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41 Morris

I think should be at least number 3 from the list

I have a 0m28 copy that resonates, sounds and feels better that the original.

42 Cordoba

An affordable and amazing guitar. has amazing nylon strings that makes almost anyone sound great

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43 Andrew White Guitars

I've met and talked to Andrew as his shop is 20 minutes from me. When you talk guitars to Andrew, you will get the feeling that this man knows his guitar building. He strives for perfection in his small WV workshop. There is plenty of evidence seeing some of his production models hanging on display. His quiet voice belies his guitar building abilities. As a luthier, his personal hand made guitars command a big price tag. But when you understand how he builds them, you'll understand why. One day, I'll own one his creations from his workshop. But until then, I'll just drool over the pictures. Not sure why his production models are rated at 42 though.

The first time heard the sound of that guitar...I know this is the one that I am looking for. Even though when the musician play it, I couldn't see the mark. Took me a while to find it. By looking into many details on how it is made. It is not just one piece of instrument. It is a piece of art project, and a perfection to sound and notes.
Price might be a bit high if you have a tight budget, but every penny is worth it.

Andrew White's custom guitars are AMAZING! His attention to detail is second to none and his production model guitars can't be beat in their price range. If you have the chance, try one out!

Unsurpassed in quality and detail, the best tonewoods at a incredible value. Get the best Andrew White Guitars.

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44 Bourgeois

The tone from a Bourgeois produced with master grade Cocobolo wood using hot hide glue is superior to any guitar I have played, I can get an incredible reverb sound by applying a light percussion on the body with my forearm, this guitar is expensive but worth it. I believe Bourgeois builds 400 guitars per year, the other major producers production is 400 guitars per week.

Man this is sad. They aren't a well known company, but their quality is as great as any of the American acoustics and they sound amazing too. If you don't vote for these guys you know nothing of fine guitars

45 K Yairi
46 Luna

Looks great. Lacks in sound, playability, and good build. But the details in looks are amazing.

I have a Martin, 3 Taylors and a heap of other good stuff inc. a Luna Vista Bear - I chose my particular one because of the beautifully matching selection of woods used. At first just OK sound (but I did get it for the visuals! ) but after a proper setup and a few tweaks plus a set of John Pearse strings it sounds and plays pretty darn good. I'm more than happy with it, and for the price a very nice guitar now. Not up to Taylor/Martin levels of course, but it has its own sound - and when plugged in it has a really great well balanced sound. Recommended!

47 Lindo
48 D&D Custom Guitars

They have a world class acoustic guitars :) )

49 Greenfield Guitars

Andy McKee, probably don Ross, and other great musicians all use greenfield custom made guitars. The tone is so Chrisp and if you like to use dynamics when you play, greenfield guitars will compliment your playing so beautifully. You should always try to use dynamics.

50 Art & Lutherie

Canadian Guitar that has great tone for a beginner. Lent it to two friends that have Martins and both were amazed at the tone. Took me 3 weeks to get it back from one of them.

Just bought a CW my first acoustic/electric awesome sound and quality for the price...

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52 Granada
53 Santa Cruz

Exccellet, stands proudly with Martin, Gibson

54 Line 6
55 Furch

Probably, best acoustic guitar builder in the world.

I'm certainly agree!

I own a Furch G23CRC acoustic - absolutely awesome guitars from the Czech Republic & up there with Martin, Taylor, Gibson etc. but for half the price. Frantisek Furch can offer his premium instruments with the same hand crafted quality, but sourced from European origins rather than American equivalents thus keeping prices significantly lower. Go try out a Furch for will be amazed!

I love my beauty Furch OOM-32 sm with the nice white Furch decal on the headstock and the label brand on a part of wood inside the bodyhole. reserved and beautyful!

56 Ashton Guitars

They are pretty good for the money

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57 James Olson

I think the best guitars in the world if you have £10,000 and can track one down buy it!

58 Eko

It is the best guitar ever

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59 Schecter
60 Pluto

They are nice guitars, I say they are the best for Beginners.

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