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21 Maestro
22 Tanglewood

Best Sounding Acoustic, Just bought on today and the most beautiful sound I've heard

Tangle wood should have in top ten when it comes to acoustic.

I don't think tanglewood should be below Yamaha, they sou amazing and the materials they use are very comfortable to the touch, I own a Yamaha but when I played a tanglewood I got mesmerized.

I am watching halep

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23 Cort

I own a Cort MR 710 and I love its bold yet balanced tone. I have tried a few different guitars but I find it to have the best sound you can buy for the money. They have some very nice looking models, too. Also I love the narrow necks on most of their models. Perfect.

I love my cort, given me a great sound for 9 years. Best value for money and a great acoustic sound

High Quality and superb sound, betters with age.

The best value for the money. I have an AP55 V-B parlor and it is very well made. It has great balance and is light. The neck is comfortable, and stable. It has a rosewood fret board, spruce top, and the sides and back are mahogany. Beautiful finish and attention to detail. The hardware is excellent. This is a no frills acoustic guitar so don't expect fancy inlays, or a pick guard. The AP 55 V-B is comfortable to play and sounds great.

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24 Yamaki

Amazing, amazing acoustics. I am partial to it because the Japanese imported spruce from British Columbia for the top, and I live in Vancouver. Massive volume, great tone, and my favorite neck. I played one 17 years ago, and have never been able to forget it... So I hunted and found one this year from the early 70's. Absolutely love it

Terrific guitars. I would put them up against a Martin of which I own one. However, I play the Yamaki's almost exclusively (I have 4 of them) because of their wonderful deep sound and ease of play. One of the best bangs for the buck.

70'S vintage canon japan made yamaki guitars. One of the best sounding acoustic guitar. Spruce top madagascar rosewood back brazilian rosewood sides and rosewood fret boards with abalone inlays.

I have a cedar top Ay372S Yamaki that I bought in 1979. I have a Martin D-28 also. The Yamaki has a lot more volume and punch in the high end. I can't decide which I like better the Martin or the Yamaki

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25 Faith

I've had my faith guitar for 7 years now and the action and tone is fantastic, great quality materials and workmanship. Well recommended

Faith guitars as far as I'm concerned are on a par with all your top makes I'e Martin and Taylor. I have a Neptune natural best acoustic I've ever played,solid top grade woods and ebony fret board just try one!

26 Fernando

They have one of the most perfect and great sounds in the world

The best guitar

They have the best acoustic guitars :D

One of the best :D

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27 Lowden

If you ever have the good fortune to encounter one of these, for heaven's sake try it out. There's absolutely nothing out there that sounds as good as a lowden, at least not for under 10 grand. I've never played a Lowden that didn't haunt me afterwards.

There's something pure about these guitars. Several different tweaks of engineering and hand crafted through and through. Nothing compares.. and George lowden is getting better at his craft as time goes on.

Great sustain, fantastic craftsmanship, and heavenly sound. One of the best of the best!

I have been playing electric, acoustic, and classic for 20 years. I have owned highed end taylors and played my fair share of martins. My current daily player is a lowden F 35... and it continually surprises me after years of working with it. It's an amazing instrument, and I whole-heartedly recommend these guitars. The guitar is constructed completely differently from mainstream acoustics: A-frame bracing, super strong 5 peice neck, split saddle and handmade attention.

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28 Walden

I had a D710CE about 5 years, it was great guitar an easy playing guitar, and in my opinion a well made guitar.

High-quality steel-string and classical guitars at affordable prices

I own a Hawthorn HO221TB Walden guitar (Colour: Tobacco Blast Matt finish), and fascinated by its marvelous sound quality and its make, material, design and feel. A heaven at affordable price. Kick off those kings of prices who do not allow the masses to have a classical guitar in hand.

I have played all sorts of guitars, Guild, Gibson, Epi, Lowden, Fender etc etc. Walden for a beginner/intermediate are far beyond anything you can get for the same money. Exceptional sounding and great build quality, and because no-one has heard of them you can pick them up for half the price or any of the "named" brands if you get a good used one. I have had my hands on 3 in recent years, I got them for less than £100 each - one for £50 and it held its own with anything else I had that cost nearly £1k new. I would recommend them absolutely.

