Hardest Skateboard Tricks

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1 720 Gazelle Flip

I can do this but that took me 4 to 5 years to learn. Also, the timing is very difficult.

Not the hardest trick. Hardest trick is not laughing at posers.

A gazelle flip. Yeah, pretty hard, but do-able. 720 gazelle flip? Just say your prayers

Gnarly trick. Half the tricks on this list don't belong.

2 Ollie Impossible

Um, this should be #1. I mean, why else would it be called "Impossible"?

3 Caberiall Kickflip

I skate and I tried to land this but fell on my ass so hard.

4 Hospital Flip

One of my favorite tricks! Learned it in 8th grade and 20years late I still have em! Trips a lot of skaters out...

5 1440 Flip

It exists,just hasn't been done in competition. Need a lot of height. Nearly impossible, can be done.

Never even been done

It is supper hard!

It doesn't exist.

6 Impossible

This trick looks hard

7 Ollie

I'm a beginner in skateboarding and I struggle to even snap up the board and slide my foot up, ollies are extremely hard to do and require a lot of skill and work to achieve!

Ollies are so easy, that's the trick I learned first, and you can never forget how to do it once you learn. Just keep trying, if you fall down, get back up and try again.

Get skateboarding made simple that's how I'm learning my skating I learn how to Ollie in 5 months its easy don't worry...

It's by far the easiest here but it deserve it's place because it's pretty hard to learn, harder than most other tricks. But once you learn

8 Fakie Beta Flip

These are crazy hard

Only the beta version

9 Nightmare Flip
10 Alpha Flip

This flip is really hard

The Contenders
11 Fakie 720 Quadruple Kickflip Sexchange

I land those every time

Easiest trick ever

12 Double Laser Flip
13 Motherflip

I bet I could learn this pretty fast. Looks not to hard...

14 360 Hardflip

Landed on my board on my ass and my board snapped in half. It was down a five stair.

God I've tried this like twice, and both times I've really hurt myself.

Crap got hit in the balls twice today and I chipped my tooth and broke one rib '

15 Bullflip

These are the hardest trick in the f ing world I mastered it 30 million tries later

16 Fakie Nollie 360

That's a switch 360

17 Treyflip

Its tre flip. I think the hardest trick is to spell the word.

I owned this trick in like a month. I'm only 14

Its tre not trey

18 Double Pop-shovit Late Kickflip
19 Kickflip

It is taking me forever to land it, I can never land my front foot. I have never even landed it before

Hardest beginner trick... Some find it easier to learn intermediate tricks like 360 flips

Kickflip's are like impossible to learn it is really hard to land your front foot on after you flick

Go suck yo mum

20 Kickflip Sexchange

When I did a kickflip though I am a girl I became a boy afterwards... Sexchange it is..

My nuts were destroyed after this had to get cut off...

This trick is so wrong

21 Cheese Nugget

Very difficult took me five months to learn. Hit my cheese nuggets a couple of times

Tried to do a Cheese Nugget and I dislocated my perineum.

This should be number 1. Even though this was addded by a 3rd grader

22 720 Motherflip

My penis hurts as well

23 Half Cab Kickflip
24 Varial Kickflip
25 Switch Nollie 360 Dragon Flip
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