Top 10 Darkest Kids Movies

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1 Coraline

I saw this movie with my uncle when I was 6. I remember my mother was watching this movie with my aunts and uncles, I wanted to see it with her, but she convinced me not to because it was "too scary". When I saw it with my uncle and his dogs (this was on DVD. Duh, after all, he wouldn't be able to bring his dogs to a theatre) I was scared, that after the movie ended I had nightmares for weeks. I recently rewatched it when I was 14 and I wasn't scared. This film today is one of my favourites.

The bit where she changed into a spider scared my 6 year old and when Coraline was told she'd have to have buttons sewn into her eyes... He's seen the rest on this list except Poltergeist which is no kids movie..

2 The Nightmare Before Christmas

It's a little dark but compared to coralline my god coralline is way creepier film but I like that I want kids films to have a little of a dark edge but 100 percent dark like silence of the lambs or anything, but yeah this a good film I don't why but watch mojo ranked as number two on the other top ten creepy kids movies.

When Oogie Boogie was made of worms and beetles, not only it freaked me out but it kind of disgusted me too.

When you see the title, it may look dark, but it's actually a really cute and good movie.

3 Monster House

What really scared me is when the house was standing up and chasing the kids and the other guy. What disgusted me was that Bones was a real pervert.

Scared me to death when I was little. Now it still creeps me out. Despite that, it's one of my favorite animated movies

It's strange because nothing in this list ever scared me as a child except monster house.

4 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I agree with everybody on the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The movie suggests murder and it has a dark undertone to it. There are all these hidden dark messages in the movie.

It is a fine movie, but hellfire is scary. It gave me nightmares. It is about him murdering her or raping her.

It's really Judge Claude Frollo that scares the ' hell out of me.

5 James and the Giant Peach

All the bashing for this on the site needs to stop! I love this and it is way scarier than Paranormal Craptivity.

6 Watership Down

This used to be one of my favorite movies, but it shouldn't really be for kids...

Although I have never seen this movie, I have read the book and it has some cursing and some blood in it.

That's one of the reasons I've actually not seen the movie...

Just watch this classic movie and see. It's very deep and spiritual on many levels, and generally a legit classic, but it is also disturbing and gory for a kid's movie about seemingly cute little bunny rabbits.

It's a kids movie, people are just too PC nowadays. In the 90s I watched The Animals of Farthing Wood I even had a little kids book, and magazines.

7 All Dogs Go to Heaven

Darkest movie about dogs, but it is actually a really good movie.

Dark? Yes. But is it a fantastic underrated movie? Yes!

Its sad. When I was like 7 or 6 I cried

8 The Land Before Time

Probably the darkest dinosaur movie, Sharp tooth (the T-Rex) was surprisingly very terrifying! Some scenes were also very sad and even depressing and it has an overall dark atmosphere throughout. But it's a great movie with beautiful music and immensely likable protagonists.

9 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I got scared when Violet turned into a huge violet balloon and when the fat kid gets stuck in the tube. I thought he drowned after being in all that chocolate.

It really scared me when I was a kid! Especially when you see the boy who becomes very long. I couldn't sleep for days!

It was kinda creepy when the robots caught on fire and melted. Scared the crap outta me as a kid.

10 The Adventures of Mark Twain
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11 The Secret of NIMH

One of the best animated, no, one of the best movies of all time. The internal conflicts of the characters, the dark atmosphere and overall gloomy moments makes this movie quite intense, and it's complicated plot may be too difficult for younger kids to understand, but it's overall a great movie for people looking for an animated movie for older kids and adults.

A masterpiece in every sense of the word. The best Don Bluth film. A dark tale full of tense moments and even a little bloodshed. Although it is rated G, the intention was to give it a PG, which would have made much more sense.

12 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

This movie is so creepy especially The Large Marge scene I always cover my eyes every time I see that Part.

13 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter stopped being just kid's entertainment at the third movie. The books were always for all ages.

Yeah the title says half blood so yeah its not like it sounds family friendly.

14 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

After Sirius Black dies the HP movies get darker. This is an exception. At the start of the film we see skulls which represent death and Harry Potty twerking.

15 Return to Oz

The pumpkin head freaked me out. What really freaked me out was the hall of heads! I was like what?

Between the shock therapy and the Hall of Heads, definitely a dark and disturbing movie.

This was based on the books, and it seems cool!

16 Disney's a Christmas Carol
17 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

17? This should be somewhere down in the top 10 list! It's the darkest Harry Potter movie of the entire series.

18 Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island

Really Scooby doo, that most mean she's scared of the live action movies too.

19 Pinocchio

It's a movie based off a really deranged, dark and twisted book. The movies dark to, but OH MY LORD. The book's just sadistic!

This is a fantastic movie. It scares the crap out of me though...

The part when the kid turns into a donkey, freaked me out, man.

20 The Black Cauldron

Very dark. If you get scared easily, don't watch it.

21 The Plague Dogs

Two dog surviving in England where they also eat one man.

22 The Polar Express

It is so dark and the elves are creepy my cousin likes it but I hate it

23 Corpse Bride

I was sacred of the movie when I was a kid. Now that I am older I really like this movie. I don't like when they were going to poison a HUMAN! But other than that it is ok.

Just as dark as films like coralline and the nightmare before Christmas the reason why is because they are all by the same creator obviously!

Well DUH. Why can't this be number 1 or 2?

24 The Dark Crystal
25 Frankenweenie

Absolutely LOVE this movie. Sad though and a little creepy.

It seems cool! good way to introduce your kid to classic movie monsters!

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