Top Ten Best Batman Movies

A list of the best Batman movies, both animated and live action.

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1 The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger's performance in this film was simply impeccable. I agree, The Dark Knight Rises did have a lot of plot-holes, for example how did Batman actually escape the pit? Along with Eckhart's performance, it was probably the best superhero flick I have seen so far. To people who haven't seen The Dark Knight, I strongly advise you to take a look inside this amazing storyline that is Christopher Nolan's.

Dark Knight Rises had a lot of plot holes. How did Bruce Wayne get to Gotham from the middle of the desert with no food, money, or transportation? The scriptwriter was too busy writing Man of Steel. But yeah, The Dark Knight is the best. Heath Ledger was the best villain in a movie ever.

Oh my God. Easily the BEST Batman movie ever made. Heath Ledgers take on the Joker gave a new perspective on a classic villain. His part felt original, and independent of other incarnations. The Two-Face story line leads to a slightly rushed third act, but still blows the previous film incarnation of the character out of the water. This movie is absolutely great. The movie keeps a real, and down to earth feel, almost as though similar things could happen. Honestly, the wonderfulness of this movie can not be over stressed. If, by some chance, you haven't seen it, watch it NOW!

Best Batman movie EVER. Heath was so GOOD at The Joker

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2 The Dark Knight Rises

Excellent story. Perfect how the directors were able to keep Talia al Ghul under wraps, even though all Batman fans know about her, they were still able to make it a twist that she was the child of Ras al Ghul in the end.

Awesome. I personally do prefer this to the The Dark Knight and Batman Begins(Which I still love). This one offers more to me, the villain overall did more damage, the scale was larger, there was more to talk about after the movie, it was WAY more emotionally powerful, the score was amazing, they fully developed the character of Bruce Wayne rather than concentrating on Batman the entire movie, and Bane was awesome.

A worthy sequel to The Dark Knight. An awesome, and realistic Bane story line, with an awesome twist. It wraps up the al Ghul story line that started with Batman Begins. It effectively avoids the topic of the Joker, while still connecting with the previous film. The only real problem is the impossible ending, but the rest of the story is so great, that it doesn't matter.

This movie showed the willpower of Batman. They also really nailed Bane.

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3 Batman (1989)

Batman doesn't have a stupid voice. What more could you need? Well I'll give you more anyway. Gotham is Gotham. A hell-like city straight out of a nightmare. It's not Chicago. Bruce Wayne is a standard looking weirdo, reclusive rich guy that could easily blend in with a room of Gotham's elite. You would never guess he's Batman, it works perfectly. He's not some eccentric pretty boy. The joker is a fun loving and funny clown Prince of clown. Not a anarchistic psycho killer. The vehicles and gadgets Batman has make him look like a force of nature to criminals, an actual Bat flying around the city putting scumbags 6ft under. Not some guy in a tank. Love this movie, characters, music, atmosphere and story are perfect for a comic book hero, not a costumed csi episode that tries hard to make things realistic.

everyone should see it, it is a masterpeice

It's my second favourite superhero film, after the original Superman. So you can understand that it's my favourite Batman film of all time. It is a masterpiece.

I love Michael Keaton! Jack wasn’t too bad either.

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4 Batman Begins

Ra's Al Ghul is one of the awesomest Batman villains ever, and done perfectly by Liam Neeson. Amazing origin story, great performance by Christian Bale. This was the start of what I believe is the greatest trilogy of all time. - elijahpierson

Best origin story I've ever seen! Realistic, great acting, in depth and exciting.

An outstanding movie. The only Batman movie I have liked.

How is this not before the dark knight rises

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5 Batman Returns

This is such an amazing film. Penguin is absolutely haunting. His back story. I love when a film gives you a little more insight into the villain. The imagery, the depth and darkness of this film tops all other batman films. I loved the dark knight and the dark knight rises is a close second To batman returns but this film will always be my favourite. Michelle pfieffer plays a great Selena Kyle/cat woman. When she walks into her apartment after the change happens, it is so eerie when compared to her previously seen regular mundane routine. The contrast and character development is exquisite. I don't know about you miss kitty but I feel so much better.

I like tim burton as a director, I like Edward scissorhands, batman 1989, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even nightmare before Christmas but I think this movie is probably a little bit overrated. Not as overrated as the Nolan batman films but still given a little to much praise. It has some good acting, visuals and I like Michael Keaton but this movie does have some issues. I see a lot of people on imdb who gush over this film and that's fine with me but it's a alright movie.

I loved Burton's visuals. You felt like you were in a comic book. It was entertaining and dark, just how Batman is supposed to be. When I think of Batman, I think of how this film looked. That is what made the film. Keaton is also the best Batman of all time.

