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Death was the first Death Metal band formed by Chuck Schuldiner (Vocals, Lead Guitars and former Bassist) who is considered as the 'Father of Death Metal' for his huge influence on the genre. With Death he produced 7 studio albums from 1987 to 1998. On 13 December, 2001 he passed away and 'Death' was disbanded. May his soul rest in peace.
The Top Ten
1 Symbolic

1. Symbolic - All songs are awesome. Sacred Serenity is my favorite.
2. The Sound of Perseverance - Voice of the Soul and Scavenger of Human Sorrow are masterpieces.
3. Scream Bloody Gore - Not a single weak song on the album.
4. Leprosy - Left to Die has the best intro of any Death song.
5. Individual Thought Patterns - Nothing Is Everything is awesome, Trapped in a Corner is mediocre, Together as One has a cool riff, the rest are boring.
6. Human - Cosmic Sea is amazing, Lack of Comprehension is okay, the rest is just bad.
7. Spiritual Healing - Boring to the point of tears.

2 The Sound of Perseverance

All of the albums were great, without a doubt. However, this album got my attention the most. The first track by Death I heard was the live version of Crystal Mountain, then it went to Evil Dead from Scream Bloody Gore. After a couple more tracks from Scream Bloody Gore, I stumbled onto The Sound of Perseverance. Odd combination, I know.

I literally thought these albums had different singers when I first discovered them. It really amazed me how high Chuck went in his vocals compared to, let's say, Zombie Ritual. This album has the best riffs, more progressive elements than any of their other albums, and outstanding lyrics.

This album is my favorite of all time, not only for the reasons I've already stated but also because it features the most beautiful instrumental, Voice of the Soul. Not to mention their cover of Painkiller and how high-pitched Chuck's vocals went. Hands down, the best Death album and one of the best albums of all time.

3 Human

I love Human. The remastered version is nice too, as it brings out all of the instruments really well. The album has some great tracks, heavy riffs, and great solos, not to mention top-tier drumming and outstanding vocals. Another thing I like about all of Death's material is that the bass is brought out and given chances to shine with the guitars.

Great albums, all of them, but Human gets my vote. Peace out.

All of their albums are great! Although, this one stood out to me the most! Every song is amazing! Who can forget Lack of Comprehension? There were other great songs too, like Cosmic Sea, Flattening of Emotions, Suicide Machine, and many more!

4 Leprosy

I really don't know why people like the later Death albums. This is my absolute favorite album by them. Second is Scream Bloody Gore. In my opinion, the best "later" Death album is Human.

Nonetheless, this album has the sickest tracks. Every song is good. The solo in "Born Dead" is perfect, the drumming on Leprosy is outstanding, and the intro to "Left to Die" will forever be stuck in my head. "Pull the Plug" is obviously a favorite for those who like the later albums. The riffs on both "Open Casket" and "Choke on It" are monstrous. My favorite song has to be "Primitive Ways."

5 Individual Thought Patterns

Definitely my favorite Death album, by far. I love Andy LaRocque's guitar playing in combination with Chuck's. Every song is a masterpiece - there's no filler whatsoever. With jazzy-sounding bass lines that you can actually hear, amazing drumming from Gene, and superb songwriting, this one does it for me.

It is more than 20 years old now and still sounds fresh! I'm not sure why Beavis and Butt-Head hated the video for "The Philosopher" so much.

This album is so underrated. Seriously, it should get more love. I hear people claiming it's less memorable...what?! Have you listened to Overactive Imagination, In Human Form, Trapped in a Corner, Mentally Blind, Nothing Is Everything, Individual Thought Patterns, Destiny, The Philosopher? Fifth position? You all must be kidding.

6 Spiritual Healing

This album is so underrated that I can understand why it has been overlooked for so long. Spiritual Healing is not only my favorite Death album (by a million miles) but also one of my favorite metal albums of all time. The emotions and atmosphere perfectly captured in this piece of art will forever connect me to this sub-genre of music.

With the exception of Individual Thought Patterns, the order of my favorite albums in this list follows a bottom-up approach. A message to folks who start listening to albums from a certain band or sub-genre: don't let any website's lists or rankings dictate your taste. Trust your senses and listen to the sound that appeals to you. Don't jump on the bandwagon.

My Favorite Albums from the band:

1. Spiritual Healing
2. Scream Bloody Gore
3. Leprosy
4. Symbolic
5. Human
6. The Sound of Perseverance
7. Individual Thought Patterns


7 Scream Bloody Gore

As much as I utterly despise their albums after Spiritual Healing, I've fallen in love with this album. Since the first time I listened to it around 11 times, I still blast it every now and then. I hated that the band changed their sound to appeal to the masses.

Anyway, RIP Chuck. Thanks for your memento of Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy, and Spiritual Healing. I'll hold these three albums with me till death.

The debut album of Death was hugely influenced by the demo by Possessed named Death Metal. This is considered one of the earliest death metal records along with Possessed's Seven Churches.

Anyway, this is one of the most brutal productions by Death and one of the most influential albums in the realm of the genre.

8 Live in Eindhoven
9 Live in L.A. (Death & Raw)
10 Reign of Terror (Demo)
The Contenders
11 Death by Metal
12 Vivus!
13 Fate: The Best of Death
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