MusicKidMp3 : Steven Universe, Vol 1. (Original Soundtrack) (Album) by Steven Universe

Skullkid755 For this review, I'm stepping outside the box. You know how I usually review metal/rock music for my music reviews? Well, today I'm reviewing the soundtrack for a cartoon. Probably the most popular modern CN show, Steven Universe. That's the cartoon OST I'm reviewing. I like the show a lot, not enough to make someone suicidal because I don't like their fan art for one small reason, but I used the wikia for the show in mid 2015 (I don't use it anymore because I lost interest in doing it, but it does prove that I'm a fan of the show). I've been waiting since June for the next episodes, still waiting... (now an adult) still waiting (I'm an old man now)... still waiting...(now I'm a skeleton)... you know what I wasted most of my life waiting for that show so screw it. Nah, I'll keep waiting. I'll waste my afterlife too. As I wait in the afterlife, I'm gonna review the soundtrack for Steven Universe.

We Are The Crystal Gems (Main Title) : The one song that's been in every episode of the show. Basically, it's the intro theme song. I like the instrumental of the song, pretty peaceful for a show that is actually pretty dark, the lyrics aren't very interesting though. But it was a pretty good choice for the intro song, I'm sure I'll be in my 20s and have a nostalgia fetish for it too. Already have a bit of nostalgia from it. I give the song an 8/10, meh lyrics but pretty good instrumental and works well as the intro for the series.

Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart : One of my favorite songs from the series. If I ever remix the list this post goes with, I'd put this song in the top ten. I like the short but sweet guitar opening, great way to start the song. I also like the rest of the instrumental. I think it has a lot of EDM influence in it too. The drumming is pretty good in my opinion. The rest of the instrumental is great as well. And also, Greg isn't no Freddy Mercury, but he does a good job of singing in the song in my opinion. I like the lyrics too as well. This song is better than the theme song in my opinion, I think that's kind of strange. 10/10 song, I like everything about it.

Cookie Cat : A Steven Universe classic. Now over 4 years old, it's still a short but sweet song. The lyrics are not serious, but they don't have to be. Not everything in music has to take itself seriously. Like the prior 2 songs, I am a fan of the instrumental. I spot some electronic influences in it. I'm becoming more interesting in EDM as I'm writing this. I'm giving this song a 10/10, no cons and all pros like LMDMVIYH.

Giant Woman : Another song that doesn't take itself seriously, but doesn't end up being a meme song that has 15 days of fame. The ukulele playing is well done in this track, I really like it. And the clapping makes the song stand out more. And this song's also an earworm to me too, I can't get it out of my head right now as I'm writing this review. I also like the vocals, wow I never knew that cartoon voice actors would also make great music. I need to give it a 10/10, super short but super sweet.

Strong in the Real Way : This is likely the best song on the album so far. I don't know, look at how many 10s there are right now. The piano playing is pretty good and powerful. And Pearl and Steven both do great vocals in this song as well. I also love the lyrics as well. And the guitar playing is also amazing. It starts at about 0:47, and then the dual guitar part is at 0:59. This show's music makers are very talented, proved by what we've got so far in this OST. It's another 10/10.

Steven and the Stevens : I like this song too. The instrumental is nice, and the vocals are decent. But I think using the same voice multiple times could've been done better. It's the same person, but multiple versions of that person. Same voice but they could have been used differently or maybe to make the song more advanced (like one Steven singing when the other needs a break). Sorry, but that's final. It's a pretty good song but no 10/10. 9/10 is more like it.

Big Fat Zucchini : Okay, from the title, I bet you didn't expect it to be a punk song. Well it is. And it's pretty good too. It's not very serious, because what great punk band would use vegetables as insults? The instrumental kicks ass in my opinion and I never thought Steven could sing like that. I thought he was a peaceful singer, never expected anger to come out in his singing voice. I also think the song parodies punk too. But the guitar solo is mediocre :(. For this song, I'm giving it an 8/10.

Steven and the Crystal Gems : This song is based off the song before it. Nah, it's based off of the song before the one before this song that I'm talking about right now. To put it simply, it's Steven and the Stevens but improved in my opinion. There is more than one singer, instead of the same singer multiple times. The instrumental has the same quality. And the lyrics summarize the episode this was in, which was Steven and the Stevens. This song gets a 10/10 in my opinion.

Dear Old Dad : A song sung by Steven Universe and his father, Greg Universe. Steven's individual part is pretty good, he does a good job of portraying the positive father and son relationship from his point of view. Greg's part of the song does the same for him. After they have both sung they're parts, they come together, harmonize, and finish off the song. The EDM based Steven part of the instrumental is pretty good, and then the acoustic guitar playing in Greg's part is also a pretty good part of the instrumental. And then the two instrumentals combining is pretty good too. This is a great song, you know what I'm giving it. It's a 10/10.

