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141 The Honeymoon Song
142 This Boy

155?! Are you kidding? Should be at least at Top 50

V 4 Comments
143 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party

Why on Earth is this so low?! It's really nice song!

144 Not a Second Time
145 Mother Nature's Son

Why is this 126? This is my number 1

So sad: one of my top3 Beatles songs with so low rating!
Listen to it, promote it :-)

Why so low? This Song amazing, so beatiful of everything! Top 5 for sure!

146 Rock and Roll Music

Unbelievable this should be at the top

147 Why Don't We Do It In the Road V 2 Comments
148 Hold Me Tight

Their voices are outstanding in this piece. It's one of my favorites, it just makes you want to get up and dance.

149 Don't Pass Me By V 1 Comment
150 Bad Boy
151 I Need You

I love this song George Harrison is my favorite
I love the songs he sings touches my heart
So sad he died
Has good looks and a nice sense of humor
I also love here comes the sun, taxman, while my guitar gently weeps from him, something, and do you want to know a secret
And I love a lot more songs than these from the Beatles

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152 Tell Me Why

Their best upbeat pop song! It's definitely worthy to be in the top ten!

153 The Inner Light

George's fascination with Hindu culture is noticeable here. Magnetizing tune

154 Little Child
155 Carry that Weight

I feel like the only reason this song is so low (although ideally it would be partnered with Golden Slumbers and The End) is because it is not as well known as many of the Beatles' other hits; it is not exactly a radio friendly tune. I suppose at the very least fans of Cowboy Bebop should be familiar with this song.

This is the absolute greatest Beatles song, its just so powerful! I can't believe it's not even no the list!

One of my favourite songs from the Abbey Road Medley.

156 Anna (Go to Him)

This song is definitely the best one from the album "Please Please Me" and deserves to be higher up on the list.

The greatest song the Beatles made it is everything you would expect the Beatles to make

V 1 Comment
157 Any Time at All

One of their best early songs. Deserves to be in the top 20.

158 One After 909
159 I'll Get You
160 Piggies

One of my favourites in The Beatles, I just can't get why this song is not well known. - malamJONES

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