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21 Pricilla Mennella
22 Catya Washington

"I'll drop my Louie Voiton and snatch a bitch... just that fast. " - Greenbeast44

"You a nut-ass bitch for that one! " Catya had her whole season scared to confront her.

23 Jazmyn Wallace
24 Jamie Wallace
25 Tiara Hodge

A true turn up queen and she was funny ass hell "i dance like a white girl"

She is the best because she keeps it real.

She is a funny bitch

26 Stephanie George
27 Zuly
28 Ty Colliers Ty Colliers
29 Ripsi Terzian
30 Angelic Castillo

I'm in your face now what.?

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31 Leslie Ramsue
32 Jazmone
33 Jessica Rodriguez
34 Shannon Sarich
35 Lauren London
36 Portia Beaman
37 Paula Hellens

"I came up here to go to sleep"

Paula was a true bad girl

38 Kori Koether

I compately adore her in every ways that she's been in I know she's very beautiful and pretty too just ingore those bullies incoming those girls they don't have any rights to judge u,

39 Elease Donovan

"You wanna draw pictures, I can draw pictures too. "

40 Wilmarie Sena

Wilmarie kicked Nikki's ass three times!

She beat Nikki ass with a lamp

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