Top Ten Most Beautiful Eagle Species


The Top Ten

1 Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

This is gorgeous - ElSherlock

An American symbol.

2 African Fish Eagle African Fish Eagle

Looks so much better than the Bald Eagle.

3 Martial Eagle Martial Eagle
4 Golden Eagle Golden Eagle

Most beautiful in my opinion - CrypticMemory

This is the most beautiful eagle species - ElSherlock

5 Philippine Eagle Philippine Eagle

This eagle's plumage looks stunning. Other eagle species are also beautiful, but this one is so different and special.

This is also beautiful - ElSherlock

6 Steller's Sea Eagle Steller's Sea Eagle
7 Crowned Eagle Crowned Eagle
8 Bateleur

The coloring and shape is probably the most unique of all eagles; the female is especially beautiful with the extra white band. - emraldYE

Most unique shape and most colorful. - emraldYE

9 White-Bellied Sea Eagle White-Bellied Sea Eagle
10 Haast's Eagle Haast's Eagle

This species is extinct along with the Moa bird, a beautiful big bird just like it - ElSherlock

Sadly, this specie is extinct. - RogerMcBaloney

The Contenders

11 Booted Eagle Booted Eagle
12 Harpy Eagle Harpy Eagle

It's very beautiful - ElSherlock

13 Bonelli's Eagle Bonelli's Eagle
14 Spanish Imperial Eagle Spanish Imperial Eagle

This one looks so imposing. It also looks like it could command respect from all of the other eagles.

I think this one is more beautiful than the Eastern. - emraldYE

15 Eastern Imperial Eagle Eastern Imperial Eagle
16 Steppe Eagle Steppe Eagle
17 White-Tailed Eagle White-Tailed Eagle
18 Verreaux's Eagle

Its shape unique. - emraldYE

19 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle
20 Black Eagle
21 Black-Chested Buzzard-Eagle
22 Short-Toed Snake Eagle
23 Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle
24 Crested Serpent Eagle
25 Little Eagle
26 Brown Snake Eagle
27 Philippine Serpent Eagle
28 Changeable Hawk-Eagle
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1. Bald Eagle
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1. Bateleur
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