Best Action Movie Franchises

Any action movie that has sequel or sequels and any related movies.
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1 The Terminator The Terminator Product Image

One and two were both classics, three was tolerable, but not quite as good as the others. Salvation was honestly really disappointing, and Genisys was a joke.

1 through 4 were awesome. Genisys left something to be desired but this is the best. Number 2 isn't good enough, especially since it is second to The Fast and the Furious lame ass movies

Gotta love The Terminator.
"Hasta La Vista. Baby. "
One of the best movie quotes ever.

2 The Fast and the Furious The Fast and the Furious Product Image

The best franchise of all times...

3 Mad Max Mad Max Product Image

This should be number one. Terminator 1 and 2 were great, but the franchise as a whole isn't. Fast and the Furious has some good films, but some are bad. Die Hard has one terrible film. There is no bad mad max film. All of them are masterpieces.

Mad max 2 greatest action movie ever made!

4 Mission Impossible

This should be #3, behind only Die Hard and Terminator. The rare series where the movies don't just get worse and worse as they go on must must be appreciated.

Mission: Impossible: 8/10
MI2: 6/10
MI3: 8/10
Ghost Protocol: 10/10
Rogue Nation: 10/10

5 Die Hard Die Hard Product Image

I'm made this list like 5 years ago so my opinions have changed a little bit. There are only a few superhero movies that should count as action movies that's why I left them off the list. Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time but its not really an action film. Transformers yeah probably shouldn't be on here. Fast and Furious does but much lower down the list. G.I. Joe should not be anywhere near this list. Star Wars I guess could count as action, Number 1 to should either be Mad Max or Mission Impossible due to them being consistently good for the most part.T2 is my favorite action movie of all time,1 is good too and I even enjoy 3 but after that it went down. Die Hard should be top 5 but can't be number cause of a good day to die hard. But yeah those are just some of my thoughts on my list.

I'll tolerate the number three spot. But keep this in mind: Die Hard has had such an effect on anyone who has watched it. One would argue that they're all the same movie over 5 times. They're not! And the series has been consistently good, too!
Die Hard: 10/10
Die Harder: 8/10
Die Hard With A Vengeance: 7/10
Live Free Or Die Hard: 9/10
It's A Good Day To Die Hard: 5/10

I mean, most 4th movies are a joke, and Die Hard's 4th is better than most original movies. That's saying something.

Can't wait to see number 5. Should be on T.V. soon

6 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Product Image

I can't seem to find one film that is boring thanks to the thrilling action in all of the films. Instead, they're all fun to watch.

7 Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Cinematic Universe Product Image

Iro, the incredible hulk, iron man 2, thor, captain america:the frist avenger, The Avengers and in the next 3 to 4 years, iron man 3, thor:the dark world, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, Ant Man and The Avengers 2

8 James Bond James Bond Product Image

Again, I can't seem to find one film that's boring compared to the other films I've watched. It's indeed a very successful film franchise.

Nobody does it better than Bond!

Should be at least number 3.

9 Star Wars

Yeah! The best one

10 Jurassic Park Jurassic Park Product Image

Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2, Jurassic Park 3.
Another great and legendary Sci-Fi franchise that changed cinematography and put visual effects on much higher level

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11 X-Men X-Men Product Image

Number 5! Seriously! This is awesome! Come on Wolverine, Storm. This has great movies, great plot and amazing characters. Deserves number 1!

One of my favorite movie franchises. First 2 films were definitely the best but the whole franchise is great

12 Bourne

Bests of the bests

13 Lethal Weapon

Should be number 1 because all 4 movies were great!

14 Transformers Transformers Product Image

Whoever thought Michael Bay should earn a place on this list with his franchise of three-hour segments of robot-fighting and obnoxious characters is totally beyond me.

First one was good. The sequels, not so much

15 G.I. Joe
16 The Matrix The Matrix Product Image

Great two movies. Not really a franchise

17 The Transporter The Transporter Product Image

Both crank and the transporter star Jason stathom and transport mad more movies had more box office success and had a deeper plot. Crank was strictly action to the point where it was almost unrealistic comedy. Crank deserves to be on the list just not above the transporter franchise

18 Rambo Rambo Product Image
19 The Mummy The Mummy Product Image
20 Crank Crank Product Image
21 Alien Alien Product Image

Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
I can't believe this wonderful franchise was absent here. Predator movies wouldn't even exist without Alien, just like plenty of other Sci-Fi movies

22 The Expendables The Expendables Product Image
23 Predator Predator Product Image
24 The Chronicles of Riddick The Chronicles of Riddick Product Image
25 The Boondock Saints The Boondock Saints Product Image
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