Full-fledged List Analysis Six-pack: Youtube Comments

NuMetalManiak Hooray, more lists to analyze fully. This time, I have SIX. All related to Youtube comments.

Most Annoying YouTube Comments
Most Overused YouTube Comments
Top Ten Typical Comments You Always See On YouTube
Most Annoying YouTube Like Comments
Top Ten Most Popular Kinds of YouTube Comments
Types of Comments Likely to Be Found in YouTube Music Videos

Most Annoying Youtube Comments
1. First: Obviously the first item. Obviously made by people who stalk a person's channel just to get the first comment on a new video.
2. gay: Stop using gay as an insult, yes.
3. Darude - Sandstorm: This comment was NEVER funny.
4. Kill Yourself!: They use kys instead, not this.
5. Top Ten Anime Battles: This is bad if it isn't on a video about anime.
6. Still a better love story than Twilight: This comment fell out of favor rather quickly.
7. Like if you're watching in 2015: Like if you absolutely hated these comments every time someone brought them up.
8. FAKE: Who cares if a video is fake, it's called entertainment.
9. It's my birthday! This came out on my birthday!: I know a number of items on other list analyses had things that pertained to my birthdate. Honestly though, no one actually really cares anyways.
10. I'm never moving to that country: THEN DON'T.
11. Kids in Africa could have eaten that: No, no they won't eat something inedible. Shut up. And besides, Africa's not entirely poverty-stricken.
12. He/she deserves this: Probably on a video where they got wrecked in some way. Heartless comment.
13. Thumbs Up if you agree: I'll give you a thumbs down.
14. You/They Deserve This: Are we gonna get into a pronoun war?
15. I have the weirdest boner right now.: You see this "chick" (it can be a dude) and this is your reaction.
16. Ime onlee (insert age younger than 11) yeerz oald.: You shouldn't be typing on the internet. Your parents shouldn't even let you use the internet.
17. Lady Gaga is 100% original: I guess this is why I don't like her fanbase.
18. Like if you're listening to this in [current year]: Well 2015 was the worst year for this comment, obviously. Or better yet, what about those ones where the comment is watching in some faraway year no one has seen yet?
19. (Item) Is Cancer: Several of TheTopTens lists have more than enough cancer comparisons. Youtube somehow is worse.
20. "PewDiePie did it first" or a comment hating on the "copycat".: After what has recently happened, I wonder how PewdiePie fans are defending him now.
21. Sky fans: it's called butter: Who is Sky.
22. PLZ GIVE ME DOWNLOAD LINK/PRODUCT KEY PLZZZZZZ!!!!: Please type like a normal person and understand being increasingly demanding annoys people.
23. Fake & Gay: Combining two above items, making you sound even dumber.
24. Cancer: The sign of the crab.
25. GTA4 brought me here: Big deal if you listened to music from a video game and it made you a fan of something.
26. Notice me senpai?: GO AWAY.
27. Go see a doctor: You wonder if they did.
28. Harambe comments: On things completely unrelated to Harambe.
29. Spot the Difference Comments: Because you clearly thought the Where's Waldo books were boring.
30. This Ruined My Childhood: What ruins your childhood is simply your perspective of it.
31. Hey Guys I found Free Hack 100% Working!: NEVER LISTEN TO SCAMS, PEOPLE.
32. Only someone who is Autistic or retarded would like this: Only someone with an inferiority complex would post this.
33. Rihanna is the Best: Not really.
34. loooool: This can be interpreted as a Newton's Cradle.
36. How are there 100,000 Views if There are Only 7,000 People in the World?: Someone asks the real questions.
37. I don't condone suicide but please go and kill yourself :): Nice, hypocritical comment you made there.
38. Michael Jackson is the king of music: The "best of anything" comments are purely subjective.
39. I found this easy/difficult to masturbate too: Why do you want to masturbate to it in the first place.
40. Why am I watching this before I get on a ____: Fill in the blank and don't watch it anymore.
41. Boo I hate this: Then stop watching it.
42. Comments with the word cringe: This has become an increasingly dumb buzzword.
43.... You're a rebel I like you: If you are a rebel, sign up and fight the Empire/First Order whatever.
44. Go home, you're drunk: And you think you can control people.
45. like if smosh sent you here!!1!!: How can another website send you to Youtube anymore? They just embed videos anyways. You are only sending yourself there so you can see other like-minded comments.