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29 Lag Guitars

I love this guitar. Great great looks and sound quality. Great value for your money. I have t400ace and I love it

I have 2 Lags, one is a 4 seasons (spring) no electrics) and a 300DCE, both guitars are excellent value for money.
I would recommend to anyone considering a new guitar try one and I don't think you will be disappointed. In my opinion they are very much unknown out there and well worth a look.

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30 Cole Clark

Incredible, unique tone and great for finger picking - try one!

Beautiful wood. Smooth neck. So easy to play and amazing sound.

Should be higher best pickup and amazing sound

Best guitars, hands down.. I own 4 of them.

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31 Paul Reed Smith (PRS)

What.. they are known for the high quality and great sounding electrics, but their acoustics are out of this world. Expensive yes, but we aren't talking best price. We are talking best acoustics and PRS is making just that.

Like their electrics, amazing action, extremely playable, and beautiful tones. A joy o play. Makes me look good.

32 Mitchell

I think Mitchell is a great guitar brand. I happen to own a Mitchell MX 400, and it is just great. Honestly, I wouldn't say it's the best guitar brand but it definitely deserves to be somewhere in the top ten, not 43, like seriously.

I bought a Mitchell after my Fender wasn't cutting it for me and honestly like it more.

I just bought my first guitar it's a Mitchell and I really like it.

Excellent brand

33 Simon & Patrick

Only real guitar I have ever owned and I continue to get people asking me what make it is because of its sound. I can't tell you what others sound like, but everywhere I play someone asks what guitar is making that great sound.

Well built, beautiful rich sound and stays tuned. Made in Canada by the Godin family. The slim neck and close action makes it easy to play for those with smaller hands. I have the black Songsmith and will never part with it. Many of my friends and family thought I had spent $1000 to $1500 for it and were really surprised at the price under $400. Godin makes a nice case for it and all of their guitars for around $120.00. Definitely should be in the top 10 of best acoustic guitars!

Sounds great, feels great. Certainly the best guitar to go for if you are on a budget and can't afford a Martin, Gibson or Taylor.

Father has a s+p guitar for around $300, excellent value. and it stuns me every time I pick it up. Such rich and balanced sound, beats my similarly priced Seagul hands down.

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34 Crafter

Crafted to be the best

I own a twin bird that I've had set up ie new nut and lowered, and a taylor 318 and the tone of the twin bird and the sustain is far sweeter than my taylor, it's a remarkable guitar that I will keep above all my other guitars,

They are a good guitar for the money

I received a crafter for my 21st and the sound is just beautiful, can not fault the guitar at all! Amazing sound and good quality make.

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35 Lumanog

Best kept secret in the world. These Philippines made guitar are the best in value!

36 Sigma Guitars

Absolutely stunning guitars, that can easily compared with Martin. Beautiful sound with really great price. I own Sigma 000-15M folk/blues guitar and it's one of the most wonderful guitars I've ever played on. And I've played on much more expensive guitars.

37 Collins

How may companies are listed above the best built Acoustic guitars I'm the world...this list past 1 and 2 is is terrible.

This is probably the best brand out there but it's very expensive

38 Eastman

Excellent! For those with a tighter budget plays as well as most Martins I have tried.

Best sounding guitar I've owned is a solid wood Eastman.

Great guitar if I could not afford a Martin Eastman would be my next choice.

Excellent handcrafted with adirondack spurce and nitro lacquer!

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39 Dean

It is awesome and has a beautiful sound and it is beautiful

In my opinion, the guitar is underestimated by the players.

Very beautiful sound and beautiful looking!

40 Greg Bennett

An awesome acoustic-electric guitar at affordable price! I felt like this is one of my smartest purchase. I have an OM one with very beautiful look - ivory-color spruce top and chocolate-color back and side. The guitar comes with built-in Fishman pick-up and tuner. It has bright and sweet sound on picking, while having strong and resonant sound on strumming. With capo, the tone can be transformed to be soft and deep suitable for sad songs. Most importantly, it is a full-sized guitar playable by a lady with small hand and short arm like me!

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