Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Best School Subjects

NuMetalManiak Sorry kids, it's time to head back to school in 2018. You gotta figure out which school subjects will be most fun, but also most helpful later on in life. Many other ones are honestly not that necessary. Also you probably thought that I was gonna do Worst School Subjects. Well this one has 100 items and I bet anything that any school subject is gonna land on this list.

1. Science: There are many, many things in science. Many fun things. Bill Nye would've taught you the most if you ever saw his videos. Unfortunately a good chunk of it involves...
2. Math: Yep, math. It's a love/hate thing for many students. You get supremely easy problems to deal with a lot, and explanations as to how to do them aren't hard to come by. Then again, the more advanced you go, the more ridiculous it gets.
3. English: You can be grateful for it, but it's not entirely something to be amazingly proud of. If anything, it's boring. Literature is the worst part of it, but learning all the types of words and what to use isn't hard.
4. History: Probably the easiest course to take. It tells you about things that happened long ago, and tests are easy. The only problem with history is that not enough people even bother to study it.
5. Art: I can imagine art majors having problems with money though. Anyone can be an artist, just don't be like one of those Deviantart weirdos.
6. Music: Finding creativity in music is certainly another thing anyone can do. Although what they show in school is the more boring and generic ones.
7. Computers: Always fun to learn. Not entirely a school subject though, since many others are forcing you to use them anyways.
8. Geography: If anything's easier than history it's geography. Point to a map, figure out what it is, bang, you're set. Easy.
9. Physical Education: As far as grading goes, PE is pretty lenient as long as you participate. But it's often a class the nerds suck at because they aren't athletic in comparison to the jocks.
10. Chemistry: This is actually the most dangerous of the science courses, and I don't like it anymore.
11. Drama: Can be both easy and hard. Depends on the teacher. Some teacher I knew was just a perfectionist. I didn't have his course but being in band and having to wait for them to get the lines perfect was annoying all of us.
12. Social Studies: Basically combines small parts of history and geography.
13. Physics: This is technically a math class, and not really fun, but slightly necessary.
14. Reading: Can actually be boring. But reading these list analyses is fun, unlike a book you don't feel interested in.
15. Cooking: This one's important, especially if you gotta do a part-time fast food job.
16. Spanish: Not difficult to learn.
17. Biology: Learning about species is actually kind of fun.
18. Religion: Heh, good luck avoiding becoming a crazed religious fundie if you decide to go for this.
19. Astronomy: Is fun, but hard to find something worthwhile out of it in terms of jobs. Other than NASA of course.
20. Writing: Being FORCED to write something in class can be taxing, especially if you have a strict grader. Better to practice on your own.
21. Technology: There needs to be more of this class.
22. Psychology: Probably easy. Then again, the way people behave can make it hard.
23. French: I don't know this one.
24. Economics: This really needs to be studied more. Otherwise, people won't know how to use money wisely.
25. Earth Science: The beginner's branch of geology. Nothing much to it.
26. Health: The comments here show how juvenile people are. Get over seeing private parts people.
27. Design and Technology: I love how design is integrated into this. Very integral part of it.
28. Logic: So why is the rapper on this item?
29. Band: Learning how to play these things can be hard, but once you got it down, you're ready.
30. Environmental Education: Why aren't people funding this?
31. Ethics: Probably pertains to psychology.
32. Dance: Technically, this counts as PE.
33. Media Studies: Studying the mindset of the SJW Tumblr left sure seems about right.
34. Swimming: Good luck finding a course involving swimming.
35. Information Technology: An important one for cybersecurity and other topics.
36. Literature: COMPLETELY BORING.
37. Civics: Part of government studies. Americans in this day and age need to understand this a bit more, and that all their protests against Trump are mostly for naught.
38. Forensic Science: Going for a criminal degree means this one is important.
39. Accounting: May be useful for that degree, otherwise people don't really care.
40. Italian: Since my parents are going there in 2018, I think they should study this.
41. Political Education: Read Civics.
42. Rhetoric: Can be difficult, public speaking is enough to make anyone nervous.
43. Philosophy: As long as people don't abuse it.