46. Did he die?: Youtube doesn't allow filming of people dying so no.
47. Half Life 3/Illuminati Confirmed: Gabe said himself he's not releasing HL3 with all these idiots claiming it is confirmed. I'd also like to point out if it did come out you would be disappointed with it anyways.
48. Meanwhile in Africa: Stop it with the wrongful generalizations.
49. I Just Wanna Copy And Paste Copy and Paste: I just wanna remove annoying people from the comments section.
50. Rip someone who died years ago: You weren't around back then either.
51. Santa is real: I've seen enough fake Santas.
52. Last time I was this early: What does this even mean?
53. I'm on that weird part of YouTube: It's gonna be weird. It's the comments section for crying out loud.
54. (Youtuber) brought me here!!!!!1!one: Youtubeception, when one Youtuber finds a video bringing the fans to another.
55. Donald Trump jokes: Enough with these. Your mindset clearly wants him gone but he's gonna stay a little longer.
56. Warning! Carry on reading, even if you read the word warning!: Make some sense.
57. I was born in (insert year after 2005): Amazing if you actually are born in a year after 2005 and can type well.
58. R.I.P. Paul Walker: Okay we get it.
59. My dog/pet rock died please give me likes :(: Stop farming likes.
60. I'm early better make a joke: The joke is on you. Your comment is trash.
61. [insert fake and creepy story] If you don't copy and paste this, [insert fake and creepy thing that will kill you (not actually)]: The chain letter template.
62. OMG SLAYYYYYYYY πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•: Those emojis are gonna screw up my browser.
63. Looking for sexy girls in you area? β€πŸ‘€ 😚They're here ➑➑➑: Ugh.
64. Next time, check your grammar!!: No need for two exclamation marks.
66. People arguing about whether Green Day is punk or not!: The genre wars need to cease.
67. OMG HE/SHE IS SUCH A HACKER BECUZ THER R ONLY 1000000 PPL IN THE WRLD!!!: What are ppl and what is a wrld?
68. Sorry I dropped my bag of Illuminati: Someone found out how to put triangles on and pretends to be part of something that doesn't exist.
69. This is Bob: Remember these? People wanted the old Youtube back, because something triggered them.
70. You say X I say Y: I have not seen these comments anywhere.
71. I'm (whatever age under 18) and I love (some song from the 80s): Good for you.
72. Thumbs up if you're watching this in ____: We're gonna combine the worst of the worst.
73. Da heck did I just watch?: Your gangsta language ain't welcome here.
74. Nah I disagree: This isn't that bad.
75. Minions Are Cancer: Their fans are, though.
76. I'm late Let me think of a Joke: No it flew over your head, 16 items ago.
77. And his name is... JOHN CENA: So annoying, made by people who don't even watch wrestling.
78. The Secret Life Of Pets Is Ripping Off Toy Story: Ah, I was wondering where the Disney fans would show up here.
79. Barney Rules: Pffft.
80. I'm offensive, and I find this (insert unfunny joke here): Should've stopped at "I'm offensive"
81. The 90's were the Best!: The fans make it the worst.
82. R.I.P. Headphone Users: Some of these comments are legit though.
83. No, I'm watching this in (insert ridiculously early or ridiculously late year): I foreshadowed this item.
84. I'm a girl: You think being a girl gives you a free pass to anything?
85. U suk. (insert person or item) iz da beast evah!: Go back to English class.
86. Like = kiss your crush / Subscribe = have sex with your crush: This is completely not guaranteed and fake.
87. Salty Comments: See's gamers whining = this or "git gud" even though your skill level is not any better than theirs.
88. No one likes you b**ch!: Put a comma in this comment.
89. Null: Are we talking about pointers?
90. Guys my parents told me if I'll get 200 subscribers they'll buy me a (Insert something here): Your parents are scamming you.
91. 1 Sub =, 1 like=, 1 reply=, ignore=... (Ect.): And now your scamming others.
93. Please watch my videos they're awesome: Self-promotion in the worst way possible.
94. There are only two genders: This is factually correct.
95. I love you! My video about you!: Fix your second sentence.
96. I'm a simple guy/girl I see [insert something or someone they like here], I click: You're not simple. You're bored.
97. Click on my channel for something special!: No. Also not putting the arrow because it gives me a 403 on saving the draft.
98. Where's the Notification Squad at?: I don't like the bell icon.