Aside from a couple scenes where Danny Devido over sexualizes cat woman and others- “just the pussy I was looking for”- Batman Returns is the most ARTISTICALLY driven live adaptation of Batman to date. The BACKSTORIES, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and ATMOSPHERE is great. It truly feels like a COMIC BOOK come to life. MICHELLE PFEIFER alone makes this a great movie, then we get DEVITO, KEATON and WALKEN too. “But the batmen kill people in Guthim?! ”. Regardless, Michael Keaton is still, by far, the LEAST ANNOYING BATMAN we’ve Gotham.

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6 Batman - Mask of the Phantasm

While perhaps not as daring as Batman 1989 or the Nolan trilogy, it uses this to its advantage and has very few flaws. The performances are phenomenal, absolutely stellar. It's like a really high-budget episode, but it's not stretched out. The story is great, and really enthralling. It's scored masterfully. The characters are well-defined and interesting. The writing is really smart, and the writers navigate the twists and turns of the story incredibly well. I don't think it's just the best Batman movie, it's a top-notch animated film. It's absolutely incredible, and I encourage everyone who hasn't seen it to watch it. It is Batman. - FuzzySlippers

How does nobody I talk to know about this film!?!?! I would argue that, even in the wake of The Dark Knight, this is the greatest film adaptation for Batman, and along with the series is the best adaptation of Batman on a screen.

Better than that the live action movie of batman that came out the same year.

The best one ever

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7 Batman: Under the Red Hood

I think it's a really good movie, and John DiMaggio's Joker is very different, and successfully so. My biggest problems with it are a problem as a whole, and just personal taste: the biggest problem is that the story is a tad contrived, although it's a different case then the comic, which is a great topic for discussion. My other problem is the art style, which is unappealing to me, but it's just my taste. Overall, still quite good. - FuzzySlippers

I loved this movie. My favorite characters were joker (because they made him evil and funny) and black mask (my personal favorite b-man villain). But why is the dark knight returns not on the list? There are two and both are incredible movies

This is the best after the two Tim Burton movies. It is based on one of the best DC stories and John DiMaggio is the best Joker.

Guys please...we're talking about the Red Hood here
How is this not number 1? Nolan's films were good and all but come on! Jensen Ackles did an amazing job portraying the Red Hood! It's almost as iconic as Mark Hamill's and Kevin Conroy's voices! He was born to do it! The film also has a great story too
It deserves a lot more

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8 Batman Forever

Mediocre at best. Sub-Par performance from Val Kilmer, who is no where near as good as Keaton. Two-Face was very poorly done. He almost felt like a wanna be Joker. The Riddler done alright, but the general campy-ness of the film ruined everything good about it. Better than Batman and Robin, levels below everything else.

While many people hate on this batman movie no one can deny Jim Carrey's role as the Riddler being one of the best. personally I'd say Heath Ledger then Jack Nicholson and then Jim Carrey

I agree jim Carrey was a good riddler, but can you say because of 1 good actor in this peace of crap, it is good? You can't so every one says jim Carrey was a good riddler but it doesn't mean it is a good movie

Honestly, I wanted to like Batman and Robin more than this. Because Val Kilmer is the absolute worst Batman ever, plus it’s too cheesy, and weird moments. But now I look at Batman and Robin; it’s pretty much the same costume, but the plot of Batman and Robin is a mess. And it’s just so bad. So yeah, this one may have been better than Batman and Robin, but have the worst actor to play Batman. I give this movie 1/10; at least with this movie, it’s kinda dark compared to the last sequel. - asantalo

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9 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Put your animation versus real life action biases aside and you'll see that not only is the graphic novel the best comic book ever written but this movie is also the best ever Batman flick.

Are you kidding this is a great movie it it the best animated batman movie of all time. this is my top 5

1 the dark knight
2 the dark knight rises
3 batman begins
4 batman returns
5 the dark knight returns

This is a totally wrong sequence... This movie should be 1st or 2nd as it features the old bats back into Gotham who is as dark as hell and makes his enemies scream for their mothers as if they saw a terrible nightmare even kicks superman out of his way when needed! This is the best movie for Batman fans!

Below Batman Forever?
It's at least better than that guys

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10 Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker

The joker is batman worst enemy

This is by far one the jokers darkest films of all time

3 things why I like this movie
1 it has a great story great characters and great fight scenes
2 great way to end the joker, s crimes by shooting him
3 mark hamil once again well chronogaliy voices 2 guys who the joker and price
But there are some things that bug me
1 why does ghoul sound like chris walken
2 why is is the joker, s face green on the cover
3 why does batman doesn't kill joker while he was still talking about how he tourtrerd tim drake
Yeah but the the movie is awesome - natemamate

The Contenders

11 Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I think Affleck was easily the most badass Batman, but The Dark Knight was the best story for Batman.

This movie is amazing with the best live action batman ever and we see the caped crusader fighting the man of steel for the first time in live action and the first live action wonder woman on the big screen you just gotta love this movie

It has some good stuff but the plot is a mess and the villains are just plain stupid - HarryPotter12

Not bad for the generation that ruined batman's reputation, not bad

The extended edition is epic. best batman movie ever. the plot twist in the martha scene is genial. the fight between batman and superman is the best fight scene in the cinecomic's history. snyder is the king of the film comics adaptaion!