44. Nursing: Again, only if you are going for that degree.
45. Chinese: It's the most spoken language ever. Interestingly enough, almost all of the people speaking it already live in China.
46. Citizenship: Important for the immigrants out there, they can't just think they can do whatever when they move.
47. Personal, Social and Health Education: This is way too broad.
48. Food Technology: Food...technology? Are you referring to the tools they use in the fast food trade?
49. Orchestra: Would technically either be a part of band or basically a band class as a whole.
50. Athletics: Fun athletics instead of playing dodgeball all the time, where working on the parts of the body helps.
51. Photography: A very easy thing to do.
52. Anatomy: Should also be insanely easy.
53. Digital Art: Well, read Art up above.
54. Latin: A lot of super old phrases are Latin and most people don't even know anything about that language other than those super old phrases. It's probably a boring class too.
55. Video Game Design: Should honestly be a fun class. It actually isn't, because in this day and age, people are all like "GIVE MOAR GRAPHICS!!" or other things, then they get made because gameplay isn't good. Or vice versa.
56. Algebra: It's not the most egregious math subject, thankfully.
57. Study Skills: This is actually a beginner college course and really is the easiest course you can afford to have.
58. Western Philosophy: I hate European philosophies.
59. Business Studies: Important for those who go into management.
60. Pre-algebra: Technically, this is basic math.
61. Textiles: Is it something absolutely necessary?
62. Astrophysics: Astrophysics for morons. Wasn't that a parody book in a Fairly Odd Parents episode?
63. Portuguese: The lesser cousin of Spanish, I presume.
64. Commerce: Business and Commerce are often considered important, yes.
65. Sex Ed: This is like one class of a regular health class, where they decide to separate the genders and talk about the things that are necessary in a number of ways. Would be fun if it weren't for all the juvenile people giggling all the time.
66. Graphics: Computer-aided ones I presume. Not too bad.
67. Theater: See Drama.
68. Polish: Yes, this is another language course.
69. Serbian: Alright stop, seriously. Most people are not gonna even bother with these languages, since they won't even move to the locations that speak them the most.
70. Spelling: Easy until you get to those extreme words no one even uses.
71. Architectural Design: Definitely a part of art.
72. Languages Study: This isn't a subject.
73. Filipino:...
74. Tamil: I don't even know what country this originates from.
75. Urdu: The western world doesn't know these languages.
76. Electronics: Important for homes, important class to figure out.
77. Hindi: The Indians on TheTopTens love talking about stuff no one ever knows about.
78. Word Study: As fun as it is, it turns less fun when those same words are used against you in an argument.
79. Ancient Literature: Wanna know what's more boring than literature? What else?
80. Adventure Ed: This sounds like an awesome version of PE that no one does.
81. PDHPE: Such acronyms. I think this is what #47 was supposed to be. But it didn't include "development"
82. Mapeh: Music, art, PE, and health. In a list of Best School Subjects, you thought it would be good to duplicate four items into the same one.
83. German: Okay this one is popular.
84. Geometry: The absolute easiest advanced math course. Fun because it's easy.
85. Sanskrit: A very ancient language. If only more people knew about it. Then again, there aren't a whole lot who need it.
86. Precalculus: Can be tough, but calculus is worse.
87. Calculus: I was saying earlier. It's got its really easy moments, but it's hard moments are off the beaten scale.
88. Publications: Look out for copyright laws, people.
89. California History: I really, REALLY, want to know what's up with California these days.
90. Musical Theatre: This is Drama class, again.
91. Interactive Games Studies: This is quite different from other video game-related things. I like this one a lot, because it shows how games function.
92. Ceramics: For those who want a boring clothes-related life.
93. Wood Shop: Can actually be somewhat dangerous.
94. Ecology: Environmental studies.
95. Romanian: So many languages most people won't know about.
96. Home Economics: Very important, gotta figure out how to pay bills.
97. Choir: Singing as part of one may or may not be fun. I don't want to work in a church though.
98. Japanese: I said stuff about all these language classes in English. Go me.
99. Malayalam: That's a palindrome.
100. Woodwork: #93, that's all there's to it.

The fundamentals end up being necessary, a good chunk of ones, such as foreign languages and a few others, are electives, and SHOULD pertain to what you want to do later in life.


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