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1 Try Again

Best song of Aaliyah

There is a reason why thoughtco ranked this song as the best pop song of all time. RIP Aaliyah

2 One In a Milion

This is "The" Aaliyah song. It was the first time that Timbaland's futuristic, unorthodox beats hit the airwaves and Aaliyah was the perfect vehicle to deliver them to the space. Her voice is perfectly meshed with the beat, the crickets create a dramatic crepuscular atmosphere and that amazing bass line is still untouchable.
It's not her best vocal performance, nor is it probably her very best song ("Are You That Somebody? " is perhaps the height of her vocal delivers AND of Timbaland's ridiculous creativity), but it's her signature song and the tune that fits best her style and her persona.
It's Aaliyah at her most. And best.

Amazing song along with amazing lyrics. I hope she found peace and I just wanna let A aliyah know we still love and adore her music, her legacy still lives on and we haven't forgotten her. MAY SHE REST IN THE ARMS OF GOD FOR ALL ETERNITY.

This song is one in a milion!

Man I love this song. Aaliyah's voice is so unique & smooth, I'm just so sad she lost her life so young & she didn't get chance to make more great songs like One In A Million. R.I.P Aaliyah We all love you x

3 Are You that Somebody?

Absolutely great song... Except for those weird baby noises in the background :/

Love this song, it makes me wanna dance!

Urban music pivotal moment.

4 More Than a Woman

I just love and adore this song. The beat is awesome. I wish she were still alive today!

This song is just great! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

5 Rock the Boat

I love this song it was one of my favorites. The music video was amazing. So sad she lost her life hours after making it. REST IN PEACE, GOD BLESS HER YOUNG SOUL!

Its sad my favorite of her songs is her last

Her last song before she died. :'( - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

6 We Need a Resolution

This is should be around 3 because it really is good, and I love the beat.

The best song ever

7 Don't Know What to Tell Ya

This is my favorite aaliyah song this is her best song rip baby girl.

8 4 Page Letter

It's amazing how enjoyable this song is despite its length, Aaliyah's craft was beyond great in this song.

Aaliyah was the Queen of R & B slow jams Yes! This song just makes you kick back & Jam. 1 of the many great talents that Aaliyah had was to relax you with her smooth, soft voice. No1 can top Aaliyah when it comes to Slow Jams.

I love the R&B groove of this song, it is so smoth and relaxing.

9 I Care For You

I love this song I thing it's her best

10 Back & Forth

Still a classic now, started her career off so well and it's hard to not sing a long

I can't believe this song is 17

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11 At Your Best (You are Love)

I can't believe this song wasn't even on this list! This is definitely worth to be in the top ten. So calm, so relaxing.. Just love it... RIP Babygirl..

12 Young Nation


13 Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

"Age ain't nothing but a number, throwing down ain't nothing but a thang,
This something I have for you it'll never change" WoW!

Chorus gets stuck in your head all day 🖤 beautiful song

14 Miss You

Every time I listen to this I'm kinda sad, it reminds me of the video of this song.

This is by far the best aaliyah song are you kidding me? - JCchrom3

Nah you people got this list all mixed up

15 If Your Girl Only Knew

I really like this song! I'm almost addicted to it!

16 Got to Give It Up
17 Come Back In One Piece
18 Old School
19 Street Thing

This is one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard and Aaliyah's voice is just awesome!

20 John Blaze
21 Never Givin' Up

In my opinion one of the best songs from "One in a milion"

22 All I Need

A very pure and beautiful song

23 Enough Said
24 The One I Gave My Heart To
25 Let Me Know
26 Hot Like Fire

The Timbaland remix of this song is absolutely amazing! - FlakyCuddles43

27 Journey to the Past

This song makes me feel happy, it's really great!

I love this song so much this song is deffinitely aaliyah's best song.

28 You Got Nerve


29 It's Whatever

Such an angelic signature Aaliyah song. Avent garde and nostalgic simultaneously, lush humid harmonies on cool atmospheric aquatic gurgles and ringing jazz pianos, it warms my heart

30 Man Undercover
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1. Try Again
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