Most Overused YouTube Comments
1. kys: The shortened version of Kill Yourself.
2. Last time I was this early [continue]: continue?
3. If I get [blank] likes I'll ask my crush out: Stop, get some help.
4. This song is soooooooo... [read more] Fabulous: YOU are not though.
5. First!: I wonder if this item is on each of the six lists.
6. Who else came here from [blank]: I didn't.
7. Top 10 anime *insert subject here*: Again, they are on non-anime videos.
8. That one guy called LuckyMusiqLive that says 'my kid was born in the waiting room while this was playing I decided to call him/her [blank]': This comment isn't overused. I never even seen it before in my entire life.
9. It's my birthday today can I get some likes: Get lost.
10. Who's watching in [year]?: The more annoying version of "First".
11. All those [insert number of] dislikers are [insert negative adjective or noun]: Are very derogatory. IF you don't like something don't comment it.
12. Darude-Sandstorm: I applaud whoever came to this list for this item.
13. A B C E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Notice anything? The d is out for Harambe: Never saw this one.
14. John Cena!: Again, non-wrestling fans who only worship meme religion put this one on.
15. If I get [number] likes I'll post a video of me [insert crazy idea]: Do you see the video maker making these comments?
16. Find the Difference: This isn't a math class.
17. 1 like for your crush to kiss you 1 subscribe you will win the lottery ignore and you will get killed: One is fine, the other kills you.
18. Roses Are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail and so did you: You are truly desperate.
19. OMG this is so fake at... you can clearly see...: Okay Mr. Scientist.
20. Fat: Um, fine.
21. HISSSSS: Snakes can't use the internet.
22. Cringe: Meme religion has ruined this word.
23. There is nothing wrong with this video, [insert singer/YouTuber] is queen: Or king I presume?
24. Am I the only one who...: Hates these comments?
25. Go lions! Beat those nasty hyenas!: Well, and here I thought it was about the Detroit Lions. Darn Disney fans.
26. pls sub to my channel: You don't get subs that way.
27. However likes I get is how old I am: So if you get 0 it means you haven't even lived past 12 months. Makes full sense.
28. This made me drink myself {Bleach profile picture}: You cannot become your avatar.
29. Cancer: The fourth sign of the zodiac.
30. I saw 4 kids attacking a boy and decided to help out. He didn't stand a chance against 5 of us.: So someone saw this a surprising amount of times. I haven't seen this once.
31. If you don't like it, then don't watch it!: This is true in a way.
32. The demon that possessed Miley Cyrus left and possessed Katy Perry: I haven't seen any changes in her.
33. I faped to this: Wrong. Faped is not a word.
34. "Insert anything with a fanbase" is cancer: Hatebases are even worse.
35. Let's play the slime game. The number in the ones place at the like button is what slime you are.: What even is this?