Be Wherever You Are : The instrumental is of the same quality level that most of the previous songs have. It's pretty nice to listen to like them. I like the ukulele playing of the song and also the violin/fiddle playing in it. Steven does a good job when it comes to singing too. Instead of giving it a 10/10, I'll give it a 4/4 which is the same thing but I'm trying to make it less predictable.

On the Run : Another pretty good song on this great soundtrack. I like the whistling in the song, it makes it stand out more. You all know what I'll say. I'll compliment the instrumental. So I'm skipping that. I don't think the character Amethyst is a bad singer, but I find her singing voice mediocre, so this isn't a go to song. I'll give it an 8/10 though, Amethysts singing screams mediocrity but the rest of the song gives it a high score.

Comet : This song is probably in my top 5 songs from the show. I really like the guitar playing of the song, the riff is awesome and the drumming is pretty good too. The lyrics are some of the best in the series, that's no opinion that's a fact. And the vocals are amazing too. My favorite part of the song is 1:15, those vocals are some of the best singing in TV history. Besides the main riff, the rest of the guitar playing is great too. Giving the song a 7/7, which is equal to 10/10.

Destiny : The songwriting is pretty good in this song. I think the lyrics might be about true love or something like that. I also like the guitar playing in the instrumental to. Thumbs up to the guitarist who does Steven Universe's soundtrack. But one issue, I think the last bit of singing could have been better. I rate the song a 9/10.

Lapis Lazuli : A song about the classic character Lapis Lazuli. The instrumental is pretty good, I enjoy the guitar in the song. And the lyrics are pretty great too, like I said they are about Lapis. And the vocals express emotion well to. I really like them in the very start of the song. 10/10 song right here.

Wailing Stone : A song about failure and not feeling good enough to do something you tried hard at doing. The acoustic guitar riff gives me a big smile. And the vocals for the most part are pretty good. But the ending of the song is weak, I felt like it ended to early. Giving the song an 8/10.

Stronger Than You : This song is the Bohemian Rhapsody of the Steven Universe fan base. Ask them what they think the great song of all time is, and you guessed it, this song will be a very common pick. The electronic instrumental is amazing, my favorite part is the solo at around 9:08, it's basically ear p**n. The lyrics have pretty good meaning about love and Garnet does a great job with singing. I give this song a 13/13.

Full Disclosure : A pretty calm and meaningful song we got here. The instrument playing, like the EDM and the drumming, and also the guitars, is played well. 0:54 is my favorite part of the song. Steven's phone ringing is incorporated well into the song, you'll know what I mean after you hear it, it's repeated throughout the song. Because of the scenario that happened in the show while the song was playing, I think the song is about making sacrifices to help someone else (Steven ended his friendship with Connie to protect her, but in the end they chose to remain friends). A give the song a 143/143

We Are The Crystal Gems (Full Theme Song) : Unsure about this one. The first half was disappointing, but the second half was great though. The first half, isn't as good as the opening theme song. The second half though, it's better in my opinion. I do like how the song gets better as it goes on, but I knew instantly that it could have been better. The first half was mediocre, 7/10. The second half was amazing, so it gets a 10/10. The average of that is 8 and a half, which is 8.5.

The Jam Song : A less serious song that the most of the recent songs on the album. The violin playing is pretty good in my opinion. The song is also pretty cool too. I also like the ukulele playing too. I think the singing could have been better, but the moment when Steven and Connie harmonize is very good though. 8/10 song.

Do It For Her : This is one of my top ten favorite Steven Universe songs, definitely a masterpiece in cartoon music. The lyrics are pretty good, at first it's just a sword lesson but then it gets more serious. Both the piano and violin playing are well done .The vocals are great too, a conversation done by singing, I like it. This song gets a 10/10 from me.

What Can I Do (For You) : The guitar playing in this song is well done, I like the riffs in it the song. The solo is pretty good too, except for some less good moments doing it. And I am also a fan of the drumming. The vocals are pretty good too. I think the lyrics were good too. Giving this song a 9/10.

Tower of Mistakes : Never mind what I said about Amethyst in my review of On the Run because this song made me change my mind. The instrumental is pretty likeable and calm in my opinion. The song is about regretting your mistakes when they cause bad s**t to happen and wanting to fix them. 10/10 song here.

Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star) : I like the guitar riff in the beginning, and the rest of the instrumental is also good as well. The lyrics are likeable too. I like Sadie's vocals in the song as well. But I think it could have ended better, something about the ending felt below average. Gonna give this song an 8/10.

