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41 Antichrist Television Blues
42 Headlights Look Like Diamonds
43 Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
44 Joan of Arc

Why tf is this 46? Literally the best song on Reflektor. Should be at least 4.

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45 Supersymmetry

A great Arcade Fire song

One of the best...'s just amazing and the movie HER give it a unique but awesome, spinechilling and more lovable feel... Should have been the number 1 in my opinion

46 Windowsill
47 Half Light I

How is this so low down on the list? Easily my 2nd favourite after Tunnels

48 Flashbulb Eyes
49 Crucified Again

So underrated, can't believe I had to add it, arcade fire are so unique and this song is incredible, should give it a listen if you haven't heard it

50 Month of May
51 Abraham's Daughter

I came to know of this song after it was played in The Hunger Games movie but I STILL LOVE IT.

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52 Deep Blue

Oh my god why is this song so far down? It's an amazing track! Sick beats and so dreamy. I heard this in Boyhood and immediately got hooked. I have heard a few other of their songs and this one definitely tops for me! Must be in the top 5. Come on people, vote this one up!

This should be top 20 for sure! The chorus is incredibly powerful and emotional.

This should be well higher.

This is their best!

53 Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)
54 Broken Window
55 Wasted Hours (A Life That We Can Live)
56 Here Comes the Night Time II
57 I'm Sleeping in a Submarine
58 Old Flame
59 Vampire / Forest Fire
60 My Heart is an Apple
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