Top Ten Typical Comments You Always See On YouTube
1. This is way better than *blank*: Fill it in, boy.
2. I hate *Youtuber*: Then don't watch them and ignore any of their fans.
3. I known you from another channel: Cool, someone has two channels. Big deal.
4. People who dislike this are *blank*: Fill it in, boy.
5. Fake: Just like your love life.
6. Gay: Just like your secret love life.
7. Like this comment: Or your gonna do what? Throw a temper tantrum to your mommy because no one likes you?
8. *insert name here*: Really this needs to be specific.
9. How does that get that many views when there's only 7 million people on earth: Bots.
10. Darude Sandstorm: This one doesn't even have the hyphen in it.
11. Who is watching in [insert year]: Darude Sandstorm and Watching in Year are in the leaderboards right now.
12. This video was uploaded on my birthday: Yeah, cool.
13. This video came out the day I was born!: Two back-to-back duplicates, congratulations.
14. #niceshirt:_#stopwiththehashtagsthisisn'ttwitter
15. First: Put a sock in it.
16. You're everywhere!: As are you
17. HISSSSSSSSSSSS!: This is here again?
18. Today is my birthday!: Cool.
19. You say (insert pop/rap artist here) - I say (insert rock/metal artist here): I say shut up.
20. Subscribe to me!: Nope.
21. I'm (insert age here) years old: Mindset's younger than that.

Most Annoying YouTube Like Comments
1. My pet died today. Can I get a thousand likes?: A thousand likes is not gonna earn you cash for another pet.
2. Like if you are watching in (insert current year)!: That's the fourth one.
3. It's my birthday. Can I get a thousand likes?: Either this or your pet has died.
4. Like: Get kissed by your CRUSH Ignore: Die at 5:00 a.m.: Again?
5. Like if you agree!: I disagree.
6. Like if you exist: Okay.
7. Like and I will subscribe to your channel.: You're no true fan.
8. LIKE TO GET $1,000,000,000,000 FREE: You don't get a trillion out of that.
10. Like or I will hack your electronic device.: You can't try.
11. Like or I will FYRITP: Trump quotes are getting to be annoying memes.
12. Like or Die: How simplistic
13. LB: I spoke too soon.
14. Like or I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU: No you're not
15. Like or Go to Hell: Try it.
16. Like or F Off: Are you trying.
17. Like this if you want a kiss: I don't want a kiss.
18. Like for a free hug: I don't want a hug either.
19. Like this or you will die: Can you please get some help?
20. Like this or have (insert number) years of bad luck: A little bit better but still...

Top Ten Most Popular Kinds of Youtube Comments
1. Darude Sandstorm: Nothing to see here.
2. Check Out My Channel!: Nah.
3. Big Text: Big ASCII art in other words.
4. Scroll Down to Find Cure for Cancer: It never came.
5. Like Dis So I Can Have Top Comment!: Dis?
6. Who's Viewing This In November?: What's special about this month over the other eleven ones?
7. Imposters: A.k.a Fake.
8. First Comment!: It really does never end.
9. Rooster Teeth Sent Me Here: Rooster Teeth is popular again?
10. Like if you're watching this in 2014: This comment was made by someone in 2015.
11. Subscribe or Die: No, you
12. (Item) Is Cancer: Lost track of how many times cancer showed itself.
13. Like This If You Think: Not putting the ellipses there.
14._ Thumbs up if you're watching this in (insert current year): You can't avoid it.
15. How does this user have (insert large number) subscribers if there are only (insert small number) people on Earth?: SCIENCE

Types of Comments Likely to Be Found in YouTube Music Videos
1. I BROKE THE REPEAT BUTTON, RIP: You can't break the digital button, silly.
2. lyrics: Not bad.
3. I miss *musician* πŸ˜”πŸ’”: GET OVER IT.
4. R.I.P.: Sorry, but you can't change what happens to your musicians.
6. misheard lyrics: Actually bad.
7. funny skit:?
8. at 0:00 and onward was awesum lmfao 😝: Okay, you like the whole song.
9. i disliked: Don't come back again ever.
10. Who's watching in [year]?: This is on EVERY list I analyzed.
11. original comment: Maybe.
12. First.: There's a period at the end of this.
13. I was born in the wrong generation.: Boohoo

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