Something Entirely New : This song is meh in my opinion. The instrumental, most of it, is boring, which is disappointing and kind of strange. After about 1 minute it gets good, but just for a bit. After that it's just humming. Lyrics aren't bad though, the team still did a good job at writing here. This isn't a bad song, but it's not good either, it's in between. It's mediocre. It makes me feel bad to do this, but... 6/10 DX<

Peace and Love on the Planet Earth : Finally, a pretty good song after over a minute and a half of mediocrity! The song gets made as it goes on, hard to explain that but when you listen to it you'll know what I'm talking about. The final product song by Steven and Peridot and the other gems gets a thumbs up from me. And the ukulele instrumental gets a like as well. 10/10 song.

Don't Cost Nothing : This song, seems to be about how some of the best things in life don't require money, which is a very meaningful message, screw rich people. F**k them all to death! Hmm... that's gonna be my motto when I run for president against Therandom and win. And the instrumental on acoustic guitar is something I'd give money to play. 10/10 song right here.

Empire City : This, in my opinion, is an awesome rock song. The enthusiastic vocals, kickass electric guitar, and cool drumming, all combine to make this a great song. The lyrics are about a city, but pull it off well. But, the people who wrote the song could've picked a better ending line than "And let's bring Pearl". 9/10

Mr. Greg : I think this is a pretty fun song. One of the voices just sounds ridiculous, but I don't mind it, it's kind of funny to me to be honest. The fiddle playing, I give it a high five. The backing vocals from- I don't know, I think I may have missed this episode, were good too. The guitar solo is pretty good too. All singers get a double high five from me too. But the ending could have been better, it was to sudden and it was just Pearl saying NO!. 9/10, f**k you weak endings

It's Over Isn't It : I'm going to be honest. This song starts off kind of boring. But then it starts getting better as it goes on. The vocals get better, and so does the classical instrumental. Pearl's singing is pretty good in the song, her vocals are very emotional in this track. The lyrics are great in this song too. 8/10, f**k you weak starts.

Both of You : Improvement over the prior song. I missed some episodes of the show, so I don't know what was going on in the show when they were sung. I guess a hardship they were going through at the time, maybe a fight. The piano in the song is more magical than a gem. The violin is great too. And the electronic stuff gets a thumbs up as well. I like the lyrics as well. 3359/3359

Don't Cost Nothing (Reprise) : I prefer the original version of the song, but this isn't bad at all. Pearl does great vocals in the song, and Greg too. The instrumental made my ears c*m too. One issue though, the Mr. Greg and Empire City and I think some other songs had. A weak ending. 9/10 song.

I Think I Need A Little Change : Awesome song right here. Great drumming, it stands out a lot. The guitar gives me an eargasm too. And the vocals are pretty fresh too. I like the lyrics of the song too. That's all I have to say about the song, so just gonna rush to the rating. 10/10 song.

Here Comes A Thought : This is a mediocre song in my opinion. The instrumental sounds boring to me the majority of the time, sometimes it gets above average though. The lyrics aren't bad though, they're pretty good just like the singing is. It gets better later, the last, I guess 1/3 of the song gets a 10/10. The first 2/3 of the song get a 7/10. Average of those ratings is 8.5. So 8.5/10

Still Not Giving Up : Pretty good song. I like the guitar riffs in the song, and I also think the lyrics are great too, pretty meaningful and intelligent. And Steven's vocals are great too in my opinion. Nothing more to say, so rushing to the rating again. 10/10.

I Could Never Be (Ready) : This song, it's not great but it's nice. The instrumental is peaceful and relaxing, which I think is a good thing. The song writers did well on the lyrics, that's not an opinion that's a fact. The vocals though, are mediocre. Not bad but boring. So, 7/10.

What's The Use of Feeling Blue : The intro, is weird, but cool. Kind of creepy in my opinion. The lyrics would be 5 stars if they were a restaurant. The same goes for the lyrics and vocals in the song. The outro is also hummed but is less creepy in a good way, but it's still good in a good way. I'm giving this song a 896/896

Love Like You (End Credits) : The Steven Universe OST Vol. 1 has a pretty great closing track. I really love the lyrics, from what I can tell they are about envying people because you want to feel what they can. The narrator wants to learn how to love, but from what I can tell, she is already in love. She is in love and doesn't know it. Wow. The instrumental is also pretty great too, I love the piano in the song. And the drums are cool too. The vocals are at the top of Mt. Everest too. This song, it gets a 10/10 from me.

So, that's the ratings of the songs. I average everything out, and in the end, the average doesn't even matter. Actually it does. And the average is 9.7 which is translated to 97/100. That means the songs of the album are great but some weren't A+'s so they brought the rating down a bit. But I highly recommend it to anyone. I think this album would be considered pop because it has EDM influences, which I think is the big thing right now. Plus Steven Universe is a very popular show. But I may be wrong about the genre, but that doesn't matter. All that matters is the music, which is great in my opinion. I think this show, Total Drama World Tour, and Regular Show have some of the best music in cartoon history, so if you want more good cartoon soundtracks go check out theirs if you haven't, I might review them too one day.


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