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12 Batman (1966)

Wasn't this already on the list?

Campy as something else that is also thery campy

13 The Lego Batman Movie

I know there’s been a few lego batman short films but in this instance I’m refering to the 2017 Lego Batman movie! This movie takes everything everybody loves about batman and makes it better. It’s like the Dark Knight Trilogy on steroids yes somehow they keep it family friendly and a movie everybody even non batman or lego fans can enjoy.

14 Batman: The Movie

What? OBVIOUSLY this is the greatest Batman film ever made. Adam West portrays a dark Batman and must make life or death decisions around every corner! Does he throw the bomb into the water with the family of ducks to save others, but kill the ducks instantly? It's a thrill ride - higgsboson2142

Its hilarious, gets me mad the people think it is suppose to be dramatic but just came out campy, when it was meant to be campy all along

This is the only Batman movie with Bat Shark Repellent Spray, so that's enough to put it in the top 5, right? - Knucklewood

This is Batman as we all grew up on the T.V. show is my absolute favourite of all time
Adam West and Burt Ward
Will go down in history as honest people saving the good citizens of Gotham from bad criminals the only pure reason why you become a ace crime fighters
You can watch this by yourself
Or with the family or friends no graphic violence or swearing to interrupt ones meal the only things that’s as good as this are the two animated movies starring our heroes
Pop culture has never had some much fun

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15 Batman: The Killing Joke

Great movie. As long I hated BVS, this movie is cake. A great film adaption with Mark and Kevin. But which film adaptation is next? Death of the Family? Knightfall? A Long Halloween?

I shall vote this until it reached to number 5. - asantalo

Its really cool

Why is this under BVS and Batman and Robin? These suck more than this one. Put this on top of them. Cause this movie rocks.

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16 Batman: Year One

I have no idea how this ended up below Batman and Robin. This film has great action, a solid story, and Cranston nails it as Gordon. And yet somehow BaR is better. Don't know if anyone realizes, but ice puns and bat nipples don't make a good flick.

I voted to get this higher, how in hell did it get further down the line than the rubbish Batman and robin

Batman year one retells the tale perfectly of how the Bruce became the batman

Really!? no mention of this beautiful creation?

17 Batman & Robin

This terrible terrible peace of crap should be at last place and should go to hell and bern

This movie sucks, and I like Batman. - RalphBob

The ice man cometh. That could be the worst line ever

Worst Movie Ever - toorh

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18 Suicide Squad

I enjoyed the movie... but if this one's on the list shouldn't the Lego Batman count?

Shouldn't count as a batman movie...

Great movie, I don't think it can be counted as a "Batman movie" though, he's just in a few sences.

This is not counted as a batman movie.
Tip- To make it a Batman film the Batman has to be the main character.

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19 Batman Gotham Knight
20 Batman: Assault on Arkham

Basically a film to go along side the Arkham Games. The original Suicide Squad movie.

This is an awesome animated film

I'm batman farmers fam

21 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part II
22 Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero

Whoever thinks this is the best thing in the world is dumb

I like this one, it is the best one. far, far better than the dark knight. BEst movie ever. Better than star wars. so good. MR. Freeze is so funny and awesome, so is Batman. Truly Batman at his greatest. Best thing about this world, even.

23 Justice League Justice League
24 Batman vs. Two-Face

A really good film. It should be much higher on the list. - girlcool

25 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part I

This movie looks awesome. I think the dark knight returns part 2 looks better.

26 Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Nobody cares about this movie

27 The Batman vs. Dracula

This is a great crossover between the great superhero batman and a horror icon dracula

Weird concept. - RalphBob

Penguin looks ok. But Joker looks awful. - asantalo


28 Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker
29 Superman Batman: Public Enemies
30 Scooby-Doo Meets Batman
31 Son of Batman

Son of a Batman! - Extractinator04

32 Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
33 Batman: Bad Blood
34 Batman and Harley Quinn

Worst DC Animated Film ever! Killing Joke is a thousand times better. - asantalo

35 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Grate action siquences and visualy stunning

36 Batman vs. Robin
37 Goosebumps

Lol, Since when was this a batman movie? - VideoGamefan5

Goosebumps man

38 The Batman Superman Movie

Awesome. The First crossover between batman and superman.

39 Batman Ninja

This film needs to be higher. It combines my 2 favorite genres: anime and Batman. - girlcool

I'm excited for this. I love anime and Batman. - girlcool

This animation...GOD HELP ME! - asantalo

40 Batman and Robin

You mean Batman vs Robin? Batman and Robin is already on the list. It - RalphBob

Are you kidding me, Damian is A... Well he's not nice

I think the best robin was Richard Dick Grayson

41 Justice League vs. Teen Titans
42 Justice League: Doom
43 Star Jjangga 2: Super Batman vs Mazinger V

Brought to you by the Republic of Korea - Golder

44 Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold
45 Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
46 Batman: Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants
47 Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts
48 Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
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