play in the plants until we got after them.

17 Follow you everywhere you go
18 Poke you with their sharp claws
19 Sleep in places you have to get to and won't move

My cat always does this on my chair, my laptop, my bed...

Welp, I should go take a nap. -cat is sleeping on my pillow-
.. I'll just rest on the foot of the bed.

20 Headbutt you

The best way to deal with it is to headbutt back?

21 Meow super loud at the worst times

I remember my cat I had in 2016 would always meow loudly. She wanted to go outside as well.

22 Sneeze and snot all over the place

My cat always sneezes, and unlike other cats, he puts snot all over the floor. Eww!

23 Walk on your stuff
24 Steal the soap from dish on the sink
25 Leave their fur everywhere

Everywhere in my house - cat fur, cat fur, more cat fur! We only have one cat!

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