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1 Ingemar Stenmark

More dominant than anyone. Was not allowed to participate in the '84 Olymics (a season when he had had 7 WC-wins). Still, 2 olympic gold medals, 3 world championships, 86 WC wins ( Maier is 2nd with 54... ).

When I grew up & went to school in the 70's - the only time we were allowed to watch T.V. during school hours was when Ingmar Stenmark was racing. I think most of Sweden was at a stand still. He could beat the opposition by seconds sometimes in stead of hundreds of a second.

Not even a competition. Stenmark was so much better than everyone else of his time. No other have ever been as outstanding of his time.

Nobody won as much, or won clear of 2ND as much...he won all the biggest races often with the pressure of being the one to beat.

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2 Ivica Kostelić

One of the best technicians in the world! And the best athlete-musician ever ;)

Excellent skiing technique, the best skier today and presumingly some time soon it will be recorded as one of the best of all times.

You must be kidding... this guy should not be event in the top 20... and no comments on the way he is managing the end of his career! Good skier and stop - FISI50

Best best best

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3 Bode Miller

He's just an amazing skier. He loves the mountain and he adores skiing. Bode is incredible and he is always ready to do something strange and dangerous - for example one foot skiing in Lake Louse.

Fun skier to watch as he has personality.

He is fantastic in all disciplines, but he has ofeten a "bad day". -

He should not be in the top 5 but just love his skiing style... Bode introduced a new way of WC skiing and although he could have won more, he remains on e of the most influential skiers of all time - FISI50

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4 Kjetil Andre Aamodt

Are you serious? He crushes the competition. More olympic and world cup gold medals than any competitor.

Both the youngest and oldest male alpine skier to win a gold medal at the Olympics... Says it all.

He has the most medals, thinks that says it all! He also has been top ten in 231 world cup races, more than anyone else! Stenmark has more number 1s, but this guy has been good in every discipline, and he also has been, with his 231 top ten placements, the best one overall in every single race!

Overall the best.

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5 Marcel Hirscher

Definitely the greatest that has ever been riding down the slopes of the world, year after year for 6 consecutive years. In nowadays perfected world of skiing this is a feat so amazing it simply can not be measured against any other achievements of past skiers.

Nobody has been so dominant in 6 consecutive years as Marcel Hirscher. I believe it was easier to win in the "old " days - say 20-30 years ago. Today Skiers are more Athletic, the sport is also faster and more dangerous in general.

Marcel hirscher is by far the best and most influential skier of our generation it he needs to be higher

Simply the best, better than the rest

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6 Alberto Tomba

Fantastic abilities in both slalom and giant slalom, 5 olympic gold medals, 50 total world cup wins, and only alpine male skier to have won at least one world cup race per year for 11 consecutive seasons

When he was on the line, alpine ski in Italy (and not only there) was almost more important than football! The Sanremo Festival 1988 (the most important music festival) stopped for allowing the people to follow his race in slalom at Calgary Olympics! And he won, of course! A real phenomenon with a fantastic talent, simply exciting!

Had he the same character as Stenmark he could have become the greatest of all times... Unfortunately he liked skiing as much as parties

La Bomba

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7 Franz Klammer

Without question the best skier of his time. He was the first skier to put real fire on the slopes, a bit like Bode Miller does today. But overall, Klammer deserves the top spot for all time greats in this dangerous and compelling sport. Bode can quite happily accept 2nd place!

His record speaks for itself - but the run at Innsbruck in 1976 to win Olympic gold took literally death-defying courage. One of the pinnacles of sporting ahievement in any field.

Alway threw caution to the wind and went for it. After seeing him on a programme training by jumping in a circle of varying bars I was hooked. Full of Charisma and someone you always had a belief that he could pull it off.

Foundation of skiing as we know it. He set the bar for all others.

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8 Hermann Maier

Just a real legend! Give him credit for his way back after is accident too!

He is maybe the best super-g skier. He had a terrible car accident -

Should be at least second of this list


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9 Pirmin Zurbriggen

He is all-round skier, best his discipline was downhill and super-g, but he was also good in slalom and giant slalom. -

I think Pirmin, together with Mark, Ingemar, Toni, Gustav and maybe Alberto represented the top 5 skiers in history... - FISI50

So smooth like a hot butter knife through butter.

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10 Aksel Lund Svindal

Aksel has one a ton of World Cup races should be higher

Amazing athlete. Should be higher on this list!

Two amazing comebacks after stood injuries. Great sportsmanship.

His record speaks for itself-I mean if Hirscher is here then I can't understand why Aksel, who's won a lot more, isn't!

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? Tina Weirather

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11 Lindsey Vonn

Definitely the best ever, almost most successful of all time, already most successful women!

She is amazing! I love the way she skis!

2nd in all time wins, hopefully my vote will move her higher where she belongs. John

77 wins...Speaks for itself.

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12 Tina Maze

The best overall skier ever to grace the slopes.

She is the best alpine skier

go girls

Ahahaah Tina should be the top lady in the ranking? If this was a beauty contest I would agree...
What about Annemarie Moser-Pröll, Lindsey, Deborah, Vreni...Tina is just super sexy.. that's it! - FISI50

13 Marc Girardelli

he's the only one which won a world cup in all the alpine sky categories (slalom, giant, superG, downhill).

Would place him second to Stenmark on his record, but above as overall racer of all time.

For this guy only bad thing that he had a few injury -

One of the two or three bast skiers in WC history, he left the Austrian team and trained by his Dad... remember the epic battles against Alberto and Pirmin, amazing years for WC skiing - FISI50

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14 Jean-Claude Killy

He had incredible finesse-if he were in his '20's now- and trained and worked out like they do now- I think he'd be right up there, with anyone, at the top.

Won all three alpine gold medals in '68 Olympics. Speaks for itself.

The best ever. Changed skiing. No contest.

In 1967 he won 72% of all the World Cup races, and placed in a bunch of others. No one will ever match that. He had a great combo of excellent upper body / waist action / flexibility to go with obviously great legs / feet / flexibility action there as well. If he trained like they do now, he'd be up there with anyone. Mikaela Shiffrin has a real chance to be great in all disciplines, like Killy-since she also has, or is acquiring / has a shot at bettering (as per GS) the above attributes he had. The hardest part of being great in all disciplines, like Killy, is probably the slalom part (? - but seems to me )-and Shiffrin has that dialed in.

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15 Benjamin Raich

He is really great skier, perfect technician, he is fantastic in slalom, giant slalom and combination, he is very good in super-g and not bad in downhill. -

16 Didier Cuche

Best downhill skier. Really appreciated by all others skiers.

He is the best downhill skier of all times

Stayed on top for such a long time. The best

All-time Kitzbühl winner with 5 wins.

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17 Gustav Thoni

Fantastic memories... his battles against Ingemar represent the history of skiing! - FISI50

Most complete of alls

The most technical skier ever lived.

18 Lasse Kjus

He won medals (2 gold and 3 silver) in every event in the world championship in Vail in 1999

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19 Stein Eriksen

Perhaps the first, and longest-lasting "ski god / star! "

Ski it like Stein baby

20 Steve Podborski

Superb skier in downhill for size

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